tony's smile

“Hey, guess what I have for you!”

Steve lifted his eyes up from the newspaper, at his boyfriend’s bright voice. Tony was standing in front of him, rocking on his heels in excitement, a huge, huge grin spread on his face. He held his hands in front of himself, cupped together, left hand on top of the right one, as if hiding something in his palms. Tony was practically buzzing from the secret he wanted so badly to share.

“What is it, Tony?” Steve asked, smiling back at his over excited lover.

Tony took a deep breath, his grin getting even bigger than the one he already had. “I found a spider,” he whispered dramatically, his nose scrunching from the smile.

“You found what?” Steve asked, cocking his head to the side gently, and sending Tony a soft look. He very well remembered the last time Tony ‘found’ a spider. Tony was not a good sprinter, but it was the fastest Steve ever saw him running. Not mentioning the blood-curdling screech.

“Spider! Wanna see?!” Tony’s excitement didn’t falter, and he moved his hands apart, looking at his palms. “Huh, that’s odd…” he pulled eyebrows together in confusion, “I think it got away…”

“Oh, too bad,” Steve smiled, deciding to humor his boyfriend. “I really wanted to see it.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. Too bad it got away.”

“Oh, well… I mean, it is not entirely lost because… it is sitting on you shoulder!”

Totally on reflex, Steve turned his head, looking at his left shoulder, the one Tony pointed at. As expected, there was nothing there. Until, Tony took a step closer and put his hand on Steve’s arm, quickly walking his fingers up and fluttering fingertips against soldier’s neck.

“Hehhehehey!!” Steve yelped in laughter, abruptly shaking his head and scooting away from the hand. “Tohohony!”

“It is not me, it is the spider!” Tony justified himself, continuing to tap against soldier’s neck. “Oh, and seems that it brought a friend!”

“AAHH! Hahahahaa!!” Steve erupted into bright laughter, when his neck was attacked from both sides, quick fingers running over his neck and cheeks and ears in feather light touches. “Bahahabe! Stahahap!” he asked, hiding more and more into the couch.

“Why do you insist it is me? It’s the spiders!” Tony replied, gleefully reducing his super boyfriend into a giggling, helpless puddle.

“Nohohoho!” Steve managed to yelp out, not being idle anymore and softly slapping on Tony’s hand, using the fraction of a second to jump to his feet and ran.

“Hey, you kill one, two more will take its place!” Tony called in humor, running after his soldier, wiggling fingers in the air.

“Tony, leave me alone!”

“It is the spiders, Steve! They want to play with you!”


“Come on, don’t you want to see spiders tap dancing?”

“No, I dohohon’t!!”

“But your ribs are perfect for this! It is like a little scene for them! Just look. Tap tap tap tap–”


That day, the encores performed by the spiders were numerous.


Toni arrives at work and sees that once again, Clif isn’t at the front desk.  She thinks to herself that he must have a pretty big project that he’s working on. 

Toni walks past Shelby and finds Clif sitting at the computer in the lab as soon as she walks in.  She walks straight over to him.

Zeton:  Good morning Clif!

Clifton:  *looks up and waves*  Good morning Zeton!

Zeton:  You know, it’s time you start calling me Toni.

Being allowed to use her nickname makes Clif feels a bit closer to Toni.

Clifton:  *smiles* Okay…good morning Toni!

When u suddenly realize u haven’t been shamelessly projecting headcanons onto characters just ‘cause they’re ur faves but because they genuinely canonically show multiple strong signs of having the mental illness ur rockin’ and u transcend to a new plane of self understanding

Or a Stony Olympics AU

  • Tony as the cocky sprinter meeting skinny!Steve, the tiny gymnast
  • Tony telling Steve he makes his heart race faster than he could ever run
  • that Steve’s shy smile when Tony kisses his cheek feels like the comforting weight of a medal resting on his chest
  • Steve telling Tony he makes his stomach do a double pike
  • them holding hands all around the village and Steve waiting in the stands when Tony races with tears in his eyes
  • Tony winning then kissing his fingers and pointing to where Steve stands
  • Tony going absolutely WILD when Steve wins gold, jumping up and down and squealing loud enough to be heard above the crowd
  • Tony doing an interview where he calls Steve the absolute highlight of that Olympics or any meet he’s ever been to and following it with ‘I guess the medals are pretty fantastic, too’
the monster you think i am

Fandom: MCU
Summary: A thousand opportunities to be the man he saw in the mirror.

“You have to promise to go there as a friend.”

“Captain,” Iron Man greets, taking his plated hands off the door he just wrenched open. Captain America lowers his shield, stepping off the stairs and towards the suit. “You seem a little defensive.”

“Well, it’s been a long day,” the Captain says with a smile. Iron Man has a line here, something he’s supposed to say, something that breaks the dark tension, but he remains quiet. The Captain’s smile drops. “Tony?”

No, Iron Man thinks. “Captain Rogers,” he says, and there is the sound of boots pounding down the hall from both directions. “Sergeant Barnes.”

“Tony!” The Captain pleads, stepping back towards where Barnes is crouching, whirling around, searching for the source of the sound before turning back to Iron Man. “What’s going on? What did you do?”

“What I had to,” Iron Man responds. No, he thinks again, dimly, as if his thoughts were very far away. Soldiers dressed in heavy combat gear appear almost out of thin air, surrounding the Captain and Soldier and forcing them to the ground. 

“You’re under arrest,” Iron Man tells the Captain, who bucks under the soldiers’ grips until Iron Man levels a repulsor at his head. “Stay down, final warning.”

The Captain collapses, surrendering. “Why are you doing this?” he asks brokenly. 

Tony, watching it all unfold, shrugs his shoulders. “Have to protect myself, Cap. I hope one day you can understand.” 

Outside, Ross is waiting, and he smiles when he sees Iron Man with two super soldiers in tow. “Well done, Mr. Stark.”

Iron Man remains silent, but Tony keeps his eyes focused on the look of devastation on Steve’s face, the resigned defeat on Barnes’. 

No,” Tony says. “Not this way.”

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after dark, a stevetony ficlet

Code Name: Justice
after dark
Universe: 616
Written for @capim-tinybang‘s round 10, for the fantastic art by @fantalaimon. Also a fill for my stevetony bingo card, the “who you are in the dark” square.

Something touches Tony’s arm, and he swirls around, left hand raised—

Steve catches his fist easily and smiles. “Jumpy?”

Tony tries to slow down his breathing. He glowers at Steve. “Haven’t you heard it’s rude to sneak up on people?”

Steve moves his hand up Tony’s arm, his thumb massaging at Tony’s wrist. “I wasn’t hiding,” he says.

“No, just sitting in a dark kitchen,” Tony tells him, but he can’t even keep up the pretence of anger. Steve’s warm and safe, and all Tony wants to do is lean against him.

He stops himself.

Steve looks very pale like that, his face only lit up by the dim light of the RT. He’s still smiling, but he seems tired somehow, his shoulders tense.

“Are you okay?” Tony asks.

“Are you?” Steve asks back.

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So this is the very short sequel to the IronFalcon story I wrote yesterday, because @ir0nshield planted an idea in my head.

“What do you mean, you know each other?” Steve weakly asked when Sam and Tony just continued to smile at each other.

“We met before,” Sam said with a big smile.

“The army sent him after me, during my first outing as Iron Man,” Tony eventually explained. “And he shot me out of the sky.”

After you disabled my wing pack, asshole!” Sam protested and Tony casually shrugged.

“It was about to blow up anyway. I’m still not over the fact that you let Hammer of all people work on that.”

“You were kinda indisposed,” Sam gave back and then quickly kissed Tony.

“Ehm….,” Steve mumbled, while Natasha snickered behind her hand.

“So you two are….stepping out?” Steve finally asked and Sam looked at him now.

“He’s my boyfriend. And a pain in my ass.”

“Fiancé, actually. It really hurts that you keep forgetting that,” Tony said and unconsciously smoothed his thumb over the ring on his finger.

“I just like you to remind me of that over and over again. You’re a huge sap, did anyone ever tell you that?” Sam said to Tony and drew him closer by his belt loops.

Tony stepped easily into his embrace and when he said “But I’m your huge sap,” he had a huge grin on his face.

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Sam murmured against his lips, right before he kissed him.

“Guys,” Steve interrupted them uncomfortably but it still took them another short kiss before they finally parted.

“So yes, we know each other,” Tony concluded, like that was still an issue and Steve rolled his eyes while Natasha beamed at them.

“What are you looking at, Miss Rushman?” Tony asked with a tease in his voice and she happily shook her head.

“Well, Mr. Stark, if you must know. You being happy. It’s a rare sight.”

Tony actually blushed at these words and Sam pulled him closer again.

“Well, Sam has a lot to make up for after he shot me out of the sky.”

“Not this again,” Sam groaned but he would happily argue with Tony about that for the rest of their lives.



Hi can you please do a tonyxreader imagine about you’re like 21 and you’re from Tennessee and you’re on Gibbs team. So they all talk about how they love your accent. And they all also tease you about your accent a lot.

Requested by spn-dean-sam-cas-spn~

“C’mon, Y/N; I think it’s cute!”

You ignored Tony, even though he continued to roll his chair closer to you. If you didn’t get this report done soon…

“Everyone thinks so. Abby loves your accent. And I think it’s,” Tony paused, smiled, then straightened up, “exotic.”

Despite your efforts to give him the cold shoulder, you smirked at Tony. “It ain’t exactly exotic, Tony.” You mumbled, not looking up from your paperwork.

“Ah, but it is for me. I’m a Northerner.”

“Tony, please; I need to get my work done.”

The agent sighed out loud and relaxed against the back of his chairs, obviously displeased that you’re paying more attention to your work. But he remained silent, promising himself that he would get you to talk more when you’re done.