Coffee Night with Tony

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Title: Coffee Night with Tony

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word count: 813

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was next on my list and I love this one! It’s cute and I hope you all love it!

This case was a grueling one, Gibbs told everyone they had to work overnight.  It wasn’t everyday that you had to work all night.  Tony and McGee were searching up leads while you read over case files of the suspects in question.  You had been reading over the files carefully for the past two hours.  Your head slipped out of your hand almost hitting your keyboard.

McGee and Tony both chuckled, but Gibbs glared at you.  “Sorry, just a bit tired,” you flashed a smile towards Gibbs.  You closed the file in your hand looking at your team, “I’m gonna go for a coffee run.  Anyone want some coffee?”

Gibbs and McGee nodded at you; it was their way of saying yes.  Tony stood up from his desk, pulling on his jacket.  “Well the night isn’t getting any younger.  Let’s go [Y/N],” Tony motioned his head towards the elevator as you stood up.

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