tony walton


Rare photos from Julie Andrews’ wedding. They were found on the side of an English street in a briefcase or garbage bag or something in pristine condition a week or so after the wedding. The person who found them’s daughter or granddaughter was kind enough to share them with the forum. This is truly a ‘royal wedding’.


“One Sunday night, Tony and I were visiting his family in Walton-on-Thames. We were having a quiet supper by the fire. Life was very good indeed, and Tony and I were sitting side by side on a low footstool, balancing our dinner plates on our knees. We looked at each other and smiled, and I honestly don’t know how it came about, but one of us whispered to the other, ‘we should get married soon.’ And then, 'Should we mention it now?' 

So we suddenly said, 'We were just talking about getting married.’”

- Julie Andrews, 2008


In 1959 Hollywood legend Julie Andrews married set designer Tony Walton in Weybridge, Surrey, England. They were married for eight years and had one child together. Tony designed the organza and tulle gown Julie wore and years later, took pieces from it and incorporated them into the design of their daughter’s wedding gown.

“Sometimes, sitting at a film or drama critic’s voting meeting, I feel surrounded by creatures from the black lagoon or from twenty thousand leagues beneath the sea. We don’t speak the same language. A great Russian film meant nothing to them, whereas a cheap American shoot-’em-up or cowboy movie is a masterpiece. They look at me as if I were some sort of strange comic monster; I look at them and think, What do I have in common with these people? Why am I sitting here? I think press agents would be much nicer to sit with. They know much more about what we’re talking about. Perhaps even cabdrivers do.” —John Simon

Illustration: Tony Walton.