Next week’s #read. #TonyBuzan taught me how to #mind map maaaaaany years ago. It sparked a big paradigm shift for me in terms of thinking, but it made all the difference for me as a #student (then) and #entrepreneur. Now, let’s see how much smarter I get by the end of the month with this😂

Veggie soup and lunchtime reading. 😀 I absolutely love Tony Buzan’s books and I would recommend to anyone who loves learning, doing great things, entrepreneurship, self development etc. So cool to learn how the mind really works and to use it to the best of your potential. #learning #reading #tonybuzan


Overall~ Hihi!~ there’s a lot of #bigbang in here. When you make this #diy, you can personalized it with anything you want. Or your favorite things and dreams. So you don’t get easily bored with your notebook. I am easily bored person so….yeah…. i will sign up for giatmara and do things I love, #creativity , #art, #kdrama and any stuffs like learning tajwid, hafazan and read a lot lot of #motivation & #tonybuzan #books. I were rejected by SPA. It’s my first interview with SPA, so I’ve learnt and do my best for next upcoming interview. →_→ 2014 is my challenging year, but I will never give up. #lookmish