Some “Last Game” thoughts

So Akashi represents the GoM as he speaks the moment they hear about Kagami leaving Japan

And no one really tries to deny it, hell I’m sure they’re proud of him since Akashi says “our” and “we” (even tho someone sounds a lil bit upset and ya know who am I talking about and what’s coming next)

Because Kagami worked hard enough to achieve his goals, improve himself and inspire others. His passion made someone else love playing basketball again…

So I’ll be honest, at this point I waited for Aomine to snap and refuse calling Kagami his friend, because he has a hard time being honest with himself when he’s usually like ‘jeez, I have to help this idiot’ or ‘you didn’t beat me in one-on-one but I’ll give ya these shoes anyway, better make a good use of them’. No, for once Aomine is silent

This fucking dumbass only averts his gaze, clearly being upset and not liking the idea of admitting how he truly feels. Just a moment ago he called Kagami out for runing away and maybe he inteded to sound annoyed, but for me it only showed that he cares. He’s about to lose someone he had the biggest fun playing basketball with, but can you imagine Aomine talking clearly about his feelings? Yeah me too. Even Midorima shut him up by saying “it’s not about you”. Aomine’s words are selfish, but his small outrage intends to show how he doesn’t like the idea of Kagami leaving, while his silence during Akashi’s speach proves he respects Kagami. He is the greatest rival and a great friend also for him

Plus his decision to play in the NBA has a big darn meaning. When his friends talk about not being able to play with Kagami anymore, he chooses this moment to say he’s going to America too. “Not to see Kagami, but to join NBA as soon as possible”. Do I have to point out that he must be aware of the fact that “seeing Kagami” and “playing in the NBA” means same thing? Not like he’s copying Kagami, they’re both passionate and serious about basketball (that’s why I’m a sucker for their relationship for years lol), though I love the idea of them chasing each other in order to improve (and to have lots of fun). Aomine also wants to become the best basketball player, but he also doesn’t want to lose to Kagami in any way. That’s why I said Kagami can inspire others. And that’s what I find beautiful - their compatibility on the court that lets them grow as characters

as rivals and friends

So I had an idea in the shower...

I was just thinking about Kagami ships and how much I love kagaminette and how lovely @maris-art-portfolio‘s alyami art was when it suddenly hit me that there’s an amazing ship we’ve all been sleeping on.


Okay okay just hear me out.

  • Kagami has never met Chloe before. They’re complete strangers. Chloe has no reputation to maintain, and Kagami is oblivious to Chloe’s attitude. There are no preconceived expectations from either party. A perfect set up for something beautiful.
  • Picture this: Chloe goes to one of Adrien’s fencing competitions. It’s out of town, kind of out of the way, but Chloe has her ways of making it because tbh Chloe Bourgeois goes All Out for the people she cares about. 
  • She watches him bout with another very talented fencer and when Adrien loses (it was very close, don’t worry), her first reaction is to get angry and she’s just about to scream that Adrien’s better and that the other person obviously cheated, but then his opponent takes off her helmet.
  • And of course Chloe’s got a big ol’ crush on our local hero Ladybug, right? Well, what if, like Adrien, Kagami takes off her helmet and Chloe’s like, “Holy Crap IT’S HER.” (Because let’s face it she wasn’t paying much attention to when Riposte was a thing. She had her own stuff to worry about.)
  • So rather than defend Adrien, she goes up to Kagami and starts genuinely complimenting her and saying how great she is because my goodness this is Ladybug she’s probably talking to, of course she needs to make a good first impression to her civilian form!
  • Poor Adrien is just so confused by the whole thing, but Kagami is just…so oblivious to Chloe’s blatant flirting. However when Chloe gives Kagami her number she gladly takes it because hey this girl seems super nice and she’s cute and it’s difficult to make friends in a new town.
  • They start texting immediately and can’t stop.
  • Chloe tries to invite Kagami over all the time, but because of her busy schedule she’s never able to make it. 
  • Determined to be a presence in her hero’s life, she decides to just pop up during Kagami’s day unexpectedly.
  • All. The. Time.
  • Suddenly Chloe shows up to all of her events, practices, even school events. Sometimes she even shows up so she can join her on her evening jog. Sometimes they grab dinner together. Sometimes they have impromptu sleepovers. Anything for Chloe to get to know the girl who’s behind the mask.
  • Turns out Chloe really likes this girl.
  • Chloe discovers that Kagami is not Ladybug (Adrien saw what was going on and explained the situation to her) and whoops, turns out she still really likes this girl anyway.
  • Nothing really changes after that, but Chloe realizes that what she’s experiencing is more than a hero crush and is something serious, something real.
  • Instead of being nervous around Kagami, Chloe finds this fact…kind of freeing. The pressure to be a goody-two-shoes around her fades, her sassiness becomes more prominent. But the kind and good effect that hanging out with Kagami has created does’t really fade either.
  • Kagami notices and absolutely gushes. She loves this real, raw, unfiltered Chloe.
  • Their “friendship” continues to blossom. Adrien totally supports it.
  • Finally, Chloe thinks she’s had enough. She needs to tell Kagami how she feels or else she’s going to combust. She plans a subtle date, because she knows Kagami doesn’t like to be flashy, and plans to confess that night.
  • HOWEVER, Kagami beats her to the punch by pulling a Chloe and showing up unexpectedly, confessing on the spot.
  • “Hey Chloe, Just thought you should know that I’m in love with you.”
  • Chloe melts and screams “ME TOO,” Kagami laughs, and they make out on their date later that night.

Also Chlogami is such a cute ship name don’t even fight me on this.

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I love your Shisui headcanon! I may or may not steal some of it when I write him, if you're okay with it? Also, may I ask for some Itama and/or Kagami headcanons, if you're willing?

I have one for Itama already, so for Kagami…

- You know that Van Halen song Hot For Teacher?

- That’s it, that’s his life. 

- Tobirama wasn’t his jounin sensei - Kagami was too old at that point to need one - but he ended up on Tobirama’s squad running missions and just. Bam. Heart eyes, motherfucker. 

- Saw Tobirama decapitate a man was was like. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. 

- Hikaku has to listen to him when he comes back from training every day, on account of being Kagami’s cousin/friend, and it is Suffering to watch him pine okay. 

- Not great with a sword. Actually kind of terrible, but tries anyway because Tobirama does it and Tobirama is the best, so. 

- Has a deep and eternal rivaly/friendship with Koharu. Sarutobi hates them both, because there’s only so many times he can break up their sparring matches/keep them from actually throttling each other before he loses all will to live. 

- Involved in an ongoing mission to lock Sarutobi and Danzo into any small enclosed space he possibly can For the Good of Konoha. Because that much UST cannot be healthy. 

- Danzo has since developed a healthy fear of closets and a twitch. 

- Good with children, even though he claims not to be.

- Takes Uchiha Dramatics to a whole new level. Papercuts are treated like the end of the world. The end of the world is treated like a papercut. 

- Thinks Touka is the coolest kunoichi ever and constantly pesters her to teach him how to use a naginata. She usually obliges, mostly by trying to beat him to death with it while he flees in terror. 

- (This may or may not be his attempt to earn her blessing.)

- (It’s working.)

- Kind of terrifyingly good at strategy, but less skilled at sticking to the plan.

- Also terrible at being a patient, no matter how often he’s in the hospital. 

- Itama passively wants to throttle him. 

- And probably would have months ago, if Tobirama wasn’t so fond of him. 

- Has a deep-seated fear of Itama, for no real reason he can pinpoint. 

- Is probably the remaining 17% of why Tobirama’s hair is white. 

- (Is absolutely Tobirama’s favorite, and will probably notice. Maybe. Someday.)

Top or Bottom?
  • Aomine: I'd top Akashi for sure.
  • Kuroko & Kagami: What?
  • Aomine: You know, when two people with the same gender. You have to choose which one is the top and which one is the bottom.
  • Kise: ... Aominecchi, we're talking about the exam coming up. Not this one.
  • Aomine: I bet in your relationship, Tetsu, you are the bottom.
  • Kuroko: Just hold on a second, Aomine-kun. Why am I the bottom? I'd like to stick it on Kagami-kun too, you know.
  • Kagami: ... I'm crying right now.
  • Aomine: Well, you have a small built body than Kagami. Taller guys are usually the seme.
  • Kuroko: I'll change that.
  • Aomine: You can't. You can't, Tetsu.
  • Akashi: What's with the conversation?
  • Aomine: Oh, we're talking about who would top you. I mean, if we were to date.
  • Akashi: Hm?
  • Kise: And Aominecchi said he'll top you.
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kise: Right? Told you, Aominecchi. You won't-
  • Akashi: I bet I'm more qualify to be the top.
  • Aomine: Huh? No. I am.
  • Akashi: Daiki, you can't get me to be the bottom. Therefore, I am the top.
  • Aomine: Shut it, Akashi! I'm the top!
  • Akashi: No, I am.
  • Aomine: 'ch, fine. Let's test it out. Come with me.
  • Akashi: I prefer to do it in my house.
  • Aomine: ... You always want to do it in your way. Fine!
  • Kagami: Can we stop talking about this? And where the heck are you two going? Are you seriously going to test it out?!
  • Akashi & Aomine: Of course.
  • Kuroko: Kagami-kun, please come with me. I have to prove Aomine-kun that I can be a seme as well.
  • Kise: Wait, are you implying that you were an uke to Kagamicchi?! Kurokocchi, you'll be the seme if you date me instead!
  • Kuroko: No, I belong to Kagami-kun. Let's go, Kagami-kun.
  • Kagami: ... I'm seriously crying right now.
Last Game Novel English Translation (Ch 1 Part 1-Invasion)

As requested I began translating the Last Game novel! Things to keep in mind are this follows the movie storyline (not the manga, it is indeed a bit different), and there are INDEED SPOILERS. So only proceed if you want to be spoiled.
 I’m planning to split each chapter into two parts (8 chapters=16 parts total)

Prologue Translation

The five unparalleled geniuses, the “Generation of Miracles.”
And the one the five of them acknowledged, the “Phantom Sixth Man.”
And then he appeared before them, as if it was fate that they were all gathered in the same generation.
Kagami Taiga.
The one that was the same as the Generation of Miracles, but didn’t become one of the Generation of Miracles. He held the same gift as the geniuses and the last one to awaken-“The Miracle that didn’t become a Miracle.”
He met his fated Shadow, and became a true light.
The Light fought his rivals and increased his brightness, and finally led his team to win the Winter Cup and become the number one team in Japan.

And now,

The Light and Shadow arrive at a new stage.

Click the ‘read more’ to continue to the first half of Chapter 1!

* I revised some of the sentences a bit to give a better visual to match the scenes in the movie. 

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Submission: Kagami Uchiha, babysitter extraordinaire

Because your Kagami headcanons made me laugh out loud, and fit perfectly with what I’m writing about him in the Naruto-is-Nawaki’s-reincarnation-verse, here’s a present for you! A cute little fic, about Kagami’s first (but definitely not last) time as a babysitter.

(I managed to write a non-angsty fic! Yay me!)


Kagami sighs as he contemplates the situation he managed to get himself into. He had told Mito-sensei that he was bad with kids, but the woman hadn’t left him any choice, and here he is, in her house, babysitting her sick grandson.

On paper, it doesn’t sound too hard, but he’s heard the stories from the rest of the Hokage’s guard team.

Saru refuses any babysitting missions, arguing that he has his hands full with Mito’s granddaughter already (and Kagami can’t blame him. A thirteen years old shouldn’t be as scary as she is when she yells at him whenever the war and his recklessness lands him in the hospital).

Koharu is busy with her own kids, and those horror stories are enough to make him wary of every miniature human out there (then again, Koharu’s kids. No wonder they’re little monsters, with a kunoichi like her donating half of their genepool.) and Homura, the coward, takes refuge in the archives every time Mito-sensei so much as hints that she may need a babysitter.

Torifu is great with kids, but even he had come back from an afternoon looking after both Tsunade-chan and Nawaki-chan with a haunted face and an oath of “never again”.

Danzo hasn’t been allowed in the vicinity of their sensei’s grandson ever since he had managed to scare the boy just by looking at him. Tsunade-chan had been vicious when she had attacked him for making her baby brother cry.

Kagami has met the kid in passing, but never had a reason for prolonged exposure until now.


Nawaki looks absolutely miserable, curled up in his blankets, hugging a pillow to his chest. He’s also very, very bored, and Kagami is quick to understand why his teammate looked so harried the last time he had had babysitting duty.  The boy won’t stop asking questions, topics ranging from ninja life to the reason behind the colour of the sky, and Kagami is getting a bit overwhelmed.

“How about I tell you a story?” He tries instead, in dire need of something to distract the boy.

The child looks at him skeptically.

“I’m not a baby!” Nawaki protests, then sneezes, ruining the grown-up air he had been trying to adopt.

“You’re never too old for stories.” Kagami declares, frantically searching his brain for a bedtime story he could tell the kid.

(Why had he suggested that? Kagami has never had a bedtime story himself, not growing up in the clan wars like he did. The closest he got were genjutsu lessons where his guardian would sometimes add small stories from myths and folklore as suggestions for illusion materials!)

(Genjutsu? That was an idea… Mito-sensei will kill him if he even thinks of putting Nawaki-chan under a genjutsu, but using it to illustrate a story…)

“Do you want to hear about that time Mito-sensei and I pranked Hashirama-sama so bad, he was hiding under his desk for two hours?” He asks.

Nawaki perks up at that, looking interested despite himself.

“Well” Kagami starts. “Your grandfather was quite scared of ghosts, you see, which your grandmother found absolutely hilarious. So of course, she decided that I, as a young and impressionable genin in need of a target to practice my genjutsu on, would be the perfect accomplice…”

As he speaks, the walls around them come to life, showing a chibi-Mito dragging a chibi-Kagami to the Hokage Tower.


When Mito comes home later that night, she finds her grandson and her student asleep, the former in his bed and the later sitting on the floor against it, bathed in the dim light of the genjutsu still running along the walls, and she chuckles at the sight. The chibi-version of herself is currently busy throwing a huge suiton jutsu at her panicked team who had just finished cleaning what she remembers to have been a particularly nasty part of the sewers, and had been in dire need of a cleaning themselves.

With a fond smiles, she drapes a spare blanket over her  favourite student.

Well, at least now she knows who to ask first when Nawaki-chan needs a babysitter.

Bad with children her ass.


After that day, Kagami becomes Nawaki’s favourite person after his grandmother, sister and granduncle. 

He also, much to his dismay, becomes the go-to babysitter for what seems to be half of Konoha after Nawaki brags about his Kagami-nii’s awesome bedtime stories.

Mito is too busy laughing at him to help.

anonymous asked:

GOM + Kagami+ kasamatsu having a little fan come up to them after a game and telling them they want to be just like them when they get older. Thanks! ;D

Kuroko would smile softly and kneel down to the child’s height. He’d thank him for his support and that he can’t wait till he sees him on the court all while keeping the eye contact. He’d be very respectful and maybe even give a souvenir to the child - a wristband or something similar.

Kise would smile widely and pick the child up, hugging not even minding if the child’s mother would began apologizing. He loves children and wouldn’t mind giving few tips to him either. He could also end up like a child himself and just talk with the child what he liked the best. At such moment he’d be himself the most and don’t ever take that chance away from him or he’ll pout for the rest of the month.

Midorima would be startled at first, but would crack a smile. Like Kuroko he’d go down on his height and of course ask him what his sign is. He’s a living oha-asa dictionary so whatever the sign is (even if Capricorn), he’ll give his best to motivate the child. If he’s a Cancer, like Midorima, he might give his own lucky item to the child for the good luck.

Aomine would be confused, because he doesn’t like children a lot and would like nothing to do with them. Of course he’d never say that aloud, cause no he isn’t that kind of idiot to get on Momoi’s bad side. Despite that, once hearing what the child wants to tell him, he could get much softer towards them. Leaning down, he’d just grin and mess his hair/pat him on the head and say that he has a long way. Yes he’d be a bit mean, but he’d definitely add that he can’t wait to play with him next time they meet.

Murasakibara honestly doesn’t like children because they’re loud, lively and could be annoying. Not to mention they want his snacks and sweets too. All in all, Murasakibara doesn’t like children, so he’s wondering who bribed the child to say those words to him. It must have been Himuro or someone else from the team, but no he won’t thought about that, he’d only squat down while staring at the child. He’d be silent, saying nothing even when the child keeps on talking. Then out of nowhere, he could take one maibou and just put it in the child’s mouth to shut him up before walking away. Despite his rather cold personality and reaction to the situation, he’d still look back at the kid and tell him he can’t wait to see him play.

Akashi at first wouldn’t know what to do. Never before has anyone approached him so forwardly because of his name or his aura he was giving off. He would scrunch down to his height and look at the child with a soft and gentle smile. He would ask him questions related to basketball and give him few tips and saying he’s grateful he looks up to him, but that he should play the way he feels best with. He wouldn’t mind playing or teaching him either - well of course if his parents would allow it, which they certainly would because have you seen the child’s eyes when they want something and are determined to get it too?

Kagami would be startled and confused. As much as he likes children, he’s not good with them. He gets really puzzled and sometimes even does something wrong, like hitting them with a ball a bit too hard by accident, so he’s not very confident when a child comes to him and says he wants to be like him when he grows up. Though he does feel happy, he hesitates before just being himself. He’d lean down and think for a moment what to say before saying that as long as he’ll love basketball, he could do and be anyone and that he should never give up no matter how hard it would be.

Kasamatsu would be baffled, but very appreciative. He’d be very gentle to the child, total contrast and he wouldn’t mind if anyone sees him either after all he likes children. He’d smile at the child and tell him he’s wishing him his best. He would also tell him that with the help of his friends and family, he could gain more than working on his own. He’d be very nice to the child and wouldn’t mind giving him a hug if the child wants to.

KNB~Reacting to Anime: Yuri!! on Ice.

I have decided to make this a series! Yay! So let’s see how  Kuroko no basuke characters would react to the anime “ Yuri!! on Ice” 

Note: May contain spoilers, read at your own risk!~

Kuroko: I like the Opening song.. It makes me feel like I can Ice skate too… 

Kagami: Can this… “JJ” guy play basketball?..

Riko: I wish Viktor was in this universe… He’s better than my team combined..

Hyuuga: I don’t know how to feel about this show… *sweat drops watching Riko fan-girl over Viktor and feels jealous.*

Kiyoshi: This is interesting! What is it called again?

Kise: Am I the only one who Ships Viktor and Yuri?

Kasamatsu: I don’t like JJ… Reminds me too much of Kise..

Kise: Kasamatsu Senpai!!

Midorima: The show is disturbing and it doesn’t peek my interest.. *Secretly watching it for the 5th time*

Takao: We were born to make history! *pretends to ice skate, but slips and falls on face.*

Aomine: …. Russian Yuri is my favorite.. that’s all I’m sayin’…

Midorima: His name is Yuri Plisetsky, nanodayo.

Momoi: *watching Katsuki Yuri’s Eros performance.* … *nose bleeds*

Kise: Momoi-cchi?!

Murasakibara: *drooling* Muro-chin… I want a pork cutlet bowl..

Himuro: *spinning with sparkles around him* What an amazing show! Did anyone else find the drunk Katsuki Yuri scene funny?

Akashi: …. 

Everyone: *looks at Akashi*

Akashi: *now in a Viktor cosplay outfit.* I’m ready to dominate another sport.. 

KnB Overdrive Stageplay Finale (Live-viewing) Highlights

Today was the last performance of Overdrive that they screened in movie theaters across the country. My city was lucky enough to get it so I was able to watch it on the big screen with all the camera zoom-ins. (It’s like watching the DVD early)

For the whole stage report, please click here (it’s long). Here are some highlights that couldn’t be noticed (or as easily) in a live play and some stuff only in today’s finale.

  • Seeing the play with the cameras zooming in is so much different. Everything seems so close. Seeing the actors’ expressions during the dance in Rimfire was great. Especially for Hanamiya’s face. The dance was probably my favorite part of the play.
  • Kiyoshi really is a happy and smiley person. His actor does a good job portraying him.
  • For the finale, Izuki made puns for each rival school. 
  • Because the cameras zoom in on the actors, you get a REALLY good view of shirtless Midorima, Takao, Hyuuga, and Kiyoshi when they’re in the bathtub.
  • Takao spent a minute or so singing Catal Rhythm in the tub like how he does in the anime NG shuu (with Midorima yelling at him to shut up)
  • Hayakawa praised everyone in Kaijo, except Kasamatsu who wasn’t pleased. Instead he called Kasamatsu short. Kasamatsu went over to Moriyama to complain who then stood on his tiptoes to make Kasamatsu look shorter.
    • meanwhile Moriyama more than usual really made an effort to flirt with the audience whenever he could
  • I can’t stress enough how good Kuroba Mario is at playing Kise. He IS Kise. His face expressions are on point in every scene, from being smiley to frustrated, to serious, to pained, and he can quickly change it too. Even when he was copying Aomine he instantly changes his face expression to mimic Aomine. You can even see him mumbling to himself as he’s trying to copy Aomine, about how he needs to focus more, etc.  I said this in my report but he really does cry when he loses. You could see his tears (and snot) falling from his face as Kasamatsu tries to help him stand up. 
  • Kasamatsu’s crying face was also heartbreaking *sobs*
  • Midorima actually smiled as Kuroko got past Shuutoku with his Vanishing Drive, impressed by him. 
    • he also smiled as he admitted he surpassed his limits long ago
  • Today’s halftime announcement
    Kuroko: Kagami-kun, 20 min break.
    Kagami: Yeah
    Kuroko: Kagami-kun. If I win at Janken, make it a 1 hour break
    *they tie*
    Kagami: That was close!
    *they do it again and Kagami wins*
    Kagami: 20 min break!
    Kuroko: ……. *still standing there with his hand out in disbelief* (Poor Kuroko never gets his long break)
  • When Midorima calls Kise stupid, Kise actually pouts and grumbling at him.
  • Takao tries to get out of pulling the cart by running away. He tries to get Midorima to look away by saying a UFO (which didn’t work), eventually saying oshiruko which got him to look away for a second, but he still caught Takao. 
    • no janken with the GoM this time. I guess they cut that out for the Osaka runs because they didn’t do that on Saturday either.
  • Narrator Tsuchida during the Seirin flashback pretends Kagami is a vending machine (as he does in every play), this time Kuroko goes over and tries to do it too. Kagami slapped him.
  • Tsuchida being stupid made Ono Kensho laugh that he had to turn away to regain his Kuroko face. You were able to see him smiling though. 
  • As the Seirin senpais were shouting on the roof, 3 teachers and the vice-principal came to scold them. They were the captains of each time aka Imayoshi, Kasamatsu, Ootsubo, and the Overdriver (prop guy)actors. 
    • Imayoshi put tape on his nose to make his voice sound stupid
    • Overdriver was the female Vice-Prinicpal XD
  • When Kiyoshi got smashed in the face, even Kaijo and Touou in the stands above cringed or hid their faces.
  • Hanamiya’s actor does a really good job at being creepy, both in face expression and his voice. Not to mention he was a good dancer too. He made sure to be extra creepy for the finale. When he confronted Kuroko during the match’s halftime he literally got up in his face and even put his fingers underneath Kuroko’s chin before Kuroko slapped him away. He also crawled on the ground like the Grudge or something.
  • The cameras really zoom in to show how serious and angry Kuroko and Kiyoshi can get.
  • After Kirisaki’s loss and Kiyoshi praises Hanamiya’s last shot, you can just see how conflicted and frustrated Hanamiya is in his face. 
  • Today’s curtain call greetings were done by Kagami and Kuroko!
    • Kagami’s greeting was a bit long,but typical thanks and how happy he was about the play, etc. He says that the most “Overdrive” moment, aka surpassing your limits, was Midorima when he surpassed his during the match against Seirin.
    • Kuroko mentions how this past year he did Last Game, and when that finished he felt that perhaps KnB was over, but then he was still going to be in Overdrive so he didn’t feel sad at all. As of right now there’s no confirmation of a 3rd play yet but he hopes there will be one. 
  • There were FIVE curtain calls. That’s A LOT. 3-4 is already a lot for a finale so that’s impressive. 
    • They were supposed to stop at 4 but the audience kept clapping for more (even when the intercom was telling them to be safe on their way home)
    • Aomine and Kise held hands and bowed together, making fangirls scream XD
    • Shuutoku and Kaijou were dorks and waved at the cameras that were used for the live viewing
    • For the fourth one (because it was supposed to be the last one), Kuroko and Kagami start to walk off, but then they run back to the main live-viewing camera and give (us) a fist bump. XD
    • For the last one no one knew what to do because it wasn’t expected, so they suggested everyone including the audience and live-viewing audiences to do a big huddle cheer
      • Riko: KUROSUTE! (Kuro Stage)
      • Everyone: OOH!!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s it! If you can afford the DVD/Blu-Ray please buy it and support them to encourage them to make more! And also because the play itself was SO GOOD. Info on buying them can be found on my post here. (Updated info: Amiami, CDJapan, and Amazon already have them up for preorder now )

KnB Fan Disc Vol. 3 Mini Drama Translation

Ahhh. I saw translations for the notable parts for the fan disc so I thought it was okay but maybe some people want to read the other dialogues too so I just roughly translated everything. 

As for the video um, I think there are copies floating around though I do not know where… I have my own CD. Be sure to support the team by purchasing your copy too, if you liked the content. (^^)

The fan disc gave me life and made me want to rewatch everything… 

Kamiya Hiroshi voiced Akashi kun so cute haha. His voice is significantly higher. Kagami was also adorkable in this like he’s so giddy when he hears Tatsuya’s name and he’s just…. pfffttttt. *throws burgers at him*

It’s so fun looking at all the piyos in this alternate reality mini drama haha. Also, Hiyoko no Basuke is EVERYTHING.

It’s also cute how Ono Kenshou is embarrassed to listen to himself in the first episode during the audio commentary. It brings so much nostalgia even to the actors and director! It’s funny how they put effort into making Kuroko invisible to the naked eye. Pfft, even they knew that someone like Kuroko who has SKYBLUE HAIR is someone who is more likely to get noticed than be ignored. 

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stereden  asked:

All this reincarnation talks lately had me thinking.What if the Rookie Twelve were the reincarnation of shinobis like Hashirama, Madara, Tobirama, etc? I wanted to think outside the box of Team Seven,so here’s what I came up with. So you know everyone (and the mangaka)says that Hashirama’s reincarnation would be Naruto (optimisim, therapyfriendship jutsu, pretty stupid sometimes, just can’t notice that someone has a crush on them) ? But what if Hashirama’s reincarnation is actually Rock Lee ?(1)

His mannerisms certainly fit, and it might explain his passion for the color green! Also, his enthousiasm for basically everything, and if I remember correctly his sulks are quite similar to Hashirama’s, the few times he has them. Also, his inability to understand hatred and deciding instead that the other person is his best friend/rival instead of enemy.

And what if, instead of being reincarnated in Sasuke, Madara was actually reincarnated into Hyuuga Neji? Drama king extraordinaire, a stick up his ass at first but more tolerable as the time goes on, fiercely protective of his ‘sister’ once he gets his head out of his ass, problems with his family system, most powerful of his clan, strongest dojutsu user, and rivalry with Lee.

And Tenten? Tenten is Mito, always the peacekeeper but never the weak link, the common sense to bring them both back to reality and focus their energy in the right direction. Strong and supportive female character, brave as hell and not one to let others walk over her. (probably needs a drink or twelve after dealing with her boys all day, but wouldn’t give them up for the world.)

Tobirama is reincarnated into Shikamaru. Really smart, usually has to clean up after the rest, so done!tm with their bs, just want to rest but no one will let him, can’t stand traitors. Fucking scary once he’s actually annoyed enough about something to something about it.

Which would make Choji a good candidate for Kagami too! Good-natured, care-taker of people who are too smart for their own good, peace maker, but touch a hair of his friend’s head and you’ll be dead in a instant. Ready to make the sacrifice play if needed, but surrounded by people who’ll never let him. Also will always have Shika/Tobirama’s back.

Ino would be Touka, a strong Kunoichi who takes no bullshit and doesn’t hesitate to be cruel if needed, because she’ll be damned if she loses her precious people this time around. She plays with people’s mind, genjutsu coming to her as easily as breathing, and her father can’t believe how easily she picks up the Yamanaka family techniques. Woe betides any who threaten her boys. What are your thoughts? Any ideas for team 8 ? (I need to stop coming up with ideas like that)


But I really want to write this now. D:

anonymous asked:

you like knb? I just went through your knb tag and you seem to have drawn/even cosplayed for it ! wow! what are your ships? will you be drawing for the movie that came out ?


MAN, like is a very mild word for how big my KnB phase was, and it’s definitely one of those fandoms I always go back to, and MAN was the movie a slap to the face of nostalgia and wonderful memories ;A;. I didn’t produce much content for it back in the day, I didn’t have much time to draw in general back then, but I wanted to try again now that my art’s changed a bit and:

Something like that <3

Yep! I cosplayed a TON of characters from it. Originally I wanted to cosplay Kuroko or a member of GoM, but instead I ended up wanting to match my friends so I cosplayed Takao, Himuro, Momoi, Kagami, and Nijimura >.>;;;; I ended up much fonder of these characters as a result tho LOL


If you thought my Yuuri poly shipping was bad…look at it this way, I mainly ship Yuuri with 4-5 husbands, and why not throw in the rest occasionally, the more the merrier right? This is around the number I tend to ship many of my fandom protags with (which is still a lot oops).

But KUROKO. Kuroko to me is the ultimate harem queen. To me, he has, minimum, EIGHT husbands. GoM + Kagami + Takao + Himuro. But I also ship him with a ton of other charas on the side like Kasamatsu, Nijimura, Hanamiya, Haizaki, Mayuzumi, Imayoshi, Miyaji…man the list is endless. I LEGITMATELY SHIP KUROKO WITH EVERYONE. (and Nash! my mother screams in the background…)

I started out with a strong bias for AoKuro that still remains on occasion, but reading a massive amount of pixiv fics started leaning me heavily towards Takao. So yeah, if I had to pick one, TakaKuro is my fav now. I also really like HiGuro (Himuro x Kuroko). But really, and most sincerely, THE MORE THE MERRIER.

KnB is also awesome bc it has so many wonderful Kuroko-centric combinations. I’m more partial to shipping certain characters when they’re in a set, and man the pixiv names for these are so great :’D. Fav combos include Light Sandwich (Aomine x Kuroko x Kagami), Aibou-gumi/partner squad (Takao, Himuro, Kasamatsu, occasionally Mayuzumi -> Kuroko), Rival sandwich (Takao x Kuroko x Kise), Demon King Sandwich (Akashi x Kuroko x Himuro), Hawk ‘n Dragon Sandwich (Takao x Kuroko x Himuro), Black-Hearted Sandwich (Hanamiya x Kuroko x Imayoshi), Captain Sandwich (Nijimura x Kuroko x Akashi), Highlighter Sandwich (Akashi x Kuroko x Midorima), Returnee Sandwich (Kagami x Kuroko x Himuro), of course all their respective schools, the combinations are endless…*dreamy sigh*


(other than Kuroko-centric? I didn’t ship him with Seirin (other than Kagami) too much, tho I certainly don’t mind it, and I very lowkey shipped Kiyoshi + Riko + Hyuuga + Izuki as a poly 4some)

Will I be drawing for the new movie? Well it certainly brought all my feels tumbling back ^ ^; But at the same time I can’t really draw for more than one fandom at a time without getting distracted, and in general there is SO MUCH CONTENT I LOVE in KnB that going on Pixiv often satisfies me, unlike the frustration/craving for something that doesn’t exist I get with YOI ^ ^;; But at the same time, now that my art skills have improved a ton, I sorta want to draw one illustration that has all my fav Kuroko husbands just all crammed in…sighhhhh we’ll see ^ ^;;

anonymous asked:

hello! can i get kiyoshi, kagami, aomine, and akashi reacting to their S/O crying? but it turns out it's just something silly like she got shampoo in her eyes or saw a really cute dog. thank you!!

Here you go anon! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Thank uoi for requesting! 


What was taking her so long?

But it’s not like he was complaining.

Akashi patiently waited outside of her house, as they did make a deal for their dinner date.. and each date always felt like the first one! Except it was less awkward, and it got more fun, of course. How lucky he was.

Finally, after a few more minutes, she walked out of the door, her face in her hands, and her cries audible. Akashi frowned and quickly made his way over to her, gently pulling her in a tight embrace.

“Love, what’s the matter?” he asked softly, placing his hand on top of her head and started running his fingers through her hair. He pulled away to look her in the eyes.

She frowned and wiped her tears. “Sei.. it hurts.”

He placed a hand on her shoulder. “What hurts?”

She pointed at her eyes. “I got shampoo in my eyes earlier! And for some reason, it still stings.. It takes so long to get rid of it. Always!”

“Always?” he cocked an eyebrow. So this happened often, did it? But then, as long as it wasn’t affecting her sight, he wouldn’t be too worried.

She nodded. “And I don’t think I can cry anymore, which makes everything more worse! So.. if you’re up for it, Sei..”

“I challenge you to a staring contest!”

“Challenge?” he smiled.

“You bet! Not only will I feel good about myself when I win, but I’ll also manage to tear up, will I?”

She was weird.. that was true, but Akashi always found it cute.

He shrugged. “Alright,” then turned to his driver that stood behind him. “Park the car somewhere.. this might take a while.”

“It will take a while!” (Name) said, as she rubbed her eyes. “If I win.. buy me new shampoo that won’t hurt when it gets in my eyes, please?”

He laughed and nodded. “Hmm.”

But he was going to buy her that shampoo either way.. it looked like she really needed it.


She smiled at the disk Momoi gave her a while ago, before sliding it into the dvd player. Then she flopped down on the couch without some popcorn as the movie started.

She wasn’t usually the sensitive type. She didn’t cry whenever she was scolded, or whenever she got low grades.. but for some reason, the movie made her break down.

It was just..

So beautiful!

She was too busy trying to stop the tears from flowing, she didn’t even notice the door swing open, to reveal a very tired looking Aomine.

“I’m back.”

She quickly wiped her tears away hearing the man’s entrance. Aomine entered the living room and heard her crying softly. His eyes widened, and at that moment, it was as if all his tiredness were gone.

“Oi, what happened to you?” he growled, quickly making his way over to her, his protective side taking over. He trails his gaze across her body, trying to find a wound of some sort, only to find none.

“Satsuki..” she murmured, sniffing and wiping her tears away, her pitiful eyes looking up at him.

His brows furrowed. “W-what? What happened?!”

“Aomine, tell her I won’t forgive her!” she said, standing up and cleaning up the popcorn she finished. Aomine followed her to the kitchen, still worried.

Why would his childhood friend and girlfriend, who were so close to each other, fight in the first place?

“Tell me what happened.”

She pouted. “The man left the protagonist! I feel so bad for her. Tell her to never suggest movie with bad endings to me ever again!”

Aomine’s mouth went agape at his words. “So.. that was that? You cried over a desperate love story?”

“You would do the same if you experienced it,” she rolled her eyes, then smiled. “But thanks for worrying about me, ha! That was cute.”

He flushed.

I mean, it’s not like he would let their love story end, anyways.

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