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“Cloak of Protection”

I watched “Doctor Strange” last week and then @bloody-bee-tea watched it too and afterwards she said “Okay but what if the cloak of levitation always wraps around Tony whenever he’s near” and I was like “yes, this needs to happen”

So it happened. I love the cloak.

Set after Civil War. Dedicated to @bloody-bee-tea<3


JARVIS’ voice cuts through the music and Tony “hmm”’s, not looking away from the new suit he’s working on. It’s the best one he has ever created, made from a new alloy he invented together with T'Challa, faster, sleeker.

Made to withstand super-human strength.

“Sir, you have a visitor”, JARVIS speaks up again and this time, Tony looks up, frowning slightly. Rhodey hasn’t left the tower, hasn’t left Tony alone since the rest of the team moved back in; since -to the public- they became “The Avengers” again.

“Who is it?”

“Doctor Stephen Strange asks if you would have a moment for him, sir.”

That certainly gets Tony to perk up. He even smiles as he gets up, practically bouncing over to the stairs. “Sure, send him up! Did he say what he want?”

“He said it would be a visit to a friend.”

And with everything that has happened, with all the shit and hurt and betrayal Tony dealt with, nothing warms his heart more than this simple sentence. Of course he still keeps the possibility of Strange wanting a favour in mind, but maybe this really is just a friendly visit.

Tony wanders up the stairs – and freezes.

He doesn’t even mean to, but-

Four months have not been enough to make him forgive Steve – or forget what he’d done. Some nights are still filled with nightmares, of Steve kneeling on top of him, shield raised, crushing it into the ARC.

Nothing has even really changed between them. They barely talk aside from the orders given on the battlefield and Steve is always cold towards Tony, a hard, steely expression ever-present on his face when they are in the same room.

Just like now.

Tony freezes in his steps for a second, before he plasters on a smile, wide and fake. He has the cuffs around his wrists to call the suit; he has improved the sensors in his body. He reminds himself that the suit will be here sooner than Steve can attack him-

Suddenly, there is a sound, like something rushing through the room.

In the next moment, Tony feels something wrap around him, settling warm and oddly comforting on his shoulders.

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why ‘dr strange’ is so exciting. and equally nerve-wracking.

(bit of a long post).

i thought i’d share excerpts from a discussion i (D) had with the incredibly knowledgeable and wise quackerducker (Q) on twitter about how we are both a little bit nervous about how the dr strange film will be received. NOT because of the casting(!!) but rather because the doctor is so different from any other marvel character. 

Looking at the current MCU [marvel cinematic universe] makes me wonder how Stephen is going to fit in. Like, we know he takes the magic side of the MCU, but he’s always been a solitary kind of hero– he does his own thing, and y'know.. He doesn’t show it, but he’s the outsider. I salute Bendis for trying, really trying to work him in with the New Avengers and stuff, but yeah… it’s like sending off your little kid to school, knowing he’ll do great, but kinda worried the other kids might not take to him…” (Q)

“I kind of want the DS series to explore that emotional depth, but I’m worried it won’t go well with the masses who expect a popcorn flick, not a think-piece. Strange is very meditative as a hero. What makes him such a formidable foe is not only the deities he can call upon or the powers he can wield… It’s his meditative, contemplative stance…” (Q)

[i agreed:] “… he’s kind of the outsider emotionally and obviously in terms of the worlds he occupies and moves between. but arguably though, there are others who also existed autonomously. spidey for one. but i also think that, because stephen’s so powerful, so insidiously influential, that his aloofness will be a strength. like vision. kind of awe-inspiring and enigmatic.. and moreover, BC is so good at bringing pathos to awkward characters so that might make him more a fan favourite..” (D)

“… i remember when i first heard DS being described as marvel’s fantasia; i started to worry for these very reasons. while phase 3 will be different, marvel audiences still expect a certain level of accessible almost campy humour and if you look at scott derrickson’s work, the profundity of dr strange in canon, the intensity of benedict’s work and the fact that much of DS (into shamballa) is based around beat generation philosophical, almost hallucinogenic musings plus cosmic, conceptual environments, it’s going to be a bit of a leap from usual marvel fodder. i just hope people are ready and open for it. if i am right…” (D)

and then (Q) summed it all up perfectly: “Benedict will do a good job, but the concept is very tricky. I don’t think it will do well, commercially, if it embraces the philosophical side– not everyone knows who Doctor Strange is. Partly, I think why a lot of MCU and younger Marvel fans (you know which side I am talking about) cannot see Benedict as perfect casting is because they never saw Strange at his most contemplative. To them, he’s the magic guy who sleeps around. 

I would gander a bet and think that these same people see Strange as the ‘magical Tony Stark’ (a label which I despise). Or that you call Strange when you’ve written yourself in a corner (World War Hulk, Avengers: Disassembled, etc.). 

 He works very well as a hero in text, I think. I’m partly anxious how that translates to screen, and I suppose that is the challenge: for it to remain to tackle abstract, intangible concepts while engaging our perceiving senses.” (Q)

you see what i mean? so exciting! and so nerve-wracking…. but i wouldn’t have it any other way.