Truth and Consequences

So, I know that the episode “Truth and Consequences” aired forever ago, but I was never able to get over how powerful it is. It outranks all of the other episodes in my opinion. Granted, there are many other episodes almost as great and are almost equivalent in meaningfulness. However, there is just something about this episode that makes it stand out. First of all, it is a different from the normal NCIS routine: Murder, Grab your gear, catch the killer, happy ending. The episode even emphasizes that fact by the whole sequence where they do exactly that. Most of this episode is subtly from Tony’s perspective, which I love. IT shows just how out of sorts he is and how even though he can try to fight the conflicted feeling nagging at him, he can only do it for so long without taking action. Anyway, skipping to the end: The entire scene where Saleem brings Ziva in and pulls the sack off of her head blows my mind. They had us all panicking there for a while. I had hope the whole time that Ziva really was alive, but they do have a history of killing off the female characters. Tony’s reaction to it? Perfect. He’s confused but beyond happy. “Couldn’t live without you, I guess.” One of the most memorable lines. Everything about this episode was organized perfectly which can be difficult when going back and forth in time.And moving to the very end: When the elevator dings open and shows the disheveled team it’s like signaling the relief of the horror coming to an end. Then every single person in the bull pen looks over at them and one by one starts clapping, it brings me to tears. It’s such an intense moment that really gets a rise out of me. We’re used to seeing how Gibbs’ team resembles a family, but to see the support and pride from all of NCIS is amazing. And then there’s Abby. Abby, the sweet, caring, loving, emotional, atypical forensic scientist. Her reaction mirrors the emotions that the viewers have been feeling throughout the whole episode. Relief that they all came back in one piece, overwhelming joy that Ziva is home and not harmed too badly, and love for her team. This whole episode was amazing and brilliantly done. The writers and actors really amazed me with this one.

how, why how, no i cant deal with it, why would she do it, it just doent make sense, i love cote de pable, and respect her, but its TIVA its god dam tiva i love them and live every tiva moment with them it just doenst make sense, i am heart broken, i feel like i did when Kate died, only 10000 times worse, kate was with us for TWO seasons Ziva has been with us for 8 seasons, she is a part of NCIS and such a big part that i feel i cant watch it after she leaves, its just not worth it!