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"#she didn't manipulate him!!!#it was all his ideaaaaa!!#omg she is ust a kiiiiiddddd!!!#BITCH WHERE#like don't come at me with that bullshit that she is a hero or remorseful because I have never seen it#if they had even hinted at it fine but no#even cap tells her they cant save everyone#like dude pls the previous movie you wanted to save everyone or die trying#and now you don't care#??????#marvel#tony#wanda" Yes. Exactly

I understand why they wanted to make her a hero, I do, but if they had taken the time to make her seem like she cared I would have had more feeling for her, she went from villain to hero in .05 seconds just because??? that makes no sense! And then thaat whole scene with Cap telling her “Some times we cannot save everyone” that whole scene was a mess, they could have gone a completely different path and still keep the same feeling of caring for her if Steve had told her something like “It never stops hurting, but is because of that feeling that we must keep moving forward, so that next time we will be able to save one person more” or something like “I cannot tell you to let go of that guilt because I don’t believe it is something anyone can do, but don’t let it consume you, pull you down, instead use it as a reminder that we are all humans, we are not perfect, but we do what we can, and if next time we can help one person more than last time, then the weight of that guilt will be worth it”. Personally I would have liked something like that more.


Her Highness: So… I made an Instagram. I decided that I’ll post pictures of the Creaturae characters in their everyday lives on there, as well as the occasional picture of myself. If you wanna follow, here’s the link:

Anyway, I figured the best way to start an IG would be with some selfies of everyone! Molly even got her own phone, and even got the kiddos together to take a group photo. 

And yes, Jewel is taking a photo underwater. She had a waterproof phone, made just for her. 

unpopular opinion: steve rogers is not lawful good aligned because COME ON when has that man EVER respected rules or laws he jumped out of a plane without a parachute, went in alone to a nazi base to save bucky, and rebelled against the entirety of shield because he knew they were corrupt my boy is chaotic good and no one can convince me otherwise

Fighting with Steve Rogers would include:
  • It would probably start because you almost got killed on a mission trying to save some people or even him
  • Not talking to each other the whole ride back home sitting at opposite ends of the Quinjet
  • Natasha would be trying to calm you down and Bucky would do the same with Steve but you two being to stubborn to apologize
  • After you´re back home Steve would go to the Gym trying to punch is frustration out while you would take a long hot shower
  • Both of you trying not to cry
  • Both of you failing
  • Both of you screaming
  • Steve screaming and hitting the punching bag
  • You laying on your shared bed screaming into the pillow
  • Steve coming back after a few hours, clothes soaked in sweat
  • You sitting on the bed, tissues everywhere,looking at him
  • Both of you have puffy, red eyes
  • Him dropping his gym back walking to you without even stopping
  • You standing up and running into his arms
  • Him kissing and apologizing for screaming at you
  • You promising not to get yourself into danger again
  • You probably will still save his ass without hesitating
  • oh the make up sex