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A match into water // Pierce the veil

Headcanon that Harley comes up to New York to visit Tony once every few months just so that he can tinker in the lab and talk to Tony again (he’s convinced he is solely responsible for saving the president. Tony is adamant he was only accountable for 8% of the rescue-mission. After three days, five pizzas and two wrestling matches, they decide on a solid 30%).

And then he meets Peter one night, who has also swung by to pester Tony and play around in his lab, and before Tony knows it they’ve set up a sort of Deadly-Science-Kids-Alliance which involves inventing various sorts of projectiles. That they test, of course, on Tony himself.

He wonders, briefly, how the hell he ever ended up in this situation.

Then he gets a foam dart fired at him from across the room for the fourth fucking time in the past hour and quickly drops his train of thought in order to call his suit and have it out with the pesky little bastards once and for all.



Happy Trails to Daveed Diggs! (½)


Tony and Rhodey hid their relationship for years.

Rhodey had a future in the military, was the only place he really wanted to end up, and Tony had Obadiah breathing down his neck about shareholders, so they learned a lot of boundaries. Some things were okay in some spaces. Most spaces, they weren’t.

It was hard, when Rhodey would come home on leave and Tony wanted to kiss him silly, not having seen him in months. A part of him says he shouldn’t be doing that in front of Rhodey’s mom and sister anyways, but, hell, the straight military families are kissing up a storm, and he wants his turn.

It was hard, every time something went indisputably right and Tony just wanted to celebrate. The kind of kiss that leaves you breathless, knocks you off your feet. Shared, private smiles, filled with giddy glee. Instead, he gets private club rooms and strippers and champagne for days, drowning out the want.

It was undeniably hard that moment in the desert, when Tony wants to cry because he tried, he tried to keep hoping and moving, but some part of him worried he’d never see Rhodey again, and here he is, cracking broken jokes about the Fun-vee, and Tony just wants to collapse into him.

It’s hard when he’s dying. Not that Rhodey knows anyways, but Tony spends a lot of time, retooling his will and his legacy as a whole, and Rhodey’s getting stuff, he’s getting a lot, but it’ll be what a best friend gets. Tony will never get to tell the world how much he undeniably absolutely crazily loved James Rupert Rhodes.

February 2011 and Tony’s going to live and they’ve been testing the suits all day, high on adrenaline and giddy joy. Back down to street clothes, they might steal a kiss in plain view of the window. No one knows who started it. A picture gets taken. They can’t see Rhodey’s face, but Tony’s is obvious, and Tony practically ignores his own forcing out of the closet to throw money at lawyers to squash any rumors that the other party is Colonel James Rupert Rhodes.

September 2011, and suddenly the world tilts on its axis. Tony’s elbow-deep in the armor when Rhodey tells him the news. DADT, repealed, it’s official and it’s real and it’s not just talk anymore. And Rhodey gets this look in his eye, the stubborn look people like to pretend he doesn’t have–like Tony’s the only stubborn one–that Tony loves, and says he should set a good example now.

So they go on dates. They go to restaurants and hold hands across the table and Tony doesn’t even bother trying to get them a booth in the back. They go to the Italian bakery and Rhodey smooshes cannoli cream on Tony’s face. They kiss in Central Park and dance together at parties and, finally, next time Tony’s getting honored with an award, he shows up, sober and clean and ready, and reads his acceptance from carefully prepared cards. He’d like to thank his partner, the love of his life, Colonel James Rhodes.

Innuendos + Bonus Chat

Pairing: Steve x Reader


A Steve x reader where Tony makes really bad innuendos and Steve and the reader are to innocent to know what they mean

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Bruce, Y/N, Steve, Scott, T'Challa, Rhodey, Peter.

Tony: Dinner tonight, all of us? I can make reservations at Rhodey’s favorite restaurant.

Scott: The one that spins?!

Tony: Yes, Scott. The one that spins.

Scott: I love that one! The waiting list is booked,  it would take months before we can eat there!

Tony: Oh, honey. When you’re a billionaire, you don’t need to wait.

T'Challa: And if they make us wait, I will just buy the restaurant. #RicherThanStark

Tony: … Who uses hashtags in a chat?!

T'Challa: #ObviouslyNotYou

Peter: I would love to come but… I have to study for a test tomorrow.

Tony: Aw c'mon kid, we haven’t seen each other in weeks! T'Challa just got back from Wakanda, Scott is finally free, and Steve and Y/N just returned from their 4 week long mission.

Bruce: Yeah, we miss you all!

Tony: Just one night! You’re smart, Peter. You’ll do fine in your test.

Peter: I guess…

Rhodey: #BadDad

T'Challa: #TonySucksAtParenting

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honestly what the fuck is this band lmao

The Balcony

A/N: this is just a little thing I whipped up while watching Moana. It probably has a bunch of typos but yea..

Warnings: None

Word Count: 518

You were beginning to regret come here tonight. Tony had promised that Steve and Bucky were going to be gone at least through the week, but when the two soldiers walked through the door dressed to the nine’s, you knew that either Tony lied or they came without telling Tony they were.

And knowing Tony, you guessed it was the first one.

As you watched the two men, you noticed Bucky make his way through the crowd towards you.

Your quickly looked down at you glass, hoping that he didn’t notice your staring. As you watched the people on the dance floor, you heard him clear his throat behind you.

Taking a deep breath you looked at Bucky, meeting the blue eyes you used to know so well.

“Hi Bucky,” you said after you took the last drink from your cup, observing the way his eyes roamed over you.

“Doll,” He greater you taking you hand and placed a feather like kiss, but not releasing you hand “it’s been a while.” He said looking at you with an emotion you couldn’t quite place.

Nodding in agreement you looked at the man in front of you, you looked at the balcony near you and smiled “Want to get some fresh air?” You asked him.

Nodding he gripped you hand tighter and led you through the small crowd in front of your destination. Opened the sliding doors the two of you slipped out into the cool air, not saying anything for a few minutes.

“I missed you.” You said as the two of you watched the cars below you guys.

“I missed you too, Doll. It’s been hell without you.” He said as his hand slid across the railing and gripped you hand in his

Tightening his grip on your hand, he pulled you away from the balcony. Bucky grabbed you other hand he held you close to him.

A deep sigh came from the brunet as the two of you leaned closer.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked, as you nose brushed against his.

With a nod from you, he closed the gap between you two and gently pressed his lips against yours.

You quickly returned the kiss, moving your hands to the base of his neck, grasping the hair by your hands. When you pulled away for a breath, you let out a small chuckle.

“Remind me why we broke up?” You asked breathlessly as you looked at Bucky, his eyes bright in the moonlight.

“Because I’m an idiot,” He laughed nudging his nose against yours. “Would you give me a second chance?” He asked looking at you with hopeful eyes.

Nodding you let out a small laugh “let’s start with lunch, yea?” You asked him pulling away a but to create a small space between the two of you.

And when Bucky nodded and pulled you in for a hug, you gladly returned it, the cologne he was wearing engulfing your nose.

It was at this moment you realized how much you missed your solider and now… you don’t plan on letting him go any time soon.

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Imagine: Being Tony’s favorite vigilante

Originally posted by tonystarkz

Tonight had been a hard night, you’ve got scraps beyond belief and you’re just exhausted. You lay on a rooftop seemingly safe from danger. Suddenly, you hear light foot steps and panic sets in, you’re too sore to move. You still can’t fathom what happened next, the Black Widow appeared in your vision.

“Hey there soldier,” Natasha smiled at you.

You looked around seeing who she could possibly referring to then you realized, its you. Natasha laughed at the shock on your face and extended her hand out to help you up.

“uh, thanks..” you said, very unsure of what was actually happening.

“By the way, I formally go by [Y/N].. ya know when I’m not being a vigilante.”

“Well, [Y/N], How would you like to join the Avengers?”

You once ajar mouth now gapes. You blink more than usual to see if this was some kind of dream.

“Does the pope take holy craps? Heck yea!” You jump up and down and do a little victory dance. Natasha just laughs and takes you by the hand. One moment your on a rooftop then you’re on the famed quinjet standing in front of the avengers.

“H-Hi..” you do a shy wave.

Everyone politely waves back but Tony Stark comes forward to examine you.

“Are you the Casquette? I admire your technique and technology! I’m dying to know, what does ‘casquette’ mean?” 

“uh thanks, I admire literally everything you do, casquette is french for casket, what they bury the dead in.”

Tony just nods excitedly, takes your hand and leads you to a seat so he can interrogate you further.

“Tell me everything!

In the background you hear Bruce whisper to Steve, “I’ve never seem him that interested in one of the recruits before.”

You can already tell that you’ll like it here in the avengers, it’s nice not to be alone.


“Tony and Bucky were still grinning stupidly at each other, although they’d moved enough to link their fingers together.”

And then they moved a little more after the end ;) 

This is my part of the WinterIron Mini Bang, for @rothwen’s fic, And They Don’t Have a Clue, a really adorable “everyone thinks you are a couple except for you? How???” fic and you should absolutely read it! :D The other artist was @neutralchaos915 and you really need to check out her piece of art! Because it really makes you wonder how blind two people in love can actually be.