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Tony: Why are you still here?

Y/N: *confused* Because I live here…

Tony: *sighs* No… I mean why are you still here with me? Why haven’t you left after all the things I have put you through? You’ve had so many opportunities to leave…

Y/N: *groans* Not this again Tony. You’ve asked me this 4 times already and I will tell you the same thing I always tell you. *walks toward him* I am still here because I love you. I love you too much to leave you. I wouldn’t be able to handle knowing that you are hurt and I am not there to take care of you. *wraps arms around his neck* I won’t leave until you decide that you don’t want me around anymore. And I am hoping that day never comes. *smiles*

Tony: *smiles and wraps arms around your waist* I don’t think that day will ever come. I’ll always want you around. *leans in and kisses you*

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The Other Side [ Tony Stark x OC-Reader Insert ]

Prompt : OC is on Cap’s side. During that fight scene when Cap and Bucky are both fighting Tony, the reader is also there fighting him. She needs to push her feelings away to win this fight.

Characters : Tony Stark x OC

Genre : Romance, Angst  |   Warning : Civil War Spoiler

Author’s Note : Enjoy! Input/comments are more than welcomed. You can also request a oneshot. Send me your OC’s name, prompt, character and genre of your choice :)

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“Why are you doing this, Tony?” [Y/N] asked. She wrapped her arms around her body as if trying to protect herself from her own boyfriend. The Sokovia Accord sat on the wooden table in front of her and she reminded herself to breathe.


“If we can’t accept limitations, we’re no better than the bad guys.” He replied.


“Limitations? I was strapped to a chair and experimented on the last time your beloved government mentioned limitations.” She hissed. Tony flinched when her bottom lip quivered a little.  


“I’m not going to sign this.” She pushed it away from her. Steve gave her a sympathetic smile. He knew her well enough to understand why she despised this accord. He couldn’t help but to wonder why Tony was on the other side when he knew about her past.


“That’s not the way I see it.” Steve finally said.

“How are you holding up?” Sam sat on the empty space next to her. [Y/N] looked at him with a sad smile and she shrugged.

“I’m fine.”

“You look like shit, [Y/N].” Clint hollered from the kitchen.

“Well, my boyfriend somehow forgot about what happened to me and what the government did when they found out about my power. Oh, he also decided he should support that very same government. I’m doing great.” She replied and Bucky snorted from the other side of the room.

“Well, you have us. We will stick together.” Wanda said. [Y/N] smiled a little at her friend’s attempt to cheer her up.

* * *

“Cap, you seemed a little defensive.” Tony Stark said as he pushed open the door.

“Well, it’s been a long day.” Steve replied. Bucky and [Y/N] stood behind Steve, Bucky with his sniper riffle, [Y/N] with her power, ready to take down Tony.

“You need to consider this. We need limitations.” Tony repeated his words, his eyes glued on her.

“I do not need government’s interference with what I am. I will not let them control me anymore.” [Y/N] coldly replied. “You, of all people, should know that.”

“Did you forget about Sokovia?” Tony raised his voice.

“That was your fucking fault, Tony. You built Ultron, even when Steve told you not to do it. You did it anyway. And we still come to your rescue.” [Y/N] snapped.

“Stay calm, [Y/N].” Bucky muttered quietly when he felt chills coming off her body.

She didn’t know who started it. She was trying to slow down her breathing when the fight broke out. Tony threw Steve into the room and punched him. Bucky let out a string of curse as he joined the fight. He picked up Steve’s shield and threw it, hitting Tony’s suit. The latter staggered a little before he aimed his repulsor at Bucky’s face.

[Y/N] raised her hand and shards of ice hit Tony’s suit, stopping him from killing Bucky. He quickly turned his head towards her, clearly shocked by what she just did. Steve used that moment to land a punch and Bucky leapt towards them and hit Tony with Steve’s shield. She froze the suit’s feet, allowing Steve and Bucky to attack him again.

Tony used his repulsor to break the ice and aimed it towards her. He didn’t think twice before he blasted her into a wall. Her body slumped against the wall and Bucky let out a small growl before he punched Tony’s chest with his cybernetic arm.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Steve snapped at Tony. “That’s your girlfriend, for god’s sake.”

“You don’t deserve her.” Bucky muttered as he caught Steve’s shield and landed a hard blow to Tony’s stomach.

Tony snapped his head towards Bucky, ready to put Bucky into a coma with his pulse beam. His action was stopped short when he felt a crippling coldness crept inside his suit. He turned his attention back to [Y/N]. She was coughing up blood and she was struggling to use her power. Steve was no longer trying to hit him. His former teammate quickly approached her.

“Stop, [Y/N]. You’re hurting yourself.” Steve softly said.

“He’s going to kill you and Bucky.” She said between ragged breaths. Bucky kept his attention between Tony and her, his body grew rigid when she sputtered out more blood.

“Oh, don’t look so grumpy, Tony. I’m fine.” She weakly said.

“I didn’—“ He choked out.

“It’s okay.” She smiled. “I just—I feel a little sleepy.”

“No. Don’t. [Y/N].” Tony kneeled besides her. She gave him another tired smile before he eyes fluttered close.



“Never thought I’d see the day.” Tony commented as he saw you standing a few feet away from him. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t important.” You told him. “You wouldn’t be here if the world was ending, why are you here?” Tony asked. “I didn’t know where else to go.” You stated. “How’d you get past my security?” He asked. “It’s been twenty years, I’ve learned a few things.” You told him. 

“Jar - F.R.I.D.A.Y, run a body scan on Y/N.” Tony ordered, seeing that you had cuts and bruises on your face. “Tony…something happened.” You said. “What would happen that would make you come home after two decades?” Tony asked, raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms. You sighed and grabbed the wrench that was on the counter. “What are you-” He cut himself off when you set it on fire. 

“I don’t know how I got these powers.” You told him. “Have you had any fish oil pills by any chance?” Tony asked. “Yeah, why?” You asked, setting the uncharged wrench down. “Long story and given you probably don’t want to say here any longer than you need to you, I can send you to a base where they take care of people with your abilities.” He explained, then began to write down coordinates. 

He handed you a piece of paper, “Thanks, brother.” You told him. “Yeah, I’ll see you in hell too.” Tony said and turned around to examine the body scan F.R.I.D.A.Y did as you walked away. “Who the hell is Phil Coulson?” You questioned.

Avengers vs Titans // for shiningwallsismyanimesfall


The Avengers were holding a meeting for a new mission and to test out a new portal built by Dr. Selvig. “So Reindeer Games, want to tell me why you’re here?” Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, asked Loki, the newest Avenger. “It is best you do not test me, Man of Iron.” Loki warned, him obviously not too fond of the nickname…


„Tony?“, you asked setting your glass of champagne on the table before you. „Maybe I could organise the next date, what do you think?“ You smiled at him, while he raised an eyebrow.
„Do I want to know what you’re up to?“, he asked suspiciously, but you just kept smiling. „Let me plan it, please“, you begged, looking at him with your best puppy eyes. Tony chuckled and looked to the ground. „Alright, babe, whatever you want.“
You walked around the table giving Tony a small kiss. „Thank you“, you whispered.
„Everything for you“, he answered planting a soft kiss on your forehead.

„I still don’t get why you wanted to come here“, Tony said, eyeing the people around you. „It’s loud, it’s full and I’m pretty sure, that someone had died in here.“
You sighed and looked at him. „Tony, it’s just an icerink. It’s not loud, it’s… alive. And I’m sure that nobody had died in here!“ You turned back to the cashier. „Well, not this year“, you added under your breath, so that Tony wouldn’t hear you.

Tony sighed once again, the disconcerted look still on his face.

You payed the cashier and received your iceskates, handing one of the pairs to Tony.

„You want me to wear these?“, Tony asked, his voice disbelieving. Now sighing yourself, you shoved him to the nearest bench. „Oh yes, I want you to wear these. Now.“
„Babe, if you go for such things, I could wear some in the bedroom next – Ouch!“ Annoyed you had hit him with one of your own shoes, before sitting down and putting them on.

After a while and lots of grumbling Tony was wearing his skates as well, and so you made your way over to the icerink.

„Come on“, you smiled, your mood a bit better now that you got so far. Tony slowly approached the gate, stepped on the ice – and got nearly overrun by a passing skater. You chuckled a bit, for Tony didn’t really fit into this whole publical ice skating thing. 
He took a deep breath, obviously annoyed, but to your great favour he kept his mouth shut.

You took a few rounds, first slowly, then just pulling Tony with you, while dodging all the other people that approached you. You smiled a bit to yourself, remembering the times when you used to come here with your family every winter. You felt like a little kid again.

But your joy didn’t last very long, for Tony’s expression was nothing less than completely annoyed.

Out of breath and nerves you decided to make a small pause, sitting on a bench beside the icerink. You had changed your skates back to your normal shoes, making it far more easier to walk.
„I’d love to get a hot chocolate“, you decided quietly for yourself, before turning to Tony. „Do you want something to drink?“, you asked, getting out your purse.
„Well, yes“, he answered. „Actually I wanna drink something. In fact, I wanna drink the nice old burbon, waiting for me at home.“ You tilted your head.

Gradually you’ve had enough of his bad mood. Couldn’t he at least try to enjoy being here with you?
„You know what?“, you snapped, grabbing your bag and standing up. „Sounds like a good plan to me. Why don’t you just go home to your drink. I’m out of here.“
With these words you stormed angrily outside, taking your anger out by kicking the rubbish that lay on the street as hard as you could.

„(Y/n)!“, you heard a voice behind you. „(Y/n), damnit. Wait!“
You didn’t think of waiting and just moved on. Eventually he would get to you anyway, but you could force him to run at least a little longer.

„What on earth is wrong with you?“, Tony asked, grabbing your shoulder, so you had to stop, if you wanted to or not.
„What is wrong with me?“, you asked back, turning around. A puzzled look evolved on Tony’s face. He opened his mouth, but you didn’t even think of letting him speak now. „You want to know what is wrong? I wanted to show you something, that meant really much to me. And what did you do? Complain, complain, complain.“ „(Y/n), I…“
„No, Tony. It’s my turn to talk.“ You took a deep breath to hold back the tears forming in your eyes. God damn, you weren’t a child anymore. „It’s just… You always invite me to those expensive parties, buy me beautiful things. God damn, Tony you once rented a whole hotel just for us two.“
To your great displeasure Tony looked rather proud of himself.  „No, not that look! Don’t you dare.“
Immediately it was gone. You sighed. „You know, it’s not that I wouldn’t appreciate it. Because I do. It’s just…“ Out of words you ran your fingers through your hair „It’s just that, for once, I wanted to show you something out of my world.  Out of my ordinary, loud and full world made of places where probably someone had died once.“ Defeated you looked to the ground. „It is a part of me, Tony. I just wanted to give you something back. Go on, make your jokes. I know you hated it inside there.“
But to your surprise you didn’t get to hear any snappy remarks. Instead Tony took your left hand in his, while he raised your chin with his other, getting you to look at him.
Frowning you looked into his brown eyes, waiting for a reply. Tony inhaled deeply. „You know what? It wasn’t that bad at all, I mean…“
„Tony. Remember, I always know when you’re lying.“

He looked to the ground and smiled. „Okay, you know when I’m lying. So listen, yeah?“
He pulled you into a tight hug, his head resting on yours, while he rubbed soothing circles over your back. „It was terrible.“

You scoffed. Thanks for repeating, Tony.
„But you know what else?“ He pulled slightly away to look at you. „I love you, (Y/n). And if it means so much to you, well, I maybe survive a bit more.“
You looked up to him, smiling softly, while gazing into his eyes. „I guess, this is the cutest thing, that you’re able to say, so…“, you wrapped your arms around his neck. „Thank you.“
You gave him a small peck on the lips, whereupon Tony smiled, kissing you again. You pressed yourself against his body, moving your lips against his. His hands were on your hips, slowly moving downwards, but you just smiled into the kiss, before grabbing Tony’s hands. „Nope“, you whispered against his lips, breaking the kiss. „But you know what?“

He raised an eyebrow. „You were right.“ Sighing you looked to the icerink, whose neonlights shimmered in the distance. „I think I was being just a bit nostalgic, but… I guess it actually really is terrible.“
„Still want to get that chocolate?“, he asked, looking at you, but you shook your head.
„No, I remember the hot chocolate tasting like a mix out of dish soap and sewage with cocoa powder.“ Tony chuckled. „But I wouldn’t say no to one at your place.“  You gave him another small peck, smiling. „Oh and Tony?“, you asked, already walking towards the car.

„I love you, too.“

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[deleted most of a really rude #dudeart post, the point is that i hate it hate it haaate it when writers act like mainstream white writers are somehow more white than experimental white writers. there is a very strong white mainstream literary tradition and also a VERY strong white avant-garde literary tradition, thomas pynchon is as white as nora roberts. subculture won’t save you, writing difficult books won’t absolve you, litdudes please calm down.]

ok, by the way, speaking of 616 elements on cap 3

that bit where ross is like “people are afraid” and tony’s like “that’s why i’m here” – you always need to be careful when trying to piece dialogue together from trailers, but like, assuming tony’s response does follow from ross’ comment (if not directly, then at least chronologically) – the thing is, tony was already there. and we already know that there’s a trigger event tony wasn’t a part of, and that pulls him out of ~retirement

there’s an untold story here, about how something involving the new avengers went down and tony was lectured on it first – like in the comics, when you’ve got the stamford/new warriors situation, and who does the president immediately have on the line? tony stark. who gets pulled out of clean up and into a meeting with gov people? tony stark. he’s bearing the burden of political first-responder pressure on this, even though he wasn’t directly involved. when he attends the memorial service for the stamford victims, he’s spat on and held responsible – because he’s “been telling people they can do anything as long as they’re wearing tights” and that he “funds this sickness with his dirty billions” and now the “blood is in his hands”

there’s a really fucked up amount of pressure that comes with financing the team, providing offensive technology (!!!!!!! remember!! tony is paranoid about sharing his guns!! imagine how much!! he trusts the avengers!!). E.W. termed it as “underwriting” the team. people think the new avengers fucked up, and they ring up tony

and there was no steve rogers there to go “that’s enough” when tony was presented with the run down of how supposedly guilty he is. nope. he probably flinched as well, just like wanda, but he didn’t have anyone to deflect the pressure or say that it’s unfair to blame them for responding to circumstances beyond their control

– You… thought I was dead.
– Oh… oh yeah.
– Then why are you here?
– McGee… McGee didn’t think you were dead.
– Tony. Why are you here?
– Couldn’t live without you, I guess.
– So you will die with me.
The Doctor

Do you take requests? Because if so, can I request a one-shot where the reader is hired as a personal doctor for the Avengers and Tony’s introducing her to the team and Pietro is attracted to her immediately and fakes injuries and illnesses to be with her ? Thank you!


A/N: Thank you for the request, anon! I enjoyed this one and I hope you do, too! The title reminds me of doctor who, oops…lol. If you’d like to send in a request, feel free to! (GIF NOT MINE!)

Warning: None!

Word Count: 2.6K+

Nervous was an understatement, if anything, being nervous was the least of your worries. Sure, you were in an elevator that belonged to one of the most famous buildings in New York–AKA Avengers Tower–and you were sharing the ride with Mr.Tony Stark himself, but none of that compared to the reason why you were here. Apparently, Stark himself had kept an eye out on you ever since you were halfway through High School (somehow, this didn’t creep you out, yet amazed you). He had studied and watched how educated and knowledgeable you were in the field of science, especially dealing with medicine; so, Tony took it in himself to hire you once you had graduated.

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(Avengers) Imagine standing between your father, Tony Stark, and your fiancé, Steve Rogers, during the Civil War

“You can not be serious!” “Dad…I just don’t know…” “You trust him blindly!” Tony shouted at you. “I don’t! That’s why I’m here god dammit!” You shouted back. You had been on the team right since the beginning and things were never easy between your dad your, back then, boyfriend. And now it was time to decide. “What did that Captain Perfect tell you?” “Nothing…just to do what I think is right” “Of course he did. Don’t you get it! He’s all sweet and caring because he knows you’d fall for that crap!” You shook your head. “No…he’s not like that. And thinking about it, it was probably a mistake coming here” You said and turned around to leave. “Y/N! Don’t do something you’ll regret!”

Snooping (Avengers)

“No, I told him to make sure that it got there last night.” You said, walking through the Tower. “I don’t care what happened. Get the package delivered, now!” You said then hung up.

You were then passing Clint’s room when you heard crying and laughter. You then opened the door and saw Tony and Clint on the bed with your laptop. “What the hell are you doing?” You asked.

Tony panicked, closing the laptop and Clint pushed him off his bed. “I was just, looking for something.” Clint said, wiping tears. “While crying?” You asked him, walking closer to his bed.

“And why do you have my laptop?” You asked. “Thor broke mine.” Clint told you. “And why is Tony here?” You said. “Tony isn’t here.” Clint said. You then walked to the other side of his bed and saw Tony trying to slither under the bed. 

“Okay, what’s going on?” You asked, snatching your laptop back. “Did you close it?” Clint whispered to Tony. “I thought you did.” Tony said.

You put in your password and saw a window opened to your blog. “You didn’t.” You said. “Look, we were just going to buy human sized hamster balls when we saw the window opened.” Clint explained.

“So you read it? What the hell happened to privacy?” You asked him. “Look, we weren’t going to read everything, but we could stop.” Tony said. “So why was Clint crying?” You asked. 

“We just finished reading Finding Her.” Tony said. “Oh, God.” You groaned. “We promise we won’t tell the rest of the team.” Tony told you. “But, I’ve got to say, you really capture my personality.” He told you. “Thank you.” You said. 

“And I was wondering, can I help you write?” He asked. “What? Why?” You asked. “Well, I have a lot of down time now and it seems so fun.” He said. “Really? I stay up till 3 in the morning just to finish a small draft. Do you want that?” You asked him. 

“Yes.” He nodded. “You’re an idiot.” You said. Clint then ran to hug you. “You okay there?” You asked him. “Don’t die on me.”He said and you laughed. “Well, I will soon. You know, nature and all.” You said. He looked up at you, “No.” He pouted. You and Tony laughed.