Peter definitely goes to visit Morgan on Father’s Day because he knows what it’s like to lose not 1, not 2, but now 3 father-figures and he’s gonna make sure Morgan is okay and the day isn’t spent crying or being heartbroken but instead doing something her and Tony would have done/did with her to celebrate.


And Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there who work very hard, with help or on their one, to give their children a happy life. You deserve the world. You are appreciated and loved. Go ahead.

I’m proud of you all!!!

Treat Me Like a Porn Star [1/?]

Part 1 to my starker porn star au! The actual smutty stuff will be here soon, don’t you worry my darlings :) All characters are 18+!

Five Years Ago

“Why do I always get the newbies?” Tony pouted accusingly at Steve as he fluffed his hair up in the mirror, running product through it to make it look just perfectly, naturally dishevelled. “I’m forty-two, Steve, I’ve been in this industry for nearly two decades, and I’m still training kids?”

“Perfectly legal and willing eighteen-year-olds,” Steve reminded him with a raised eyebrow. “And what can I say? You’re good at breaking them in, bringing them down a couple of pegs.”

Tony huffed in annoyance but didn’t say anything more, carrying on with his hair, adding some clear mascara to enhance his pretty, dark lashes, until the door to the shooting space swung open, revealing a beautiful young man, cheeks flushed and covered in nothing but a thin robe.

“Peter!” Steve greeted enthusiastically, looking up from where he was fiddling with the camera. “Just in time, we’ll be ready to go through the scene in a sec. Come and meet Tony.”

Tony arched an assessing eyebrow as Peter shuffled over, eyes not leaving the ground in front of him as he stuck his hand out. “Nice to meet you, Mr Stark.”

“Tony, please,” Tony chuckled, shaking Peter’s hand. “Nice to meet you, kid. Hope you’re not this bashful in front of the camera, otherwise we’re gonna have some problems today.”

“Oh no.” Peter shook his head quickly, and there was a ghost of a smile on his lips as he looked up. “More nervous about meeting you, honestly.”

“Interesting,” Tony smirked, then felt a stab of sympathy as Peter shuffled his feet. He was endearingly nervous and bashful, nothing like the boys who strutted into the studio all confidence and overflowing testosterone and didn’t have a fucking clue what they were doing. “I promise I’ll go easy on you.”

Peter looked up again, big, brown Bambi eyes wide and full of nervous excitement. “And what if I don’t want you to?”

Four Years Ago

“Oh, Peter, baby, fuck,” Tony groaned, head thumping back against the headboard as Peter expertly swallowed his cock down to the base, throat convulsing deliciously against him. “Christ, you feel so fucking good.”

Peter hummed, eyes wide and innocent as they had been a year ago when the pair first met, but now Tony knew better. As soft and bashful as Peter was in his everyday life, the man was an unrepentant slut, always ready to spread his legs or open his mouth without a second thought.

Tony should be glad he was reaping the rewards of Peter’s blowjob skills – he’d trained them into the boy, after all, even if this wasn’t exactly what he’d expected their ‘training sessions’ to develop into. Steve had pretended to be furious for about half a second when they’d told him, but then squealed with excitement like an excited teenager and rushed to tell Sam and Bucky.

“I’m gonna come,” Tony panted, hand fisting in Peter’s hair, grown out just enough that Tony could use it to pull him around. “Peter, babe, ah, ah-“

Tony groaned as he shot off in Peter’s mouth, the boy greedily milking him for everything he had, only pulling off when Tony weakly batted him away from his oversensitive cock. Peter crawled back up the bed, tucking himself under Tony’s arm contentedly.

“Happy six months,” Peter smiled softly, pressing a gentle kiss over Tony’s collar bone. “I love you.”

“God, I love you too you little slut,” Tony teased, nuzzling the top of Peter’s head. “Thank fuck for Steve’s ever-innovative matchmaking skills, hmm?”

“You call it matchmaking; I call it a good business plan. We’re the most successful couple he’s ever filmed.”

Three Years Ago

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Peter said as he straightened his tie, giggling almost in disbelief. “I’m marrying Tony Stark.”

“So you’ve said, sixty times,” Ned teased. “He’s lucky to have you, dude.”

“We’re lucky to have each other,” Peter sighed sappily, laughing as Ned made mock-gagging noises in the background. “I just mean the situation is ridiculous. I’m gay, Tony’s queer, we’re both porn stars, and we’re having a full church wedding.”

There was a beat of silence as the pair just looked at each other, before they both burst out laughing, clutching onto each other, tears clouding their vision, heaving with laughter.

“The fuck is my life?” Peter asked, still giggling, wiping his eyes. “Really, the fuck is my life.”

“Man, I honestly have no idea. All I know is that you’ve got a gorgeous piece of man-meat waiting for you at the end of that aisle who for some reason wants to marry your nerdy ass. Go get him.”

Their wedding was beautiful, for which they could thank Pepper and Natasha, and by the end there wasn’t a dry eye in the house; May dabbing at her eyes with a tissue, Rhodey with his clenched jaw determined not to let happy tears spill, Steve sniffling as his husband put a comforting arm around his shoulder and his boyfriend squeezed his hand. Peter was openly sobbing by the time the priest proclaimed them husbands and Tony caught his lips in a gentle kiss that warmed him through and through.

“Mr Stark,” Tony grinned wetly. “How did this happen?”

“No idea,” Peter sniffled, “but I’m so happy that it did.”

Present Day

“You awake, sleepy head?” Peter poked his head out from under the covers to see Tony leaning on the doorframe to their bedroom holding a steaming mug of coffee and with a dopey smile on his face. “I brought you coffee.”

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” Peter asked, wriggling his way out from under the duvet and making grabby hands towards the coffee. “Because I really, really love you.”

“Sure,” Tony grinned. “You just love me for my coffee machine, I know the truth.”

“And your dick,” Peter hastened to add. “I also really love your dick.”

Tony rolled his eyes, putting the coffee cup on Peter’s bedside table before leaning down to brush a gentle kiss against Peter’s lips. “Morning, handsome.”

“Mmm, good morning, coffee.”

“We’re getting a divorce,” Tony called as he disappeared into the en suite. “I can picture the tabloid headlines now; ‘Husband Cheated on Me with a Caffeinated Beverage’.”

“Love you too, darling!” Peter laughed, downing half the mug in a single gulp before rolling over to grab his phone. A predictable eight texts from Steve; he always did get so techy on a filming day.

Stevie: We’re starting at 10. You’d better be there.

Peter: whatcha gonna do, fire us? ;)

Stevie: I will sic Sam on you.

Peter: oh good, i havent had sams dick in me for a while :)

Stevie: Just be here on time.

Peter: yes sir 


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(Happy 616 day! threw this together, hope it’s not a hot mess. based on russos being idiots and calling mcu ffh 616 as if there aren’t a million differences

fluff, crack, very vague smffh spoilers)

“Hi,” Peter says when he materializes in what he thinks might be this universe’s version of Stark Tower. He’s half-breathless from running away from the ogres in the last universe, but still offers his best smile and a cheerful wave. “I’m Peter Parker. I’m from another universe.”

The Steve in front of him sighs and sets down his magazine. He’s the only one in the room, which seems to be some sort of living area, with huge, long couches capable of seating at least a dozen people. “Which one?”

“Earth-616,” Peter says. “Which one is this?”

But Steve’s frowning, now. “This is 616,” he says.

Peter makes a face. “Uh, no it’s not, the Steve in my universe is old.”

Steve’s eyebrows shoot up. “Old?” he demands.

“Yeah,” Peter nods. “Hella old. Like, 90-something. Well, I mean, I guess he’s technically, like, a hundred and fifty or something - he was ninety and then he time traveled back into the past to marry Peggy, so. Yeah.”

This Steve looks vaguely like Peter slapped him in the face. “He went back to his past?” he asks incredulously. “He gave up on the future?”

Peter shrugs. “I mean, I’m not sure if I would phrase it quite like that -”

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  • Tony: Y/n, the worst thing you can do in these situations is take matters into your own hands.
  • Y/n: Got it, Dad.
  • Y/n: *hangs up*
  • Y/n, to Peter, MJ, Ned, and Shuri: We're gonna have to take matters into our own hands.

Superfamily IG💛

Can we agree that Tony and Steve would name one of their daughters Peggy? Yes? Ok.

Also, credits to avengerswindgirl here on tumblr for the original family pic, I just added Lexi/Morgan!

No More Lying


Pairings: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader, Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Reader, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, MJ, Ned, Carol Danvers

Warnings: Lying, Bruises (on Reader), worried!Peter, worried!Tony, Dad!Tony, Stark!Reader, fluff, Teen!Reader, 


“Y/n! C’mon time for school!” Your dad calls from the kitchen. Little did he know you had been up for hours by now. But you still had to pretend you were barely rolling out of bed to keep up the rouse.

“Coming!” You shout back before giving yourself a super quick once over in the mirror to make sure that none of your bruises were visible. Questions from your dad were the last thing you needed after how early you were up and how tired you were.

“Morning kiddo!” You dad greets you when you walk into the kitchen.

“Morning,” you huff before taking your seat next to your father and dropping your head down into your arms on the counter top.

“Better perk up kid, you have to leave for school in twenty minutes.” Uncle Steve tells you as he flips a couple pancakes on to your plate and slides it towards you. You go to reach for them when your father grabs your back and tugs your shirt up a little.

“Dad what are you doing?” You ask shocked.

“What the hell happened to you?” He asks you, his voice a mix of rage and concern.

“Oh that, it’s nothing really don’t worry about it Dad.” Shit, shit, shit you think to yourself. You should’ve been more careful, now that he had seen the bruises the questions would start. And not just from your dad, but all the Avengers, your boyfriend Peter included.

“Really cause my kid is covered in bruises and I have no clue where she got them from and she’s being really evasive with me. So don’t tell me not to worry about it.” He growled.

“Dad, seriously, it’s nothing. I just tripped on the stairs at school yesterday, it’s fine. I gotta get going now. Bye Dad! Bye Steve!” You shout running towards the door.

“We are gonna talk about this after school young lady!” Your father shouts after you but you just ignore it. Hopefully some big mission will come up and distract him from you and give you more time to come up with a good story.



“Hey Y/n/n!” Your boyfriend Peter waves you over towards him and your other friends. Peter and you had been dating for about a year and a half and you were one of the privileged few who knew his secret.

“Hey baby!” You reply giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Ready for our English Lit quiz today?” Peter asks you.

“Shit, I totally spaced on that.” You groan slapping your hand to your forehead.

“You never forget that stuff. Are you feeling alright? You’ve been acting kinda strange lately.” Peter asks you concern covering his face.

“I’m fine just a little tired I guess.” You say running your hands through your hair suddenly you hear Peter, Ned and MJ all gasp.

“What?” You ask looking at their shocked face.

“Y/n what happened?” Peter asks.

“What do you mean?” You ask playing confused.

“Y/n/n your stomach is covered in dark bruises and on your upper arms too.” MJ answers motioning to your stomach.

“Oh yeah, I tripped down some stairs yesterday no big.” You answer trying to downplay it and move on as quickly as possible. You couldn’t tell them because then Peter would tell your dad and then they both would force you to stop training. Especially if they found out who you were training with. Your father didn’t trust Carol Danvers for whatever reason and Peter tended to side with him on everything, that included.

“You need to be more careful.” Ned laughs totally buying your story. MJ on the other hand looks suspicious and Peter looks downright distraught.

“Can I speak to you in private for a moment?” Peter asks harshly. You gulp and then nod knowing it will only raise more questions if you refuse. He grabs your arm gently and tugs you to an empty storage closet.

“Well?” Peter asks impatiently.

“Well what Parker?” You ask frustrated. God why could he never just let it go.

“Are you gonna tell me how you really got those bruises?” He asks stone faced. Shit he actually is mad.

“I just told you.”

“Don’t play dumb Y/n. I know that story about tripping down the stairs was a load of bullshit. We don’t lie to each other. That is the number one rule in our relationship. We never lie to each other. So tell me what’s really going on?” Peter whisper yells at you.

“Peter please just stop.” Then the bell rings and you rush out towards English Lit. Unfortunately Peter had class with you and sat right next to you so you were stuck enduring his glares for an hour.


Time Skip to After School

“Y/n! Wait up!” Peter shouts at you as he jogs to catch up with you before you can get into your dad’s car.

“What Peter?” You huffed in annoyance.

“Can we talk?” He asks looking desperate. From his eyes you can see he had been crying earlier.

“I have to go I have a lot of homework.” You turn to get in the car but Peter grabs your arm stopping you.

“Please.” He begs.

“Parker, why don’t you come over for a bit I need to talk to you about some things?” Your father asks. Peter nods in agreement and you hop in the car and slam the door shut totally pissed that your dad has to interfere.

The car ride back to the compound is incredibly awkward and mostly silent. Once you arrive at the compound you throw your car door open and slam it shut running straight for your room.


Peter’s POV

We get back to the compound and Y/n jumps out of the car and runs into the house. Mr. Stark shoots me a dark glare.

“Alright Parker why the hell is going on with my kid?!” Mr. Stark growled at me.

“I don’t know I swear. She’s been distant the last couple weeks and today she flat out lied to me. We never lie to each other. It’s the one rule we have.” I reply slightly terrified from the glare he is sending my way.

“Did you give her those bruises?” He hisses barely controlling himself.

“No! Absolutely not! I just noticed them today at school on her abdomen and upper arms. She made up some bullshit story about tripping down some stairs. I would never hurt her Mr. Stark. I love her.” I can’t believe Mr. Stark would ever think that I would hurt Y/n. I could never harm her, she’s the best thing in my life and the only person who truly knows me.

“Then we need to figure out what’s wrong with our girl.” Mr. Stark replies and the two of us walk into the compound and towards Y/n’s room. Suddenly Y/n storms out of her room with some blonde lady chasing her.

“Y/n I thought you told him! He’s been calling everyone all day panicking and rallying the troops to figure out who’s hurting you!” The blonde woman yells.

“Carol I can’t tell them! They’ll make me stop! And I need to do this!” Y/n yells back then she whips around and sees me and her dad standing there and her jaw drops.



When you get to your room you slam the door shut and turn around to discover a very pissed off looking Carol Danvers sitting on your bed.

“Carol what are you doing here?” You ask slightly annoyed.

“I just found out that you were not entirely truthful with me regarding our training sessions.” She replies. I have had enough I turn and walk out of my room.

“Y/n I thought you told him! He’s been calling everyone all day panicking and rallying the troops to figure out who’s hurting you!” Carol shouts running after you.

“Carol I can’t tell them! They’ll make me stop! And I need to do this!” You yell back. When you turn around you see a very confused Peter and a very unhappy father staring back at you.

“Carol why are you here?” Tony asks her.

“Dad, Peter, the reason I have the bruises is because I’ve been training with Carol lately. I wanted to prove I could take care of myself and be strong.” You explain figuring you kinda have to come clean now.

“Now that you’ve told him I’ll be off.” Carol announces before shooting off to wherever she needs to be.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Peter asks.

“Because I knew you would tell my dad and I figured he would make me stop.” You reply guilt ridden. You broke the one rule Peter and you had. You lied to him.

“I wouldn’t have made you quite Y/n. I may not have been thrilled but I wouldn’t have made you quite. But do you have to work with Danvers? Why not Steve or Rhodes or hell me?” Your dad asks you.

“Because Carol is the best. If I can be trained by her I know I have the best chance and she doesn’t take it easy on me like your buddies would. She’s tough on me and I need it.” You explain.

“You can keep training with her but I want someone else in on the sessions to keep an eye on you.” Your father concedes knowing he wouldn’t win this battle.

“Fine. Can we have a moment?” You ask your father, motioning to Peter. Your dad rolls his eyes but walks out of the room leaving you alone with Peter.

“Why did you lie? We promised we would never lie.” Peter asks heartbroken.

“Peter I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I never should have lied to you. But this was really important to me.” You try and explain cupping his cheek in your hand.

“Do you think I can’t protect you?” He murmurs.

“I know you can protect me Peter! This isn’t about you. It’s about me and be as strong as I can be so you and my dad don’t worry about me so much and can worry about saving the world rather than me. I love you and I trust you but I need to be able to hold my own Peter.” You press a kiss against his lips and wrap your arms around his neck pulling him close.

When you break apart he looks practically giddy.

“What?” You ask slightly confused by his expression.

“You said you love me.” He giggles.

“I loooove you, Peter Parker!” You shout giggling.

“And I loooove you Y/n Stark!” Peter shouts back wrapping you up in his arms and twirling your around.

“Promise me something?” Peter asks when he sets you back down.


“No more lying.” He pleads.

“No more lying.” You promise him. Peter pull you in close and presses a soft kiss against your forehead.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too Peter.”

King Sized Dick

Starker Fic - Warning; Tony’s cheated and just a lot of angst with sad little Peter! Peter is of age, I’ve based it that he’d be a college at 19/20 so. Also it’s only a little short thing, I’ll write more similar if you guys like it? Anywho, please enjoy! Oh, and prompts are always welcome in my inbox!  

Peter hadn’t seen Tony in just over a week, every single day after the first he’s counted down. He’d gone out of town on a college trip to a bunch of museums, that at first sounded so exciting but then the idea of being away from his boyfriend… Well, not so exciting. It dawned on him a few days before where he curled up in Tony’s arms on their kind sized bed, whining about not wanting to go. Of course, Tony not wanting to hold him back from anything – including education – ushered the younger male along, said everything will be fine, it’ll be over before he knows it and they’ll be back curled up in that bed.

God, that king size held the most amazing memories for Peter. Their first time together, his first time ever. Every single night since has been amazing with Tony. How could it not be? Peter’s completely in love with the man. The slow, sensual moments shared between the couple, gentle, passionate kisses meant everything to Peter and they’ve been played on repeat through his brain the entire time he was away.

Tony was Peter’s first in everything, Peter hadn’t had a boyfriend before. They shared their first kiss one late night in Tony’s lab. Everything was just heaven with Tony, he was always so loving, even when he wasn’t, ever when they let things get a little too rough, Peter felt safe.

The coach journey home felt like the longest ride in Peter’s life, he had his headphones on, gazing out the window. How long has it been now?

Glancing down at his phone, he flicked on his screen. No new texts. Tony’s probably in the lab, so maybe that’s why he hadn’t text him back. Peter just turned his music up a little louder and let his head slowly roll back onto the headrest.

The next time Peter’s eyes are fluttering open, the couch has come to a steady stop outside his college, so he pushed his headphones off his ears so they fell around his neck and grabbed his phone. Still no new texts. He’s sure Tony promised to pick him up – “I’ll see you at the gates, baby, go, you’ll be late” – he remembers him muttering between quick kisses.

“You doing okay, Pete?” MJ asked, grabbing her rucksack and shrugging it over her shoulder.

Her hair is falling messily over her face, another sign of how damn long this coach trip has felt. Everybody looked at tired as they felt.

“Yeah just—” God, stop checking your phone, you look insane. “Yeah, fine.”

With a bag over his shoulder, Peter hopped down the coach steps and glanced around. Hm, maybe he’s just running a little late.

“Wanna catch a taxi with us?” Ned gave Peter a soft clap on the shoulder when he saw his friend glancing around.

“Um, no, it’s okay. Tony’s coming to get me, I’ll see you guys later, yeah?” The sweet smile on Peter’s lips was enough to convince his friends as they head towards the big black gates.

Peter leant there for what felt like hours, a currently dying mobile phone in his hand. He’s already sent Tony three texts with no response, he can’t text him again, but the walk back to their home isn’t the nicest.

Clicking onto his boyfriends’ number, he lets it ring out for a few seconds. A few seconds more tick along, the phone ringing out before it cuts off. He tried again; he doesn’t quite know what he’s hoping for because the phone just rings out again then cuts straight to answer machine.

“Hey, sorry can’t get to the phone. Don’t leave a message unless it’s life or death.” Tony’s husky voice chuckled, making Peter smile sheepishly.

“Hey – um, it’s Pete, don’t come pick me up if you get this, I’m gonna start walking home. Haven’t heard from you in like, forever… Love you, won’t be long.” Peter mumbled before hanging up and tucking his phone into his back pocket.

Walking home it is. Peter pulled his sleeves down to cover his fingers when the wind started to pick up and picked up his pace too, it’ll only take him twenty minutes if he really got a pace on. He convinced himself that Tony’s busy, he’s a busy man. Constantly working so Peter wouldn’t blame him if he’s tucked away in the lab, time just gets away with him in there.

Peter’s woken up some nights to Tony still not being in their bed. He’s gone downstairs to find Tony half asleep with his head resting on a counter top, tools in hand. He works too hard, but there’s no telling him, he loves his work.

The sun started to set just as Peter was rustling around in his pockets for his house keys, checking just once more to see if he’d got a text from Tony, then slots the key into the door and twisted until heard a little click.

“I’m home!” Peter’s voice was all sing song and soft as he shut the door behind him, letting his bag slowly fall from his shoulder onto the floor with a soft thud.

No response.

Next to come off was his coat, letting it fall on top of his rucksack before making his way further into their empty looking home.

“Tony?” Peter asked, peeking his head around into the kitchen. The entire home seemed too quiet, too still.

He tried the door to the lab but it’s locked.

Pushing the living room door open, Peter reached up to knock on the light switch. No Tony. No, no boyfriend but there were two glasses of Tony’s best whiskey on the coffee table. Maybe Rhodey came around for a drink, that would explain why Tony wasn’t answering his phone for sure.

Peter was just about to ring Tony again, because the uneasy feeling was starting to tickle through his stomach, twisting uncomfortably and making him feel uneasy when he heard a floorboard creak above his head, the master bedroom. The phone was quickly tossed aside and Peter made his way straight towards the stairs, that horrible feeling in his stomach rising up his chest and into his throat, making it difficult to swallow.

There’s another noise just as he started up to the stairs, a movement in the bed, a soft creak and a breathy groan makes Peter’s heart twist.

His hand rested on the door handle when he gets to the top of the stairs and something makes him stop, something completely glued Peter’s feet to the floor. It doesn’t feel right, Tony wouldn’t just ignore him, he wouldn’t.

“Tone, I’m home from- “The words caught in Peter’s throat when he twisted the handle, pushing the door open and he instantly feels like all the air is punched from him, his entire world seems to come to a screeching halt.

A young red headed boy  – probably around Peter’s age – was sprawled on his bed, legs wrapped around his boyfriend’s hips with his fingers tangled in his bedsheets. They’re both completely naked, Tony’s back towards him with his hips snapping at a sinful pace, making the little redhead beneath him squirm and cry out.

The next couple of seconds seem to spin around him in slow motion, because Peter can’t find it in him to move. His ears started ringing, loud and fuzzy, making his whole body feel floaty. Tony must have noticed him because there’s a blur of movement through Peter’s tearful gaze of the two scrambling apart, both stumbling for clothes.

“Baby, Petey, sweetheart,” Tony pleaded, but Peter only flinched at each pet word that let his lips.

Now Peter barely flinched when the redhead pushed past him, quick to remove himself from the situation as he ran down the stairs with shoes and shirt in his arms.


“You… You were supposed to pick me up.” Peter mumbled; voice numb as he bit back the bile that stirred up his throat.

“I…” Tony frowned, taking a small step closer.

He reached out, about to try and touch Peter’s shoulder, to pull him in closer and ramble a long list of apologises and reasons and anything to get him off the hook.

“Don’t!” Peter shrieked, jerking back. “Don’t… Don’t fucking touch me.”

Another silence.

“Who was he?” The boy questioned.

His voice doesn’t sound angry, in fact it’s choked through tears  and when he doesn’t get an answer he started to back away from Tony, straight out the bedroom and his legs finally manage to catch up as he jogged down the stairs.

“Where are you going? Please, I’m sorry!”

Peter can barely hear him through the pounding of his racing heart, stumbling just enough to the front door where he grabbed his rucksack with shaky hands.

“You can’t leave-“

“Was he good?”

“What?” Tony sighed. “Peter, don’t do that-“

“Don’t do what?” Peter bit down on his bottom lip to stop the sob but he still sniffled. “Was he? Am… Am I not enough anymore?”

Peter didn’t even want to hear the answer, he feels sick. His body is running hot then cold and he feels himself sob again when his eyes meet with his boyfriends.

“I… I loved you.” Peter whispered, tugging at the sleeves on his jumper before bringing the fabric to his lips, tugging nervously. “What did I do wrong?”

Of course, that’s where Peter’s poor mind goes first because maybe he’s not good enough. Maybe the lack of experience on his part was why Tony wanted to be with somebody else, somebody that really knew what they were doing. Somebody that didn’t need to be taught, or that could suck cock better than Peter had.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m the one who fucked it up, I’m- fuck, Peter, I love you, I don’t know- I mean…” Strong, callous hands collect Peter’s hands up tight together, taking them from his lips where he’s nibbling his shirt and pulling them close to Tony’s chest.

Peter grimaces, the flashing images of Tony touching somebody else, the sickening feeling of all those glorious memories of laughter and giggles, moaning and everything in between is completely torn apart with this new memory.

“Please get off me.” Peter’s voice is barely audible and Tony had the audacity to look hurt, really hurt when he slowly let go of his lovers’ hands, dropping his gaze. “I-I… I think I need to leave.”

That really hit a nerve because Tony’s head snapped up and all the colour seemed to drain from his face. Peter did everything to not look at him, he couldn’t else he knows he’d crumble. He’d fall back into Tony’s arms and let him convince him that everything’s going to be okay.

“No, no no, please-“ Tony begged, stepping closer. “Baby, please.”

Peter doesn’t speak, he doesn’t think he can because he’s using everything he’s got in him not to scream and cry and fall to the ground. His entire life feels like it’s falling around him and he can’t do anything to stop it.

Peter swung his bag over his shoulder and headed to the front door, it’s only a strong grasp on his wrist which stopped him. When Peter finally looked, Tony was almost on his knees, clinging to the younger male’s wrist in pure desperation.

“I fucked up, I know, I don’t expect everything to be perfect… I won’t – ever, but don’t leave me, Peter. You’re everything to me, I can’t lose you.” Tony practically begged, keeping the boy still with his grasp but not holding tight enough to hurt. “Please.”

Peter feels all the energy drain from him in that moment, his eyes searching over Tony’s face as he exhaled a shaky breath. The moment their eyes lock together, Peter felt his bottom lip quiver and he can’t hold it anymore, his knees practically go from under him and he started to cry, really cry. Tony’s there to catch him, letting him cry, not even trying to shush him.

“I’m sorry.” Tony repeated, letting Peter cling to him as he sobbed.

The poor thing was broken. Tony was the only thing in his life that ever felt stable, that felt like it was really his and now he didn’t even feel that anymore.

Strong arms slowly scoop Peter up, easing him into his arms and carrying him straight back up the stairs. Tony would have been stupid to take him to their room so he carried him straight to their guest bedroom.

“I-I’m sorry I… I went away,” Peter cried hopelessly, the sobs making his breathing catch in his throat and splutter. “I’m sorry I’m not good at everything and that I’m still learning and I’m- I’m so-sorry-“

“Shh, doll.” Tony sighed, gently resting him down on the double bed.

Peter couldn’t find it in him to say anything, he’s hiccupping through tears as his body curled up into a tight little ball. Tony doesn’t try and get any closer because he knows he doesn’t deserve that. He doesn’t deserve to have Peter cling to him like he’s saved him, he hasn’t. He’s the one who’s broken the kid.

“I love you, Pete.”

No response. Maybe Tony’s lost him.

thecheekydierection  asked:

Hi I'm looking for a long spidey son and Ironman fanfiction do you know any good ones that may contain mj as well?

You’re amazing! Don’t doubt that💙💚❤

Breakfast Batter and Cream

Peter—of consenting age—is playing little with Tony on Father’s Day.

The first thing Tony sees is the blue construction paper folded in half. A childlike Daddy is scrawled across the front in red crayon. Crooked little hearts fill the rest of the space.

Tony’s chest squeezes. He pushes up on his forearms, dragging from the soft shores of sleep. A yawn scrapes out as he reaches for the card, pinching the top of the crease so it falls entirely open against his hand.

I love you

Peter baby

And Peter is written in uppercase except for the t, which stands like a cross between the two e’s.

Tony touches the words and reads them again. He touches the drawing of him and the flowers and Peter. Now, instead of his heart, his belly cramps with emotion. When did Peter sneak away for this?

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