Alamo, 1967 by Tony Rosenthal is one of those great interactive pieces of public art.  Situated on the Astor Place traffic island it is constructed of Cor-Ten steel.  It’s therefore no surprise that the 1800 pound cube is heavy.

It spins!  But not without a good hard push.

Alamo has been the subject of a number of pranks.  In 2003 the cube was covered with cardboard panels to make it resemble a Rubik’s Cube.

Most recently, in 2011, Alamo was “yarnbombed” by Olek.  You can see the crochet covered bicycles and trees that I have come across here, and here.

External image

Photo by Patrick Hedlund


5 in 1  throughout the year; first in slightly snowy winter; Danielle gives a sense of the scale; through the passageway of the Manhattan Municipal Building; in the distance down Chambers Street; and a memory from last summer.

5 in 1, 1973-1974 by Tony Rosenthal is another one of his massive Cor-Ten steel sculptures and is located at One Police Plaza in Lower Manhattan.

It’s five red disks represent the 5 boroughs of New York.