too accurate

Thinking of Gladnis Beauty and the Beast AU, what about these:

Disney’s Tangled, except it’s a Gladio x Noctis.

Disney’s Enchanted, except it’s a Noctis x Ignis.

Disney’s Aladdin, except it’s a Prompto x Noctis.

Disney’s Cinderella except it’s either a Prompto x Noctis or a Prompto x Ignis.

Disney’s Little Mermaid except it’s a Prompto x Noctis.

Disney’s Hercules except it’s a Gladio x Ignis or a Gladio x Prompto.

Disney’s Sleepy Beauty except it’s…anything involving Noctis.

This is a mere joke, but if anyone ever does any of those, please do tell me, haha.


Day 5 - Are there any side characters you’re particularly fond of?: Arrille in Seyda Neen. Pretty sure he knows you’re selling him stolen crap but doesn’t really care (unless it’s his)

resting faces of the signs

Aries: resting angry face

Taurus: resting happy face

Gemini: resting confused face

Cancer: resting sad face

Leo: resting smoulder face

Virgo: resting thinking face

Libra: resting sarcastic/smirk face

Scorpio: resting bitch face

Sagittarius: resting blank face

Capricorn: resting ‘im going to murder you’ face

Aquarius: resting shocked face

Pisces: resting tired face