“If you don’t do something out of the ordinary, it stays ordinary” this quote by the late #TonyGoldman inspired this Painting. Something alittle different this weekend. Progress shot … not finished quite yet … need to add a little black around maroon to tie everything in… piece is almost 8 feet tall #Panagia pronounced “pah-nah-YEE-ah” haha @jessicawynwood

I never got a wall in his famed Wynwood Garden from Tony Goldman. But he gave me something far more valuable, his respect. He told me that the first time I met him on Prince Street. He watched me counsel Alex, a young kid who hung with us on Prince Street about being rude to people. I had no idea who he was, when he expressed that he liked and respected what he had just heard me say. Later, someone said, “do you know who that was, Tony Goldman.” I next ran into him in Miami… He kept his word, and gave this nobody his first “legal” wall in Miami. #Rip #tonygoldman #2012 (Taken with Instagram)