Nerdy Fact #1549: The central villain of Iron Man 3 was originally written as a woman, but it was requested that the character be replaced by a male because the villain’s “toy won’t sell as well if it’s a female." 


Follow up edit: It’s important to note that Disney decided late last year that Ike Perlmutter, the man many saw responsible for Marvel’s sexist marketing practices, no longer oversees the development of Marvel Studios. 



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Ask Jeff was really a testing ground for me. “Imma make an ask blog and see where it goes”. But this blog is now more than a testing ground. It has helped me improve my skills, A lot of people like my stuff and I’ve met some INCREDIBLY nice people because of this blog (you know who you are).

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New Years Gift // Shane/Alisha

Tony called Alisha. “I know you have a day off but there has been a package mixup at the airport. If you could pick it up, I’ll give you a week off.” Little did she know that Tony has a surprise for her.

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[^_-] #ROBOTARMY……..

“Most of this video revolved around Haley as she sang a song dedicated to her ex-boyfriend, a successful model, Gryphon O’shea. Gryphon was a really good sport and came to star along side Haley for the video… after not seeing her since their break-up. Not awkward at all.”

In the end, Haley’s plan worked to help us capture some really genuine moments for the video. There is no doubt that the chemistry between the two was a perfect visual fit for the tone of the song. We shot until the sun was completely gone, leaving our last scene of Haley on the ground, where she would also be in the opening of Wish “Me Well.”

-Tony Shane (on the set of Pieces) 

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I’d put Tony_Shane up vs. any other director/videographer today. #RHTEAM