Under The Table

 REQUEST(anon) - Could u plz write a “one-shot” about touching Steve’s erection during an important dinner(than him coming into ur hand) if that makes any sense plz and ty❤

WARNINGS - Handjob under a table  ,a little teasing . 

A/N - Thank you so much Taw @supersoldierslover for your help . 

Also , I am so sorry nonny that this took so long to write . I hope you like it  

WORDS - 1836

“Hmmm, Steve….”, you moan breathlessly as he pins you against the wall , and squeezes your ass harshly .

“Fuuuck , do you feel that baby.”, he asks his head resting against yours as he looks into your eyes lustfully . He pushes his hard covered cock onto your pussy and starts grinding his hips up and down .

One of his hand reaches your breast and he pulls your dress down exposing your taut nipples to him . He bends his head forward and takes your nipple between his teeth and pulls it . Your head falls back on the wall in pleasure .

He pushes you tight against the wall to stop any movement and folds his arms holding your thighs in position as he starts rubbing his cock and adding pressure over your clit .

“Oh god , Don’t stop babe.”, you moan as you take his lips  in a bruising kiss . Your swirl your tongue around his and bite his lip .

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Uhh so this was in my drafts which I havent checked in weeks and totally forgot about? Anyway seeing as the fic I was supposed to be posting today got deleted,,, yall can have this one from like 5 months ago instead lmao.

Tony really should have noticed sooner.

On the surface, nothing seemed wrong. Steve was fine. A little ragged, maybe, but fine. He acted in the same way, smiled at Tony no differently, scolded Clint no less.


(Beware the read more, mobile users!)

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*Tease* (1000 Follower Fic!!)(Stuckony)

Alright darlings!!! You asked and I wrote– this was supposed to be a thousand words of smut for my thousand followers, but things got a little out of control. So here’s Chapter One… of an unspecified amount of smut. I mean this very well may turn into a full size fic because I got this idea of Tony being bored with his soldiers and trying to tease them into being kinky with him and… well anyway. Just read it lol any and all ideas are welcome because I love this so much already.

I love all my readers and followers!! You guys are the best!! Thank you so much for all the love you show me and my fics!!!



Tony was going to be the death of Steve. Bucky too, of course, or at least probably, but Bucky was more used to this sort of thing, this sort of—thing. That Tony was doing. With his mouth. And a–a–lollipop.

Bucky had been teased and chased by girls and guys for years before the war. He was used to the flirty, dirty things girls did with candy and drinks that were meant to get a fella thinking about… about that. So Bucky. Bucky would have been fine with this.

But it was gonna be the death of Steve.

He was literally barely keeping it together, sitting at the kitchen table, so hard in his pants he was sure there would be a wet spot on the front of his khakis if he stood up. So he definitely wasn’t standing up and he thought he would die if he kept sitting there but what else could he do?

Because Tony, his sweet, perfect boyfriend Tony, was sitting primly on the counter chatting with Natasha, his legs kicking the air innocently, laughing over something she said, and sucking on a lollipop like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted.

A big one too, one of those multi colored, swirled, eight or nine inch things you only got at candy stores or fairs.

And right now, Tony’s perfect little pink tongue was lapping up and down the damn thing, his lips looking sticky and sweet as he sucked on the end and every few seconds he’d give a little sigh and lick his lips before putting a few inches of it in his mouth and—

And Steve was going to die.

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Postcards (Reader x Peter Parker)

Word Count: 1569

Summary: Whenever Peter comes back from another country with the Avengers, he gives his best friend a postcard. 

Warnings: Very close call on the death thing, lots of fluff.

A/N: I’m so in love with this and Peter Parker and everything. Oh my god. I hope you guys enjoy!

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Anonymous said: Okay, but imagine this: you and Jeff getting your ears pierced together and picking out earrings for each other every year.

Originally posted by palepastelgoth


The whole thing started all because you and your best friend Tony had had a pact to get your first tattoos together. You were merely Freshmen in high school, but Tony knew a tattoo artist who didn’t care about parental consent which is how you found yourself during Spring Break getting stars tattooed behind your ear. 

But then as time passed and you really started to pay attention to other people that weren’t Tony, you found yourself fast friends with none other than Jeff Atkins. He was well on his way to becoming quite the popular boy during your Sophomore year in high school, and were quite surprised when that friendship evolved into a romantic relationship. 

“Come on, Y/N,” Jeff needles one day. “You and Tony have a special bond because you got tattoos together. I want something like that with you, too.”

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Requested By Anon

Pairings: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Peter has created a chatroom.

Peter has invited Y/N.

Peter: Hey babe! Cap’s letting me leave training early today, do you want to go watch Loki’s play?

Y/N: Yes! He hasn’t stopped talking about it. I’m pretty sure if we don’t go he’ll kill us…

Peter: What’s it called again?

Y/N: Uh… A King Among Fools. We should invite Wade too!

Peter: He ruined our last date!

Y/N has added Wade.

Wade: Please Peetie. I’ll return your wallet if you let me come.

Peter: No.

Peter: Wait, you have my wallet?!

Wade: How else am I to sustain my luxury lifestyle? Y/N won’t let her dad adopt me…

Y/N: Okay one, buying Spider-man and [Your Superhero Name] merchandise is not a lifestyle. Secondly, WHY WOULD HE ADOPT YOU WADE, YOU’RE A GROWN MAN.

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Dr. Spider-Man

Originally posted by siriuxblck

After an accident, Peter tries to help you get back in the game. After a few days, your injury comes back to bite you in the butt.

Featuring: Reader X Peter Parker X Steve X Tony
Warnings: a little bit of violence

You hadn’t planned on almost ruining your mission that day, but then again you don’t plan on most things that happen in your life.

The trouble began a week ago when you were out hanging with Peter, helping him build up skills, and more importantly get him to have a little fun.

You were showing him the best way to go from roof to roof without any detection.

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Pietro Maximoff Drabble 1

Requested By: Anonymous

Prompts: “I swear, I’m not crazy!” “No. Regrets.” “Stop being so cute.”

Originally posted by son-of-a-blake

It was a beautifully average day. The kind of day that is so average that you don’t recognize the beauty that is held within it. It’s the kind of day where everything seems to have slowed down, taking its own time. It is on this beautifully average day in your not-so-average life where you find yourself doing a beautifully ordinary activity: baking.

While you wouldn’t call yourself a master chef, you did pretty okay when it came to cupcakes. The baking process was quite soothing to you and you just loved making something delicious. So when you woke up this morning from your not-so-average life with a hankering for something irresistibly sweet; your mind decided that cupcakes were the way to go.

Stretching out your aching limbs from the mission you just had the night before, a blissful sigh left your lips as you took in the sunlight that was filtering through the parted curtains. Eyes dropping to the man next to you, a small smile appeared on your lips as you took in Pietro’s sleeping form. The speedster was splayed out on his stomach, legs tangled up in the covers. Leaning over him, you place a sweet kiss onto his forehead, promising to be back soon. And with that, you made your way to the kitchen.

Finding it empty, you began to grab all of the ingredients needed to make your signature red velvet cupcakes. With a flick of your hand, bowls and measuring cups flew out of the cupboards as you bent down to grab the trays needed. Dumping all of the necessary ingredients into one mixing bowl, you telekinetically moved a spoon into the bowl. With a constant twirl of your slender finger, the spoon began mixing and combining all of the ingredients. With a snap of your fingers, cupcake liners placed themselves neatly in each little compartment. Standing back from the counter you watched as kitchen tools and ingredients fly around the kitchen with a flick of your wrist. Man, you loved being telekinetic.

The sleeping speedster that you left back in your shared bedroom was finally awake. Blearily blinking away the sleep from his eyes, Pietro noticed that you were no longer next to him. Wondering where you were, Pietro’s question was soon answered when the sweet aroma of cupcakes filtered in through the room. Smiling to himself knowing that you were baking, Pietro sped out of the room towards the kitchen where he found you frosting cupcakes.

Waltzing up to you, Pietro sneakily placed his arms around your waist as he buried his face into your neck. “Morning, Printesa.”

Jumping slightly in surprise, you soon leaned back against your boyfriend with a smile gracing your lips. “Morning, handsome.”

Shifting his head slightly, Pietro placed a sweet kiss into the crook of your neck before resting it onto your shoulder. Eyes drifting down towards the cupcakes, Pietro’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. The cupcakes you made didn’t look normal. For one thing, they were red.

“Why are the cupcakes red?” Pietro quizzed, eyeing the cupcakes warily.

“They’re red velvet,” You simply replied as you frosted another cupcake.

“So they’re supposed to be red?”

“Yes,” You answered as you telekinetically picked up another cupcake.

Shaking his head, Pietro moved to your side as he watched you frost the cupcakes. “Red cupcakes. Never heard of them. You must be crazy.”

Rolling your eyes at your boyfriend, you eye him. “I’m not crazy. They are really good!”

Shrugging slightly, Pietro leaned against the counter as he crossed his arms. “You’re still crazy for thinking red cupcakes are okay.”

“I swear, I’m not crazy!” You all but shouted. How could he not know about red velvet cupcakes?!

Shrugging once more, Pietro stuck his finger in the icing. Licking it from his finger, he smirked at you. “You’re still crazy.”

Man, he just loved to tease you.

You know what? You thought to yourself, glaring at your ridiculously good looking boyfriend. Using your powers, you stealthily picked up one of the frosted cupcakes that you had just finished. With a flick of your wrist, you sent the cupcake flying. Right into your boyfriend’s face.

Shock crossed Pietro’s features as the red velvet cupcake slid down his face, leaving a trail of frosting. Eyes wide, Pietro looked at you in bewilderment.

“No. Regrets.” You breathed out, a devilish grin gracing your lips as you watched your boyfriend blink away his shock.

“You know, (Y/N),” Pietro started as he stepped towards you. “It’s a good thing I love you.”

“And why is that, my dear, sweet Pietro?” You asked as you stepped towards him, batting your eyelashes.

“If anyone else did that to me, I would have retaliated back,”

“Oh?” You quizzed, wiping the frosting off of his face. Licking the frosting from your finger, you looked back up at him. “What would you have done?”

“This,” He said quickly as he grabbed a cupcake behind you. Seeing his attack a mile away, you quickly ducked away from him as he aimed the cupcake.

“Hey, what’s going on in-” Tony asked as he stepped into the kitchen. But alas, it was too late. Pietro had already thrown the cupcake, and you had already ducked out of the way. With a satisfying splat! Tony was hit right in the face with a cupcake. “Here.”

And just like that, you and Pietro froze as Tony glared down at the two of you.

“Run?” You suggested to Pietro, wanting to get away from Tony as fast as you could.

Nodding earnestly at your words, Pietro rushed to your side. “Got it.”

And with that, Pietro quickly picked you up, and sped the two of you away as Tony began to yell at the two of you. Laughing all the way as Pietro sped you away from Tony, you swiped more frosting off Pietro’s cheek.

“Stop being so cute,” Pietro grinned as he set you down when the two of you reached a safe spot.

Shrugging your shoulders, you laced your fingers through his. “Sorry, can’t help it.”

Laughing at your reply, Pietro leaned down and captured your lips with his. The kiss was sweet as you could taste the frosting on Pietro’s lips. When you finally pulled away, you found yourself leaning in once more. Just like the cupcakes you had just baked, you could never just have one of Pietro’s kisses. His were always so special, so passionate. Every time you kissed him was like the first. Sweet and full of love, just like those red velvet cupcakes.

anonymous asked:

Awwwww I loved the dea-aged fics. Maybeeeee since baby Bucky was mad that little Steve mae tiny Tony cried he can try to be friends with teeny tiny Tony??

Its really late when there is a knock on Peters door. Tony is still awake and looks up at that.

“Who could that be?” asks Peter then and Tony shrugs. He is already in his pajamas and sucks on a pacifier.

Peter stands up at that. He was just reading Tony a story. Tony loves bedtime stories. His favorite is ariel.

“Petey.” whines Tony. Peter smiles at him.

“What is it bambino?” asks Peter back and Tony sticks out his tongue.

“I wanna hear the eeeeend.” says Tony and points at the book. Peter shakes his head laughing.

“You know the end already.” says Peter because he read it yesterday, too.

“Don’t care.” giggles Tony and hides under the blanket. Peter laughs and goes to the door.

It’s Sam.

“Hey man. Its late what do you want?” asks Peter and Sam grins.

“I have somebody here who feels really bad.” answers Sam and points at Bucky who hides behind his legs.


“Hi. “waves Bucky and then looks down again.

“He wants to speak to Tony.” says Sam and shoves Bucky into the living room.

“Well Tony is already in bed but i will get him….” says Peter but he hears Tonys light footsteps already.

“Petey?” asks Tony but then he sees Bucky and Sam and squirms.

“Wait bambino. Bucky wants to talk to you.” says Peter and Tony nods.

“Do you want to take Eddy away, too?” asks Tony shyly. Bucky shakes his head.

“I want to.. uhm say sorry. I was really bad to you.” says Bucky really fast but Tony seems to understand him anyway.

“Oh.” says Tony.

“So i’m really sorry. I will be better.” says Bucky and he smiles wobbly at Tony. Tony smiles back.

Bucky goes over then and holds his hand out. He has a tiny flower in it and Tony takes the flower.

“For you.” says Bucky and then steps back. But Tony is faster and hugs Bucky really tight.

“Thank you, Bucky.” giggles Tony when Buckys hair tickles his nose.

Tony lets go then and looks at Peter.

“I have a real friend now.” says Tony and makes a spin. Peter laughs.

So cuuute. Why.

“Thats awesome bambino. And now bedtime. You two can play together tomorrow.” says Peter and Tony waves Sam and Bucky goodbye.

When they are alone Tony gives the flower to Peter. But Peter puts it in Tonys dark curls.

“What?” asks Tony and tries to find the flower in his hair.

“Nothing. Just makes you even cuter.”

Tony giggles again and then he yawns.

“Alright buddy! Nighttime.” says Peter and Tony is asleep a few minutes later. The flower still in his hair and he even smiles in his sleep.

Not All Wounds Heal (Part 4/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 3

By the time you reached Leipzig, the battle between your friends, your family, was well underway. It was hard for you to distinguish teams though, as there were so many insular battles happening within the whole of the fight, that it was hard to track just where the loyalty lines were drawn. Maria had brought you in as close as she could get you safely, her vehicle taking a descent hit when a truck barreled through the air and landed in a massive fireball only a few feet away.

“Are you kidding me right now?” you hollered out to her over the chaos, with her in the driver’s seat next to you.  “This isn’t just some argument!  They look like they’re actually trying to kill each other!”

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I was bored. And tired. But couldn’t sleep. The result was stony smut. Enjoy you sexy fucks 😘

“Oh fuck right there” Tony moaned as Steve fisted his cock in the back of their cab.

“Shhh baby if you raise your voice I’ll have no choice but to stop” Steve whispered in Tonys ear, nipping it as he added, “And I was really looking forward to wrapping my lips around this hard fucking cock.” The thought made Tony whimper as he wiggled his hips. “You gonna be a good boy and keep quiet for your Captain?” Steve purred.

Tony nodded furiously, his breathing heavy as Steve continued to rub him with a slow pace. “I can’t hear you…” Steve growled, kissing along Tonys jaw.

“Yes S-Steve” tony replied, practically out of breath.

Steve’s hand stopped moving where it was on Tonys dick. “Who the fuck is Steve? What’s my name?” Steve commanded in his Captain America voice. He knew what it did to Tony.

“Yes Captain!” Tony moaned, and Steve chuckled.

“Remind me to tip the driver extra” he said, momentarily coming out of his dom mode. “Good boy. You think you deserve my lips around your cock?” Steve asked, immediately back to the sexy as fuck dom Tony loves. He resumed his hand movements and ran his thumb over the head of Tonys dick, spreading the bit of precum around it.

“Yes… Please sir!” Tony replied, hands gripping the edge of the seat.

“Good boy. I’ve taught you well… Now baby. We have six blocks until we get to the meeting. I bet I’ll have you cumming in three or less.” Steve purred as he kissed tony, then lowered his head and kitten licked the tip, Tonys hands immediately going for Steve’s hair. He ran his tongue up Tonys length, and sucked the tip into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. He used one hand to play with Tonys balls while he used the other to pin his hips down.

“Oh fuck oh God” Tony let out a punched moan as Steve lowered his head, opening his throat and swallowing hard around his cock. “God don’t stop” he whispered out, head thrown back and eyes shut, completely wrecked.

Steve pulled off of tony with a pop and pumped his cock as e stared into his eyes, “Cum Tony… Cum for your Captain”

Tony whimpered as Steve took him back into his mouth. His breathing became ragged and labored as he arched his back and felt the all too familiar fire growing in his stomach. He bit his lip and pulled at Steve’s hair as he came, hard, in the back of Steve’s throat. “Fuck!” He managed to say as Steve sat up with a sloppy grin on his face, Tonys cum dribbling down his chin. He wiped it off with his finger and put it in his mouth, his eyes never leaving Tonys.

“Told ya.” Steve said smugly as he sat back in the seat, sighing.

“Told me what?” Tony asked, trying to regain his composure as he stuffed his now flaccid cock back into his dress pants.

“It only took two blocks.” Steve replied, smirk ever present on his gorgeous fucking face.

Tony glared at him, “You are so gonna get it.”

Steve chuckled, wrapping an arm around Tonys shoulders. “You’re so cute”

Tony rolled his eyes as he cuddled into his husbands arms.

*** at the meeting ***

Steve nods his head as he listened to the many conversations happening around the large round table. His phone vibrates and he pulls it out if his pocket, rolling his eyes and glancing at the man sitting next to him.

Tony- Your pants look a little tight

Steve- I must’ve bought the wrong size

Tony- No I’m pretty sure those are the right size. I mean they fit fine everywhere but your crotch area… Weird.

Steve- Pay. Attention.

Tony- Oh I am. This is much more important than whatever the fuck they’re talking about

Steve- What is?

Tony- This.

As Steve read the last text, a confused expression on his face, he opens his mouth to whisper to tony when he feels his hand run over his extremely hard cock. He quickly shuts his mouth to suppress the moan trying to escape, his face growing red. His eyes dart around the room as he clears his throat. He glared at tony, who is holding a straight face.

Tony moved his hand and carefully unbuttoned Steve’s pants, slooowly pulling the zipper down. The men seated around the large table were oblivious to what was happening underneath it, debates and heated discussions masking Steve’s heavy breathing.

“Tony no not here…” Steve mumbled. His breath hitched as tony pulled his red, aching cock out if his pants.

“What was that, Captain?” Tony whispered, looking over at Steve with innocent eyes. “Everything alright?”

Steve took a deep breath and let it out slowly, “fucking peachy” he replied, hands gripping his knees.

Tony massaged Steve’s dick for a few seconds, his eyes darting around the room. When he was sure nobody would notice, he pushed his chair back quietly and slid underneath the table.

Steve looked over and his jaw dropped when he saw tony slither out of his chair. “Tony what are you do- oh fuck” he was cut off when Tony licked a stripe up his cock, causing Steve to jerk slightly in his chair at the long needed friction. Steve did his best to conceal his moans as Tony sucked the top of his cock into his mouth, rubbing the rest of his with his hand. Steve’s hips bucked causing his dick to slide down Tonys throat, making Steve release a deep gutteral groan.

“Mr Rogers? Is everything alright?” Fury asked from across the table. “Where’s Stark?” He added, noticing Tonys absense.

“I’m fine… He uh…. He’s… ” Steve stammered breathlessly as he pushed Tonys head down, “He just left. I don’t know where he went…” He attempted a smile as Tony swallowed, causing his body to slightly jerk.

“You sure you’re feeling alright?” Fury asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Peachy.” Steve replied, clenching his jaw as Tony sucked especially hard. He could feel his orgasm quickly grow and he panicked, trying to push Tony off his dick before he could come. But tony held fast and continued to suck, his hands playing with Steve’s balls.

Steve closed his eyes as he focused on trying not to come. The pleasure was building at the speed of light; he could feel his entire body come alive. He was doing really good at holding it in until tony teased his hole, slowly pushing the tip of his finger in. Steve felt his abdomen grow tight and his body went rigid as he came deep in Tonys throat, thick hot stripes of cum coating it. Steve gripped the arm rests like his life depended on it. Tony swallowed every drop.

Steve let out a deep breath as he slowly came down from his high. Of course that was the best fucking orgasm he had. He felt a little bit embarrassed as he thought about why it was the hottest orgasm he’d ever had. Because there was the slight chance that someone had seen.

Lucky for him, however, the moment his orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks, a large argument had began and the men around the table began yelling profanities at one another.

He released the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding as Tony came up from underneath the table. He sat in his chair as if nothing happened. Steve stared straight ahead as he whispered, “That wasn’t fair.”

“You loved it. And you love me” tony replied with a straight face, observing the debate happening across the table.

A smile grew on Steve’s face as he shook his head, lookin towards the floor. “Yeah… I love you.”


Sorry if it’s shit y'all it’s 1am and I’m literally half dead rn but thanks for reading!!

Also I’m on mobile so I can’t add a read more link I’m sorry for your dash and you oops
Not Saying a Word

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Kinder Than You – Part 1

My Heart Will be There – Part 1

Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2437

Author: Just Kate

Warnings:There’s rain? I don’t know?!!

A/N: What’s up! What’s good! Part 3 comin’ atcha! (I’m channeling my inner Liza Koshy if you can’t tell) Anyways, guys! I’m so excited for this part, and I’m letting you guys have ONE MORE PART! It’s gonna be so mushy, you’re probably all gonna hate me… Anyways, thanks for all the notes, and thanks for all the requests! I’m slightly behind, but it’s the weekend, so I’ll try and have a couple rolled out soon! Hope you like Part 3!

“Y/N!” Nat called up the stairs. You took a deep breath, and walked out of your room.

“What’s up, Nat?” You asked. It was Saturday afternoon, and you were wallowing around until it was time to go over to Aunt May’s apartment and watch a that movie.

“What do you want for lunch?” Nat asked, heating up various left-overs on the stove.

“I, uh, I’m not hungry. Had a big breakfast.” You lied. Natasha looked at you with a withering look as you sat on the counter, kicking your feet back and forth.

“You didn’t eat breakfast, Y/N.” She reminded you. “You’re starving yourself over this Peter thing.” Nat’s eyes burned into yours.

“I’m not starving myself!” You retorted. “Plus, I ate a lot yesterday.”

“A milkshake does not count as a lot!” Nat said, stirring the contents in the pan vigorously. You were about to argue back, but Steve walked into the room, and pulled a bag of potato chips from the pantry. You and Nat continued to stare daggers at each other, and Steve finally caught the drift, realization seeping into his expression.

“What’s going on?” He asked, his head tilting with that patronizing look that always made you feel guilty. You looked at Nat, begging her not to say anything.

“Y/N is refusing to eat because she feels bad about the fight with Peter.” She said, looking at you pointedly. Steve looked at you sadly.

“That is not what is going on! Just because I’m not hungry you guys act like I haven’t eaten in days!” You said, incredulous at their behavior.

“Y/N, I know Peter hurt you, but you can’t let him affect you like this.” Steve said, looking at you sharply to make you squirm. Your eyebrows raised angrily. They were completely misinterpreting everything.You opened you mouth to correct Steve when Tony came running into the kitchen.

“I smell tension and hear the sweet sound of arguing. Who offended who?” Tony asked, his expression completely serious, his eyes sparkling. Normally, you would have laughed, but this was exactly the wrong conversation to get all of the Avengers involved in.

“Nothing is going o–” You tried to explain, but Nat cut you off.

“Y/N is refusing to eat because she’s fighting with her boyfriend, Peter.” Your eyes widened, and your heart started pumping very fast. Tony rolled his eyes, and made a face at her. He was torn between the kids, and he had been working for weeks to try and figure a solution out that would force them to talk. He had worked something out with May eventually, and he was sick of the topic.

“What’s going on?” Bucky and Sam walked in, still sweaty from training. Bruce walked in after them with an interested expression on his face. Nat and Steve explained what was going on a 4th time, and then Thor walked in.

“Who disrespected Lady Y/N?” He asked in his deep voice. You buried your face in your hands, clenching your teeth. Tony poked you in the side, and your head shot up, a pained expression very clear on your face.

“Ow! Bruise?” You said, and everyone stopped talking and looked at you.

“Shouldn’t that have healed already?” Said Tony, concerned. You moved your mouth, but no sound came out. Natasha walked over, and lifted up your shirt slightly, just enough to see the massive bruise that had refused to heal after Peter had hurt you. Everyone looked at you with a worried, questioning look.

“Will you cut that out?!” You swatted Nat’s hand away, and looked at the floor. Steve spoke first after an uncomfortably long silence.

“Y/N… What happened? You got that bruise ages ago, and it wasn’t nearly that bad.” You bit your raw lip, trying to come up with an excuse, a lie, something, anything.

“Peter hurt her.” Wanda said from the back. She had slipped in quietly while everyone had been chattering. You closed your eyes, and when the flashbacks started, you opened your eyes again. Everyone could see the tears glazing them over.

“What happened? Bruce said. He had always been super protective of you, being the youngest, and he had also helped you with a lot of your anxiety and stress.

“Um, well, you see…” You stammered, your heart hurting like it did when you thought about Peter since the fight. Wanda walked up to you, and pressed her fingers very lightly to your bruise. You winced.

“They were fighting, and she said something that offended Peter, so he started walking away, and she grabbed his arm to try and stop him. He threw his arm back, and Y/N got pushed into table, hitting her side, and his hand smacked her cheek.” Wanda recited in a monotone, her eyebrows pressed together and her eyes closed as she saw the incident through your mind. You looked around, trying to avoid all eye contact.

“That doesn’t explain why it hasn’t healed yet.” Bucky said quietly. Bruce looked at you.

“Sometimes pressure added to an already existent flesh wound, especially if that wound hasn’t had time to heal, can lead to a prolonged recovery period.” He walked up to you, and mildly starting poking the black and blue flesh. “Did you hit the corner of the table?” He asked you, looking up. You nodded solemnly. “It looks like she either fractured a rib, or the table broke the bottom couple layers of skin, which would lead to a blood build-up, since the skin cells would need to develop the special qualities that are found in the bottom-most layers of skin. Possibly both.” Bruce concluded.

“Why didn’t you tell any of us?” Steve asked. He was giving you the look again. You shrugged in response.

“She was trying to protect Peter, even after all the stuff he’s done to her.” Natasha answered softly.

“He just doesn’t understand the reach of his powers. He doesn’t understand how powerful his reflexes are.” Your voice wavered, and you focused on trying to control your tears.

“But you still let him walk all over you.” Sam said bluntly. You knew everyone was silently agreeing with him. You shook your head,  hopped of the counter, and walked back to your room without looking back. When you were safely out of earshot, you muttered one heart-breaking sentence.

“Not anymore.”


You were at May’s, eating a bowl of ice cream and watching that movie. She was on the other side of the couch, remembering how she would always watch princess movies with you when you were little. The ending credits started rolling through the screen, and you smiled. It was a good movie, and you had really liked it. You wondered if you would ever be able to persuade Peter to watch it with you, and your heart dropped. He wouldn’t. He hated you, Liz had said so, and he had obviously told her stuff you didn’t know. He had chosen her, and you been left in dark, your heart shattering because he hadn’t wanted it.

“Are you thinking about him?” May asked. She had watched the quick transition of your smile to a broken expression. You looked at her, and a tear slid down your cheek without permission. You swiped it away, and faked a smile. 

“No. That was a good movie, though. It really reminds me of one of my other favorites.” You told her about one of your favorite movies.

“Oh, I don’t think I’ve seen that one!” May said. She was lying, but she had to keep to the plan that she and Tony had been working on for days. 

“Really? It’s amazing! I’m sure you would love it, and it’s on Netflix.” You said.

“Let’s watch it then!” May said excitedly, fiddling with the remote. You looked at your phone, wondering if you should go home. You knew Peter wouldn’t be back anytime soon, but you didn’t want to risk the chance.

“It’s only 7, and I’m sure Tony won’t mind if I text him. Peter won’t be back until the morning.” She reminded you. You nodded, despite the voice in the back of your head warning you of something wrong. The movie started, and you watched it, eating your ice cream slowly. When a scene you didn’t like started, you got up to put your bowl in the sink. When you had washed out your bowl, you sunk to the floor, pulling your knees up to your chest as your side throbbed. Bruce had taken a couple X-Rays before you left for May’s, and just to your luck, you had both the conditions that Bruce had been talking about. The pain killers were just starting to wear off, and you had forgotten the next dosage at the Tower. You knew that Peter had some in his room for when you guys would come back from watches with injuries, but you didn’t want to go get them just yet. You rested your head on you knees when you heard the door open, and a very familiar voice start talking.

“Hey, I’m back.” Peter’s voice echoed in from the front room.

“I thought you were at Ned’s.” May’s voice answered.

“His mom needed him to do some stuff, so we’ll just work on the English project later.” Your shoulders started shaking, but you knew you should go back in. It would be less awkward than if he walked in and saw you crying on the floor without any explanation. You walked out, your hands crossed over your torso, trying you keep your heart together. Peter turned at the noise of your bare feet scuffing the floor. You bit your lip at the confused face you were giving him, but then his face brightened. 

“What-what are you doing here, Y/N?” He asked, and you bit your lip. You didn’t think you would be able to talk.

“Y/N and I are having a movie night since she hadn’t been over in a while.” May answered for you, and you nodded, slipping past him to the couch.

“Oh, that-that’s cool.” Peter answered, and you wanted to start crying again. Here he was, acting like nothing had ever happened, not your escape, not the fight, not even the Liz thing. Like he didn’t even know you. Peter sat down on the arm chair, and started watching the movie with you. He had seen it before, you had made him because it was one of you favorites. Your only focus was on not looking at Peter. You didn’t know how many more brutal hits you could take. You could feel him staring at you, and it was all becoming a little too difficult. You were about to make an excuse about having to go home when May’s phone buzzed with a text. 

“Shoot, they need me down-town to cover a grave yard shift for someone.” She said, jumping off the couch and grabbing her keys. You got up to go, but May blocked the door from you.

“Tony said that they got a mission call, and he wants you to stay here because you’re hurt,” Peter’s eyebrows knitted together in concern and guilt. “and he told Peter to not worry about coming in. Whatever that means.” She showed you her phone to prove, and your shoulders sank in defeat. May said goodbye to both of you, and you fell back on the couch. After about 10 minutes of neither of you saying anything, you got up, and walked out the door. Peter shot up after you.

“Y/N! Y/N!” You heard as you walked out of the apartment complex and into the rain. You were almost instantly drenched, but you continued to walk until you felt someone grab your arm. You whipped around in alarm, but all you saw was Peter’s face, with his drenched hair dangling in front of his eyes. You got the urge to move them back into place, and you shook your head, trying to ignore the electricity you felt at his touch. 

“What?” You said, your voice cracking slightly.

“Where are you going? Mr. Stark told you to stay here!” Peter said, shaking his head to clear the water out of his eyes. You bit your lip so you wouldn’t smile.

“Well, I honestly don’t care what Tony says, and I really don’t want to bother you!” You shouted through the downpour. You shook Peter’s hand off your arm, and started walking again. You had only made it a couple paces when you felt someone’s arms wrap around your waist, picking you up.

“Peter, stop! Put me down, right now!” You yelled, trying to kick out of his grasp. You cursed his powers, because there was no way he could have done this before the spider bite. 

“Mr. Stark told you to stay here! Plus, what will Aunt May think when she comes back and your gone?”

“I don’t care! Put me down!” You said, trying to ignore the building pain in your side. Peter walked into the alley beneath his window, and shot a web to the fire escape, pulling you up with him. You held in a cry as he held your side. When you got to his window, he let go, and you started running, trying to get far enough away so you could zap back into the Tower. You were about ready to zap, but one of Peter’s webs caught your back, preventing you from running any further.


Peter’s POV:

I stared at Y/N running, and I grinned. She’s my best friend, and I missed her more than I could explain, but seeing her again just made me happy. And she didn’t look anxious or anything, like May said. I just wanted a chance to say sorry, but I chickened out.


Peter pulled the web back until he could pick you up again. You didn’t bother trying to fight, you were exhausted and freezing from the cold rain. He was smiling down at you, and a tear rolled down your cheek without his notice, This is how you wanted it to be, but you couldn’t shake the thought of Liz telling you that Peter hated you. He jumped through his open window, still holding you in his arms. You secretly marveled at his strength. He put you down, and you walked back into the front room without saying a word. Peter followed you, and watched you slump into the couch, defeated. He sat back in the armchair, watching you as you curled up and watched the movie again. Not saying a word.

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