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“So, Stiles, this is my dad, Tony… Dad, this is Stiles, my boy-” You were promptly cut off by a loud ‘thud’ from beside you. Stiles, your wonderful, boyfriend had fainted, “Probably should’ve mentioned beforehand… I didn’t tell him you were Tony Stark and, well, he’s a massive fan…”

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Imagine Steve Rogers and Bucky keep pulling off these amazing pranks (like putting one of Tony's cars on the roof or something) around the tower and no one can figure out it's them until Bruce Banner finds them giggling like 2-year-olds not far away.

Tony knew a thing or two about pranks.  He’d gone to MIT.  You know, the school that put a police car on the roof of a dome.  

So he knew about pranks, ok.  He knew about pranks and someone was pranking him at a MIT-hack level and it was getting frustrating.

First, there were the standees.  Tony called the Mark VIII out for old times sake and got a life-sized cardboard cutout of Mark I catapulted at his head.

JARVIS was unsure how the security breach happened.  Tony was sure it was Natasha.  

Less than 24 hours later, Tony regretted pinning it on Natasha.

Weeks went by and he let himself be lulled into a false sense of security.

Fortunately that didn’t last too long. His favorite decanter of whiskey had been replaced with apple juice.  A discovery he made only after offering some to his brand-new-super-hush-hush business partner (Wayne Enterprises).  

Tony was pretty sure it was Clint.  

It was not Clint, but now Tony had a sink full of coffee grounds to show for it.

Less than a week later, Sam arrived bringing news that Tony was pretty sure Pepper would de-bone him with her bare hands for: “Y’all know the lobby’s been turned into a beach?  There’s even a wading pool and palm trees.”

Tony didn’t have time to start guessing; Bruce walked in from the terrace grimacing.  

“Steve and Bucky are laughing really hard about that trip to St. Maarten you’re going to take, Tony.  JARVIS, did that meant something else back in the 40s?”

There was an actual steel drum tone that preceded JARVIS’ response, Tony was going to kill them.  “No, Doctor Banner.  But I suspect it might be indicative of—“

Tony had gone to MIT.  The school that put a police car on a dome.  “—This is war.”

The next mission, Steve and Bucky found that their gear had been replaced with Hello Kitty (thank you, internet) versions of the regular uniforms.

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Summary - Girl’s night quickly turns into Natasha playing matchmaker with you as her victim. She’s been trying to hook you up with someone for a while, will she succeed when she starts suggesting the Avengers?

Word Count - 395

A/N - Y'all can blame @bovaria for getting me started with the drab series situation. Each part will feature a different guy until we get to “the one”

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“Well, that was a very solid ‘no’ for Tony,” Nat sighed, plopping down beside you on your bed. She took a chance and stole a piece of the brownie you were eating before you could stop her.

“Pepper just left not that long ago!” You squeaked out an excuse.

“There is more than that. Don’t hold back, Y/N.” Wanda commented, adding another layer of red nail polish with a slight smirk pulling at her lips.

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