tony starks mansion

☪ Solar Eclipse with Peter ☪

☼ okay let’s be honest this boy is a grade A science space nerd

 ☼ but everyone knows that right? Wrong. 

☼ everyone thinks he’s that geek kid that plays with star wars action figures and while that part is true it wasn’t the whole story

 ☼ no he was actually fasinated by space real space he loved everything about it and he really loved learning new stuff about it and he really really really loved experiencing it 

 ☼ he went to a space museum for his birthday it’s canon 

☼ he also really loves astrology and constilations and he’s really into horoscopes but I’ll get into that another time 

☼when you first met Peter you knew he was a dork after all that’s what made you drawn to him 

☼ but this oh this was a whole new level of geeky-ness even for you and Ned

 ☼ I’m talking researching months ahead of time for the best view in town 

☼ of course it was almost two hours away 

 ☼ buying those glasses 

☼ him literally jumping up and down when he got them in the mail 

☼ Tony offered him his penthouse for the night 

 ☼ yeah it was a good view but it wasn’t the best 

 ☼ after you heard this you were totally and utterly mad at him 

 ☼ “Peter! You’re telling me we could’ve watched it at THE Tony Starks hou- no mansion and that wasn’t good enough?”

 ☼ “Trust me (y/n) I know what I’m doing! I just want to experience it the best way I could with you.”

 ☼ this warmed your heart and you realized how much it meant to him and gave in 

 ☼ “okay you got me, but how are we going to convince May to drive us all the way up there?" 

☼ "Don’t you worry you’re pretty little head, I got this!" 

 ☼ "Please, please, pleeease, Aunt May! I larb you with all my heart! This is all I ever wanted in my life! I’ll never ask for anything ever again!”

 ☼ after a quick stop to Mr. Delmar’s for some snacks

 ☼ matching glow in the dark solar eclipse shirts for everyone this is a real thing o k

 ☼ “I don’t like the way mine looks on me” “Here take my hat, it gives me all the confidence I need.” “Stop Ned, you look beautiful (y/n).” “Thanks Petey.”

 ☼ many Peter dad jokes Parker moments

 ☼"Why didn’t the sun go to college?“ "Why Peter?”  "It already had a million degrees! hahahaha!“ 

 ☼"How does the man in the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it!" 

 ☼ "Peter, dude it’s not that funny." 

 ☼ "Hey! shut up Ned. It’s funny right (y/n)?”

 ☼ a session of karoke curtiosty to Aunt May’s iPod 

 ☼ “Maaayy driver faster we’re going to miss it!!!” “Peter, if I hear one more word from you I’m turning this car around and we’re going home.” “…sorry…" 

☼ Can’t forget about Peter’s random facts 

 ☼ "Did you guys know Orb Weaver spiders dismantle their webs when the moon crosses over and rebuilds them once the sun comes out again?” “Guys!!! did you not hear me?" 

 ☼ you reach your destination and you honestly didn’t expect this many people 

☼ Peter couldn’t get out the car faster he literally jumped on your lap and fell out when you opened the door "Oww!” “Sorry babe." 

☼ there were people on their phones ready to take pictures, people in the beds of their trucks, people laid down on the ground, and Peter and Ned talking to to a news castor, Aunt Ma- wait what Peter and Ned talking to a news castor? "So wait, they actually disregard all of their webs and start clean?” “Yup, right from the beginning! Cool isn’t it?”

 ☼ Ned and Peter made their way back to you “See he thought my spider facts were cool!" 

 ☼ Ned and May eventually found somewhere to settle down and set up the blankets on the ground

 ☼ Peter started explaining everything that was going to happen and honestly you weren’t paying much attention to what he was saying

 ☼ in fact for the first time in probably forever you didn’t understand a word he was saying 

 ☼ no not a bit you were to fasinated by the way he was talking

 ☼ the exciment on his face 

☼ his hands flaying around

 ☼ the way his eyes lit up

 ☼ him laughing at another one of his own dumb pun jokes

 ☼ then suddenly it got dark and cold fast 

 ☼ "oh here babe! Fast put these on, we don’t want you hurting those beautiful eyes.”

 ☼ once you put on your glasses you understood it was amazing

 ☼ “I’m sorry I’ve been acting like a whiny baby. I’m really happy you brought us, me." 

 ☼ "How could I not bring my favorite girl?”

 ☼ “Wow it’s so beautiful.” “So beautiful.” “Peter, that’s so cliche. Now stop looking at me! I did not come all this way for you to stare at me, we could’ve done that in your room." 

 ☼ "Hmm, true.” He stood behind you with his head on top of yours and his arms wrapped around you. Nothing can get better than this.

 i rushed with this bc im done with everything but hey pls spare me I wanted to get this up earlier this is my first time writing something like this so pls be nice and if this works out maybe I’ll do the astrology one and the road trip one too but we will see o k 


Jarvis supporting Tony is kind of a big deal to me. 

Avengers vol 3 #38 (2001)

What if Tony went to Stark Mansion one day because it was the anniversary of his parent’s death and he goes alone because he doesn’t like people seeing his home wear he grew up bUT STEVE COMES ANYWAY BECAUSE FUCK YOU TONY YOUR NOT GOING ALONE WHEN I’M HERE SHUT UP HOLD MY ARM AND ESCORT ME AROUND AND IF YOU CRY A LITTLE I WILL PRETEND I DIDN’T SEE IT