The Ties to Time Bokan: Wario, Waluigi, & Captain Syrup

This is more coincidental than anything, but since I’ve seen many others do it I may as well throw my take on it.

Waluigi has constantly been compared to Boyacky and other Time Bokan villains like him. They have skinny, lanky bodies, pink noses and thin mustaches, and they’re both showoffs to boot. Waluigi lacks the mechanical knowhow and obsession with high school girls Boyacky has though.

Wario can also be compared to Tonzura, and they probably have more in common. Both are strong, muscular, dimwitted thieves that have a bottomless appetite. They also have the big toothy grin thing going on as well. Whereas Tonzura’s a yes man and is good friends with the rest of his gang, Wario tends to be his own boss that sees his friends purely as means of making money.

Now someone NOBODY compares to Doronjo is Captain Syrup. She was the main villain of the first two Wario Land games and appears in The Shake Dimension / Shake It selling items to Wario and tricking him into getting the treasure for her.

Both are seductive baddies who lead a group of thieves. They even have the skull motif going on (although with Syrup being a pirate that’s to be expected.) Also, in the Yatterman series Doronjo is after the Dokuro Skull, believing it leads to ritches. Whereas in Wario Land: The Shake Dimension, Captain Syrup’s after the Bottomless Coin Sack, a self-explanatory treasure. Their means of trying to get their goals and degree of success is vastly different though.

It’d be nice if Nintendo picked up on this, but the chances of that happening are slimmer than the Time Bokans series getting translated.


Doronjo’s ending screens from Tatsunoko vs Capcom, first from Cross Generation of Heroes and the second from Ultimate All-stars.  Or as it’s commonly misknown as: Japanese and English versions.

In actuality, Japan’s release of Ultimate All-stars also has the changed ending art work.  Rather than animate five new endings for the new characters (Tekkaman Blade, Joe the Condor, Frank West, Zero, and Yatterman-2), they just contracted Udon to draw them new endings and REDRAW the old ones. 

Time Bokan  Production Trivia: Anime Friend

Anime Friend was a subdivision of Tatsunoko that worked on several entries in the Time Bokan and Macross / Robotech series. The company is somewhat infamous for outsourcing some of their work to South Korea. At least that’s the case for Macross, I don’t know how much of this was done for their other shows. Ironically, Anime Friend was formed to cut down on outsourcing animation to other countries.

Regardless, the first anime they worked on was Yatterman, and it really shows as the quality is all over the place. For many animators it was their first time doing animation, and by Zenderman they either refined their skills or left for other projects.  

Anime Friend proved to be such a big help to the staff that Ippatsuman’s Machine Friend, the mecha division of the Skull Lease, is named after the group. Their last project was 1990′s Kyatto Ninden Teyandee, better known as Samurai Pizza Cats. When that performed underwhemingly, Anime Friend closed down before the show finished airing.