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another meme i won’t finish — eight platonic relationships:

Effy and Tony: “Haven’t you got, like, a really cool brother?” “Yeah, he’s cool.”


The Stonems by dazzleme7

enrealidadsoyunavampirabruja  asked:

What do you think of the relationship of Effy and Tony, from Skins U.K ?

Great question!

I had no idea that Tony/Effy was suggestive when I started watching Skins, so I was quite delighted to discover that not only were they very shippable but on more than one occasion (including a deleted scene) it was indicated that Tony might even have some subconscious incestuous feelings towards her.

What’s more, “stonemcest” or “skincest” is relatively popular, which is always nice.

Tony/Effy is another one of those pairings that I just haven’t gotten around to writing about yet. I also feel inadequate to the task because I’m more of a casual/inconstant Skins fan, where as I know the series has some very dedicated fans. I would not want to pass myself off as something of an expert on the relationship or a lover of the relationship when I know there are others out there who really are. I also only watched Generation 1, and since Effy is a part of Generation 2 I would not feel confident that I had a proper grasp on her characterization or her life. I would probably have to consider the series 2 finale as a sort of canon end point for all intents and purposes.

Because I do intend to write about them at some point I won’t say much. It has also been at least three years since I’ve even watched a scene of them so I feel very out-of-touch with the vibe of their relationship and a little fuzzy on some of the details.

But one thing I really liked is that I feel like the only thing Tony really knew about himself for sure was that he loved Effy, and they were always sort of an anchor in each other’s lives. And s1 Tony, I don’t know how to describe him properly, but he lacked heart - but not when it came to Effy. Only her.

And then obviously the scenes I referred to that played around with the idea of incest are of huge interest to me. (And are no doubt what sparked the popularity of the ship.) I’m sure anyone who has seen Generation 1 knows which scenes I’m talking about.

I’m glad you asked about Tony and Effy because in the three years I’ve had my wordpress blog I’ve mentioned them maybe a couple of times but never actually said anything about them.

Tony Stonem & Effy Stonem {skins} wanted by anonymous

Black Sheep by Valentine

bling, bling high life, super skinny gold tights
living in the fast lane, glowing black light
blood-red smudge lips, turning tricks, telling lies
everything and nothing, empty doll eyes


cold cash, cheap thrills, monkey see monkey do,
learning the hard way, what she’s gotta do
take a pill, close her eyes, too young to be so wise
she was someone’s little girl once upon a time

Effy Stonem Playlist

  • I’m A Ruin//Marina and The Diamonds

“I’ve had my share of beautiful men,

But I’m still young and I want to love again.

It’s difficult to say goodbye,

And easier to live a lover’s lie.”

  • U.R.A. Fever//The Kills

“Go ahead and have her, go ahead and leave her,

You only ever had her when you were a fever.

I am a fever, I am a fever, I ain’t born typical.”

  • This House Is A Circus//Arctic Monkeys

“This house is a circus, berserk as fuck.

We tend to see that as a perk, though,

Look what it’s done to your friends, their memories are pretend,

And the last thing that they want is for this feeling to end.”

  • Ribs//Lorde

“The drink you spilt all over me,

Lover’s Spit left on repeat,

My mum and dad let me stay home,

It drives you crazy getting old.”

  • Stuck On You//Paramore

“You’re everywhere inside my room.

Even when I’m alone, I hear your mellow drone,

You’re everywhere inside of me.

Stuck on you, ‘til the end of time,

I’m too tired to fight your rhyme.”

  • My Number//Tegan and Sara

“He grabs me by the hand, drags me to the shore, and says,

'Maybe you don’t love me, but you’ll grow to love me even more,’ and I, I’m not surprised.

If I gave you my number, would it still be the same, if I saved you from drowning?

Promise me you’ll never go away.

Promise me you’ll always stay.”

  • Brother//Gerard Way

“And brother, if you have the chance to pick me up,

Can I sleep on your couch, to the pound of the aching pain, oh, in my head?

'Cause I’m awake, all night long, I hear the drums of the city rain.”