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Dr. Hannibal Lecter Aesthetic, Parts I and II

Book/Movie, but can be interchangeable with the TV show, as well (with the exception of Clarice in the second aesthetic placed purposefully next to the Doctor under Mischa).

The first aesthetic is used to represent Dr. Lecter’s adulthood pre-incarceration, while the second is his adolescence and the period after his escape… including his time with Clarice.

“'Are you looking for sympathy? You’ll find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.’“

Parker Luck Part 1

This is going to be a little different from what I usually do… but dammit if I haven’t fallen in love with Peter Parker Angst and Tony Stark being an overprotective Iron Dad. I love it. I love it too much. Don’t worry thought starlings! Langst will still come! I will only add to it! (Maybe some Ereri one shots too. If it’s yaoi, or angst, it will be full game on this account!) I hope you enjoy!

           Honestly, where ever Peter did something, it was all in, or nothing. It was either done so seamlessly and so well, you could mistake it as mastery or art. Or he failed so bad it was like a bard rolling a one on a stealth check. A complete failure.

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thewinchesterlifestyle  asked:

Tony Stark is my absolute favorite character in Marvel. He's my favorite superhero and anyone giving you shit for loving such a fascinating, complex character can fuck off. Tony is snarky, smart, brave, flawed, funny, damaged, deep, biting and a hero. People who send hate to others because they love something are the ones who are broken and maybe they should spend the time they take to send hate on fixing themselves. Fucking assholes. (you can publish this or not because I stand by my words)

There is something to be said about making yourself into a hero, not being made, but making that choice. And that has always echoed inside my bones. His raw, unrelenting, humanity, makes me believe I can save myself and still be alive, still be human. I am broken, but I am also good, and maybe I can build myself into my own hero. And who are they to tell me that I cannot seek comfort in that hope? 

I love you, and I’m publishing this, because it needs to be seen. Xx

Parker Luck Part 2

Well, you ask, and you shall receive~



Mentions of Bullying

           She wasn’t answering any of his calls.

           His fingers tapped anxiously on the desk as his leg bounced up a down, the light of a Friday afternoon spilling from the window to his desk top. It was warm, but god if it only drove him further up the wall. His jitters magnifying with every reminded.

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