• Bucky: So what, you’ve already got Tony!
  • Steve: How do I have Tony? In what universe do I have Tony?!
  • Bucky: So I can have Tony?
  • Steve: Hell no!

Tony: *utterly shameless flirting and teasing with the sole purpose of flustering steve*

Steve: *actually flirts back*

Tony: *oh shit, fuck, abort abort abort*


Imagine - Spiders scare you, some avengers care more than others

  • Tony: Quick! I need you to act like you're in love with me!
  • Steve: What?
  • Tony: I just saw this asshole from work, that still doesn't believe I'm in a relationship, coming this way! So act like you're madly in love with me.
  • Steve: ...but I am madly in love with you? Though I'm starting to reconsider it.
  • Tony: *whines.* But I really need you to show it! Get on one knee and propose to me.
  • Steve: I literally just asked you to marry me last week?
  • Tony: And? Do it again!
  • Steve: you're unbelievable.
  • Tony: I know, so propose to me again before I ask someone else to do it!

Steve: Hey, Tony, can I carry your books? 

T'Challa: Hey, Tony, can I carry your… pencil? 

Bucky: Hey, Tony, can I carry your, uh, um… got anything else? 

Tony: A hair scrunchie? 

Bucky: Great! 

Natasha: Careful. Don’t hurt yourself with that scrunchie.