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Do Tony and Bucky and Steve ever make that trip back to the former Stark kingdom in Recency? What happens? Does Tony show off any favorite spots? Or favorite foods?

They do, but not until Peter is ten and Harley is seven, and then they leave them in the care of Sarah, Jarvis, and Ana. The unrest has mostly settled. It’s safe enough to do that now. They take Pepper and Natasha to personally guard Tony just in case though, and Bruce to monitor Tony’s health.

Steve and Bucky fall a little bit more in love with Tony as soon as they’ve crossed the border and Tony recognizes things.

“Oh! There’s Tower Rock! It’s a sacred place to the monks here–”

“Look, look! Peach trees! Oh, we should have come in the late summer, we could have picked some off the trees–”

“Steve, look, it’s the inn we stayed in when I was your prisoner and you walked in on me changing into my nightclothes!”

“I am almost certain I never regained my full hearing in my left ear,” Steve replies, stone-faced under Bucky’s confused expression.

Bucky turns back to Tony. “That’s why you screamed? The innkeeper said it was probably a mouse…”

“He walked out as apologetic and meek as one,” Tony giggles, and Natasha and Pepper smirk at him.

They arrive at the castle. It’s dark and dusty. Natasha and the other guards go ahead to clear out any squatters. Tony looks at the portrait of his parents in the entryway. He was a babe in his mother’s arms. They looked happy.

Tony turns to Steve and Bucky and barely manages, “Do you think–” before Steve is directing some of the remaining guards to search for a ladder to take the portrait down to take home.

The squatters are herded out. “Oh, no, they’ve got–we’re not using–” Tony says, and then one hunched-over beggar woman shuffles over to him, takes Tony’s hands in her own gnarled, arthritic ones, and pats him gently on the wrist. “Welcome home, dear. Your parents would be so proud of you.” And then she shuffles off without another word. Tony covers his face and cries.

The plants in the courtyard are overgrown. “I used to sit here and read, or knit,” Tony tells everyone, then circles the bench over to the pond. “And there should be–Yes! Come look, the fish are still here!” There are vines spilling into the pond but the large orange fish are still there. They’re quite big. Bucky opens his mouth to say so but Tony darts away again. “And over here, it should be–eek, get off me, vine! Over here–” Tony tries to tug a curtain of vines aside. Steve walks over to do it for him. Tony beams at him before gesturing at the tree trunk. “Here is where I came to remember my– …my parents,” he whispers, clasping his hands in front of him. Steve and Bucky lean in and their hearts break a little when they see a heart carved into it, with the letters M.C.&H.S chiseled inside it.

“Jarvis said that Dad did this a year after they married. I guess they didn’t get along when they first married, but they came to care about each other,” Tony explains softly, like speaking louder would ruin the story. Maybe it would have. “And Dad carved this as a promise to be loyal to her. He put Mom’s initials on top because he wanted her to know that she always came first.” He jerks, as if coming out of a daze. “That’s what Jarvis told me, anyway. He could have just been trying to be kind when I was lonely.” He puts his hand over the bark, palm on his father’s initials, fingers tracing over his mother’s.

Tony spends the day darting around, showing everyone things that make them want to weep for him. The peach tree that got them all scolded by the laundress, the moth-eaten couches he’d reclined on with his mother, reading, his bedroom that he’d been confined to after Obadiah took power (he doesn’t say it like that, but they know. They all know.). He pauses in the throne room. He’d met Tiberius here. But he’d also met Steve and Bucky here. He’d been frightened, but… it’d turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Bucky glances at him, then looks back up at the abandoned throne. “This was where we first saw you,” he says, and Tony nearly jumps. “And I remember thinking, ‘He’s much smaller than I imagined.’” Tony scoffs, embarrassed. “I remember thinking a supposed enemy had no right to be so beautiful, either.” Tony blushes. Steve smiles a little. “I remember thinking, ‘This omega is just as stubborn as I am.’ I was reluctantly impressed. You were scared, I could tell, but you met us with your back straight and your chin out like you were ready to take a punch.” He turned to give the omega a smarmy grin. “And then I saw you disrobing at the inn and I was impressed by your figure.” Tony blushed and smacked his arm chidingly as the guards kindly pretended not to laugh. (Well, Natasha and Pepper don’t. But Tony hadn’t expected them to.)

“…Where,” Natasha begins at the end of the tour, and then falls silent with a nervous, “Never mind.” Tony looks at her knowingly. “Where did Obadiah murder my parents?” Natasha flushes. “Sorry. That was inappropriate. I–” “In their beds. They were sleeping.” Tony stares into the distance. “Jarvis said they didn’t suffer, but I saw. There was blood everywhere.” He turns back to Natasha sharply. “I hope they killed my mom first. It causes me great distress, thinking that she woke up to see her husband and alpha being stabbed to death and knowing she was next. I hope they killed my mom, woke my dad, and he killed as many of those animals as he could before they finally put him down.” Natasha stares at him for a long moment before she nods, sharply, and says, “I hope so too.” Steve and Bucky make concerned noises, but Tony just holds up his hand to stop them. “No. I’m fine now. I’m not sad anymore. Just mad. It does help,” he adds, just to make it clear to them. “That Jarvis killed Obadiah himself. I cannot think of a single person other than me who should have had that privilege.” “I can’t think of anyone else either,” Bucky answers immediately, and Steve nods in agreement.

The castle isn’t fit for royalty to stay there though. The squatters know that, are waiting outside the gates to shuffle back in. Tony pauses to say goodbye to them, the truest subjects royalty can have. Howard and Maria had taken care of them. Obadiah had changed that. “You’re a good boy. Your parents would be proud,” the hunched over lady repeats, patting his hand. “I do hope your children take after you,” she adds, voice taking on a rasp like she’s trying to whisper but incapable of actually lowering her voice. “The blond one’s eyes are too close together, and the brunet’s nose is crooked.” “…Is my nose really crooked?” Bucky asks after they get underway, and Tony laughs. Steve frowns at him. “I dunno. Are my eyes really too close together?” Tony laughs so hard he stops making noise. He doesn’t answer them when he finally stops though.

(“I wish we could spend more time here,” Tony whispers. “I wish… Things could have been so different. Do you think we would have ended up together if my parents had lived?” Steve and Bucky don’t know. They just don’t. Howard had been good friends with Duchess Margaret, and Sarah trusted Margaret’s judgement. It’s possible. But then maybe they wouldn’t have. Maybe Howard and Maria would have tried to find a match for Tony closer in age. Maybe Shuri, or T’Challa. Sarah talked about how Howard had wanted some Wakandan ore, and Tony gets along with them. He’d have been happy with them, too. “Yeah,” Steve says after a moment, and reaches out to grab Tony’s hand, grip it tight. “Yeah, we would have.” Tony smiles at him. It’s a lie Steve and Bucky are okay with.)

((Before they left, Steve pulled out a piece of his drawing paper, a piece of charcoal, and pressed the paper over the carving in the tree, used the charcoal to take a rubbing of it. Tony would never ask or allow for the tree to be cut down. He’ll appreciate this, though, when Steve gives it to him. Maybe they’ll return to the old castle again. Maybe they’ll bring the boys. Maybe Tony would like all of their initials carved into the tree too.))

He gets the “de-aging,” or whatever they called it. The technology here is way too ahead to be anything but the future, but a spouse? A family? That can’t be true. Howard was right when he told Tony that no one would stick around.

Tony looks around the room, and scrunches down in his chair. They keep staring at him, why are they staring? Does he have something on his face?

“Are you alright?” The blond man, Clint, asks, and Tony gives a jerky nod.

“Sure, sure. Not every day you hear that you’re actually like forty years old and have a child even though you’re only sixteen, but yeah, I’m good. I’m great.”

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How about "I hope you know that my name is actually..." For Stony? Your writing is great by the way :)

Thank you! I hope you enjoy this.

“Capsicle,” Tony called out and Steve let out a long suffering sigh.

“What, Tony?” he asked and Tony grinned to himself, pleased with the reaction he got. He loved winding Steve up and it got easier and easier these days.

“I finished your new suit. Drop by later to test it?”

“Sure,” Steve said and Tony darted away again.

When Steve entered the workshop a few hours later Tony swirled on his chair. “The good Captain. Great, it’s over there. Put it on and let’s see if it pinches anywhere.”

Steve’s brow furrowed but he did as Tony asked him to. When he was inside the suit Tony came over to check the fitting.

“Any tight spots, Cap?” Tony asked him and Steve took one deep breath before he answered.

“Everything feels fine to me. But I’d have to test it in a fight.”

“Gym then. Come on, grandpa, no time like the present.”

Steve visibly clenched his jaw but obediently followed Tony to the gym, where Tony got some of the training robots started.

“Think you can take them all, boss?” he asked and Steve’s hand involuntarily clenched. If Tony kept going like this, destroying them all would not be a problem.

“Sure,” Steve answered through gritted teeth and as soon as the word left his lips the bots came charging at him.

He needed his full concentration, the bots were good after all, but when Tony said “Looking good, soldier,” he lost his cool and put a fist right through one of them. He wasn’t supposed to actually destroy them all and Tony stared at him.

“What got your panties in a twist, goldilocks?” he asked, still wide eyed and Steve’s fist twitched again.

“I hope you know that my name is actually Steve, because if you do not then we’re going to have words,” Steve said, his jaw still clenched.

“Yes, I do know that,” Tony answered, voice a bit wavering. If Steve asked him to actually use his name they were going to have a problem.

Tony had been more than once reliably informed that while he was pretty good at hiding his affections for someone, that skill got lost as soon as he uttered the person’s name. Apparently his voice was then full of longing and affection and he really didn’t need to have that conversation with Steve right now. Or ever.

“Then why don’t you ever use it? How do you even come up with that many nicknames, huh?”

“I don’t even use that many,” Tony defensively said and Steve raised an eyebrow at him.

“Seven, just in the last few hours. Your record is thirty two different names for me on a day, without ever using either my first or last name, or any variation of them, and I wanna know why.”

“Uhm….” Tony started and then looked at the clock. “You know what, big guy, I have a meeting in about a second, so I best get going. Nice talk,” he rushed out but before he could start towards the door Steve’s hand snatched his arm.

“Eight,” he lowly said and Tony swallowed.

“Just explain it to me, please,” Steve whispered and Tony shivered. Steve was able to reduce him to this mess with just a few words and the right tone of voice without even trying to.

Tony swallowed and quickly debated his options here. It was unlikely that he would get his arm back before he gave Steve a satisfactory answer so retreat was out of the question. But Tony had worked too hard to get the friendship they had now, and to shove his feelings back, to risk it all now, just because of a stupid name.

“Please, let me go,” he said instead, refraining from adding yet another nickname to his sentence but Steve’s grip didn’t waver.

“I just want to understand, Tony. Is it because we’re friends and it’s just a thing you do? I know you call Rhodey all kinds of names, but occasionally you use his name as well and you don’t do it with the others and I just don’t understand it.”

“Technically Rhodey is a nickname as well,” Tony piped up and Steve gave him that look, the one that meant he was getting real fed up with his bullshit.

“Yes,” Tony sighed, “it’s a friendship thing.”

Steve narrowed his eyes at him. “You’re lying. You know how I can tell? Because I know you, Tony. Something is up and I want to know what.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure you don’t,” Tony mumbled under his breath but of course Steve with his enhanced hearing picked up on it.

“Try me,” Steve said, he practically dared him, and Tony jutted his chin forwards. He had never been one to back down.

“Fine,” he said, voice hard and then looked Steve in the eye. “Steve.”

He had tried to sound angry, conceal every other emotion in his voice, but given by the way Steve’s eyes went wide he hadn’t been successful.

“See, that’s exactly why I don’t use your name, now would you please just let me go,” Tony demanded and tugged on his arm again, but Steve’s grip was still strong.

“Why didn’t you say something?” he asked him, voice full of wonder and Tony swallowed. This wasn’t going as he had imagined.

“Why would I, Steve? It’s not like I had any hope.”

“You know why I only ever use your name?” Steve asked him instead of answering Tony’s question. Tony shrugged as best as he could with one arm still caught in Steve’s hand.

Steve leaned a bit closer. “Because If I ever start using nicknames with you, it will be such a thin line to endearments and I don’t trust myself not to do that.”

Now it was Tony’s turn to stare at Steve, who smiled slightly at him.

“Why didn’t you say something?” Tony demanded to know and Steve shrugged.

“Why would I, shellhead? It’s not like I had any hope,” Steve repeated the words back to him and Tony slowly started to grin.

“Shellhead, huh?”

“I have a whole list lined up. You’re gonna hear them all,” Steve promised while he pulled Tony closer.

“Can’t wait for that, Steve,” Tony said right against his lips and felt Steve shudder. Maybe uttering his name wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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pet au pt. 3

and here’s the third part of my stony pet au. part one. part two.

When Steve heard the sound of the front door unlocking, he clambered to his feet and darted for the door, tail whipping back and forth behind him. Once his human got in the door Steve barked twice, so that she knew how happy Steve was to see her, but didn’t jump on her because he wasn’t supposed to and she would let him put his head on her lap later anyway.

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