Noam Chomsky is a super cool American theoretical linguist, cognitive scientist and philosopher who radically changed linguistics by assuming language as a uniquely human, biologically based cognitive capacity. He suggested that certain traits in the human brain give birth to both language and grammar. The most important figure in “cognitive revolution” and “analytic philosophy”, Chomsky’s wide-ranging influence also extends to computer science and mathematics.

Super honored to have worked with THE NEW YORKER! I’m very thankful to have contributed an image to a renowned publication and also to such a prevalent and crucial topic beyond pop culture and cinema. While It’s fun doing doodles and perpetuating the ongoing fame of Thom Yorke and Philip Seymour Hoffman, there’s something just a little more satisfying to me when I’m handed an opportunity to portray a person who promotes change for the betterment of societal growth and evolution.

Super proud to have worked with the cool cats at Code Computer Love in London, UK. They assigned me to the Vintage Land Rover Defender Series 1 vehicle. Pretty rad rover I got to play with for this project. Check out the press release story about Britain’s favorite classic cars @