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*Tease* (Part Four)

NSFW obviously. Tony/Steve this time. Yoga and mirrors and sweat. Steve gets a little frisky.


Enjoy :)


Steve was working out. Again, of course, because Bucky was gone out on a scouting mission, and Tony always threatened to drop Steve’s “all American ass” for some “winter booty” if Steve slacked on his squats.

So Steve had done his squats. And his inverted sit ups because Tony liked his abs. And now he was doing push ups, partly because they were easy, partly because he knew Tony liked to watch and Tony was due in the gym for his daily yoga session with Natasha.

Sure enough, within five minutes Natasha had walked into the gym, followed closely by Tony who was lugging his favorite old school stereo over his shoulder and laughing at something Nat said.

Then he looked over and saw Steve doing push ups and tilted his head in interest before sending Steve one of those slow smiles that always made him weak.

“Hey Babe.” Tony jogged over and bent down to press a lingering kiss to Steve’s lips. “You look great. You gonna be around for a little bit?”

“Got a few sets on the weights to do.” Steve said, standing up and wrapping an arm around Tony to kiss him longer. “I’ll be around.”

“Oh good.” Tony’s eyes were sparkling and he stood on his toes to kiss Steve again. “Bucky’s gone so maybe you and I can spend some time—”

“Tony!” Natasha called. “Get your nam-ass-te over here!”

“I love you.” Tony whispered against Steve’s lips and Steve sighed a little.

“I love you too, honey.”

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I was watching Frequency (the TV show, not the movie, but same premise) and thinking that if there’s not already a Steve/Bucky Frequency AU, there really, really should be.

Something along the lines of:

Tony gives Steve the radio when he passes back through New York, because Pepper’s been advocating “thoughtful gifting,” (by which she means “gifts you don’t memo me to choose, buy and wrap, Tony, I’m not your PA,”) and because Bruce found it when they were clearing out the lab after a particularly virulent acid infestation. (Combining acids and single-celled - more like single-minded - organisms may not have been their best idea.)

Anyway, Tony lugs the radio out for Steve, dusts it off and checks that it still works, then hands it over. “Dad always said he built this for the war,” Tony tells Steve, patting the enormous box fondly on its side, rubbing the crayon formula for creating a more efficient receiver he’d doodled on the radio when he was five. “Maybe you can use it to communicate with other Great War veterans trapped in the past, reliving their golden years.”

(It’s possible, given Steve’s blank face and the tic in his jaw, that Bruce was right and Tony should have stuck with a duller, more impersonal speech, such as “Here, I thought you might like this. You’re welcome.”)

Steve takes the radio to DC. He sets it up in the spare room, remembers Howard tinkering with a mass of wires and tubes in the London bunker surrounded by the smell of singed hair and musty concrete damp. Remembers Dum Dum complaining about carrying the damn thing out of airplanes and up mountains, Gabe bent over it and radioing in their position from a mountaintop in the Alps. Remembers sliding down an icy cable; remembers the train.

He turns the radio on at two am, because it’s either that or sleep, and at least the radio won’t leave him hoarse and shivering, knuckles bruised where he’s flung his hand out over the side of the bed and slammed into the hardwood floor.

The radio hisses and hums, buzzes disconcertingly for a minute before giving way to a burst of static and a man’s urgent voice.

“Howie? Howie, you asshole, if you hung up on me to make time with Laura again, I will crush your balls in a goddamn vise. Howie?”

“Sorry,” Steve says, gripping the table, because maybe Tony’s right, that voice does sound trapped in time, the cadence of it nothing like the world’s voice in 2012. “I think you’re on the wrong channel. This is Steve.”

Steve?” the voice responds, after a moment, sounding far more irritated than Steve figures is fair, since he’s not the one castigating an absent Howie. “Steve, you punk, you’re supposed to be debriefing Carter, not fucking around on the radio! Howie’s never going to be able to meet the train tomorrow if you don’t let me tell him our coordinates.”

Steve shoves the radio away, pushes his chair backwards and nearly tumbles onto the floor. One of Tony’s pranks, he thinks, frantically checking for wires or cameras or anything that might be plastered with Tony Stark’s patented smirk, but there’s nothing there, and pretending to be Steve’s dead best friend isn’t really Tony’s style.

“… Bucky?” he finally whispers, creeping back toward the radio, hovering over it, afraid if he touches it all this will somehow disappear. Afraid to hit the switch and wake up to the buzz of his alarm.

“Were you expecting the Pope?” Bucky snaps, and Steve needs to sit down, tries to drop into the chair he’d shoved across the room and winds up collapsing onto the varnished, bruising wood of the floor.

(”Don’t go,” Steve begs, once they’ve exchanged skepticism for disbelief for shock. “Don’t go on that train - tell me no, tomorrow. Tell me you can’t.” But there’s always a price to pay in the future, when you change the past.)

was reading this list of prompts by @kurooozora and immediately fell in love with the prompt “Person A and B are best friends, always will be, and super close, so when someone asks them if they’re together, they just look at each other, shrug and answer ‘Yeah, why not.’” 


“Good morning, beloved,” Tony says casually one morning upon seeing Steve come in the communal kitchen, his hair in a state of disarray. In the years of knowing him, Tony quickly found out that Captain America wasn’t a morning person. Today was one of the many days Steve decided to sleep in, since he now gets to have breakfast with all of the other Avengers instead of waking up early, going for a run and making breakfast for them.

Steve grunts in reply, which is good enough for Tony since Steve makes a beeline for Tony who’s making coffee by the kitchen counter, wrapping his arms around him from behind and rests his chin on Tony’s shoulder, humming when one of Tony’s hands comes up and gently pets his hair.

“Did a director of a sitcom forget to tell us they were shooting an episode?” Clint asks, and snickers when Steve reaches around and throws an orange at Clint before resuming his position, nuzzling Tony’s neck with his chin.

“Okay, stop, you big lug, you’re tickling me,” Tony says as he jokingly shoved Steve aside. “Go sit, I’ll make you breakfast.”

“Thank you,” Steve murmurs, pressing a kiss onto Tony’s hair before taking his usual seat at the far end of the table.

Tony got busy making eggs and bacon after that, and while he waited for it to cook, he poured Steve a glass of juice, Steve mumbling “Thank you,” as he brought his glass up to his mouth, his other hand grazing Tony’s upper arm briefly.

After it was done, Tony placed Steve’s plate in front of him, unaware of the eyes trained on the both of them. Tony took his usual seat, next to Steve, watching Steve eat as he sipped his coffee with an easy smile.

Clint pretends to gag, “You’re like a housewife, Stark, oh my fucking-“

“Shush,” Natasha says, slapping the back of Clint’s head, with a small smile she says, “leave them be.”

Clint rubs the back of his head as he scowls at Tony who grins innocently, but then his attention was all back on Steve as he stood up, placed his plate in the sink.

“Gym?” Tony asks, leaning into Steve as he threads his fingers through thick brown hair.

Steve hums, “Be back soon,” he says after he places a kiss onto Tony’s hair.

“You know what,” Clint says after a couple moments of silence from the whole team. “I think I miss the circus.”

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Brave | Tony Stark

Imagine request: your Peter Parker’s older cousin and you drop in to say hello to May and Pete, but you find Tony Stark sitting on the couch. Despite the rather awkward but comical meeting, you speak with Peter and Tony about the battle coming and offer your help since you’ve got powers along with martial art training. 

Pairing: Tony Stark + Civil War

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (with elements from X-Men)

AN: this is my first request, how exciting! I really hope y’all enjoy! ps. requests are open y’all.

It felt strange being back in New York City, one of the craziest cities in the entire world but it was just home to her. The young woman had grown up in the streets of Queens, surrounded by kids with mean sneers and cruel words. Y/N had learned from a very young age how to take care of herself and even back then, the boys in her street knew not to mess with her. With hard and long afternoons, sweating and bruising in the city’s best martial art classes, she learned skills that would take her far in life. With a keen eye for causing trouble, her life took a turn when puberty hit. Y/N changed for the better when powers started to manifest within her and she was deemed something the world called a mutant. With these powers to heal her body and others, she was recruited by men that promised her hope. Her parents, May and Ben Parker had said their farewells as the girl went upstate to learn her powers in a safe community with other mutants. 

That was years ago and with a few trips back down to New York over the years, she was finally home. Her training was complete, her powers at full strength and her abilities mastered. Y/N truly was glad to be home, ready to see her mother’s smiling face and her younger cousin’s surprised expression when he found her standing in the doorway. Despite the cheerful homecoming, the very first thing she did was buy a New York churro, something she had truly missed while living upstate, far away from the busy city life. For a long hour, she sat in Central Park people watching and remembering her childhood before her powers manifested and before her father passed away. Things had been much easier back then, but she survived the hard years because she had something deep within her soul, her bravery. 

The sun was almost setting when she finally made it to Queens and a familiar apartment building, carrying a duffle bag and a quick smile. She hurried up the stairs, the elevator too slow, and knocked twice. It was not a long wait and when the door flung open, she was gripping her mother’s small frame and squeezing her eyes shut. 

“Y/N, hello! I didn’t know you were coming. When did you get back? Are you staying? Oh my, you’ve grown so much. You’re so beautiful. Do you want some walnut dates?” May Parker had always been quite chatty, but today, words just poured from her mouth at the very sight of her daughter, now twenty-six years old. 

The woman grinned, adoring her mother’s voice and happy attire. Quickly, she was piling into the living room, her eyes scanning over the framed family photos on the walls and the little knickknacks her family had collected over the years. Suddenly, her duffle bag was dropping to the floor, her mouth slightly popping open as her eyes landed on Tony Stark sitting on her mother’s couch. She knew very much about the man sitting in front of her, maybe too much. He was a man of power, wealth and wits. He was the famous Iron Man and had fought many battles in the past with his group of Avengers. But before she could open her mouth to say something to him, Peter Parker was hurrying towards her, arms wide open and pulling her in for a warm and very strong hug. 

“Pete, you’re crushing me.” Y/N whispered quietly so her mother and their house guest could not hear. A few months ago, Peter had been bitten by a radioactive spider and given great powers. He had been running around New York saving people and playing hero but he was staying safe with his hero activities thankfully. She was the very first person he had told, a little too excited he had gotten heroes and they shared something in common. 

Peter was pulling away, cringing slightly. Sometimes, a lot of the time, he got over excited. “Oh, sorry! I sometimes forget…you know, the strength.” His last words were quiet, not wanting his aunt to hear him. “I’m just so glad you’re back. We’ve got winter break coming up and we could do so many things! Wait, you are staying this time, right?” 

Y/N had come back to the city a few times for short stays, never more than a few days. It was always hard on both May and Peter when she had to leave again. “I’m here for good, don’t worry.” She smiled down at him, frowning with how tall he had grown since last time. 

Suddenly, Tony was clearing his throat. “Sorry to interrupt such a warming family reunion, but would I be able to speak with the kid alone? Won’t be two minutes.” Despite the handsome grin on his face, eyes skimming over her body, her stomach twisted. There could be only be one reason Tony Stark had come all the way to Queens. 

“Mum, could you make us some tea?” Y/N was suddenly turning towards her mother, her voice quite sweet. Her mother nodded, getting up from her seat and smiling widely at the three of them. 

Quickly, N/Y was storming towards Tony, a new courage in her chest. She did not know this Tony Stark man but he was not about to snatch her cousin away from her, not on her watch. “Care for a word, Iron Man?”

He was frowning slightly, a little taken back by her forward nature. But with a large amount of interest, he was nodding. The three of them piled into Peter Parker’s tiny room, the door slamming shut behind them. Y/N was already turning towards Tony, strength shining in her eyes. “I know why you’re here and let me just say, Peter is not a toy you can bribe. He’s not a tool to use to your advantage for whatever battle you’ve got coming. He’s my cousin. He’s my family. I know who Peter is, okay? I’ve known he is Spider-Man before he stared gracing the streets and getting attention from men like yourself.” The woman heaved in a breath, “But he won’t go with you, wherever you think you’re going. I don’t let him stay alone with strangers and not with strangers that plan on entering a battlefield. He’s fifteen and I’m his family and I’ll fight for him until my last breath. Do you understand, Mr. Stark?”

The room was deadly quiet. Peter was almost cringing with her over protectiveness. He loved her dearly, but if Tony Stark wanted his help, he wanted to help whatever battle was looming. He wanted to help the world. Tony Stark watched Y/N with fascination, he had not expected her to say those words with such honestly and courage. He couldn’t help but see a wildness to her, something powerful in her eyes. Something he wanted to see again. He was quite amused with her, that was for sure. “Nice and blunt, huh? I like that in my women.” He grinned, swinging his glance back at Peter. “Cut to the point, shall we? I need him to go to Germany with me. He’s a brave kid, must get that from you. But he’s my best chance and he’s good, yeah? I need his help. The world needs his help.”

Peter was smiling softly, rather proud he was being spoken so highly of in that moment. He was just a kid, trying to help a few people in his city. But now, he could actually be a real hero. An avenger. If his cousin let him go. “Y/N can come too! She’s got powers and mad skills in martial arts. She’s super lethal. We could use that kind of strength.” Words were falling from his mouth, trying his hardest to sway Tony Stark’s mind. 

Y/N was glaring across at both boys. She could not believe Tony Stark was standing in this bedroom and asking a kid to join his team and she couldn’t believe Peter had outed her powers in front of him and tried to rope her into along with it all. “Oh, no. Not happening.” She hissed out.

Tony sighed, “Alright, your bodyguard can come with you, Peter. But first you need to show us what you can do and you have to promise to behave.” He went on, heavy gaze back on her.

She was already shaking her head, her mind made up. But when her eyes landed on her cousin, seeing how he looked across at her with sad eyes. She knew he wanted to be a hero, a real one. She loved him like a brother and wanted him happy. Maybe, if she went with him, it wouldn’t be so bad? She could look after him and make sure he stayed safe. With a slight smile, she was lugging for Tony. The room was so small and she acted so quickly, he didn’t have time to think or respond. His body went backwards, hitting the mattress at and an awkward angle, her hands gripping around his torso and twisting slightly. He was pinned under her and with a quick flick of her wrist, she was bending his own hand backwards, hearing a sharp snap. Tony let out a gasp, already about to question why the hell she had broken his wrist when his eyes soaked in the warm yellow glow seeping from her open palm. Quickly, the pain was easing and his broken bone was healed. He stared up at her, watching with such interest and admiration. She was truely something else. She was powerful, strong and damn right brave

“I want a first class ticket. A room upgrade and Peter gets to film the whole thing.” Y/N smirked down at him, rather enjoying how he looked pinned underneath her. “Is that a deal, Iron Man?”

Tony did not try and move, quite pleased having her loom over him, her legs spread around his hips. He truly was enchanted by her. “Yes, you’ve got a deal. Now, how about we add a dinner to sweeten the deal?”

“We’ll see.” 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a tony and bucky fic about one of then taking care of the other? Just like making a meal together or sharing popcorn on the couch while watching a movie?

I can, and I did. I changed the movie thing a bit to make it more intimate cuz I’m a huge sap. Also, this is from an outsider POV because that’s just how it happened, idk.

This is my first time writing WinterIron be gentle with me lol (Cross posted at Ao3)


Bucky was in the kitchen standing in front of the stove when Steve came back from showering. He noticed the plate of bacon and eggs next to Bucky and goes to grab some.

Only for his hand to get smacked by a spatula.

“Ow! Buck, what the hell?!”

“Mornin’, Stevie,” Bucky replies with a smile. “You can have the next batch. That one is taken.”

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mintful  asked:

More tony/peter headcanons please 💕 And i just imagined one of the avengers praised his webbing or somethin and it turned into a long explanation about how it works and all xD

  • Omfgggg one of the Avengers praising Peter on his webbing casually, like a passing compliment, and Peter just word vomits at them. The Avenger standing there in growing horror as Peter launches into this long-winded explanation complete with hand gestures and science terms. The kid barely stops long enough to breath, and doesn’t stop until Tony puts a gauntlet over his mouth and physically shuts him up. The Avenger sighs in relief, and Peter sheepishly removes Tony’s hand and apologises and squirms in embarrassment. But Tony is like, “Eh, I used to do that too when I was your age. You’ve just gotta learn how to turn the excited babbling into intelligent, snarky babbling that makes you look awesome. It comes with age, kid.” And Peter stops feeling so bad about himself.
  • Peter and Tony don’t really expect to grow really close after CACW, but they do. Somehow, they keep getting drawn together to protect NYC. Peter starts texting Tony when he has a problem with a villain, and Tony tries to emotionally distance himself but he can’t. He finds himself growing more and more attached until he’s regularly checking up on Peter and helping out. And Peter has this void that Uncle Ben’s left, and Tony is nothing like Uncle Ben, but he’s there. He’s there. He’s reassuring. Somehow, they find themselves as really close friends, until Tony is this mash of rich, snarky uncle/superhero colleague/friend/father figure/mentor and they’re too tangled up in one another. 
  • Tony refers to Peter as ‘the protege’ in his head until one day he accidentally blurts it out. Turning to get Peter’s attention, whistling sharply and barking out, “Oi, protege, get your butt over here.” And Peter is all flustered and excited and pleased, and Tony doesn’t acknowledge his slip and moves on. But it comes out more and more. Tony talking to the other Avengers, like, “Have you seen my asshole protege around? He programmed Dum-E to flip me off and I need to throw him off a building.” Or introducing Peter to people: “This is Peter, my tiny protege. Peter, this is Pepper, our resident dictator. Do not cross her if you wish to live.”
  • Also? Pepper ‘what the actual fuck when did you acquire a superhero child TONY’ Potts is so, so tired.
  • I love the idea of Tony lugging Peter around. Not just teaming up and talking during their superheroes lives, but hanging out during their regular lives, too. Tony gets called into SI for some emergency and Peter makes to leave, but Tony is like, “Nope. No. If I have to suffer this, so do you, this is your punishment for doing that reckless thing yesterday that almost got you killed and gave me a heart attack.” Tony punishing his teenage protege by dragging him into Stark Industries (aka the place Peter’s dreams are made of, omfg). 
  • So Tony brings this random 15yo into SI. He probably puts him to work too. Everything from letting him fiddle in the labs with proper scientists to fetching everyone coffees to being Tony’s secretary when he realises his old one quit. Pepper is in another state, so she doesn’t get to witness Peter in the same jeans and mathletes shirt he went to school in, clipboard in hand, ushering confused businessmen around the office. Everyone is confused and Tony tells them Peter’s doing a paid internship for extra credit, and Peter is like, “I am?” And Tony stops. Considers it. And decides, “Yeah, actually. You are.” And that’s how Peter accidentally acquires an internship at his favourite company and gets kind of treated like the ‘boss’s son’ by the entire building, even though technically Pepper is their boss, and Peter is not Tony’s son, for the last time, guys
Tangled up in Webs: Final

(Really quickly, I would like to thank everyone who read this series, it’s been so fun and you guys are just the best!… Seriously)

Warnings: None, Spoilers (???)

Pairing: Spider-man x reader, Peter Parker x reader

Summary: You are one of the Avengers hiding in Wakanda. Being the youngest and the only one with a secret identity, you are sent to New York to be undercover in Queens. You’re supposed to be focused on the mission- but then a distraction pops into your life. Well- more like swings.


Pt 2:

Pt 3:

Pt 4:

You awoke to the sound of sirens.

The first thing you realized was how awful you felt. Your head felt like it was floating, and you couldn’t feel anything below you neck. Your fingers twitched and rubbed against thin leather. The lungs inside of your body took in air- but doing so felt labored. You shook, the next few breaths feeling no better. 

The (e/c) orbs behind your eyelids slowly revealed themselves, as you blinked steadily in the dark.

A line of text rolled across your line of sight.



You shook, hands gripping tight to the sheet you were wrapped in.

You were dying. 

Trembling, you weakly pawed at the sheet, trying to look at the damage.

“Hey- woah, woah (F/n). Calm down. Don’t move.” Tony appeared above you, holding down your arms as you shook, trying to get you to stay still.

You looked up at Tony, eyes wide and glassy.

“What’s-” you croaked, voice faltering as blood fell from your mouth.

“Don’t talk. You’re going to be fine.” Tony told you, shifting your head back into a comfortable position. Instead of talking, your eyes darted around and took in your surroundings.

 You were in the back of a small black car, propped across the backseat. Common sense slowly returning, you looked down and knew exactly what was under the sheet you were wrapped in. 

You looked back up at Tony, trying to be brave.

It didn’t work- you looked terrified.

And it broke Tony’s heart.

“(F/n), you are going to be okay.” He insisted, brown eyes beginning to look far away and misty.

“What happened… Peter,” your eyes widened, “where’s Peter?” You croaked weakly as you tried to sit up. This only resulted in more pain and you collapsed back on the seat.

 Tony cursed and leaned forward. He lifted the sheet off of you and saw that the bundle of cloth he had pressed to your stab wound was completely soaked in blood. Tony muttered a string of curses and turned around, trying to find something else to stop the bleeding.

 Not seeing anything around, Tony shrugged his black jacket off of his shoulders and turned it inside out. Tony tossed aside the blood soaked rags and pressed the jacket to the wound, wincing when he heard you cry out.

“Listen (F/n). Peter is fine. I texted him on his spider-shooter thingy, so if he comes he comes. But right now we need to get you to the Quinjet." 

You looked at Tony, confused.

"Rodgers and the others are here to get you, but we have to get you to them quietly. The government knows who you are now, and are looking for you.” Tony explained, tying the bundle of sweatshirt to your body with a piece of the sheet. 

You nodded slowly, trying to digest what Tony was telling you.  

Of course Peter had beaten Kraven. You never doubted that he wouldn’t. Even when you hadn’t known who he was, you had always thought Spider-man was impressive. So when you found out he and Peter were one and the same- your faith in him had skyrocketed.

But you still had to worry about what Kraven said earlier- that had a diversion. All of his super villain friends are now loose.

Good job (F/n).

If only you could have done better.

 Then you wouldn’t be in this situation.

 You and Tony road in silence for the next few minutes, the only thing that passed between each other were the hand squeezes Tony would give you if you started to drift off. And you would drift off a lot.

After what felt like an hour, the car jolted to a stop.

“Sir, the Avengers are waiting on the top floor of this building.” Friday said. You crinkled your eyebrows, realizing that Friday had probably been the one driving this whole time.

“Top floor? They’re going to make me carry you that far?” Tony muttered, unbuckling you from your seat. You blinked hazily, unable to respond in any other way.

“Okay, (F/n). Hold on, you’re almost there.” Tony told you, checking your pulse quickly before scooping you up in his arms. Tony strained, backing out of the car slowly. 

“Geez (F/n), you look tiny- but I forgot what you’re made out of.” He grunted, hefting you in his arms as he made his way onto the sidewalk. Tony looked around, making sure that he entered the building unseen. A car streaked by, spraying water onto the sidewalk- and all over Tony.

He scowled, but took the quickly passing car as an okay to get into the building. Tony kicked the car door shut and headed for the door.

It was locked.

Tony cursed and then pulled down on his metal braclet. A mini repulsor formed on his palm, which he immediately pointed at the dark door.

Inside the building the door came flying off its hinges and then crashed into the wall. Tony nodded and made his way inside, automatically beginning to look for a way upstairs. You passed in and out consciousness, trying hard not to lose yourself. Tony paced through the building, looking for anything that looked like stairs or an elevator.

He found a dumbwaiter.

Tony braced himself, taking a deep breath as he walked over to the dusty, old metal contraption. He shifted you to one side, freeing one of his arms.

Using his free arm, Tony shot the lock on the dumbwaiter. Dust flew, metal scattering through the air. The metal door creaked as Tony pulled, grating on your ears.

Tony stared inside, skeptical. Your head lolled against his shoulder, the jacket slowly seeping blood into his shirt.

Tony looked down at you, noticing the red fluids.

“Okay (F/n), I’m gonna get you inside this thing. Hold on for just a second.” Tony grunted, slipping you inside the dumbwaiter carefully. You groaned softly, the sound barely over the volume of a whisper. Tony laid you up against the back of the contraption and slid next to you, knees bending uncomfortably.

“Going up.” Tony muttered, grabbing the metal rope to pull up the dumbwaiter. Tony began to pull down, the old machine slowly rising. Your head sagged against the metal, slipping down inch by inch. Tony looked back at you, knowing you had little time before you passed out. There wasn’t anything he could do. The only thing Tony could do was get you away from here as fast as he could.

It seemed like centuries, but Tony finally got you both to the top.

Quickly exiting the dumbwaiter, he turned and began to slip you out. As the billionaire did so, red and blue lights flashed through the dingy windows, spreading across the floor. Tony cursed and sloppily traded caution for speed as he lugged you out of the dumbwaiter and into his arms.

The authorities were closing in quick.

Really quick.

As Tony hefted you across the floor and realized no one was there to meet the two of you, panic began to build in his chest.

They were supposed to be here.

They were supposed to get you out of here.

Where were the Avengers?

Tony’s eyes darted around the dark, abandoned floor, chest rising and falling rapidly.

You were bleeding out.

If you didn’t get help soon-


He turned, arms beginning to ache from carrying your weight. From an unseen door in the room, stepped Steve Rodgers.

Tony tensed, tired arms tightening around your limp body.

The last time he had seen Steve face to face.

He could still feel the cold of that day.

The red, white, and gray all mixed together- it had been so dark. Tony had thought- after all that..

But there he was, still perfect and noble as always.

Tony hated it.

“Rodgers.” Tony said unsteadily, voice low and cautious. Steve nodded, face looking like it was set in stone- immovably grave. His blue eyes darted down to the unmoving shape in his estranged teammate’s arms. Steve’s mask broke when he figured it out- you were the unmoving lump.

“(F/n). Is she…”

“Not dead. Not yet.” Tony said quickly, ignoring the panging ache in his chest, “Here. Take her- my arms are getting tired.”

Steve moved forward and easily shifted you from Tony’s grip into his. If it hadn’t been so tense, Tony would have made a joke the differencing of difficulties between him and the supersoldier. Your pale face sagged, resting against Steve’s chest. He looked down at you, heart heavy.

“Natasha with you guys now?”

Steve looked away from you, gaze focusing on Tony.

“Yeah. We picked her up once we heard she got out. She’s fine. Everyone’s doing fine.” Steve explained, still managing to smile despite the circumstance. Tony nodded, looking down at the floor.

“Good. That’s good. The ship on the roof?”

“They’re just waiting for me.”

Tony nodded, keeping his eyes anywhere but Steve. He shoved one hand into his pocket and looked back and the dumbwaiter.

“Tony-” Before Steve could even begin to speak his mind, a red and blue shape hopped through the window, landing hard on the old wood floor.

“Wait-wait, Mr. Stark! I…” Spider-man scrambled to his feet, stumbling as he went.

“Where’s (F/n)- where is she? You said…” Peter trailed off,gaze landing on the one person who was running through his brain at super-speed.

“(F/n)?..” Spider-man’s walk had slowed to a heavy stumbling, getting slower as he neared you.

“She’s okay. For now.” Steve assured him, still a little confused about what he was doing here.

Peter looked up, mechanical eyes wide and concerned.

“Where are you taking her- has she been Arsenal this whole time?” Peter asked, voice cracking when he tried to say your code-name.

How hadn’t he seen it before?

He should have- all of it made sense now. Your devout interest in Spider-man and Kraven, your uncanny strength… And you had even gotten hurt when you had been hit by the water balloon.

Peter really was an idiot.

“Kid- (F/n) can’t stay here. She has to go.” Tony said, one hand falling onto Peter’s shoulder to dry and drag him away.

“Go where?”

“She has to go somewhere where she’s safe. I’m sorry.”


“How long?” Peter asked, hands falling from out in front of him. Tony looked at Steve.

“I don’t know.” Steve decided, face grim. Peter cursed under his breath, holding in all the emotions swimming around in his head.

“Well, can I-”

Suddenly, a small object came crashing through a window on the left. Steve reacted the fastest and kicked the object, punting it across the room and into the dumbwaiter. Peter webbed the door shut and then a millisecond later heard a muffled explosion.

“Well that was close.” Peter said, still on edge, like he was expecting another concussion bomb to get thrown through the window. Seeing nothing else coming, he turned to try and find you.

But Captain America was gone.

You were gone.


“Ew, Bucky that looks disgusting.”

“Yeah man, throw that away.”


The first thing you woke up to was bickering.

Of course.

You were laying on some kind of bed, blankets resting over you. You shifted, hands curling into fists against the sheets. There was a pain in your abdomen- but you couldn’t quite place it and your mouth felt like it was made of sandpaper.

Hesitantly, you opened your eyes.

The lighting in the room was less harsh than you had thought it would be, natural light streaming in from the wall of windows to your right. If you had tried to move your head you would have seen the misty green jungle- but you were honestly too tired. You blinked your eyes unsteadily, feeling like your eye-lids had been closed for thousands of years- they were really crusty.

“(F/n)? You looked to your left to see the Winter Soldier.

“Bucky?” You asked, voice sounding croaky and unsure. Bucky’s surprised face broke into a small smile, eyebrows sliding up and in on his forehead in concern. You squinted your eyes, head pounding.

Before Bucky could say anything, Wanda and Sam appeared by your side.

“What’s up kid?” Sam asked, arms folded and smile barely restrained. Your eyebrows furrowed and you tried to look down at yourself.

“Not much I guess- What’s sup with you?” You asked, voice wavering and long.

The three of them laughed, mostly relieved that you had finally woken up. Nevertheless- you sounded hilarious when you were on painkillers.

Wanda’s eyes lit up.

“Actually, you got a present.” She told you, fingers pressed to her lips.

“Present?” You asked, confused.

Wanda nodded, smile spreading.

“Can I have it?” You asked.

“You might have to wait until your painkillers have worn off. Then we’ll take you to see your present.”

“Woo hoo.” You said and wicked pumped a fist up in the air, wobbling it around like you were drunk.

Sam looked at the other two.

“We might have to wait longer than we think.”

And they did. It took a long time for the drugs to wear off. You laid in your bed for the entirety of the wait, listening to what had happened while you were gone. As Wanda explained the movie night tradition they had started, your mind began to wander.

“Where’s Spider-man?” You mumbled, eyebrows knitting together.

Your three friends looked at each other.

“He’s back in New York (F/n).” Sam said slowly. You nodded, face still pinched in concern.

“Is he okay?”

“He’s fine. He misses you.” Wanda added, avoiding your eyes.

You let out a long breath of air, bringing your hands up to smooth back your hair.

“I left him.” You muttered, quiet enough that the others in the room couldn’t hear you.

What did Peter think of you now?

You had lied to him.

Left him when you shouldn’t have.

And it was all because you couldn’t hold yourself back.

Your left hand ghosted across the wound on your abdomen, wincing slightly.

“Hey, you know what? Let’s go find that present huh?” Wanda asked, squeezing the hand tightly. You looked up, eyes glassy.


Bucky helped you into a wheelchair, putting a pillow behind your neck and a blanket of your knees. You let him, but it didn’t change the fact about how terrible you felt.

Sam opened the sliding door to exit your room as Bucky pushed you, followed closely by Wanda. You had an uneasy feeling she was reading your mind, and it bothered you that there wasn’t a way to stop it. Rolling through the Wakandan infirmary, you were shocked to see so many robotic limbs and advanced medicines. You watched as one woman removed a serum from an icebox, and then injected it into a man with burn wounds, the wounds somehow instantly looking better.

You looked back at Bucky, and then noticed his arm for the first time.

Not unlike his old one- his new arm had a red star on the shoulder. But this one seemed more advanced- shinier.

You turned to see you were heading towards and elevator. As the elevator went up, you could see all of the other amazing levels through the glass doors.

It was miraculous and you had definitely missed this- but you missed Queens. Your eyebrows furrowed and your hands clenched the blanket in your lap.

Then finally, you reach where you needed to go. Compared to other levels, this one was relatively tame. You were wheeled across the black floor, head now swiveling to see your present.

No such luck.

At the end of the corridor Same turned right, into a room that was dimly lit.

In the middle of the room was a waist length enclosure, lit from the inside by a yellow glow. You looked around and saw T’challa. He was turned away from you, talking to Steve and Natasha. She was the one who saw you first. Her eyes got wide and she smile, drawing T’challa’s attention to you.


“I’m awake. Surprise.” You said and waved your hands, smile small. T’challa smiled, arms crossed. He had ditched the outer layer of his suit, sleeves rolled up above the elbows and pants cuffed above his ankles. Natasha moved away from them and squatted down to see you.

“Hello doch-ka.” She said, and then trapped you in a hug. You smiled despite yourself, still confused on what she had just said in Russian. Finally releasing you, Natasha pushed some of your hair behind your ear and stood up, avoiding anyone else’s eye contact.

You smiled, relieved to be back with your family. You took a deep breath, and then released it slowly.

“Okay. So I was told there was a present?” You asked, eyebrows quirking quizzically. This caused Steve to smile, often forgetting how young you were.

“Yes. It was arrived here three days ago.” T’challa told you as he leaned over into the enclosure and scooped something up.

You strained to see what the present was, but then Bucky covered your eyes. You huffed and crossed you arms, still smiling.

“Hold out your hands.” You did so, and then a moment later felt a soft weight in them. Bucky removed his hands.

It was a cat.

The same cat from Katie’s kitties- the brown one!


Peter had sent this cat- he remembered- he still cared.

He had forgiven you.

You smiled, a small giggled of relief slipping from your lips as the cat prowled across your lap.

“That’s a cute cat.”

“Yeah- it is…”

“Almost as cute as you.”

You turned, seeing the one person you wanted to see more than anything.


And that was how most of the Avengers found out Spider-man’s identity.

Ch 3 A Change of Heart

Rhodey growled at his phone screen and tossed it with more force than necessary at the bed, missing it entirely and hitting the wall. It was Starktech. It would be fine.

“Dammit, Tony. Talk to me.” Face in his hands, he collapsed on the bed and fished his phone out from between the mattress and the wall, staring defeatedly at his friend’s contact picture, one of them together, in the suits with their helmets off; tired, but smiling at the camera. He didn’t bother calling again. Tony and his phone were inseparable. Besides, no matter where he was, Jarvis would inform him of incoming calls. If Tony wasn’t answering, it was because he didn’t want to. Tony was like a brother to him, but he was as stubborn as he was self-destructive, and the fact that he’d swallowed his pride and self-loathing long enough to call him at all didn’t bode well. With that at the forefront of his mind, James Rupert Rhodes made a decision. Stepping out into the blistering sunlight of the base, he brushed past his superiors, ignoring their commands.

“Rhodes! Get back here! The hell do you think you’re doing, Colonel?” Rhodey was silent as his armor scanned his biometrics and he stepped in. “I’m going to take some time off. I understand the consequences of my actions, and I’ll be prepared to accept the necessary disciplinary actions when I return. I have complete faith in my airmen to hold down the fort while I’m away. I’m sorry, General, but my best friend needs me.” He powered up War Machine without waiting for a response and blasted into the sky. “I’m on my way, Tony.”

By the time he touched down on the landing pad outside Tony’s workshop, his body was thrumming with anxiety. Usually, he could hear (and feel) the bass from the genius’s rock music and the clank of machinery as he approached the threshold, but today there was silence, and that scared the shit out of him. He tapped his fingers in a discordant pattern on his thigh as Jarvis took his readings without a word. The doors hissed open, and the silence was impossibly more oppressive inside the lab. After a brief scan of the room, he saw a pale hand limp on the floor, barely visible from behind a half disassembled trans am. His stomach dropped. He crossed the room in lunges and knelt by his friend’s prone form, slumped unceremoniously against the ratty couch. Rhodey’s eyes landed instantly on the half empty bottle vodka and the pill bottle that had rolled partially under the car.

“Jesus fuck, Tony, what did you do?” Despite his friend’s waxy skin, he was able to find a pulse, thankfully strong, if a bit slow. “Jarvis?”

“He’s alright, Colonel. Sir should awaken without issue once the drugs are out of his system.” Rhodey felt relief flood his body at Jarvis’s confirmation, quickly followed by rage.

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me about this? Aren’t you supposed to be looking out for him?”

“I apologize, Colonel. Sir forbid me from answering your calls, and I was unable to override my programming in order to contact you. In an effort to avoid worrying you, sir does not allow me to inform you of any incidents unless his life is in imminent danger. In this case, my calculations indicated that sir was not in mortal danger, however reckless his action may have been.” The AI’s voice was regretful, but Rhodey was too worried to be forgiving.

“Whatever. Tony might be self-destructive, but I thought he was over this kind of stupidity. Drug and alcohol cocktails were for College Tony. He’s always drank more than I would have liked, but he worked so hard to sober up after MIT, and as far as I know he hasn’t been more than buzzed since his birthday party in 2010. What the hell brought this on?”

“I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to say, Colonel.” Rhodey hissed in frustration.

“It’s fine, Jarvis. We’ll deal with that later. For now, I’m going to get him up to his room.” Rhodey hauled his friend into his arms, and Tony stirred briefly at the shift, just long enough to wrap his arms and legs around Rhodey like a drunk koala. Rhodey sighed and gave his back a pat. Knowing that Tony would try to sneak down to the lab without something to do when he woke up, Rhodey fumbled for his tablet off the desk. He noticed briefly that whatever happened must have been abrupt since the beginnings of a project were taking shape on the desk. He glanced at the specs, some sort of star-spangled body armor dated from today. It had been abandoned just a few hours in. Rhodey snorted. Good. He’d never gotten along with the Captain after how he’d treated Tony on the Helicarrier. He was a bit of a prick anyway.

Rhodey lugged Tony out of his lab and to the elevator, only having to stop and rest once. Wearing the War Machine armor had given his upper body strength a serious boost. Jarvis opened the elevator and moved them towards the penthouse without instruction. Once they arrived, he laid his friend out on the bed and sat down in the armchair beside it, face in his hands. He glanced over at Tony, who was still dead to the world. Rhodey was in it for the long haul, so he gave one last searching look at the still body on the bed and wandered into the walk in closet. Rifling through business suits and band shirts, he finally came across the drawer he was looking for, the one with “Platypus” emblazoned on the front in Sharpie. Tony insisted it stayed there permanently for when he roped Rhodey into impromptu sleepovers. He pulled his old MIT sweatshirt out, as well as some threadbare sweatpants. He stripped off his uniform and tugged them on. Maybe it was inappropriate to strip in a friend’s closet, but he doubted Tony would wake up. Besides, it wasn’t like he hadn’t walked in on worse in college. It would serve him right.

Rhodey wandered back into the bedroom where Tony was still down for the count, and on second thought, headed for the bathroom to get Advil and a glass of water. As he rifled through the drawers, his phone buzzed in the pocket of his sweatpants. His eyebrows shot to his hairline as he saw Steve Rogers’ caller ID. The only time any of the Avengers besides Tony called him, it was to get backup in a battle, but there hadn’t been any indication of a call to assemble.

“Hello, Captain. Is everything okay?” There was a pause on the other end.

“Yes, Colonel, everything’s fine. I was calling to set up a meeting with you, actually. Are you available anytime soon?” Rhodey’s brows rose impossibly higher.

“I’m on active duty at the moment, and I should technically be in Iraq right now. I’d need to get permission from my superiors to stay in New York.”

“Oh, you’re in the city? Why’s that?” Rhodey chose his words carefully, not wanting to get Tony into any trouble.

“Tony’s not feeling well, so I’m staying with him until he’s on his feet again.”

“Is that so? He seemed fine yesterday.” There was an edge to the Captain’s voice that set Rhodey on edge, strangely defensive of his friend.

“With all due respect, Captain, I’m not sure Tony’s health is any of your business, seeing as it’s never seemed to matter to you much in the past.” When he spoke again, Rogers’ voice had lost its veneer of civility.

“The meeting, Colonel?”

“The meeting can wait until my best friend is well again.” Rogers growled under his breath.

“Fine, but we need to talk.” Rhodey hung up on him.

By the time he returned to the bedroom, Tony was half conscious. Rhodey sat down on the edge of the bed and gave his shoulder a gentle push and a half smile.

“Honeybear?” Sleepy confusion painted Tony’s features, but he sounded pleased, if a bit perplexed. “Shouldn’t you be… somewhere?” Rhodey hummed in affirmation.

“Probably, but you didn’t return my calls, brat.”

“You flew all the way here because I didn’t answer your phone call? That seems dramatic, sourpatch.” Rhodey flopped out on his back on the bed and rolled to face Tony.

“Tones, you and I both know that I called more than once and that Jarvis lets you know about incoming calls from Pepper and I. You were ignoring me. Besides, if you of all people actually wanted to talk about your feelings, shit must have gone down, and recently too. Rogers said you were fine the last time he saw you.” Tony’s face darkened.

“Yeah, I’ll bet he did say that.” Rhodey bristled.

“What is that supposed to mean? This breakdown you just had is about Rogers, isn’t it? What happened, Tony?” He rolled away and Rhodey grabbed his shoulder and rolled him right back. Tony slapped an arm over his eyes, already half asleep again. Rhodey knew his window with a conscious Tony was limited, so he cut his losses. “Fine, but I’m sure as hell going to find out, the easy way or the hard way works for me.” Tony groaned.

“What’s the easy way?”

“You tell me right now and we deal with it together. Calmly.” Tony raised a dubious eyebrow.

“And the hard way?”

“I take Rogers up on the meeting he asked for drag it out of his ass, and then we do damage control for the fallout instead of taking preventative measures.” Tony bolted upright.

“Shit!” His voice dropped suddenly after his initial outburst. “He asked you for a meeting…? He sure works fast, doesn’t he?” The broken look on his Tony’s face moved him from worried friend to protective older brother in a split second. That expression made his best friend, the CEO, genius engineer, and superhero, look like the scared, lonely fourteen-year-old he’d been when they met in college.

“Tony. What. Did. Rogers. Do?” A sigh wracked the lean frame beside him.

“Look, he said he was going to replace me on the team. With you.” Rhodey went rigid as white hot anger bubbled from his core. His knuckles blanched with the force of the clenching of his fists. He trembled with righteous rage. “Come on, Rhodey. He’s not wrong… I fucked up today, and it’s not the first time. War Machine is better for the Avengers and you know it. Come on, buddy. Don’t freak out on me.” Rhodey stood silently and left the room. Without missing a beat, he pulled out his phone and dialed the one and only Captain America. When the phone connected, the colonel didn’t wait for a greeting.

“My schedule has opened up. I’ll be waiting in SHIELD conference room 12 at 6 pm. That’s not a request.” Ignoring the stammering on the other end, he hung up and returned to the bedroom. Tony was already back to sleep. Rhodey steeled himself and retrieved his uniform from the closet, sending it off to have it express washed. Once he felt that everything was in order, Rhodey descended to the lab, ready to take a polish rag to War Machine. After all, he had a meeting.

7 Minutes in Heaven: Thor part one

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“Hammerhead. You’re up.” Tony says after reading the bit of paper.

“I assume you are referring to me?” Thor says, picking up Mjölnir and standing slowly.

“Yup. In you go big boy.”

“I suppose it wouldn’t hurt…” He says, allowing himself to be gently pushed into the closet with you.

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gamorassassin  asked:

What do you think Pepper would be doing right now for Tony's bday? (i was gonna ask a Steve/Tony question, but everyone already asked and I could see Steve making Tony a tiny bday cake with a smile on his face)

i think that pepper would buy tony a giant stuffed bear that’s taller than he is and would leave it sitting in front of his workshop door with a giant bow on it’s head. tony would laugh and then he’d lug it up to their bedroom and sit it next to the window.

later that night they’d get dressed up all fancy and they’d eat expensive food at a candlelit table and pepper would slide her foot up his calf under the table and tease him the entire time and smile at the way tony squirms in his seat and hum pleasantly when he wraps his large, calloused hand around her ankle and rubs it with his thumb

when they get home, the moment they get through the door she’d unzip her expensive dress and let it fall to the floor as she walked through the living room, and would head to the bedroom in her high, high pumps with matching fire-engine red lingerie (garters and all) and tony would chase after her, tongue practically hanging out of his mouth

after they are satiated and get their breath back, pepper would slip on tony’s dress shirt and leave the bedroom, coming back a few minutes later with a small cake and two forks, she’d give him a soft kiss and tell him happy birthday and then they’d sit in bed together, his arm around her as they ate cake and watched late night talk shows and terrible informercials together, laughing and commenting, and maybe smearing some frosting in places it probably shouldn’t be

everyworldneedslove's prize fic-drabble thing

She, of course, asked for the OT3, Sandbox or any verse, so long as it included Steve having a tough time and Tony and Bucky deciding to take care of and comfort him, since he does it for them often enough. She specifically called it hosting a “Steve Appreciation Day.”

Hope this satisfies.


Steve was exhausted.

It had been on thing after another. He should have known it was coming, with how calm things had been for the past few months. Still, it had been a week-long, intensive mission that was almost FUBAR (Sam claimed it had been, but Steve had seen worse), crazy intern scientists in Central Park (it almost always seemed to be Central Park, damn it), what felt like endless press conferences, backing up the Fantastic Four, a frustrating debrief that took almost an entire day to get through….

He had circles under his eyes. He’d dozed off almost into his eggs that morning. All Steve wanted was to fall into bed and sleep for a week.

Instead, he had a base to investigate in Jersey.

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anonymous asked:

Oh wow Panther Tony! Awesome! Tony that adorable lug. Would you consider to continue it? Id love to read about Panther Tony cuddling with Steve.

It had been a few weeks after the rest of the team found out about him and Tony was settling in better then he had imagine. In the first few days, he was wary of the others waiting for the other boot to drop. He had expected them to freak out, avoid him whatever but they went on as if nothing happened. It took him a bit to actually feel comfortable enough to shift again while around the others but soon enough he was doing it almost every day.

The others didn’t mind. In fact Clint and Bucky had rather enjoyed his company and they would race around the tower in their animal forms. Of course, Clint usually won but that was only because he had wings. Otherwise it would have been one of the other two. Tony had gotten so comfortable in his panther form that sometimes he would spend hours in it. 

Another thing that Tony discovered that he liked, was to stretch out in the sun. The sun would warm up his black fur and he would enter this hazy state of mind. There was a patch of sun that hit the couch and it was just big enough for him. He would spend most of the afternoon in that spot and everyone in the tower had come to recognize it. 

So he was surprised when he came upstairs to relax and saw Steve sitting in his spot in the sun. He frowned and stalked over to him. When Steve looked at him, Tony tried his best to glare at him but as usual, Steve was unbothered by it. He let out an annoyed grumble, trying to get Steve to move, but he didn’t. 

He smiled at Tony and pat his lap. “Plenty of room right here Tony,”

Tony tensed. Did the captain just invite him to sit on his lap? His eyes narrowed expecting that it was all just a prank, or joke that he was pulling. But he was tired and really just wanted some sun. He huffed, and climbed up onto the couch. Steve chuckled at him, a smile growing on his lips. Tony retaliated by dropping his entire weight onto Steve’s lap and was rewarded by a grunt of surprise. He moved and shifted in Steve’s lap until he found a comfortable position. He could already feel the heat of the sun warming him. He sighed, closing his eyes for his nap.

It wasn’t until later that he felt a hand settle on top of his head. He was too relaxed to even care that he was now being petted like a common house cat. The hands kept petting him, and it made him relax even more. 

“I didn’t know that panthers could purr,” A soft voice woke him from his sleep several hours later. He grumbled and stretched out. No matter what Steve said, he was not purring. He did not purr at all. He stood up but did not make it far before a pair of arms wrapped around him. “Sorry. I just couldn’t help it. You are too adorable for your own good,”

Adorable? Tony Stark was not adorable. He was a fierce panther that people should be afraid of, not petting and claiming to be cute. He huffed and wiggled to get out of the arms. 

Steve laughed again. “Sorry Tony. I’m not going to let you go. Not for a while. And anyway, you still have time before the sun disappears. You can stay. I promise I won’t bother you again,”

Tony looked at Steve who seemed sincere. He sighed. It was rather comfortable on Steve’s lap and he was still tired. He settled back down into his lap with a grumble. He would sort this out when he woke. He would show Steve that he was not adorable.

theappleppielifestyle  asked:

whenever tony and steve go see a musical, steve wakes tony up the next morning by blowing tony while humming songs from the show they saw the night before around tony's dick. steve also hums them a lot while doing the dishes and tony always ends up squirming bc his body has developed a response to it.

tony would act so weird during the musicals that he drags the team to (bc he drags them to SO MANY after steve starts doing his thing) like a song would come on and tony would make this weird happy noise like ‘YEAH this is gonna feel SO GOOD AROUND MY DICK’ and steve will nudge him and tony will nudge him back harder and then they’d get into a nudging war until pepper (who goes to ENJOY the show, boys, srsly, stop it) discreetly throws something at them

it’s all sunshine, roses, and fantastic blowjobs until they’re in bed and steve is going at him like a hoover trying to prove something and tony feels warm, wet drops around his pelvis.

tony’s brows furrow and he opens his eyes, propping himself up on his elbows to look at steve– who’s crying. steve is crying. 

and that’s when tony recognizes the song and has to stifle a laugh, instead reaching down and cupping steve’s face before sliding a hand under his jaw and pulling stuff off of him with a pop.

'oh my god, steve,’ he says quietly chuckling while pulling him into a hug, stroking his hand up and down steve’s back.

'i’m sorry,’ steve says, sniffling and burying his face in tony’s neck.

'don’t apologize, you big lug. just… maybe next time pick a more upbeat song, yeah?’ he runs his hand through steve’s hair and moves around until they’re both laying down, limbs entwined.

'let’s just lay here for a bit,’ tony says

'but i wanted to finish–’

'steve, crying is definitely not one of my kinks,’ tony interrupts. he feels the warmth as steve sighs into his neck. 

steve shifts around a bit more until he’s managed to wrap himself around tony in every way he can. he mumbles something about empty chairs into tony’s skin and tony rolls his eyes in the fond way that only steve manages to bring out of him.

tony can only smile at the gigantic dork he’s found himself in love with.

one small thing

Summary: The Doctor loves Saturdays. He’d enjoy this one a lot more if Rose wasn’t being so suspicious.
Pairing: Tentoo/Rose
Words: 2014
Also On: AO3

A/N: This was written for one of my tumblr award runners up, @dearkuryakin, who requested “something where Rose surprises the Doctor”. I hope you like it, Emily!

Rose was acting weird.

It was Saturday, and for once she hadn’t been needed at Torchwood. They were going to have a quiet day in.

Well, that was the plan, until around 9am when Torchwood called for the Doctor, saying they needed some translating done. Why it couldn’t wait until Monday was never made clear to him, but that was Torchwood for you. Layer upon layer of secrecy.

He didn’t mind, really. The mystery was part of the fun. (He really just wanted to get home to Rose as quickly as possible, so he didn’t ask questions.)

What Rose had gotten up to while he was gone was anyone’s guess, but when she met him at their favorite chippy for lunch at one o’clock, she was being… fidgety. Not the sort of word he’d normally use to describe her, but today it was accurate.

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