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How to deal with Cap Stans 101: A Guide for the TSDS

I have reached the conclusion that Cap stans are kind of like boggarts. The best solution to deal with the situation is not to get mad. So my guide:

Step 1. Laugh

Step 2. No sense dwelling on it. You’ll just poison yourself.

Step 3. Take a moment to think good thoughts. Reading Tony-positive posts/fics recommended. Other media that deal with Tony in positive ways are also an option. EMH highly recommended. Remember a Tony smile a day keeps the nervous breakdown away.

Alternate plan. Should this fail and should you be filled with violent thoughts of hatred, as a recommended course of action, Archive of Our Own is also home of a fair amount of non-Steve friendly fics. If you are a writer, write your own and share with the community.

As a rule engaging rabid Cap stans directly will bring you nothing but frustration. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall. Chances are you’ll never achieve a result.

Of course, this is mostly valid when you run into a stan on somebody else’s post. Should they troll your posts, it’s an entirely different issue.

Fire at will.

Highly recommended are logical arguments. Stupid doesn’t do well with logical arguments. The stans will leave.

After the battle return to step 3. In fact, always return to step 3. As often as possible. It’s ALWAYS a good use of your time.

And finally! Surround yourself with good people who share your love for our beautiful bunny! Talking to another member of the TSDS is always a good solution!


This is where Steve finally realizes what Tony means to him, and what he means to Tony. He goes to find him, they confess their feelings, kiss, and live happily ever after. 

But seriously, that’s what it looks like is gonna happen by the look on Steve’s face.