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“Clint and the Chinook” - Digital Oil Painting

“We wanted to get a dog up at the farm for a while, so– WHOA, what did you give him to eat? That is some serious doggie breath. Tony? Ton– Where are you go– WHAT DID YOU GIVE HIM??”

(It was half of Tony’s Limburger and liverwurst sandwich.)

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Anon asked for Tony making tons of cookies around the holidays and Bucky mentioning he liked chocolate chip and this was born :) And remember I’m always taking requests~


When Bucky walked into the kitchen, he was not expecting the scene in front of him. Steve had Clint in a choke hold, Bruce was sitting on Thor’s shoulders while the thunder god was holding Natasha at arms length and Tony? Tony was stirring a bowl of cooking dough. Or at least that’s what Bucky assumed as Tony dropped a handful of cranberries into the batter.

“Yes!” Bruce grinned. “I win losers.”

Clint whined and shoved Steve off of him. “Damn it. You already made a cranberry batch last time.”

“Yeah well, Brucie bear didn’t get on my nerves this week,” Tony shrugged. “Maybe I’ll be nice and make walnut with white chocolate chips after.”

Bruce got down from Thor’s shoulders and smiled as he swiped some dough with a small spoon. “I never get on your nerves.”

“That’s why you’re my favorite,” Tony smiled.

“Mom’s aren’t supposed to have favorites,” Clint pointed out.

“Of course we do,” Tony snorted. “We just lie about it, but we all have our favorites. Just like dad’s.” He winked at Steve.

Clint looked between the two of him before his gaze settled on Steve. “So…who’s your favorite then?”

“Natasha,” Steve answered.

Clint sputtered.

“Dude, that’s cold,” Bucky said. “I thought I was your favorite.”

“I can have more than one favorite,” Steve replied.

Tony started dropping globs of cookie down on the baking tray and turned to make sure the oven was on. He put two trays of cookies in the oven and set the timer.

“Welp, Natasha was gonna show me this new move so we’ll be going now,” Clint said as he and Natasha back tracked out of the kitchen.

Bruce and Thor came up with their own half hearted excuse and which left Steve, Bucky and Tony.

“I just remembered Fury wanted to meet with me about something. Sorry,” Steve gave Tony an apologetic smile and grabbed a few already baked cookies and left the kitchen.

“My ma would’ve rapped my knuckles for that,” Bucky chuckled.

Tony shrugged and smiled a bit. “I don’t mind.” He grabbed a sponge from the sink and started to wipe down the counters. Bucky dumped the dirty dishes in the sink and started to wash them.

“I didn’t know you could bake,” Bucky said.

“Just around the holidays,” Tony shrugged. “It’s one of things Jarvis and my mom taught me before they died. Pepper always complained she went up two dress sizes every Christmas and Rhodey likes to use the extra’s as good reinforcement with the new recruits. I mean, I personally don’t think they’re fight worthy. They’re just cookies.”

“Apparently they’re exceptional cookies,” Bucky replied. “My mom used to make me chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate would melt in your mouth. Always hated having to share them though. Even with Stevie.”

Tony smiled. “My mom’s specialty was sugar cookies that looked like the family. I always ate the head off the one that looked like my dad much to mom’s dismay.”

Bucky laughed a little. “Yeah?”

“Yep…I was uh thinking about doing that this year. For the team. Everyone can decorate their own cookie to look like themselves. Unless you think that’s to cheesy.”

“I think that’s a great idea,” Bucky smiled. “You need any help?”

“Help? Nah,” Tony shook his head and cleared his throat awkwardly. “But I wouldn’t say no to the company.”

“I can do that,” Bucky nodded.

It was awkward at first, Tony wasn’t used to people being in the kitchen with him while he baked but Bucky took it in stride. He watched Tony, and they talked about everything and nothing.

Bucky talked about Hydra and certain things he could remember. It came easier with Tony. He didn’t have this look like Bucky was a kicked puppy and he talked about his own issues.

Hours had passed before the rest of the team started to trickle back into the kitchen.

“Smells good,” Clint said. He sat next to Bucky and reached for the cookies Tony had just taken out of the oven.

Bucky smacked his hand away. “Not yet.”

Clint pouted. “Rude.”

“You have to wait for them to cool off,” Bucky replied. “And then we’re going to decorate them.”

“Decorate?” Steve asked.

“I made sugar cookie people and you’re all going to decorate one to look like you. Bucky and I already made ours,” Tony said.

He showed them the two cookies. One looked like Iron man and the other looked like Bucky. Tony carried the cookies out to the dining room where there was frosting and other cookie decorating things on the dining room table.

Bruce and Thor were already sitting at the table and Natasha joined them with Steve trailing behind her.

“Can we eat them after?” Clint asked.

“Yes you can eat them after,” Tony answered. He rolled his eyes and Clint sat down next to Natasha. “Bucky’s going to facilitate while I finish up the rest of the cookies.”

He walked back to the kitchen and took out the batch of chocolate chip he made when Bucky wasn’t looking.

“Tony you’re missing out,” Bruce called from the dining room.

“Hold on a second,” Tony replied.

He put the cookies on a plate and carried them out.

“My cookies feels suddenly inferior next to Captain America cookie,” Bucky said. He looked at Tony over his shoulder and saw the plate of chocolate chip cookies.

“Uh…These are for you,” Tony said blushing slightly. “I doubt they’re gonna be like your mom’s…or good for that matter. I’ve never made chocolate chip before.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Bucky said picking up a cookie.

Tony watched him take a bite and Bucky’s eyes widened slightly.

“Holy fuck, these are amazing,” he blinked.

“You don’t have to lie to make me feel better,” Tony replied.

“I’m not, these are really good,” Bucky smiled.

“I want to try one,” Steve said.

“Back off Roger’s,” Bucky replied holding the plate of cookies to his chest. “Tony made these for me…right?”

Tony nodded. “Yeah.”

Bucky leaned down and kissed Tony’s cheek. “This is why you’re my favorite.”

why does… everyone have such a weird aversion to tony and rhodey being in college together and in the same grade

Playing Pokémon GO with Peter Headcanons

a/n: i started playing and found my new love for clefairies (THEY’RE SO CUTE). also i’m level 8, team mystic!!

• going to e v e r y pokestop in queens (and to some in brooklyn)
• peter swinging the both of you so you can get that snorlax you’ve been eyeing and he can get a bulbasaur
• victorious kisses
• like, a lot of them.
• sneaking out together to walk around
• getting the entire avengers team hooked onto the game
• tony spending a shit ton of money on pokecoins
• you and peter challenging each other
• “which ever one of us gets a pikachu first has permission to give the other a tickle fight!”
“you’re on!”
• peter getting that pikachu first and literally attacking you with tickles
• which then turns into a makeout session
• sitting in between two pokestops for hours snuggling and patrolling your phones
• bragging about which pokémon with the highest CP you have
• belting out the theme song whenever walking around
• peter as spider-man knocking out the creeps who lurk in pokestops to kidnap kids
• “you know, the game’s supposed to be for catching pokémon, not kids.”
• rewatching indigo league on netflix while cuddling
• complaining about why ash and misty weren’t ever together
• debating on which team to join
• dressing up as ash and misty while going on walks
• “you know, you’re cuter than the cutest pokémon ever.”
“and which one would that be?”
“i don’t know, you’re cuter than every one there is.”

Take a deep breath.

Author’s note: Okay, this actually turned out more angsty than planned, but I turned it in to cute, fluffiness because fluffy is what I needed today. Only one cuss word, because angst. Hope you enjoy!

You hated the days when Tony would try to upgrade things in the tower.
Something always seemed to break at the most inconvenient time.

Like the time all the lights blew out in the compound and you’d ended up stumbling along the corridor, then falling down the stairs, fracturing your wrist. Or when Tony accidentally blew out the air conditioning and everyone ended up strolling around in very little.


 Today was looking like a good day, no-one woke you before 9am, Steve had saved leftover pizza for your breakfast and you kicked Sam’s ass in training.

 After you showered, you headed to the elevator on the way to the next Avengers meeting, not that there was much point.
Sam and Bucky would make flippant remarks at each other
‘You sure you can take this mission Tin Can? Wouldn’t want you to get recycled with the rest of the trash’
‘Keep talking birdbrains, and you’ll end up as scrambled as the egg I made for breakfast’
You’d kick Bucky under the table, he’d glare at you, Clint and Natasha would gossip about the ‘obvious tension’ between the parties, Steve would tell you all to stop acting like children and Tony would just sit in the corner, eyes rolling and hand rubbing his head.
In the end, Steve would just get FRIDAY to send you all the brief notes through a universal e-mail, which often ended up being spammed with memes, back and forth for a couple of hours.

DING. The elevator doors opened, Bucky was already stood waiting to do down. You scowled.
You and Bucky had spent the last few weeks avoiding each other.

-A few weeks ago-
You were using the shower in the communal bathroom on your floor, when Bucky came stumbling through the door, slightly tipsy being an understatement. He’d tripped, taking down the shower curtain, the rail and unfortunately, you. You had no problem with Bucky seeing you in your bare form, you’d literally masqueraded around in your underwear when the air conditioning blew up.
Things had become awkward when he couldn’t take his eyes off you and your vulnerable form, you put it down to drunkenness. But nevertheless, the both of you couldn’t look at each other since it had happened.

-Present Day-

The tension in the elevator was painful. You enjoyed your conversations with Bucky usually, or how he had found a love for 80s music, how he secretly loved whipped cream with marshmellows on his hot chocolate (You only found out when you caught him taking a sip of yours and he’d confessed) but most of all you missed Bucky’s presence. You glanced at him, then looked away, left it a few seconds and glanced again.

‘Can I help you?’ Bucky sighed, annoyance emanated his tone.

You shook your head quickly and went back to staring straight ahead.

The elevator juddered to a halt, much to your dismay.

Tony’s voice came from the speaker ‘Sorry guys! I must’ve tripped a wire whilst trying to update FRIDAY – I shouldn’t be too long!’

You groaned ‘Great. Just…great’

Bucky snapped ‘Well I can’t say I’m too thrilled either Princess’

‘Go fuck yourself Barnes’ You snarled back, back sliding down the elevator wall, hands feeling clammy and your breathing becoming short. You put your head between your knees to try relieve the claustrophobia creeping into the elevator.

Bucky looked at your crumpled state. ‘Doll?’ He said, voice calm, soothing.
‘Leave…Me…Alone’ You huffed, trying to catch your breath. Naturally Bucky being Bucky, he ignored your stubbornness. He sat beside you, his arm rubbing your back.

‘Take a deep breath’ he advised.

After a brief moment of silence, Bucky tried to converse with you again. ‘I’m sorry’
‘For…what?’ you replied.

‘For destroying the shower room, for knocking you over, for…y’know…staring, but when you’ve got a view like that, you can’t help admire the scenery’
He chuckled nervously, making light of a the situation.
You gave a weak laugh and replied ‘Thanks Bucky’ before you passed out, overwhelmed with the small space.


You woke in a familiar room, but it wasn’t yours. You tried to manouvere out of the bed, but something kept you locked in tight. You rolled over and came face-to-face with Bucky.

He looked content, you gently caress your fingers across the roughness of his cheek, a smile etched on your face. You gave him a light peck on the end of his nose, since you couldn’t move up to his forehead, you whispered ‘Thank you for being my knight in shining armor Bucky’ as you rolled back over and curled yourself deeply into his embrace.

What you didn’t see was the grin on Bucky’s face when you’d turned over and you couldn’t feel the increased racing of his heartbeat when you pulled yourself closer to him.

He was glad to be your knight in shining armor. 

Scandal season 5 countdown: Day 3

Olivia: I thought you didn’t want me fixing you

anonymous asked:

Be prepared to find another Tony Stark artist with tons of headcanons in your neighborhood. Will Tony surive them or are we all doomed? Found it out soon on Tumblr! (I just wanted to add a joke in here because I'm nervously looking at my art to post it. I keep seeing mistakes to fix. Do you have any tips for me to look past that before I delete the whole image, run and steal one of Tony's suits? I never posted my art before online).

Oh my goodness!! I look forward to having a new neighbour! 

tbh looking at your art and finding a ton of mistakes the second you think it’s done is The Eternal Artist Curse sometimes…I usually find at least 3 once I’ve posted something. but your art doesn’t have to be perfect!! check out some of the first stuff I ever posted: [x] [x] [x]! They don’t look a lot like how I draw now, and I can definitely see all of the mistakes in them (esp bc i was just starting out drawing in general oh man), but the important part was getting it out there and making more!!

whenever I get super nervous about posting my art, i try thinking about it like i’m just “letting it go” instead of posting it? like i’m the type of person who’ll fuss over something because it isn’t Perfect™ for Ages, so having an official End for a thing is really helpful to me!! I’m not actively showing it to people, necessarily,, i’m just Letting It Go and putting it out there because it’s Done (whether it’s Good Art™ or not) and it can have a place on my art blog and in my art tag. i try really hard not to worry about who will see it or how many notes it will get (if any at all)!! 

if sharing with one or two people feels less scary at first, then do that! I have a beloved pal who gets to see wips of a lot of my stuff, and eventually i started posting those on here, too! that helped a lot. Also, I would personally LOV to see your art, so if you want to @ me in stuff or message me or link me to things, please please do!! nothing makes me happier in my heart than seeing people’s art, especially if it’s of my Beloved Son Anthony,,so!! i can be your enthusiastic audience of one if you need it, mysterious and anonymous pal. 

(also,,,there is always room in my heart and in this fandom for more tony art and headcanons…pls join us…share with us this good good locally grown organic tony stark content) 

awh tony & i got tons of likes :’) (ive seen this pic everywhere tbh i wish i would have made the watermark bigger, you can barely see it) D;

PTV Preference- How you sleep together.

Vic: Vic always liked to have physical contact within all hours of the night. from the two of your backs pressed together, to Vic’s arms around you, never letting you go. Vic loved having you close to him, it helped him sleep and he loved taking in your sent.

Jaime: You and Hime usually spooned whenever you slept. you of course always were the little spoon, unless Jaime decided otherwise, which was funny to you. if you two didn’t feel lie spooning, he’d put an arm around you and keep it there for the rest of the night. 

Mike: you and Mike held hands when you slept, no matter what position you both were in. Your fingers were always tangled together, never separating until the morning.

Tony: Ton always had both arms wrapped around you, not letting you go. He wanted you to feel safe and to be with him every minute of the night. Whenever you’d get up and go back to bed, Tony made sure you were back in his arms every time.