/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades! 

ok but like on a purely meta level, its kinda amazing how so many people irl take tony stark, a fictional characters words, as literally as possible in terms of his characterization, like tony repeatedly states he’s Not A Good Person, he the character, calls himself an asshole, arrogant, selfish, playboy and the people in the marvel universe take his word for it they believe him, they believe his glitz and masks, that he cares only for himself, while we the audience, see how his actions ring dissonant to his claims behind the scenes, how yes, he can be all those flaws but he is also so much more, and yet most of the “i hate this character” are literally regurgitations of all the flaws tony himself have professed while his actions literally speak opposite to his lip service, like i cant think of any other iconic fictional characters who’s literally convinced ppl irl thru fiction to take a watsonian interpretation of said character instead of the doylist approach to such a pervasive level 


Spy on History: Mary Bowser and the Civil War Spy Ring (2016)

“Mary Bowser and the Civil War Spy Ring introduces an exciting interactive series for middle grade readers—Spy on History, where the reader gets to experience history in a whole new way.

Meet Mary Bowser, an African American spy who was able to infiltrate the Confederate leadership at the highest level. Enigma Alberti dramatizes Mary Bowser’s suspenseful story—how she pretended to be illiterate, how she masterfully evaded detection, how she used her photographic memory to “copy” critical documents.

Using spycraft materials included in a sealed envelope inside the book, a canny reader will be able to discover and unravel clues embedded in the text and illustrations, and solve the book’s ultimate mystery: Where did Mary hide her secret diary?”

by Enigma Alberti, Tony Cliff (Illustrator)

Get it  here 

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OnStyle Lipstick Prince  ‘Do they know make-up?’

Runes - Wedded Union (marriage rune)

Shadowhunters AU featuring superhusbands co-leading the New York Institute! im gonna do a few more of these; with WinterWidow and showcasing the bonds of Parabatai between some of the Avengers at a later time~ (´ω`)