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Barista!Quill and Coffee Addicted Tony? :D

“Coffee, please.”

Peter looks up from his dishes and squints at the man.

“I already told you yesterday that we don’t have coffee here. It’s a nightclub dude.” answers Peter and shrugs. He takes the two beers for the couple on his right and hands them the drinks over.

“I need coffee.” says the man again and Peter looks at him. He looks pretty… well you know. He looks like a man who needs coffee.

They really don’t have that on the menu. But they have a coffee machine for their own breaks.

“Please.” says the man again and his big brown eyes have so much hope in them. Peter swallows.

Before Peter can say anything the man takes out three hundred dollar bills. Peter gasps at the money and looks around. But nobody looks at them.

“Come with me.” whispers Peter then and the man smiles.

Peter shows him the way around the counter. He looks back and sees Gamora.

“Hey Gam. I’m taking my break.” says Peter and Gamora nods towards him. Its not a busy night, so she should be fine.

“Here we are. Nothing special. You can sit down.” says Peter and shows the man their little rooms.

“Thank you.” says the man and he sounds so desperate.

“Yeah man. No Problem. I’m Peter by the way.” says Peter and turns on the coffee machine. It’s an old one. But it does his job.

“I’m Tony.” says the man and Peter smiles. That fits him.

“Well Tony, how do you drink your coffee?” asks Peter then and the brewer burbles behind him.

“Oh you know. Black.” says Tony and he smiles shyly at Peter.

“And when you don’t want to look cool?” says Peter and grins. Tony looks down.

“Two spoonfuls of sugar and a bit of milk, please..” says Tony then and this time his smile is all cute and he is blushing a bit.

“No problem.” answers Peter and pours them both a cup. He drinks his really black.

“Finally, thank you.” says Tony when Peter hands him the coffee. He gulps the whole cup down in one and moans.

Peter blushes and tries to hide that behind his own mug.

“Refill?” asks Tony and Peter laughs.

It takes Tony nearly four cups to talk again.

“So uhm. For real you saved my life.” he smiles at Peter.

“I would do it again.” says Peter and he hopes that Tony understands that he tries to flirt.

Tony holds up the bills again.

“Well then i will leave you. I mean i don’t want to steal your whole break.” says Tony and tries to give Peter the bills.

“Woah no. Hey i didn’t do it for the money.” says Peter and Tony frowns.

“But you only said yes when i showed you the money.” says Tony and looks down at the money in his hands..

“Nope. Did it for you beautiful eyes.” answers Peter and Tony splutters something at that.

Peter smiles and Tony takes the money away.

“I…uhm…wow.” Tony blushes even more and Peter can’t help but tease him a bit. He is too cute.

“Also i could see how coffee addicted you are. I mean who else would come to a bar again if they already knew they wouldn’t get any coffee there.” laughs Peter and Tony pouts.

“Maybe i’m not only coffee addicted.” answers Tony and shrugs.

He stands up at that and leans a bit forward. Before Peter has the chance to say something, Tony kisses him on the cheek.

“Maybe i’m addicted to the cute barista, too.”

With that he is gone. Peter is still frozen. But when he puts their empty mugs away he smiles.

And then Peter sees it. A dollar bill with a telephone number on it.


The Little Things

@hollysleeps Requested:  Could you do one where you’re a new agent & the group loves you. You learn every detail about them, both big & small, from who likes their coffee how, who is dating who & how their dates go. Who likes what for breakfast & who doesn’t eat it. You know, all those small things that people appreciate you remembering. And they realize they know nothing about you or anything you like and feel guilty so Buck tries to learn as much as he can.  

Pairing: Bucky x Avenger!Reader

Warnings: FLUFF GALORE, Alcohol Use, and Suggestive Language.

Word Count: 2,373

A/N: So. Friggin’. Cute. You guys are going to love this and I love it too. Hope you enjoy! x.T

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         “Okay, what about twenty questions?” Tony asked, leaning back in his seat next to you on the white couch. The team had been invited over to the Tower for your guys’ day off, just to drink, hang out, and not focus on the world for a night. You all had wanted to do something and after Banner being shot down, Tony suggested something.

           You sat on the edge of your cushion, your drink in one hand, and you swirled the ice around with your finger. Then, you took it out of the drink and sipped the alcoholic beverage. It was an acrid taste as it slid down your throat, but you’ve been drinking it for the past hour, so the taste was something you’d gotten used to.

           Steve shook his head at Tony’s idea. “Not everyone would be willing to participate.” He glanced over at Natasha. She sat in a chair, hers legs crossed, and a glass of red wine in one hand.

           Tony clapped his hands together. “How about we change the rules? We ask everyone a question—that doesn’t retain to anyone’s past, about someone, and whoever answers it correctly gets bragging rights?” Everyone looked around each other, before Natasha nodded her head.

           Steve, Bucky, and Sam were all squished onto a couch, while Clint and Banner had brought over bar stools on either side of their couch. Thor was in a seat like Natasha’s, with his arms splayed over the white leather, and an Asgardian-enhanced drink in hand. You sat next to Tony and Wanda on the other large couch across from the super soldiers.

           “I’ll ask the first question: What’s my favorite for breakfast?” Tony set his drink on the coffee table, his eyes gazing around at the group.

           “Pancakes?” Natasha piped up, hoping she got a lucky guess.

           “Wrong.” The group settled into silence again, and you bit your lip. You knew exactly what it was.

           “You like an omelet with extra cheese, and you make the chef remake it if it has bell peppers…” You said, meeting Tony’s surprised features. He them smiled and picked up his glass, holding it up.

           “Right on the money, Y/N.” Tony clinked his glass against yours, before you both took a sip. Everyone looked slightly impressed at how you knew, but it wasn’t that hard to realize. Whenever Tony had you guys over, you were always up early enough to see what he ate, and the chef would often put peppers in his omelet. Tony always complained to you about how they ruined the taste.

           Wanda nodded and sat forward, she asked, “Who knows how many times a week I train?” She looked around at the group, seeing them all contemplating, but you sat back and took a drink. You knew that one too.

           You weren’t paying attention to the fact that the metal-armed soldier beside Steve was watching you intently, recognizing the look of someone who knew what others didn’t. He had opted against alcohol for the night, so he lifted his glass of ice water to his lips, his eyes ghosting over every little move you made. You sensed someone’s eyes on you and cast your gaze across the group, but whoever was looking at you masked it well.

           Clint had made a few guesses, coming up short every time, and Wanda shook her head with a smile. Tony turned to look at you, he saw how you hadn’t even tried to think over this. “Y/N, do you know?”

           You sat up and set your drink on the coffee table, avoiding everyone’s eyes, before smiling at Wanda. “You train everyday, even when not permitted. You say it helps you focus on the power you wield.”

           Wanda let out a soft laugh, “I forgot you always help me out, often playing as subject.” You couldn’t help the smile on your face and you shook your head, the team looked impressed already. Yet, all you did was pay attention to the things they do.

           After going through Natasha, Clint, and Sam, everyone was asking you the questions. Your eyes rested on Bucky, who was up next, and his lips curved up when you looked at him.

           You always had a soft spot for the soldier and sometimes would take time to chat with him over coffee late at night. He was soft spoken and always listened to what you had to say, he always was kind to you, and even let you put refrigerator magnets on his metal arm one time. You and Bucky had wanted to see how many you could get on, but you ended up running out of magnets. Bucky opened himself up to you all the time and was grateful to have someone other than Steve understand him.

           Bucky asked, “How many magnets can be put on my arm?” You bit your bottom lip and his eyes glistened with amusement, knowing he stumped everyone else.

           Steve turned to his best friend, the look on his face priceless. “Magnets?”

           “Yeah, on the fridge.” Bucky said nonchalantly. You hid your grin behind your drink, sipping slowly, because if anyone else saw you, they would know what you did.

           Tony raised his brows. “I’m surprised I didn’t think to do that.” He then glanced over at you and a smile spread across his features, Tony nudged your arm with his elbow. “Was it your idea?”

           “Thirty-six magnets, to be exact. We ran out.” You answered, uncrossing your legs and exchanging smiles with the metal-armed soldier. The group laughed at the prospect of the dead serious super soldier, sitting with his arm extended on the counter, with you carefully placing magnets on the metal.

           Banner gestured to you, “Why don’t you ask us a question? You seem to know everything about us.” You felt the focus bear down on you and you heard blood rushing in your ears, but you played off you nervousness with a cool smile.

           “Okay, I’ll ask one,” You sat forward and was ready for the disappointment, “Why was I brought in to be an Avenger?” Everyone quieted and looked away, but Bucky kept his eyes on you. He was realizing something about you and while you awkwardly sipped your drink in the dead silence, Bucky was trying to figure you out.

           Bucky wondered why the whole team trusted you with everything, and why he always was compelled to tell you things. It almost came naturally, trusting you, and he froze when he realized. The reason Fury brought you onto the team, was because of your power to have anyone trust you when in your presence, and why you always went on missions alone.

           Bucky cleared his throat and said, “Because of your power. You make people trust you and tell you everything.” You stopped and stared at him, and he continued, “Yet, you never tell us anything.” The guilt that always hung over you made your gaze drop to the ground, and your stomach churned with uneasiness. You didn’t want to hide anything from the team, but it is hard to trust someone who has the power to have everyone spill their secrets too.

           Tony rested his hand on your back and said, “Well, it isn’t Y/N’s fault. We never bother to ask about her.” The team had to thank Tony for putting it so bluntly.

           “Thanks, Tony.” You forced a small smile, before finishing off your drink. “I think I’m going to call it a night.” You set the glass on the coffee table and got to your feet, not looking at anyone as you walked towards the stairs that lead down to the rooms. No one said a word as you left the room, and you quickly shut yourself away.

           You were curled up in your blankets with the lamp on the nightstand turned on. You were flicking through a handful of photos of your family, quickly getting over the fact no one had bothered to come down. Well, yet.

           A knock sounded from the door of your room and you quickly set the photos down, before making your way over. You opened the door and was surprised to see Bucky standing there. He was in a black t-shirt and sweatpants, his head jerked up when you opened the door.

           “Hey, can I come in?” Bucky asked softly, and you stepped aside to let him in. He moved past you and you shut the door behind his large form, before you returned to sitting against the headboard of your bed. You patted the space beside you and Bucky slid onto the bed next to you, he stretched his legs out, and crossed his arms over his chest.

           He sighed, “I’m sorry about what happened out there.”

           You looked over at him to see his gaze was already resting on you, and you shook your head. “It’s okay, Bucky. You were right.” He hesitated a moment, before he reached out and gently grasped your hand. The callouses on his fingers were rough against the smooth skin of your hand, and his hand easily wrapped around yours, it sent a pleasant warmth up your arm. He ran his thumb over your knuckles, and you squeezed his hand gently.

           “I’m always telling you about me, and I haven’t bothered to ask about you.” Bucky pursed his lips and looked at his hand grasping yours, he then lifted your hand to his lips, and pressed a gentle kiss to your knuckles.

           Your cheeks flared with heat and you leaned into his shoulder, the warmth and solidarity of his body drawing you in. You said softly, “So, how about we play twenty questions—for real?”

           “Okay, what did you think when we first met?” Bucky turned his body so he could face you, and he held your hand on his leg that he had brought up between the both of you. You couldn’t help the smile that tugged at your lips.

           You sighed and tried to relive that day again, before you raised a brow, “I’m going to be honest with you, but I had thought Steve was hot, until you showed up on our doorstep.”

           Bucky snorted and couldn’t help the grin on his face, your face was hot, and Bucky loved seeing you blushing so hard. You ducked your head in embarrassment, before Bucky squeezed your hand. It was your turn, so you asked, “What did you think when we first met?”

           His dark blue eyes softened when they met yours, and his voice was so smooth and gentle. “I thought you were the most beautiful person in the world,” Bucky released your hand to reach up and brush his fingers against your cheekbone, “And I still do.”

           You couldn’t break his gaze and your heart was beating so hard, you thought it would jump right out of your chest. The brush of his fingers made your skin tingle, and you were completely under his spell, as your lips parted. Bucky’s eyes flickered slowly between your gaze and your lips, before he slowly began to lean towards you.

           He used one hand to hold himself up and cupped your cheek with the other, the cold hardness of the metal against your skin something you’ve only ever imagined happening in your dreams. Bucky’s nose brushed yours and your eyes fluttered closed, finding yourself leaning towards him to close the space.

           Bucky pulled away slightly and you opened your eyes, he whispered, “I have one more question…” You hummed to acknowledge it, and he continued, “Will you kiss me?”

           “Yes,” You said almost a little too quickly.

           Then, you both crashed against each other, his lips melding to yours. He leaned into you, his metal hand holding your lips to his. You kissed him slowly, yet all you wanted was him to kiss you like there was no tomorrow. You wrapped your arms around his neck, sliding your fingers into the soft locks of his hair, and you parted your lips slightly. Bucky took that chance and his tongue touched yours, and you were clambering onto him, his hands now tugging on your hair, and gripping your waist.

           You moaned softly when he sucked your bottom lip into his mouth, before tugging it gently with his teeth.  His scruff tickled your jaw as he pressed gentle, wet kisses in a trail along your pulse. Bucky’s fingers slid beneath the hem of your shirt and his thumbs pressed into your hip bones.

           You breathed, “Bucky, let’s—fuck, let’s slow down…” He pulled away from you, his eyes dark with lust, before he nodded. You slid off of him and straightened your shirt out, your chests were heaving as you caught your breaths, and Bucky grasped your hand.

           “At first, I thought you meant something else.” Bucky’s voice was breathless and husky, showing how aroused he was.

           You looked over at him and smiled, “Well, you did that thing with your lips…”

           Bucky’s lips tugged up, before he sighed, “Okay, so it’s your turn now.”

           You propped your head up with your hand, and lay on your side, facing the soldier. You thought for a moment, before asking, “What do you think everyone is wondering out there, because of how long you’ve been gone?”

           “That we are playing more than just twenty questions.”

           “Okay, your turn.”

           He looked up at the ceiling, his brow furrowing. “What’s your favorite color?”

           The simplicity of the question caught you by surprised, before you really pondered it. Every color you seemed to like, so you answered, “I don’t exactly have one. I’ve always thought they were all pretty.”

           The next hour rolled by of asking each other small questions, questions about your favorite foods, to your favorite day of the week, and eventually the questions stopped. You were laying with your head on his chest, running your fingers over the metal divots in his left arm, and he ran his other hand up and down your back slowly. You listened to the steady beat of his heart, relishing in his gentle touch, and the solid warmth of his body tucked against yours.

           You felt his chest rumble as he asked, “Can I ask one last question?”

           A smile spread across your face, and you replied, “Of course.”

          “Will you be mine?”

I was listening to sad as shit Spanish songs ‘cause I’m an angsty fuck… and this song popped up… and the Stony feels hit. 

Así que corre corre corre corazón
De los dos tu siempre fuiste el más veloz
Toma todo lo que quieras pero vete ya
que mis lágrimas jamás te voy a dar
han sido tantas despedidas que en verdad
Dedicarte un verso mas está de más
Así que corre como siempre q no iré detrás 

Lo has hecho ya, y la verdad, me da igual.

Which basically translates to:

So, run run run, my heart

Of you the two of us you were always the fastest

Take anything you want, but leave right now

Because my tears I’ll never give you again 

It’s been so many goodbyes and in truth 

giving you one more verse is useless now

So run like you always do. I won’t follow you.

You’ve done it before, and in truth, I don’t care.
A Higher Form of War--28/28
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THROWBACK THURSDAY!  In honor of the release of Civil War on DVD, I thought I’d go with AHFoW, since a lot of it was inspired by the idea of Steve and Tony initially being at odds with each other, then figuring out they were both wrong and, finally, that the only way to stop the bad guy is by working together. 

Tony is a King, and not a particularly great one, having handed over the running of the Realm to Obie while Tony builds weapons and enjoys himself.  Not a great move, as it turns out, when Tony finds himself a prisoner of a group called the Ten Rings.  He manages to escape, but only makes it so far before running into Steve and the Avengers, this annoyingly successful guerrilla group that is supporting a Rebellion being run by Alexander Pierce.  

The Avengers don’t realize who they have (well…Nat…), and make their way back to Pierce’s camp with Tony in tow.  Along the way, both Tony and Steve learn a lot about themselves and what’s going on in the Realm.  Oh, and they fall madly in love, which gets rather complicated when Tony’s identity is revealed in the worst possible circumstances.  

Honestly, this was just my favorite thing to write.  It is so self-indulgent, but I just wrote what I wanted to read, all the tropes I love and all the wonderfully melodramatic bits from those Fabio-covered romance books I used to read.  it isn’t for everyone, but it is easily the one that I personally enjoyed the most.  Mustache-twirling bad guys, identity porn, pining all over the place, both of them being smart and awesome at what they do and terrible at relationships, dramatic reveals, a big battle and a *jazz hands* finish?  That IS my bag, baby.