Sometimes I think about Tony’s summer birthdays. Sometimes I remember that the Arctic is lightest in summer. Sometimes I think about tiny baby Tony waiting for his Dad to get home from searching for Captain America for his birthday, but realizing that won’t happen. Sometimes I think about how Tony probably never saw his dad on his birthday. Sometimes I think about tiny baby Tony wondering if Howard was even there when he was born or if Captain America superseded him even then.

So, I watched Age of Ultron today, and this is the outcome:

  • My love for Clint Barton got about ten times stronger (which I didn’t think possible)
  • I am despite everything still utter Clintasha trash
  • I am still a bit of Captasha trash
  • I am now probably also a bit of Brucetasha trash
  • I hereby start the campaign Protect Tony Stark From Haters 2k15
X-Factor #231 (spoilers)

Gave me the type of Tony/Steve feels that I haven’t had since Civil War.



Basically Madrox ends up in an ultimate timeline where instead of saying “No more mutants” Wanda said “No more Humans”
Tony was in space at the time, but when he returns he finds that all of the humans/super powered humans have become monstrous shadows of their past selves.

We see Steve, but he goes by Deathlok now. He just… wow. He wasn’t Steve, he wasn’t Steve at all, and I’m sure that when Tony saw him the first time it just broke his heart.

Meanwhile Tony is the head of a totalitarian government, which he is in charge of to keep the humans safe. His hair is largely gray, and he’s back to drinking again. However unlike before where alcohol was one of Tony’s biggest weaknesses, now I would argue that it’s almost a strength. I seriously don’t think he could keep doing what he does every day without it.

I’m sure he looks at himself, at what he’s had to do since M-Day happened, and he thinks that he doesn’t like it. He knows Steve wouldn’t like it. But Steve isn’t there, not really, and Tony needs to protect these people.

Just. If I was less tired and filled with work I would attempt to write fic, but I’m not going to. So I hope someone else does one day.