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" because he hadn’t known yet that Steve Rogers had left his husband in a disabled suit heavily injured in the snow" yes but what about WHEN HE FINDS OUT because when that happens lemme know so i can book the front row.

More of this and this.


It took ten days for T’Challa to find an excuse to leave, despite having brought Steve and Barnes to his country for protection (and promising it to the rest of the captured Avengers), despite needing to go through everything to be officially made King.

It was, admittedly, something he could have gotten out of, if he wasn’t desperate to get back to his husband.

“We can hold off for a week,” Shuri murmured, standing in his office as he signed some papers last minute before leaving. “But then you must return. You have responsibilities here.”

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but what about rhodey knowing when tony is having a bad day and always coming to hug him and feeling tony melt into the hug and breathe again

Everyone thinks probably that it’s Jarvis who tells Rhodey when Tony needs a hug, but it isn’t, Rhodey doesn’t need Jarvis to know when Tony is feeling down, he has his own built in Tony detector and it never fails him.

The team probably tried him to stop the very first few times, simply because they tried to hug Tony too, or to touch him, because when Tony has a bad day, no one can really miss it, but Tony shied away from them, he doesn’t want to be touched and he made that very clear.

But Rhodey isn’t deterred, he simply walks up to Tony, and Tony bristles with anger and hurt and he tries to shrug him off, but Rhodey just pulls him into a hug and once that motion is happening, Tony isn’t even fighting him anymore, he just melts against Rhodey and breathes slowly and deeply for the first time that day and they stay like that for minutes until Tony feels like it was enough and then he gently pushes Rhodey away.

But Rhodey knows by now that Tony never lets himself take as much comfort as he really needs, he only ever takes as much as he feels the other person is comfortable with giving, and even after all these years Tony didn’t learn that there is no end to the comfort Rhodey is willing to give.

So Rhodey doesn’t really let go of him, but instead tucks him along and onto the couch where he swallows them in blankets, soft and warm, and he pulls Tony half on top of him, securely in his arms and head tucked under his chin, and they spend the evening like that, not even doing anything, just lying on the couch.

After that the team tries to call Rhodey whenever Tony has another bad day, only to find that Rhodey is always, always already on his way, because he simply knows. And Tony never tolerates any other touch but Rhodey’s.


Art deco facade of the Fred F. French Building by Toni Shi

Just beautiful.

It was erected in 1927 with a striking art deco facade contributing significantly to the international reputation of Fifth Avenue.The building measures approximately 430,000 rentable square feet and is currently owned by The Feil Organization. It is used primarily as an office building and also houses classrooms of Pace University. The building is one of the better known projects of the real estate developer Frederick Fillmore French. The lead architects were H. Douglas Ives and Sloan & Robertson. The tallest building on Fifth Avenue when completed, by the 1990s underwent a complete restoration, subsequently earning the Building Owners and Managers Association 1994/1995 Historic Building of the Year Award. The National Register of Historic Places listed the building in January 2004.   Past tenants have included The Cattleman restaurant and Raymond Abrahams, an award winning diamond jeweler.   551 5th Ave New York, NY 10176

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