Speed painting of thise one!  <3

Hey guys!  I’m doing a give away of a parody to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - it’s called The Lightning Fart!  To enter this competition, reblog this post, and in 2 weeks I’ll pick the 3 lucky winners.

Once I’ve selected the 3 winners, I’ll notify you by messaging you, then I’ll send your email address to the author, Steve Lookner  (looknerblog) and he’ll tell you how to get your free EBook!

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  • what she says:i want canon bisexual steve rogers
  • what she means:i will not fucking rest until we get explicitly fucking canon bisexual steve rogers. no more of this homoerotic subtext bullshit. i want captain fucking america to say the word "bisexual" at least once or i swear to god i will spam marvel employees with emails with bisexual puns every single day until i GET WHAT I WANT

Imagine:  Steve watching with a smile as you attempt to lift Mjolnir … only to be surprised when you succeed. [x]

Y/N: You guys seriously can’t lift that thing? You’re all superheroes! 
Thor: Only those who are worthy can lift it.
Y/N: I bet I could lift it.
Tony: Be my guest.
Y/N: Fine, I will.
Steve: You can do it, Y/N.
Y/N: *begins to lift*
Steve: *smiles*
Y/N: *lifts it* *pauses* So do you get a crown when you rule Asgard or what? *smirks*
Avengers: *all speechless*

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