Yeah but consider this:

SteveTony AU where Tony is an alien who came down to Earth purely out of curiosity, yet Steve and the rest of the Avengers see him as a threat.  They try to fight him but Tony just plays defense as he marvels at the differences in their technology and superpowers from his home planet, and is amazed because THESE humans aren’t like the one’s he’s heard/read about.  

Eventually the Avengers realize that he isn’t a threat and take him into SHIELD, and Steve teaches Tony about Earth and the Avengers and his own past, while Tony teaches Steve about his home planet and his love for outer space and the stars and science and technology and they end up falling hopelessly in love.

Simon Says

Summary: Reader buys a Ouija Board to use with Bucky, but he wants to do something different.

A/N: I used a Ouija Board (obvi lol) in this so if you feel uncomfy with that or it goes against any of your beliefs, you don’t have to read. I know I used the word play in context with Ouija board for the sake of the plot but this is my disclaimer that (with my own firsthand experience) Ouija Boards are in no way, shape, or form a game. It’s risky shit. Idk man, that’s just me. But stay safe y’all AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN TIME. I’m tagging @mrsbarnesomg because I absolutely love her writing<3. Oh, and the bold represents what the board is spelling out btw.

Contains: Slight smut (not really), Ouija Board shenanigans, Cursing 

Halloween was your absolute favorite holiday. Ever since you could remember (and quite possibly before that too), the day had occupied a special place in your heart with the crisp sweater weather, scary movie marathons, and exciting nights spent trick-or-treating in elaborate costumes. You made a point to take advantage of all the festivities the time of year had to offer, savoring every moment. So far this year, you had dressed nearly the entire tower in what Tony had said to be “the entire stock of every Halloween store on the East Coast”, dragging moping Avengers along to help you. You had baked delicious muffins and cakes coated in icing-made ghosts and pumpkins (a product of your Halloween obsession that the team accepted with whole hearts and full stomachs), and cuddled up alongside your boyfriend, Bucky, for scary movie marathons nearly every weekend. 

With the 31st rapidly approaching in just five more days, the anxiety you felt to soak up as much “Halloween” as possible gnawed at you, growing too much to be avoided. You wanted to do something memorable, something scary, something so Halloween that you would feel it lingering until next year. So, what did you do?

“I bought a Ouija board!”

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You’re Kidding

request/summary: HERE I AM AGAIN! Sorry but this come on my mind and I think “I will send this for cartersbarnes”. So, what about a one shot where the reader turned into a child and the Avengers need to find a way to bring her back. While, Bucky is responsible to take care of the little reader!  (@mimisari234)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, ft. Avengers

Warnings: nudity?

“You did what?!”

After hearing Steve’s yelp, Natasha ran straight up the stairs and into Tony’s lab to find out what all the arguing was all about. These idiots, she thought. Probably arguing over who ate the leftover sandwich in the fridge.

But she was wrong. As the redhead headed into the lab, she was greeted with a very disheveled Steve, eyes filled with panic as he ran his hands over his face. Tony on the other hand, was at one of his desks with a baby, trying to calm down Steve.

Natasha looked at the two in confusion and pointed at the baby on the desk. “This your niece?” She asked Tony.

“Something like that…”

Steve groaned out, leaning against one of the desks. “Yeah, ‘something like that.’ How - what, when and why did you do this?” He asked, obviously mad at Steve.

Natasha stood in between the argument, still confused as to what was going on. She noticed your stealth suit lying on the ground in the corner along with what you wore under it. She walked over and picked up the articles as she cleared her throat.

“Can one of you idiots please explain why Y/N’s clothes are on the floor, why you guys are arguing, and why Tony has a baby?” She raised her eyebrow at them, both of them waiting for someone to respond.

“You wanna-“

“Y/N is that baby over there.” Steve sighed, pointing at the smiling baby that was in Tony’s arms. “He, somehow, turned her into a toddler…Again.”

She frowned once again. “Excuse me?” She asked in disbelief. Natasha laughed out. “Really funny, guys. Like I’d actually believe that.”

“We’re not joking here.” Tony spoke. “I used her as one of my experiments and all of a sudden, this.” He shrugged.

“What!?” Natasha yelled. “You turned Y/N into a god damn baby?! Tony I swear..”

“She’s fine, she’s fine. See?” Tony pointed at the small version of you as you wore one of your now loose sweaters.

“But she’s a baby, Tony.” Steve said. “This is why I told you specifically not to use any of us as your experiments! Use animals or something, like I always say.” He scolded.

“Easy there, Cap. I’m not the one to argue over that topic.” Tony crossed his arms. “Y/N here was the one to tell me not to use animals as experiments, her words, by the way. She insisted on using herself.”

“But that doesn’t mean-“

“Can everyone please stop shouting? I was napping..” Bucky came into the lab to join the group, still in sweats and a shirt like he just got out of bed. Natasha smirked when she heard you yelp in surprise when he came in. Bucky looked at the baby that was now by Natasha’s feet. “Who’s the kid?” He pointed.

“Y/N.” The three said simultaneously.

“Awh. Shares the name of our own assassin. Cute.” He smiled. “Now why are you guys arguing?”

“No, Buck. That is Y/N.” Steve pointed at you who smiled up at the two.

Bucky gave everyone a side glare which soon became a sarcastic laugh. “Nice one, guys. Yes, Y/N is a 3 year old baby. Good one.” He laughed out.

“We aren’t joking, Barnes.” Natasha rolled her eyes. “Tony did an experiment on her, long story but this is her.”

His eyes widened now, looking at his girlfriend that was now a three year old toddler on the floor. “Stark what the fuck?” Bucky scowled. “You better fix this!” He tried to practically prance on Tony, but was held back by Steve who pulled him behind him before anything else happened.

“I will, I will.” Tony raised his hands up. “I just need Banner here.“

“Well, how long will it take?” Natasha asked.

“Depends on where he’s hiding.” He sighed. Tony grabbed one of his jackets and grabbed his eyes from the desks.

“I’ll go with you, if you need help. He’ll listen to me.” Natasha shrugged. Tony nodded. “Steve?”

“I’ll stay here.” He decided but looked at you and Bucky, second guessing his choice. “You know what, never mind. I’ll go with.” He said then walked out the door with Natasha.

Before Tony could even walk out the door, Bucky pulled him back by his collar. “You better fix my girlfriend, you ass. Or you’ll never hear the end of it.” He threatened slowly, shoving Tony out the door.

“Oh, don’t worry hot shot.” Tony laughed then left.

Bucky sighed, crouching down to your height on the floor. Maybe this is what his kid would look like if the two of you decided on having one.

“Hey, doll.” He laughed. “Let’s go up to the room. Get you outta this place.” He said, holding his hands out to pick you up. You held onto his shoulder as he carried you to your shared quarters.

Once you got there, Bucky sat you down on the bed as he sat next to you. “You don’t know how weird this is to me.” He laughed, shaking his head. You smiled up at him, but couldn’t say a word. “What’re you thinking? What’s your view like from down there?”

You were actually cursing inside that small head of yours, but you stuck your tongue out at Bucky.

“God, my nickname, Shortie for you really paid off.” He joked. “Now you’re really short.” You gave him a soft smile as he continued talking.

“Y’know, you’re quiet like this. I kinda like it. You’re not yapping like you normally do.” He joked once more as you frowned at him.

“Don’t worry. Stupid Stark will find a cure for this when he gets back.” He gave you an assured smile. “Rest up. You probably had a long day. From your mission to the experiment.” He got up to find clothes that actually fit you, running down the hall and into Clint’s bedroom.

You laid down on your back, pulling the big silk covers onto your small body as you waited for him to come back. He did within seconds, handing you a small shirt that was from one of Clint’s kids. “Put it on. That knit sweater doesn’t fit you anymore.” He laughed.

You gladly did, fumbling and frowning at the fabric that you had in your small hands, glancing at Bucky to look away. He did so, laying on his side facing away from you. You finished getting dressed and sighed at your head hit the pillow.

“Sunday’s were always weird for me.” Bucky said before he closed his eyes.


You shot up from your position on the bed. Panting, your head was beating with sweat, and as you felt your arms, your noticed that they were sticky. Running to the bathroom, you turned the light on to reveal yourself. You were back to normal again. You gasped at yourself as you looked in the mirror, glancing down at your arms to find blue liquid on them. You took your now tight shirt off, practically ripping it. Sorry, Clint.

Glancing at the clock, it was only 8 pm. You were a toddler for about 10 hours until you awoke from your nap. Rushing out, you shook Bucky awake frantically.

“Bucky!” You yelled, hitting his shoulder. “Wake up!”

“Mmmh..” He rolled the other way. “Go away you midget. Don’t need this right now.” He groaned.

“James Buchanan Barnes!” You shouted. He jolted up, almost head butting your forehead as his eyes widened.

“Y/N!” He yelled, clasping his metal hand over his mouth. “You-You’re not…What?”

“I’m more confused as you, don’t worry!” You whisper shouted, running out of the complex to go into the lab. You found Tony, Steve and Nat there again.

“Wait, Y/N-”

“I’m alive!” You yelled, hands jolting up as you smiled. You frowned at Tony, stocking over to him. The other’s eyes widened. “How dare you use me as an experiment and turn me into a damn toddler for 10 hours straight. Do you not realize how hard it is to maneuver around and to see things from my perspective? Not cool!” You yelled, pointing a finger at the billionaire.

Tony’s eyes widened, looking at your eyes then to your chest, eyes flickering back and forth. Natasha coughed, running over to take Steve’s jacket and put it over your body.

Do you not realize that you don’t have any clothes on?” She whispered, putting the jacket over your frame. Shit.

“No..” You whispered, still looking at Tony. “Thank you.”

“Y/N, you don’t have any-“ Bucky stumbled in with a towel. “Clothes on.” He finished, draping the towel over you.

Steve coughed awkwardly as your face turned red, mumbling a quick ‘sorry.’

“A thank you would be appreciated.” Tony smiled proudly.

“What’s this stuff on my arms?” You pointed as Bucky held your shoulders from behind to keep the towel up.

“Something Bruce gave us. He said it would help, which it did.” Tony replied.

Silence erupted in the small space, causing Steve to awkwardly cough again. “I’m tired.” He said, walking out of the space, dragging Natasha along with him.

Bucky laughed as Tony said his goodbye and left the two of you in the lab. Once he turned the corner, you swatted Bucky’s chest repeatedly.

“Don’t. Laugh. At. That. You. Ass.” You said before every light slap, which made him laugh even more.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He laughed, walking you back into the room. “You’re cute when your mad and small.”

Politics [Bucky Barnes AU] (Part 1)

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

Series Title: Politics (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Warnings: Kind of boring first chapter but BEAR WITH ME DRAMA AND PLOT WILL BE UP AHEAD IN COMING CHAPTERS
Word Count: 1,463
Requested: No
Short Description: Your father is running to be the state senator of New York City. James Barnes, your childhood nemesis, is an egotistical playboy who is the son of your father’s opponent. The both of you plan to make your fathers’ campaigns living hell together.

Disclaimer: not my gif, I have never seen “Political Animals”, which I know Sebastian Stan appears in as an important character, so this isn’t based on Political Animals

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name
[Y/F/N] = your father’s name

Your hands smoothed down the skirt of the dress your father had laid out for you and frowned at your reflection. The dress was beautiful, but the high collar made you feel suffocated and they clashed with the shoes you had bought for this evening in particular. So – disappointing your father as you often did fashion-wise – you took the dress off and rummaged through your wardrobe to look for something better.

Your father, Senator Y/L/N was in the middle of his campaign to be re-elected as State Senator of New York, and tonight would be his first of many galas featuring one of his many famous speeches, entertainment and a huge donation to a charity from your father himself. He was hoping to be re-elected for the first time, and as a State favourite, you didn’t doubt that he could do it.

His opponent, however, was anything but a weak opponent. George Barnes had his own business empire and had been hinting at an interest in politics for years. He had been acquainted with your father for years, and his son Bucky was the same age as you. George Barnes was a very tough opponent, having a degree from Dartmouth College with a major in business and a minor in politics. He was involved in many events in New York especially and donated a lot to charities.

The successor to his business empire was James Buchanan Barnes, more commonly known as Bucky. Bucky Barnes was basically your childhood nemesis.

At first, you hadn’t minded Bucky. In fact, up until high school, you were friendly with one another, until everything started to become serious. You both went to the same prestigious private school, where there were more AP classes than you could count and everyone had rich parents who gave money to the school. Nobody had any advantages, except perhaps you and Bucky.

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Thor’s Manhood

Originally posted by thorvalkyrie

Pairing: Thor x Reader
Word count: 578

Part 3 of Crushing on a God

Reader’s POV

There was obvious tension between Thor and I. We couldn’t be in the same room without either bickering, him making little flirtatious remarks when I got upset just to see me flustered, or a massive amount of flirting. It got to the point that Sam and Dean left on a hunt and refused to let us come along. We were told to ‘work our shit out’ by Dean, and Sam told me ‘no sex in the library’, smirking. My eyes went wide, and I’d hid for the rest of the day.

The next day, I was forced to emerge from my room. My stomach was grumbling, and I couldn’t survive without coffee or something. Walking into the kitchen, I swallowed. “Morning.” I muttered.

Thor’s POV

Watching you become flustered was one of my favorite things to do. Especially when it rendered you speechless. It was adorable, and so easy to do. I was sitting at the table already when you walked in, a smile growing on my face. Your hair was still a bit messy from bed, you were wearing a shirt that I was sure you didn’t know was mine, and baggy pants. I thought you looked beautiful. “Good morning.” I replied, watching you pour your cup of coffee. “I trust you slept well?”

How are you so perky in the morning?” You asked, glancing at me as you stirred the sugar in. “Is that a God thing?”

I chuckled, shaking my head. “Not at all. I’m simply a morning person.” I pointed out as you sat down, taking a sip of your coffee and sighing. “I’d be more than happy than help you get a good’s night sleep.” I winked with a smirk.

Reader’s POV

I reached over and slapped his arm lightly. “For a God, you are such a perv.” I chuckled.

“Am I not still a man?”

Images of him walking around in a towel or all sweaty after working out with Sam invaded my mind. “Well…technically…” I sighed. “Can we not talk about your manhood?” I realized how that sounded too late, as he burst into laughter.

He grinned at me, making me smile despite myself. “What else should we do with my manhood?” He teased.

“You know what? Bite me. Wait. No. You might.” I shook my head, getting up to find food.

Thor’s POV

Seeing you smile at my comment made me quite happy. It was nice to relax together. “I would not object to biting you.” I said easily, as if it was nothing new. You closed your eyes for a moment, and I swore I saw you lightly bite your lip. “Anyways, we’ve been invited to spend the weekend at Stark Tower.”

“You want me to go to New York with you?” You asked, staring at me. “And do what? Feel out of place? New York is expensive, and I’m not asking Tony to put me up in a room for the weekend.”

“Too late. I’ve already agreed. You’ll be in my room, as you would be my guest. I’ve never worried about money, nor should you. I suggest you get ready. We live in an hour.”

You looked like you were torn between throwing something at me, and smiling. “You know what, if I’m sharing a bed with you, I expect to get something out of it!” Groaning, she walked away. “Stupid God. Making me blush. Ugh.”

I was left in the kitchen, chuckling to myself.

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I’m not a Monster Part 3

A/N: So here is another update. Not going to lie i started laughing as i finished this. It is on the shorter side but i am being forced to go to bed, or at least get off my computer here in a few minutes. Feedback is appreciated and I hope you all like it.

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Warnings: Needles

Word count: 830

Part One

Part Two

As you reached the tower you couldn’t help but give the guard a smug look as you walked past with Sam and Steve. However, you suddenly felt all your nerves rushing back.

You were finally going to get some answers and you were scared of what you were going to find. Suddenly the elevator stopped, pulling you out of your head. Following the two soldiers you couldn’t help but be in awe of the room you were in.

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anonymous asked:

Quick Bucky, use tactics Steve and Tony use on you when you're in WS mode! Tell him who he is, who you are!!!!

Bucky: I’m gonna’ try and get through to him on my own.

Steve: Bucky, we’re here to help you with this.

Bucky: Steve, just trust me. You, Nat and Sam can stay back but run in if you need to.

Sam: I hope you know what you’re doing. We’ll be here.

Bucky: Can’t promise that there won’t be any fighting…we just gotta’ focus on gettin’ Tony back…

Natasha: You need to hurry before he decides to go out to the city.

Letters: 1

@cecygee you’re up lady.

You twist your hair anxiously into a braid and then undo it only to redo the braid. How are you supposed to do this? This was your best friend. Since like, kindergarten, and you’d let this tear you apart. It honestly felt like someone had cut you in half. You take a deep breath and slowly let it out. No time like the present.

Hey Alexa.
I know you’re probably still pissed at me and, well I can’t say I blame you. We messed up. You and I. Letting ourselves get involved in Steve and Tony’s war was so stupid. So damn stupid. What were we thinking?
I fucking miss you. This is the longest we’ve gone without talking since we were like six? No wait 9 when we both had a crush on Tommy Miller. Oh god those were dark days.
See! I need you. I know you laughed at that. Don’t lie.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t agree with you but Lex these are people, not monsters, that we’re talking about. I know that you think that I only chose this side because of Steve but that’s not true. Yes, I love him and believe in him and what he’s done but no, that’s not the only reason. This whole mess with Bucky could have been avoided. He’s a good man. He’s tortured about what he’s done, please tell Tony that. He’s woken Steve and I up a few nights with his screaming. It was horrible. Please tell Tony that we’re all sorry it went the way it did, but just as much as you all believe in what you’re doing we believe in what we’re doing. God this is so stupid.
I miss you. I’m sorry. Please write back. You know that this stupid bird will find me wherever I am. This wonderful stupid bird (I think she knows I’m taking about her).

Hopefully still your best friend,

You attach the letter to Squawk’s leg. Then take her to the window. You open it and she takes off, you watch until the bird vanishes in the sky.
“You okay?” Steve’s soft voice startles you.
“Yea. I think so. I mean, once I know she doesn’t hate me I’ll feel better.”
“I’m sure she doesn’t hate you.” He says wrapping an arm your waist. “You two are practically attached at the hip.”
“We’ve never gone this long without talking and I’m scared. I’m scared that the last time we talk will be our huge fight.” You tell him resting your forehead on his chest.
“I’m sorry.”
“This isn’t your fault.”
“It is.”
“Steve. I chose my side based on what I believe in. You and I just happen to share the same belief.” You wrap his arms around him and hold on tightly. You didn’t have Alexa but at least you had Steve.