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Lil’ Spidey tries to take the baby versions of The Power Pack to the playground. Things gets even more complicated with those inconveniences of rules and regulations from Stark Park as well as rivalries between Lil’ Iron Man and Lil’ Captain America. 

- Mini Marvels Ultimate Collection trade paperback

All That’s Best of Dark and Bright (Bucky x Reader Part 21/?)

Sorry for the delay.  Took me a while to get off the ground with this one.  Hopefully you like it!  Special thanks to @hispeculiartreasure @okiehoma @ladyhawkbunny and @mellon-collie for helping out.  And also thanks to all the people who’ve wanted to be tagged! @charlesxcvier @paulaamarieee @undiscl0sed-desir3s @mjnthefandomwriter @berrystained @levirivaillelover @theladymakai @hollysleeps @fullmetalavatar54.  As well as @the221buckyfangirl @thelastvaultdweller and @theoneandonlyowengrady if they are still interested.

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The first few weeks after Bucky left were rough.  You ran the gamut of emotions from numb to sad to worried to angry and everything in between.  While Bucky hadn’t added much noise to the household, the place somehow felt quieter, emptier.  The cat sometimes meowed pitifully at the bedroom door or the armchair, like she was looking for him.  That always tore at your heartstrings.  Once or twice, you caught yourself staring out the kitchen window, half expecting to see him in the backyard training, your fingers always managing to land in the dent he’d put in the sink.  Of course, there wasn’t much reason for you to tarry in the kitchen anymore, now that you had no one to feed except yourself.  It was easier to make a sandwich or a TV dinner with less mess to deal with afterward.

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