tony x steve feels tbh

stucky as buzzfeed titles:
  • 16 ways to show bae you love him (hint: shoot him in the leg)
  • captain america himself destroys biphobia while wearing the american flag
  • what it was like to be lgbt in the military while WWII was raging (”I hid, a lot. I did it for him. If they’d found out I wasn’t straight I would’ve been discharged so I kept my mouth shut. the closet can be very lonely”)
  • “stop sending me candy bars” former assassin and cap’s childhood best friend is so done
  • 22 reasons why bucky barnes and steve rogers are relationship goals
  • steve rogers on how he keeps the romance alive after 70 years
  • bucky barnes opens up about peggy carter “I would’ve supported steve if they’d married”

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vomit / no way / don’t ship / ok / fucking cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / flawless / ship forever / DEM ABS / ‘WAS IT WORTH IT? WAS IT WORTH IT?!’ 'No.. not it wasn’t ’ / RIGHT IN THE FEELS? HERE IS ANOTHER PUNCH IN THE GUT 'WE ARE NOT SOLIDERS’ / 'PUT ON THE SUIT’ / OH GOD IM ALREADY SOBBING LOOK WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO ME