Pressure: Part One (Summer Series)

Bucky Barnes x Reader 


For nearly two years you were classified as Bucky Barnes’ Best Friend, but a sudden change of living arrangements in the summer heat changed the whole game plan. (I suck at summaries)

Words: 3,257

Notes: Fluff, Angst

Let me know if you want a part two! :)

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getinthefuckingjaeger  asked:

" because he hadn’t known yet that Steve Rogers had left his husband in a disabled suit heavily injured in the snow" yes but what about WHEN HE FINDS OUT because when that happens lemme know so i can book the front row.

More of this and this.


It took ten days for T’Challa to find an excuse to leave, despite having brought Steve and Barnes to his country for protection (and promising it to the rest of the captured Avengers), despite needing to go through everything to be officially made King.

It was, admittedly, something he could have gotten out of, if he wasn’t desperate to get back to his husband.

“We can hold off for a week,” Shuri murmured, standing in his office as he signed some papers last minute before leaving. “But then you must return. You have responsibilities here.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could write a spiderman fic where peter is poisoned during a battle(maybe from some kind of alien venom or a poisoned weapon?) but he doesn't notice until it's too late, and Karen alerts tony to come and help him or something. Your fics are all so good!

Hey, I’m so sorry this took so long! I’ve had a bit of a rough week…or few weeks but anyway I really love all the prompts I get and I enjoyed writing this one a lot, so I really hope you like it. PLease tell me what you think, I’ll also be posting it on and ao3 it’s called “Venom.” (I know I suck at titles)

The alien took another swing, missing Captain America by a few inches as he dodged the giant paw, and kicked its legs out from under it. The ground shook a little as it landed, screeching in rage as Tony began blasting it with his beams.

But the alien didn’t want to stay down, and rotated its four limbs and head so that it’s back was now its stomach, and standing right way up. Well, that was disgusting.

Once properly adjusted, the alien leapt at Peter as he flung webs around its front legs, tripping it up and sending it slamming into a wall.

Peter laughed as it wriggled and whined at being trapped. “Yeah! Take that you ugly piece of shi-“

Tony and Caps voices came through his coms, more amused than anything.



The teenager laughed again, swinging from a web in front pf the things snapping teeth.

“Sorry. You know it’s kind of cute if you-“

Peter didn’t get to finish his sentence, his words cutting off with a grunt of pain as the alien’s tail whipped into him. The barbs on the end, tore through his suit, right across his shoulder, and Peter gasped in pain and quickly threw another web higher up on the building. He swung up as quickly as he could while the other two hero’s attempted to dodge the tail as it flicked from side to side like an angry cats.

Tony’s voice came quick and worried. “Peter! Are you okay? Did it get you?”

The boy hung from the side of the building, perched against the bricks, as he carefully inspected his arm.

The cut wasn’t deep but it was seeping blood and stung like hell. He touched his gloved fingers, gently to the tear and hissed as the cut burned.

Cap was using one of Spider-Man’s discarded webs to tie up the creatures back legs, and looked up at the teenager as they waited for his reply.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Its tail is kind of sharp though. Man, that stings. It went right through the suit, sorry Mr Stark.”

Tony flew over the whipping tail and sent a beam of light and heat to burn it off, making the creature roar in indignation. He didn’t look up as he replied.

“It’s okay, kid. The suit isn’t what I’m worried about. Karen, what are his stats?”

Peter felt his chest warm a little, and he smiled a little at how worried Tony was over him. He was a little like Aunt May at times.

“I really am okay, Tony. It’s just a scratch.”

Karen rattled off some numbers, stating that he seemed to be okay but would be recommended to see a medical professional. “The chances of infection are extremely high, especially given that the wound was inflicted by an alien creature.”

Tony wasn’t happy about that, and Peter watched as Cap tried to wrangle the aliens tail, quickly firing a web to trap it.

He almost felt sorry for the thing, as he watched it try to escape. It had accidently come to earth through a faulty Asgardian portal, and sure it had trampled a few cars but there hadn’t been anyone in them. It was just defending itself, it probably didn’t even know what it was doing.

He didn’t want to see it get hurt, and tried to tell the others this, only to find that his mouth wasn’t working. His words came out jumbled and half formed. That was weird.

“Hm…Ton…don’t…ugh.” His head spun, and his vision melted till the street below him was nothing but blurred colours and swirling depth. Something was wrong.

Karen’s voice came again, slightly unsure. “Peter, your heart rate has increased significantly.”

The teenager couldn’t reply, although he tried, his tongue feeling heavy and clumsy in his mouth. He was scared, and didn’t know what was happening. He felt his fingers slip on the building, as his mind numbed. And then he fell.

Karen called his name as he dropped, and Tony and Cap managed to look up in time to see him fall.

It was such a suddenly awful sight, Peter dropping like a stone from more than two stories up. Tony’s heart pounded in his chest as he flew towards the kid, catching him in his arms as carefully carrying him to the ground as Steve ran over.

“Is he okay?”

Tony looked down at him as the captain gently pulled the mask off their young friend. He didn’t know what was happening, Peter’s face was blank, his eyes glassy as if seeing nothing, and then a gurgle rose to his throat and his limbs began to tense.

Tony called his name desperately as Peter started seizing, body becoming stiff and fingers curling uncomfortably as his limbs jerked.


The kid’s eyes rolled back into his head, awful choking noises coming from him. Tony felt as if he were frozen, terrified of what was happening, with no idea of what to do.

Steve let out a curse as Peter shook harder in Tony’s hold, and it was F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice that pulled him back to the present.

“He’s experiencing a grand mal seizure. Lay him on his side to prevent choking, and stay calm. I’ve called for help, Sir.”

Mr Stark did as he was told, gently laying the boy on the ground, and turning him on his side, as Steve slipped his hands under Peter’s head to prevent it from hitting the concrete.

He looked up at the other man, whose face was frozen in horror, eyes wide and open mouth panting.

“Has this ever happened before?”

Tony shook his head, voice panicked. “No, never! I don’t know why-“ His eyes found the cut on Peter’s shoulder, blood oozing from the long trail from his collarbone to his arm.

“The cut. The alien must have a toxin on the barbs, this won’t stop unless he gets antivenom or… something.”

F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice was calm amidst the choking sounds Peter made as he struggled to breathe through his seizure.

“I have alerted the paramedics of the situation. They should be here soon.”

Tony watched the kid shake on the ground, eyes nothing but white as his muscles tensed and jerked. The venom could kill him before help came, and even when help did come they might not have what they need to cure him. This was an unknown alien species they were dealing with here. So much could go wrong, and it would all be on Tony.

He felt lost, and totally unprepared. He had no idea what to do to help and no clue how to save Peter from further harm. He knew he shouldn’t move him, but the kid’s lips were turning blue, and he was barely bringing in any air at all.

Tony’s chest tightened uncomfortably at the thought of losing Peter, a sob working its way up his throat, and he made a decision.

“I need to get him help now. Cap finish this thing and met me at Avengers tower.”

He didn’t wait for a reply as he carefully gathered the trembling boy into his arms. He held him as tightly as he could without causing harm, and sent him a silent apology as he took off for the tower.

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anonymous asked:

Ooooooh my gosh, so I've just read through your Blood and Fang verse, and I absolutely ADORE it! Whenever you have the time, (and if you're fine writing nsfw stuff), could we maybe get the first time they made love/mated? I know you've written the biting and marking before (and oh my GOD but I can't get enough of that either), but have they ever had sex yet? And if so, what was the first time like? (and pretty pretty please, could you have it be bottom!Tony?) :)


I have never written explicit NSFW stuff, and I am NOT going to be able to check on anything about this so I wrote and posted it right before going to bed, ha.

Sorry it took so long, I had to psyche myself up for it and then find a time when I wasn’t going to freak out about doing it. I’m freaking out, still, but I’m tired, too, which means I can always blame this on sleep deprivation.

(Thank you, I am so glad you’ve been enjoying the verse! :D)


They’d been dating for a few months.

They’d been dating for a few months, and sleeping together that entire time. Just sleeping, not having sex. Bucky didn’t mind; he enjoyed dozing off every night with Tony in his arms (spooning with him, or sprawled on top of him, it didn’t matter). And after the first few weeks, Tony relaxed and seemed to enjoy it as well, no longer watching Bucky with a well-hidden anxiousness.

Bucky didn’t like thinking about what had happened in Tony’s life to this point, that made him worried about sharing a bed with someone.

After a while, though, the kissing had naturally progressed into making out for a few minutes in the kitchen in the morning, or against the wall when coming back from training, or on the couch at night when they were watching TV.

The few minutes had turned into longer, and the kissing had progressed into touching.

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but what about rhodey knowing when tony is having a bad day and always coming to hug him and feeling tony melt into the hug and breathe again

Everyone thinks probably that it’s Jarvis who tells Rhodey when Tony needs a hug, but it isn’t, Rhodey doesn’t need Jarvis to know when Tony is feeling down, he has his own built in Tony detector and it never fails him.

The team probably tried him to stop the very first few times, simply because they tried to hug Tony too, or to touch him, because when Tony has a bad day, no one can really miss it, but Tony shied away from them, he doesn’t want to be touched and he made that very clear.

But Rhodey isn’t deterred, he simply walks up to Tony, and Tony bristles with anger and hurt and he tries to shrug him off, but Rhodey just pulls him into a hug and once that motion is happening, Tony isn’t even fighting him anymore, he just melts against Rhodey and breathes slowly and deeply for the first time that day and they stay like that for minutes until Tony feels like it was enough and then he gently pushes Rhodey away.

But Rhodey knows by now that Tony never lets himself take as much comfort as he really needs, he only ever takes as much as he feels the other person is comfortable with giving, and even after all these years Tony didn’t learn that there is no end to the comfort Rhodey is willing to give.

So Rhodey doesn’t really let go of him, but instead tucks him along and onto the couch where he swallows them in blankets, soft and warm, and he pulls Tony half on top of him, securely in his arms and head tucked under his chin, and they spend the evening like that, not even doing anything, just lying on the couch.

After that the team tries to call Rhodey whenever Tony has another bad day, only to find that Rhodey is always, always already on his way, because he simply knows. And Tony never tolerates any other touch but Rhodey’s.


Art deco facade of the Fred F. French Building by Toni Shi

Just beautiful.

It was erected in 1927 with a striking art deco facade contributing significantly to the international reputation of Fifth Avenue.The building measures approximately 430,000 rentable square feet and is currently owned by The Feil Organization. It is used primarily as an office building and also houses classrooms of Pace University. The building is one of the better known projects of the real estate developer Frederick Fillmore French. The lead architects were H. Douglas Ives and Sloan & Robertson. The tallest building on Fifth Avenue when completed, by the 1990s underwent a complete restoration, subsequently earning the Building Owners and Managers Association 1994/1995 Historic Building of the Year Award. The National Register of Historic Places listed the building in January 2004.   Past tenants have included The Cattleman restaurant and Raymond Abrahams, an award winning diamond jeweler.   551 5th Ave New York, NY 10176

(via Art deco facade of the Fred F. French Building by Tony Shi | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)