STARTER tony-freaking-stark

Stevie walked into the new Tower that had been rebuilt, Tony had asked her to move in for the teams sake she thought it might just be so he’d be able to annoy her more often but hey who knew? she looked around the place completely bewildered by all the things she saw, things that she herself wasn’t used to seeing sense well she was from the forties.
“Stark?” Stevie called looking around “You here?” She asked

Private Dancer

Nekorinne was busy serving drinks at Nightshade,the most popular Burlesque-Strip bar in New york. She was about to get ready for her set in an hour when she was called up to the bar for a few. She was chosen to go to Stark Tower for a private show for Tony Stark himself! Out of all the many dancers that were there in the bar,she was picked out for a private dance by the one and only Iron Man!

Tonight,she wore a tight miniskirt and a lime green tanktop that allowed her Caudecus tattoo to be shown off. She was still a Healer-Demigoddess,so she had got that symbol tattooed on her arm to show it off. The pay was actually better than her Masseuse job,so this was a good gig for her,and because of this special show…She might get paid extra. Or…She might get to get more than a dance from him..Since he knew her King..Loki.

“Hey,Neko! You need to get ready!” She heard from one of the girls,dressed in a tight bikini.

“I’ll be ready in a bit! I’ve got a couple drinks I gotta serve.” Neko yelled back.

She didn’t realize it,but Tony had already made it in,waiting for her to come with him.

Neko went backstage to get dressed,and then grabbed her purse. Noticing Tony in his Black sabbath Tee-shirt and jeans,she wore her Burlesque mask to hide her face until they arrived at the tower.

“You must be Tony…” She grinned.

I'm Not Fictional || Aurora & Tony

Aurora found herself in a bustling city. She was being jostled about by people trying to pass her. How did I get here? She tried her best to wade through the crowd, pushing a bit as she made her way.

When she finally broke through to an opening, she found herself staring up at one of the tallest structures she’d ever seen. Well, they certainly don’t have anything like this at home. She gawked at its height.

A shove forced her forward and she stumbled, tripping on the chewed up sidewalk. The thought to put her hands out to catch herself crossed her mind too late for it to do any good. The last thing she saw before her head hit the ground was a man’s shoes. Then, her vision clouded and she gave into it.