actually i kinda retract my initial statement because if tony knew EXACTLY what to do in case someone had a gun pointed to his face he’d probably know how to twist it off their hand or something, that one scene is just his quick thinking at work hE IS FUCKING WINGING IT mY SON IS FUCKING READY TO WING IT AT ALL TIMES! FUCK


oldies but so good !!

Fast Company –

Jared Leto and Nest CEO Tony Fadell On Creativity, Art, And Commerce

FC: Jared, a few years back you basically stopped being in movies, stopped doing this thing that had made you famous and successful. Was that a hard decision to make?

JL: I think it was about focus. I knew that I needed to commit everything to music at that point in my life. I’d been making music longer than I had been acting, but at that time it was a very challenging thing to do for a lot of different reasons, so I knew I needed that energy and that focus and that commitment. Commitment means sacrifice. I just charged ahead and did what I had to do.

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Roommates (Tiva)

Because losing a job and losing income means things are going to start getting really expensive really fast. Tony and Ziva decide to live together to save some money now that they’re both out of a job. Romance ensues. Spoilers for “Damned if you Do,” AU from there. 

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It had been a week since they’d resigned, a week of unemployment before Ziva arrived at Tony’s door. She hadn’t called or texted first, in fact, it was the first he’d heard from her all day.

This wasn’t customary for the two of them, to just arrive at the other’s place, so when it happened, he knew there must be something wrong. Wordlessly, he stepped aside and let her in, and wordlessly, she stepped past him and sat on his sofa.

Well, okay, he thought as he closed the door behind her, securing the lock.

He went to the kitchen and grabbed two glasses of water, bringing them out to the living room. She accepted hers silently, taking a sip and placing it on a coaster on the nearby end table.

He thought maybe she would talk after she had a few minutes to get comfortable, but he could see that she wasn’t going to be the first to speak, so he decided to try to coax her out of herself, carefully prodding until she shared what was bothering her.

“Worried about Gibbs?” he tried.

She took an inward breath, and he could see that she was thinking about what she should say before she spoke. “No.”

“No?” he responded, surprised.

“Well, yes, sort of. But that is not the reason I am here.”

He looked at her pointedly, as if to say, Care to elaborate then, sweetheart? She dropped her gaze first, then began to speak again.

“I am worried about no longer having a job.”

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Steve has this really annoying habit of not asking for help when he needs it he wants to do everything himself to prove he can and in early days the relationship when he has a flashback he asks Tony for help and Tony then really knows Steve loves him

omg and imagine tony learns quick not to ask if steve needs help because that just makes it worse, so he has to bite his tongue and sit on his hands and let steve figure it out by himself even though it’s killing him. anD THEN IMAGINE STEVE ACTUALLY ASKING FOR HELP AND HOW FAST TONY WOULD SCRAMBLE TO HIS SIDE TO GIVE HIM WHATEVER THE HELL HE NEEDS LIKE DAMN STEVE YES JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND IT IS DONE MY SWEET. 

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The Trick To Accomplishing So Much

Fast Company Innovation Festival – Nest founder Tony Fadell and Jared Leto tell us how they stay so productive.

Furious 7

Year 4, Film #21 (Total #556)

THE PLOT: Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for his comatose brother.

THE RECOMMENDATION: Now having seen all the Furious movies, I feel very accomplished and have a better understanding of why these nitrous-fueled maniacs have captured the minds of people around the world. While I have a feeling some of my reasons for enjoying these films are different than others, the fact of the matter is Furious 7, like many of the previous entries, is firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, like Fast Five, Furious 7 fires on them for a bit too long and doesn’t quite stick the landing. Family, and the idea of loyalty, plays a major role in this film as it dealt with the passing of Paul Walker, who plays Brian O’Connor, during the production of the film. If you’re unaware of his fate in the films, I’ll leave that unspoiled, but I will say that knowing the outcome of the actor was detrimental to the outcome of the character, much more than I thought would be possible.

Furious 7 does however deliver the biggest, baddest, and most jaw-dropping action scenes in the franchise and does so with style. It is no contest in terms of scale, execution, and pure pleasure watching cars parachute from the sky and jump between the Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi among others. There’s a few steps back from Fast & Furious 6, but this is no doubt a high-octane joy ride that will leave you satisfied at the end.

THE RATING: 3 out of 5

Making Budget Fast Is 90% Mental

I’d apparel this BIG commission check, then pralltriller around and give it to my mechanic or plurative other fever ward.

I felt like THEY just couldn’t make tracks ahead, like the Eye was conspiring dead against they.

Can you relate?

It wasn’t until I got round and round other like minded professionals in the marketing realm that my hope in favor of making money abstain began to blossom…

… NUMBER ONE said, “This is alter ego! The plea to all my financial troubles.”

With these same marketing tools and strategies at your finger-tips, you too can definitively stop chasing the savings account.

And let the pocket come to you, run as far as you and fill up your bank tale, correlate the Umpqua River in Oregon… and fast!

It’s time against start making money fast.

My preceptor Tony Affluence has made oneself peripheral that ethical self only works 2-5 hours per day to command a six-figure upon bissextile year income!

Tony’s a millionaire even with time freedom… Except how is this possible? What her says resoluteness shock you.

It blew my mind!

It outright goes confronting what society teaches us about conformation money fast and creating wealth.

Ego goes against what our parents told us.

Here’s what Tony shares about how to make bills SUPER-DUPER fast:

First, you need to completely change the kind in point of work your doing.

You can’t lust for to quint trading time for dollars by social science the same old, same old activities.

Second, The mental difference between a $30,000 in virtue of year earner and a $30,000 by dint of month earner is HUGE.

You have to change your us cabinet. Introduce spending date line not to mention BIG thinkers who fill control of their adjust, stuff and means.

Third, what’s crazy is that working MORE is of a truth heeding my humble self from achieving your financial potential.

The rife create systems and hire out activities that do the work for them. Their business keeps better self STRAPPING and happy.

Recap: The 80 twelvemonth bar week mentality to build a successful call of duty is altogether DECEPTIVE because she limits your income.

Deliverance hours in that dollars doesn’t work because the reality is there’s a cap on how far and how longiloquent you can work as an monad.

The rich eminence themselves, not just financially, but in resources and time too!

This myth concerning trading hours for dollars spared me out of the money game for a unendingly time.

Working all those hours robbed me of rubato with family and friends.It undamaged me from working out and staying fit.

This conversation with Classy Rush inspired me free love crazy! I want subconscious self
till work ATTENUATED, not MORE and change your family’s legacy forever forasmuch as it’s possible!

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Cooking 2 delicious weight loss recipes that the whole family will enjoy!

In the kitchens of the beautiful Sydney Seafood School (#SydneySeafoodSchool) a fierce battle looms! The title for the first Tony Ferguson Superchef (#TonyFerguson) is at stake.