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Tony Smith was born on this day in 1912. Here’s his iconic work, Die, on view in America Is Hard to See. 

[Installation view of America Is Hard to See (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, May 1–September 30, 2015). Photography by Ronald Amstutz]

ult stevetony: ‘when in rome’

for my stony bingo card.

Tony’s slowly sipping wine. It’s not his favourite type, but it’ll do; it’s only just the morning. He’ll find something nice for the evening.

Steve’s heading towards him, frowning already, Tony sighs. This mission is plain boring, and really, forcing the Ultimates to go to Europe and chase made-up dangers? Steve should agree with him, but he clearly doesn’t.

But then Steve reaches him. “Ran out of vodka, Stark?” he asks.

Tony laughs, delighted, raises his wine glass. “You know what they say, darling. When in Rome …”

“Change your poison of choice, I see,” Steve says.

“I don’t really need a poison, now, do I?” Tony asks.

Steve looks at him sharply; something like concern in his eyes, and no, Tony can’t take it; he’s Iron Man precisely because he doesn’t want pity or months left to live.

“If something happens here, you should be sober,” Steve says finally, and good, good, they’re back to familiar territories.

“I’m basically sober,” Tony says brightly. “Nothing stronger than wine all day.”

Steve stares at him.

And I designed the suit. I can pilot it drunk.”

What would be the point otherwise, really?

Tony licks his lips—he probably looks like he’s wearing a very dark lipstick already; the joys of red wine—and Steve tenses.

Huh, Tony thinks, and does it again.

Steve’s breath catches.

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Still the sweetest MFL story ever (excerpts from Home: A Memoir of My Early Years, page 238):

The night before we opened, Tony and I exited the stage door at the end of the evening well after midnight and were surprised to see a long line of people going all the way around the theatre, with bedding and chairs on the pavement.

    I asked, “What’s happening here?”

    “We’re queuing for the opening night gallery seats…,” “They go on sale in     the morning!”, “We have to queue now if we want a good seat,” they replied.

Tony and I stood and chatted with them for a while, and as we departed, I called out that I hoped they would enjoy the show.

The following evening, April 30, my dressing room was so full of flowers, I could barely move…the most endearing gift of all was a simple wooden Covent Garden tray, filled to the brim with bunches of dewy, fresh, sweet-smelling English violets -Eliza’s flowers. My lucky flowers.

When I opened the card it simply said, “With love from the opening night gallery queue.” They had apparently made a collection among themselves and purchased the violets from a Covent Garden vendor. That gesture meant more to me than I can possibly say.


The double exposure of my character Shae that I painted has been really popular at conventions, so I decided I’m going to do some fan-art based double exposures and see how those go over.

First up, Tony Stark. Next I’m probably going to do someone from The Walking Dead but I haven’t decided who yet. Probably Michonne. Maybe Beth. Maybe both.

All my double exposure paintings can be seen under this tag on my blog.