First image: “Pop-Up Pirate”, a classic child’s game of luck and chance made by Tomy.  Enduring the years, there’s many many variants on this game.

Second image: The Yatterman variant: “ドロンボー危機一発“, (translated via Google translate as either “Dorombo Boss” or “Dorombo Dangerous Departure”.  If you have a better or more accurate translation, please feel free to assist!

Third through fifth images: The 2008 Yatterman series showing just how far it will go To Sell Toys.

The Ties to Time Bokan: Team Rocket (Pokémon)

If there’s any noticeable characters inspired by the Dorombo gang and their counterparts throughout the Time Bokan series, it’s the Team Rocket trio, Jessie / Musashi, James / Kojiro, and Meowth, from the Pokémon anime.

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The Dorombo Trio as they appeared in mobage title “Sangokushi Battle” for a promotional crossover event.  As ever, it’s a freemium card based battle game for smartphones- this one is based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. 

The trio isn’t just dressed period appropriate, though!  Each is dressed as if to be a particular character with ties to ruler of the Jing Province, Liu Biao.  Doronjo is Lady Cai, Liu Biao’s second wife. Boyacky and Tonzler are Zhang Yan and Cai Mao respectively- warlords who served under Liu Biao.

Fittingly for such a tight knit trio, the three historical figures they evoke are family!  Cai Mao was the brother of Lady Cai, and Zhang Yun was Cai Mao’s nephew.

Stylized Dorombo trio from the background of the website of the current latest Yatterman pachinko game, “ ヤッターマン われら天才ドロンボー” / “Yatterman: Wara-ra Tensai Dorombo” (”Yatterman: We are Genius Dorombo”).

If that sounds familiar, it should! “Tensai Dorombo” is the iconic self-aggrandizing theme song that the trio would sing about themselves!