Bucky stood nervously in the airport, looking around anxiously for his best friend, who he’d yet to actually meet in person. Steve’s flight had just landed, so Bucky was waiting by the baggage claim. He was so fucking excited he could hardly stand it. For the third time in ten minutes, he redid his ponytail. Did he look okay? Was there a stain on his shirt? Was his fly down? Shit, he hoped not. Surreptitiously, he checked. Nope. Still fine. Anxiously, he scanned the crowds again. Would Steve be able to find him? What if his phone had died mid flight?


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evie/Steve first time headcanons?

- He had to coax her into it and he sort of pressured her, but like only 20%

- She was actually very nervous because it was in her bed at her house

- Its because Steve likes the thrill and danger of it

- She really just used a sock or something and stuffed it in his mouth to keep him as quiet as possible but the thought it was worth it

- She made him let her be the top

- But she made him do all the work

- He was very good at using his hands to shut her up when she basically screamed when he went inside of her

- “Evie, baby, please, ya gotta be quiet!”

- “Steve, it hurts! H-how am I gonna be quiet!?”

- He accidently left a hickey on her neck that he father was not pleased with

- He accidently stayed the night but the only other person who knew he stayed the night was her mother who walked in the next morning.

- She lead Steve out the door after he got half-way changed and promised Evie she wouldn’t tell her father if Evie made dinner for the rest of the year

- Which isn’t a bad deal considering that Evie’s a good cook and she doesn’t want her father to kill Steve

- Steve had the bloodiest ever because of her long nails

- Evie will not stop thinking about it for weeks and will constantly bother Steve about it and he says “no” just to fuck with her so he and Soda can have  a good laugh

- Evie will get revenge by making the pointiest and thorniest flower crowns and she will literally screw them onto his head and threaten to glue it there if he does not stop teasing her /Soda thinks its the funniest thing ever and very adorable/

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Lol, do you have more headcanons like that? I love that idea.

lmao mostly for tommy

cherri can’t count the times that he’s been lectured about things that weren’t even that dangerous. he’ll come home after a fight or doing something stupid with his friends and he can’t even close the door before tom’s on his case. ‘that was so stupid of you you couldve gotten hurt and other people couldve gotten hurt and i swear youll hope it kills you next time or ill do it myself, cherri cola’ he’s intimidating even tho cherri’s got like four feet on him

and he’s worse with d when d does stupid shit with the guys because ‘you’re an adult, steve, you’re worse than them you’re gonna get them all Killed you survived a war and youre gonna get killed because you honestly thought letting them put rockets on your wheelchair was a good idea’ (you know it’s bad when he uses d’s real name)

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Do you have any young! Steve and Soda head cannons? Bless ily

- Their favorite thing to do at the beach was build sand castles

- Wrestle in the sand always

- Soda is actually the one that knocked out Steve’s tooth

- Steve only laughed it off and was screaming on the inside because ouch

- They played with RC’s

- They crashed into each other on purpose so they have a collection of broken RC’s

- Have kissed on accident when Soda tripped /real genuine trip ok/ and Soda swears he heard the smallest moan from Steve but Steve denies it

- When they had sleep overs, Soda was the first one to fall asleep ever time and Steve would write curse words on the back of his neck just so his mom will neck him

- Steve laughs every single times but Mrs. Curtis slaps him on the neck, too /not hard they can still breathe but just enough for it to sting/

- When they went out for “dates” /more like hanging out with other girls in their class/ after they put on deodorant, they would always smell each others pits

- When they spin around in fast circles, they move as close to each other as possible and see how long they can go without  smacking each other

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Any StevePop headcanons?

- Really, really rough make-out sessions in Steve’s cars

- Steve is more of a sadist so he pulls Soda’s hair real hard and Darry hates it when Soda complains about head aches because of it

- Soda is willing to try anything while Steve is in between Liberal and Conservative

- Steve is big spoon. Period.

- Its rare to find hickeys on Steve, but if he has any from Soda especially, he wears them like a trophy

- Soda tries to hide them and even goes as far as wearing a scarf in the middle of summer because he knows Darry doesn’t like them

- Pony and Steve still fight a lot, they just try not to do it in front of Soda any more

- Steve is more of the man of the relationship you can already tell

- Steve pressures Soda into a lot of things, but mostly because Soda wasn’t want to do it for Darry’s sake, but other than that, then he would do it

- Soda really wants Darry’s opinion mainly on things he does in the relationship his opinion matters the most

- Steve is more sexual, but you can already tell

- Steve loves being on top of Soda, whether during sex, or making out or just sitting in his lap, he has to be on top

things i heard from the lovely couple next to me
  • (i went to see captain america civil war today, and the couple next to me were amazing. seeing as i don't know their names, i'll refer to them as guy 1 and guy 2)
  • me:i'm really sorry to point this out, but my ex is sitting a few seats down from you guys and he keeps glaring at you
  • guy 1:well we'd better give him something to glare at, then
  • guy 2:*kisses guy 1*
  • (bucky took a hold of a running motorcycle and picked it up while someone was on it)
  • guy 1:*stands up* WHAT THE FUCK
  • guy 2:yeah, what the fuck? sit your ass down!
  • (steve just kissed peggy's niece in front of sam and bucky)
  • guy 1:sam and steve are going to have a long conversation in bed, followed by hardcore sex
  • guy 1:if only tony were there, he'd probably just do it to steve on the car in front of the chick
  • guy 2:
  • guy 1:
  • guy 2:are you telling me that we have been dating for over a year now, and you don't fucking ship stucky?
  • (steve and tony were fighting)
  • guy 1:that is some crazy foreplay
  • guy 2:do you have a blood kink or something, jeez
  • (later, during the same steve and tony fight (bucky was fighting too))
  • guy 1:steve and tony are going to have some crazy sex after all of this
  • guy 2:no, steve will be too busy with bucky
  • guy 1:not a chance. a couple is going to have crazy makeup sex, and it's not stucky
  • guy 2:well it isn't us either
  • (after the movie had finished)
  • me:you two had some pretty great conversations
  • guy 1:(his whole face was blushing) sorry you heard that
  • guy 2:i'm not. hey, do you ship stucky, stony, or stam?
  • me:stucky all the way
  • guy 2:at least someone has some fucking sense