Stakeouts with Tony

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Title: Stakeouts with Tony

Pairing: Tony DiNozzo x Reader

Word Count: 623

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Here is some cute Tony Fluff! :D I hope you all enjoy this! Requests are open. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. <3

It was a cold winter night and it was snowing outside.  The snow made it hard for Tony to get a good look at the room across the street.  You were stuck with Tony during this stakeout, not that you minded.  He talked enough for the both of you; you were nervous around Tony.  You had liked Tony since day one on the job, but you understood Gibbs had rules.  You hid your feelings for Tony; it was better that way.  You shivered in the dimly lit room.  You listened in on the chatter in the room across the room, “Tony, they’re going to bed,” you yawned, your breath becoming visible.  “Tell me why we couldn’t have a space heater,” you whined setting the headphones down.

“This is an abandoned building, [Y/N].  We can’t let them know we’re here.  Didn’t McGee tell you that we were going to be in an abandoned building,” Tony questioned, a little annoyed from his lack of sleep.

“Okay, sorry I asked,” you answered sarcastically.  You sat against the wall, rubbing your arms together.  You knew you should have brought a blanket, but you didn’t know you would be staying here all night.  Usually Gibbs and McGee would be relieving you and Tony, but they were chasing a lead.  You body demanded warmth, but you could only produce so much by yourself.

Tony set down the binoculars, exhaling as he stood up.  He opened his bag that he had brought with him, taking out a decently sized blanket.  “Come here [Y/N],” he instructed.  You slowly rose to your feet, shuffling over to Tony.  He sat you down next to him, throwing the blanket over the both of you.  “It’s not the best or the thickest blanket, but it’s better than nothing,” Tony voiced lowly.

“Thank you, Tony,” you whispered, huddling close to him, hoping to steal some of his warmth.  You trembled, a shiver rocking your body.

“Jesus [Y/N], are you that cold,” Tony looked down at you, full of worry and concern.  Tony scooped you up, putting you on his lap, readjusting the blanket so it would cover the both of you.  He wrapped his arms tightly around you, your body flushed against his.  “Next time, you’ll bring a blanket, right,” Tony quietly chuckled, resting his chin on your head.

You smiled, enjoying how warm Tony was.  You snaked your arms around his chest, laying your head against his chest.  “If it’s going to be this cold, then yes.  I’ll make sure to bring a blanket that’s thicker than this.”  You grinned at Tony’s chuckle; it was so cute.

“You’ll be fine tonight, I have enough body heat for the both of us,” Tony mused.  “You’re kind of cute when you’re this needy.”

“I’m not needy, I’m freezing,” you corrected him.

“That makes you needy, [Y/N],” Tony stated, rubbing small circles on your back.  “I’m glad you’re here instead of McGoo or Gibbs.  You make for better company; it’s an added plus that you like classic movies and music.”

“I don’t think McGee would let me cuddle with him, let alone Gibbs,” you added.  You nuzzled your head into the crook of Tony’s neck.  “Thank you for taking care of me Tony,” you whispered, feeling suddenly tired.

Tony’s lips cracked into a smile, as he kissed your head, “get some sleep, [Y/N].”  Soon you fell asleep in Tony’s arms, where you stayed all night.  Tony laid you down next to him, pulling your back against his chest.  Tony had been secretly waiting for this moment for months; it was as great as he thought it would be.  If he had it his way you would fall asleep in his arms every night.

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Coffee Night with Tony

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Title: Coffee Night with Tony

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word count: 813

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was next on my list and I love this one! It’s cute and I hope you all love it!

This case was a grueling one, Gibbs told everyone they had to work overnight.  It wasn’t everyday that you had to work all night.  Tony and McGee were searching up leads while you read over case files of the suspects in question.  You had been reading over the files carefully for the past two hours.  Your head slipped out of your hand almost hitting your keyboard.

McGee and Tony both chuckled, but Gibbs glared at you.  “Sorry, just a bit tired,” you flashed a smile towards Gibbs.  You closed the file in your hand looking at your team, “I’m gonna go for a coffee run.  Anyone want some coffee?”

Gibbs and McGee nodded at you; it was their way of saying yes.  Tony stood up from his desk, pulling on his jacket.  “Well the night isn’t getting any younger.  Let’s go [Y/N],” Tony motioned his head towards the elevator as you stood up.

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