The Thick of It is a team-written show. The writers take it in turns to be on set for any last-minute changes that might be wanted. While we’re there we give a final polish to scenes that will be filmed in, say, two days’ time. As these scenes tend to already be in pretty good shape, the notes from the creator, Armando Iannucci, at this stage are normally pretty brief – “better”, “shorter”, “funnier” – that kind of thing. Sometimes, due to the sweary nature of the show, you might get “de-fuck”, “un-shit” or “way too much piss”.

On this particular occasion he was in a hurry and all he said was: “Take a look at this.” It was a scene written by one of my co-writers, Simon Blackwell. I looked at it. And then came to the conclusion that (a) it was great and (b) all I could do was make it worse. I made a couple of tiny cuts. And then, desperate to do something else, I added Malcolm calling Nicola an omnishambles.

In a weird way, this single word is an example of Armando’s unique team-writing ethic. It came about partly because Armando is constantly trying to make every scene, every line of dialogue, the best it can be. It came about partly because Simon had written a brilliant exchange that forced me into writing something I wouldn’t have normally. And it came about partly as a homage to fellow writer Ian Martin, who, among his many talents, has a unique way with compound words – clitwart, twatbubble, mimsy bastard quisling leakfuck – to name but a few.

—  Tony Roche, “Omnishambles: my unlikely accolade
Former Avenger Turned Actress ~ Part 6: DCcon

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Former Avenger Turned Actress:
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3 ½ months later, Early April, Washington DC…

Steve smiled down at his phone screen as he sat down in a seat on Tony’s private jet as it landed at the airport. He and the whole team were going to attend the ‘Official Salute to Supernatural Convention’ in Washington DC, or as it was also called, DCcon. It was the first time they were really going to get to see Y/N interact with the whole Supernatural cast in person.

“What are you all smiley at?” Natasha asked with a smile as she peered over Steve’s shoulder from the seat behind him.

“Look how happy she looks.” Steve said as he showed Natasha a picture of Y/N and Sebastian on Twitter.

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An interview with Tony Roche and Rufus Jones of HFC.

Janice Forsyth (Interviewer): [On Rufus playing Palin’s wife] I must say, growing up in the 70’s, Michael Palin was the one I was in love with, y'know. I've devoured his diaries, and I’m sure like many women, y'know he was the one that we’d all imagine being married to… So here you are in a position that so many women would envy; indulging in a little pillow talk with your husband…

*plays audio clip from HFC*

Janice: ...I have to say, Tony, Charles Edwards just becomes Michael Palin!

Tony Roche: I know - it’s really, really uncanny.

Rufus Jones: Yeah, yeah.

Tony: I mean he’s… in real life, also a phenomenally nice man, and it turned out, I didn’t realise until after we finished shooting he said he was a huge Michael Palin admirer.

Janice: It was perhaps really easy for him to become him on screen?

Tony: Maybe, yeah. But he was incredible - and also was probably the most difficult part to cast in a way because all the other characters had something, y'know, like Rufus was saying you could ‘latch onto’ to kind of 'signal’… some 'essence’ of their comic persona. Whereas Michael Palin’s just a fairly decent ordinary kind of guy so it would be incredibly hard to be that person, but he was amazing.

From The Comedy Cafe (BBC Radio Scotland).

Former Avenger Turned Actress ~ Part 4: Secret's Out

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Former Avenger Turned Actress:

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- Part 1

- Part 2

- Part 3 


1 week later, Manhattan, New York City, New York, Avengers Tower, Lounge…

“Come on, guys!” Clint yelled out from his spot between Natasha and Wanda on the large couch.

“Coming!” Pietro replied as he quickly zipped around the kitchen, making popcorn.

“Man, it’s gonna be weird not having Y/N here to watch this with us.” Steve commented as he took a seat next to Tony and Bucky, with everyone being completely oblivious to a certain woman watching from the air vents.

As everyone watched the ‘THEN’ sequence play, Y/N sat comfortably within the air vents, texting Sebastian.

Are you seriously in the air vents watching them watch the show? -Seb

Yes. Clint and I used to sneak around through the vents all the time when we were bored. -Y/N/N

:) You’re crazy, darling. Do you know that? -Seb

I’m well aware. :) Oh, text you in a little bit. The show’s actually starting. -Y/N/N

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Former Avenger Turned Actress ~ Part 1: One Door Closes

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Former Avenger Turned Actress:

- Summary


Hydra base, Germany…

Y/N ran alongside Steve and Natasha as they raced down a corridor of a Hydra base in the middle of the German mountains, dodging any bullets that whizzed by.

“Clint, be waiting outside with the Quinjet!” Natasha yelled into her comm.

Y/N kept running, but glanced behind and blasted a fire ball from the palm of her hand, trying to slow down the Hydra agents.

“Tony? How’s it going up in the air?!” Y/N asked as she kept blindly tossing fireballs behind her as she ran.

“I just disabled their air canons. You guys should be good to go when you get here. Just run straight to the Quinjet!” The billionaire replied.

“Got it!” She yelled back as she, Steve, and Natasha reached the main door of the base.

Y/N quickly turned around and started throwing fireballs relentlessly at the Hydra agents as they drew closer to them.

“Ow!” Suddenly, Y/N felt an excruciating pain shoot through her left arm. She looked down at the palm of her hand and saw a small dart lodged in the center.

“Y/N!” Steve rushed to his friend as he saw her body start to fall to the ground as she lost consciousness.

Steve quickly scooped her up in his arms before he and Natasha continued to run out of the base.

“Agent Y/L/N is down! I repeat, Agent Y/L/N is down!” Natasha barked into her earpiece.

“Quick! Get her in here, I’ll take a look at her.” Bruce said as Steve and Natasha reached the steep ramp of the Quinjet.

Tony quickly flew to the door of the Quinjet right behind them, letting Clint close the door right after.

Steve gently laid Y/N down and let Bruce check her over. He could faintly hear her mumbling something in her sleep.

A concerned Thor and Clint came to stand next to everyone else after the jet was put on autopilot. They all watched the doctor pull a small dart out of the palm of her hand.

“What in the hell is that?” Clint asked as he squinted to look at the dart.

Bruce held the dart up close in front of his eyes, examining it.

“I don’t know…” He responded a bit worriedly.

Everyone then turned their attention towards an unconscious Y/N and watched concerned as she twitched slightly in her sleep.

The Avengers Tower, Medical Wing…

Beep… Beep… Beep…

Y/N groaned slightly as she started to come back into consciousness.

Why does my hand hurt so bad?” That’s the first question that popped into her head as her eyes fluttered open.

She looked all around the room and noticed the screen that was monitoring her heart rate. She then looked down at her left arm and saw the IV sticking out of it. Letting her gaze drift down her arm a little more, she noticed her hand was wrapped up in gauze.

Y/N quirked an eyebrow in question, but then lifted her head when she heard the door to the room open.

Dr. Helen Cho walked in, which wasn’t much of a surprise, given that she did come to the tower occasionally. But, what was a bit of a surprise, was that Director Fury walked in right behind her.

“Good to see you awake.” Dr. Cho commented as she checked over the clipboard that was at the end of the bed.

“How long have I been out?” Y/N asked as she looked back and forth between Dr.  Cho and the Director.

“About a day and a half.” Fury answered as he took a seat in the chair next to the bed.

Her eyes widened a bit in surprise, but she shook her head at the thought and asked a question. “Why are you here, Nick?”

He sighed and leaned forward in his chair. “How much do you remember before you blacked out?”

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows as she tried to recall everything. “Well… I remember running alongside Steve and Natasha through the Hydra base. I remember skidding to a halt and turning around right before we exited the base and throwing fireballs at the Hydra agents. And then I think I remember a pain shooting up my left arm and seeing a dart in the palm of my hand. And then… nothing. Just darkness…”

Dr. Cho gave her a look of sorrow, which made Y/N confused.

She looked back and forth between the two. “What? What’s wrong? Are you guys not telling me something?”

“Y/N,” Fury began. “that dart, it wasn’t an ordinary dart. When you all got back here, and you were brought to be properly looked over, Dr. Banner took the dart down into his lab and examined it. He found… something.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow. “What did he find?…”

“The dart was infused with this serum.” He began gently. “Once the serum got into your bloodstream, it disabled your ability to create fire.”

“What?!” Y/N exclaimed, sitting straight up. That caused the monitor to start beeping erratically because of Y/N’s increasing heart rate, and her blood pressure to spike.

“Woah there.” Dr. Cho said gently as she forced Y/N to lean back against the pillow. “You need stay calm. We don’t want your body to go into more shock than its already been through.”

“What the hell am I supposed to do now?!” Y/N asked frantically, breathing deeply as she tried to calm herself. “I’ve had this power almost my entire life. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do without it…”

Nick watched with pity as he noticed a few silent tears stream down her face. “Y/N, you’re a great agent, but I understand if you need to take some time to absorb everything.”

She looked down sadly at her hands that rested in her lap and nodded. “Thank you, Nick…”

Fury stood up and gave Y/N small pat on the shoulder before he and Dr. Cho left the room, leaving her to her thoughts.

2 days later…

Pietro and Wanda were walking through the Avengers Tower on their way down to one of the various training rooms that were scattered about.

They both had heard what had happened to Y/N on the mission. Neither of them had been on the mission with everyone, but they had been debriefed on everything that had happened when everyone got back.

As they walked along a hallway, they passed by the personal gym with fire-retardant walls and windows that Tony had had constructed for Y/N.

The Maximoff twins stopped in front of a window that let you look into the gym from the hallway, and saw Y/N furiously hitting a punching-bag over and over again with her fists.

They both shared a look of sympathy for the woman who was trying to get out all of her pent up frustrations. They really did feel bad for her and just hoped she’d be able to get past this somehow.

The twins just continued on down the hall, thinking it was best to leave Y/N be.

With Y/N, About 10 minutes later…

She punched the bag over and over again.

She had been getting looks of pity from everyone in the tower.

“I…Don’t…Need…Pity.” Y/N said with gritted teeth and punched the bag for emphasis with each word. “Not…At…All.”

And with the last punch, the bag went flying off the hook and slid a short distance across the floor.

“You know…” A familiar voice said as it entered her gym. “You remind me a lot of me a little while after I got out of the ice.”

Y/N panted and snagged her water bottle off of the ground near her gym bag. She greedily gulped the refreshing substance down until the bottle was half empty before turning to look at Steve. “Yeah, well, going to sleep in the 1940’s and waking up in 2011 is a lot different than losing friggin’ fire powers you’ve had for most of your life.”

He chuckled softly and picked up another punching bag and hung it on the hook. “True. Still, it doesn’t mean you should work yourself too hard on a punching bag.”

Y/N nodded slowly, not making eye contact as she unwrapped the gauze from her hands to replace it. “I could say the same to you, Captain.”

Steve watched as she replaced the gauze and wrapped it around her now bruised knuckles. He saw that she was slightly wincing in pain as she was wrapping her second hand.

“Here.” Steve said as he came up to her and took her hand, finishing wrapping it for her.

“Thanks.” Y/N muttered.

She brushed past him and headed straight for the punching bag.

“What are you going to do though?” He asked as Y/N got into a punching position.

“I don’t know, Steve. I really don’t know.” And with that, she began punching the bag again.

Steve watched her for a moment before just sighing and walking out of her gym, leaving her to her thoughts.

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Sasha Go Hard - GiveNoFuck (Prod. by Tony Roche)


Roger Federer and Friends gala charity exhibition match hosted by Roger Federer was held on Rod Laver Arena earlier this week. Alongside the match with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Federer was joined by some of the legends of the game including former coach Tony Roche, Pat Rafter, Lleyton Hewitt and the evening started with Federer having a hit with Rod Laver. 1 million dollars were raised for the Roger Federer foundation.

Published in The Times on 9/8/12 By Tony Roche and Armando Iannuci under the name of a character from The Thick of It, Malcolm Tucker. Roche is a writer for the show and Iannuci is the creator of the series
Ever since the Olympics rolled into town everyone in Britain has had this weird upbeat feeling. Even long-term Leonard Cohen fans have sounded perkier than Andi Peters on Ecstasy. So what does David Cameron do? He decides to pour a giant bucket of steaming piss on our parade. And how does he do that? By having a reshuffle.
Don’t get me wrong, he needed to have a reshuffle — everything he’s done or tried to do since coming to power has been a disaster, from attempting to privatise trees to letting Chloe Smith talk in public. So, yeah, he needed to have a reshuffle all right, but the worst thing he could do was actually have a reshuffle. Because having a reshuffle took everyone out of our Olympic and Paralympic La-La land and reminded us that (a) we have a government; (b) it’s f***ing terrible, and © it’s just been reshuffled in a way that makes it even more terrible.
So what are the headlines? A woman who doesn’t like gays as Equalities Minister, a man who is frightened of flying as Transport Secretary and someone who lots of people would like to see dead in charge of Health. Seriously, who was behind this piece of strategy? The Chuckle Brothers? It’s like a joke reshuffle.
Why not go the whole f***ing hog and put Louis Walsh in charge of Defence and make an angry toddler Minister for Justice? How about Ant and Dec heading up DECC? The writer of Fifty Shades of Greyas Chief Whip? Or what about this — the decomposing heads of theDragons Den bosses strung together to form a Newton’s Cradle running the Department for Work and Pensions?
But none of that is the Real Problem with the shake up. The Real Problem is that the Chancellor is still there. Cameron should have shuffled George Osborne out of the Exchequer and to the backbenches or, better still, off this f***ing mortal coil.
Why? I’ll tell you why. Because George Osborne is so f***ing unpopular that when he went to hand out medals at the Paralympics even the mascots Wenlock and Mandeville were giving him the finger.
And why is “Gorgeous George” so unpopular? (I use “gorgeous” ironically. And “George”, for that matter.) Is it because he has the shifty look of a sex pest caught rubbing himself over the buffet at a funeral? Or is it that he’s a millionaire who is doing to the economy what Russell Brand likes to do to granddaughters? Hard to say. All we know for certain is that since DC introduced his “happiness index” it has told us that George Osborne is the main thing responsible for our unhappiness. I’m not a believer in f***ing signs or portents but it can’t be a coincidence that his initials are GO.
Maybe I’m being too harsh on Cameron. Maybe I should give him a second chance — the way he gave his Head of Communications, Andy Coulson, a second chance before he was arrested and charged with perjury. (You may think as a former government Head of Communications I am gloating. I am not. I only mention it because I am writing this for a Murdoch-owned newspaper and I know how rigorous they like to be with the facts). But I don’t think I am being too harsh on the Prime Minister — I think the pancake-faced, claret-swilling pony-f***er has RUINED EVERYTHING (including my ability to hold down my tea when I see him on the evening news).
Cameron’s Government is so catastrophically incapable that this reshuffle is less like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic and more like rearranging Titanics on a f***ing Super Titanic. And while the Titanics on the Super Titanic all head towards each other and the inevitable catastrophic conclusion he is parachuting in a team of expert ship scuttlers to speed things up. Meanwhile, despite the fact that a large amount of money has been spent on deckchairs, G4S have just announced that they will not be able to provide enough people to rearrange them.
The problem for the Conservatives is this: somehow, Christ alone knows how, the acceptable face of the Tory party is Boris Johnson. Yes. You read that right. Boris titting Johnson. A man who looks like he ate a scarecrow and sicked it up on himself. But he is also the only popular Tory. And the one and only Tory they can’t shuffle into the Cabinet.
So what should Dave do now? Well, the answer’s obvious. He should stand down and let Nick Clegg take over. I’m f***ing kidding. Seriously, can you imagine?
No, sadly for Dave, he’ll just have to keep plodding on RUINING EVERYTHING until the electorate won’t tolerate it any more and all his friends are in jail.
Former Avenger Turned Actress ~ Part 3: Supernatural Secret

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Former Avenger Turned Actress:

- Summary

- Part 1

- Part 2


2 months later…

Everyone just sat around in the lounge just doing mindless activities like channel surfing, internet surfing, or even actual virtual surfing on the Xbox.

“So, how’s Y/N doing? Have you talked to her?” Bruce asked Natasha as he sat down across from her at the dining table.

“Yeah. She’s said she’s doing well. Making good friends with some of the teachers she’s been working with at the university she’s working at. Apparently all the students love her, too.” Natasha replied.

Bruce nodded. “Did she mention any teachers in particular?”

“Yeah.” She replied.  "She said there’s a Dmitri and a Mark she’s gotten along with very well. Also, she said there are two other teachers named Deanna and Samantha who like to play pranks on her in their free time. Although, she did say she got Dmitri and Mark to help her get them back.“

“At least she’s happy.” Bruce pointed out before he was cut off by an excited laugh from Clint.

“What is it, brother Barton?” Thor asked curiously as he munched on a pop-tart next to Loki as they sat at the kitchen island.

“Guys, guess what!” Clint said excitedly as he made his way out from behind the kitchen island, coming to stand in the middle of the space that separated the actual lounge area from the dining area.

“Tell us already, Legolas.” Tony said as he took a sip of his Scotch.

“I was just scrolling through Facebook and came across a new Entertainment Magazine article link.”

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