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My ex-boyfriend (who broke up with me) is mad because I don't want to be friends, My best friend bailed on me even tho I haven't seen him in 2 months, I failed a chem test, an ASL test and an English Socratic Seminar today and I have to go to school tomorrow. It's been a hectic day. If you have the time (and energy def don't feel pressured!!) I'd love a hurt/comfort Stucky or Stony fic please (or Bucky/Steve/Tony)

that is a huge pile of shitty anon, i’m sorry!

“All right, Iron Man, back in the air,” Steve calls and Tony does a silly salute even though he doesn’t think Steve can see him from where he is.

“Upsie daisy,” he calls in return. He’s barely lifted off when something hits him in the right thigh with a loud crunch. Pain spikes all the way down to his toes and up into his hip. The shock knocks him off kilter. He cries out, but it’s more out of shock than anything.

“Tony?!” he hears someone yell, but the view on the HUD is spinning and that’s more important than whoever’s yelling at him.

“Sir, you’ve taken a hit—”

No shit!” Tony yells back breathlessly.

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For my latinos that don’t know about “In The Heights”, oh man OH MAN

so get this. it’s a musical made by lin-manuel miranda (nominated for 13 tonys, won a grammy, no big deal. this is what launched lin) and its for us. Yeah anyone can enjoy it, but it’s for us. It’s about what our culture specifically goes through completely filled with Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue, the works. The main thing I love about it is it raises the question of what it means to have a heritage that links back to another country, and what that means for those living in America. Where is home. Is it where your family is from - with your people, or is it where you make it. Just too good, man. 


I see all the things about Tony and Sharon Carter being raised as cousins and I think that’s super cool? But like Tony is also in his late forties and Emily Van Camp, at least, is thirty, so I would assume Sharon is around that age too. That’s more than a decade and a half age difference. They were unlikely to have cutesy camping trips and sleepovers on Peggy’s living room floor together. Hell, Tony’s parents would have been dead by the time Sharon was a toddler.

Give me a Peggy who was trying to support Tony in ways Obadiah never would, kept dragging her godson home, where the baby so often was. Give me Tony awkwardly holding this kid when, frankly, he doesn’t know which way is up some days.

Give me Tony building five year old Sharon a treehouse better than all of her fairy princess spy master dreams combined one afternoon.

Give me Tony who sneaks in the back to watch her school play.

Give me Sharon being a preteen and not understanding why Tony and her parents are having such tense conversations about Aunt Peggy all the time and running to Tony to reassure her after. He tries, but he’s not good at it and there isn’t much reassurance to offer.

Give me Tony who’s really more like an uncle than a cousin, he maybe has his AI stretch his legs by running background checks on the people Sharon wants to date. He’s the one who gives her the be safe talk because she should do better than him.

Give me Sharon who hates seeing Tony in the news the way he is, because she’s looked up to the guy and it’s a harsh reality to see what he’s like, what he does, when he’s not with her and Aunt Peggy.

Give me Tony who’s proud but not a buddy, not for a long time, maybe not ever, because there is a big fucking gap there. But they don’t have to go camping on school holidays and both get read bedtime stories together to have an interesting and valuable relationship as cousins. Frankly, I think the age difference adds an interesting complexity to their potential cousin relationship.

take me out (and let me hold you tight)

this is a halloween commission for @ishipallthings!

warning: ableism, creepy stuff

edit: thank you to @onemuseleft for helping me get unstuck and helping me with the second half plot

“Do you really believe that you’re mentally stable enough to be a part of the Avengers?” a reporter with graying hair asks, disdain poorly concealed in his voice.

Beside Steve, Tony is tense despite his best efforts, one hand clenched in a fist in his lap where it can’t be seen and the other laying on the table before them, deliberately relaxed. Steve watches the vein at the back of Tony’s wrist pulse, counting each to keep himself from doing something stupid.

The first stupid thing he wants do to is shout at the reporter, or maybe just knock his lights out, but he’s the leader of the Avengers and he needs to be seen as calm and reliable. Sensible. Everything they like to claim Tony is not.

Steve snorts mentally.

Bucky would laugh himself sick if he could see Steve now. Sitting quietly because those are his orders while someone spews prejudice at one of his best friends. He woulda said he had to see it to believe it.

The other stupid thing Steve wants to do…

“I think I’ve proved time and time again that I can be trusted to do my best to protect the public regardless of my illnesses,” Tony says, voice clear and cool and unyielding. “I’m receiving treatment and it’s going well. They don’t make me any less capable than my physical ailments—” Tony smiles sharply. “—and no one ever asks about those.”

A slight tremor ripples through the carefully relaxed hand Tony has on the table.

Steve has to curl his own fingers into his palm to stop himself from reaching out and interlacing their fingers. He wants to squeeze Tony’s hand and steady it with his own. He wants Tony to know that he’s not alone. That there are people who think the world of him.

That Steve thinks the world of him.

But it’s not the time or the place and Tony probably isn’t interested anyway, so Steve holds his tongue and waits for the interview to end.

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sharon carter in social media 1/3

Things that have better chemistry than Steve and Sharon:

•Bucky and those plums
•Tony and General Ross
•Coffee grounds and the garbage disposal
•Tony and that walnut date loaf
•Bucky and that motorcycle (and the guy he knocked off the motorcycle)
•Natasha and Redwing
•Zemo and the Hydra guy that he kills
•Mission Report and December 16, 1991
•Stan Lee and “Tony Stank”

•Bucky and Howard Stark

I headcanon that if Tony Stark and Sharon Carter grew up being “cousins” because of their Auntie Peggy, that Tony nicknamed her “Goldielocks” because of her pretty blonde hair that her mother had always insisted be curled. And the day he found out she knew how to fire a gun, he started calling her “Goldie-Glocks.” She would roll her eyes every time he called her that, but she was secretly pleased. 

NWSL Draft 2017

Boston Breakers - 6

  • Rose Lavelle (1)
  • Morgan Andrews (3)
  • Ifeoma Onumonu (8)
  • Midge Purce (9)
  • Sammy Jo Prudhomme (31)
  • Hayley Dowd (38)

Sky Blue FC - 6

  • Kayla Mills (4)
  • Mandy Freeman (10)
  • Kailen Sheridan (23)
  • Madison Tiernan (24)
  • Catrina Atanda (30)
  • McKenzie Meehan (34)

FC Kansas City - 5

  • Christina Gibbons (5)
  • Toni Payne (13)
  • Stephanie Ribeiro (17)
  • Alexis Shaffer (25)
  • Rashida Beal (35)

Seattle Reign FC - 4

  • Maddie Bauer (6)
  • Katie Johnson (16)
  • Arielle Ship (26)
  • Kristen McNabb (37)

Portland Thorns FC - 4

  • Rachel Hill (14)
  • Savannah Jordan (18)
  • Tyler Lussi (21)
  • Caroline Flynn (40)

North Carolina Courage - 4

  • Ashley Hatch (2)
  • Darian Jenkins (7)
  • Clare Wagner (20)
  • Jaycie Johnson (27)

Chicago Red Stars - 3

  • Michele Vasconcelos (11)
  • Morgan Proffitt (12)
  • Lauren Kaskie (39)

Houston Dash - 3

  • Jane Campbell (15)
  • Nichelle Prince (28)
  • Erin Smith (33)

Washington Spirit - 3

  • Lindsay Agnew (19)
  • Meggie Doughtery Howard (29)
  • Cameron Castleberry (36)

Orlando Pride - 2

  • Danica Evans (22)
  • Nickolette Driesse (32)

I was rereading Smoke and Mirrors by @riverlander974 (aka my favorite MCU fic ever) and was overcome with the urge to draw Sharon Carter showing her support for her favorite cousin. :’)

Because I really love the idea of Sharon buying Iron Man merch and texting pics to Tony, who is both embarrassed and flattered by it

kidding around, pt. 13

i did my best to tell my brain to f*ck off, hopefully this is better than the part that ignored me says it is

for miss @kahn-on-tumblr

Tony steps forward to meet him. He has one job: keep Hydra away from the team. He lashes out with Natasha’s knife, feels the slight tug as it slices through the front of the vest the goon is wearing. A yelp tells him he hit deeper than that. Good, he thinks viciously.

One of the guys from the other end of the circle moves in. Tony can’t do a fancy twirl over the kids’ heads the way Steve probably would, but he ducks around a grasping hand and darts around to cut him off. He slashes at the guy’s hand and hardly feels anything. He only knows it’s a hit when blood starts pouring from the arm. Tony’s stomach turns.

The goons are looking a little more wary now. Tony holds out the knife and tries to steady his shaking hand. “I told you. Lay a hand on them and I’ll eviscerate you.”

It feels like his heart is beating inside his throat, like he might choke on it. The Hydra agents are just a few feet away from the kids now and they cannot get separated, if they get separated—if they each get grabbed by a different agent—Tony feels cold at the thought. He couldn’t go after all of them.

Thor, do you understand me?” he asks in Italian, mainly because he’s pretty sure these agents don’t know it, and it’ll drive them nuts.

“Aye,” Thor replies.

It’s working, because one of them scowls and brandishes his weapon a little more pointedly. “Hey, none of that.”

Tony makes a face at him and says, again, in Italian, “Thor, I want everyone to hold hands. Everybody holding on as tight as they can. Okay?


There’s rustling and little-kid whispering behind him as Thor shares the instructions and Tony shifts his grip on the knife, cool air hitting the sweat on his palms. “Well?” he says. “Who’s first?”

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