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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 6 ❤️

A/N: Omg you guys are gonna hate me! *cries hysterically* This was so hard to write because of major feels, but i promise it’ll get better! Borky is a good dude ok and he will make it all better lol. I hope y’all like it! Enjoy! - Delilah  ❤️

Warnings: Swearing. Angst. Major feels. 

You stared down at the little white hospital gown that you wore, all while wondering how on earth you could be so stupid.

They kept telling you that it wasn’t your fault. That the blame should be placed on Bucky for being irresponsible, but you were having none of that. It takes two to tango. You agreed to lay with him, so now you both were responsible for what came after.

You could feel the tears pooling in your eyes. You were nowhere near ready for the consequences. The only thing you knew about motherhood was that it took extreme patience and unconditional love. You were capable of those things, but not at this moment.

“I remember being exactly where you are.” The doctor spoke softly, her hand landing on yours and giving it a comforting squeeze.

You peered up at the woman. She looked only a little older than you, around her early thirties. Your eyes traveled to the small name tag on her coat. Elisa was her name.

“I was barely twenty when I found out I was carrying my baby boy.” She said as she prepared to draw your blood.

“Were you afraid?” You ask, peering up at her. She gave you a small smile. Her brown eyes instantly filled you with comfort.

“I was terrified! We were terrified. My boyfriend at the time, he wasn’t really one for kids.” Immediately you realized where she was getting at.

“Did he stay?” You could see her smile fade as she retracted the needle from your vein and placed a small little band aid over it. You mentally scold yourself. That was way out of line.

“He stops by every now and then,” she replied. “Mr. Quill was known for being a ladies man and all, but when Jake was born he…sort of boarded the reality train.”

You nodded, but your mind was elsewhere.

Bucky was a good man from what you’ve heard from Steve. From what you experienced in your room a few hours ago, he was completely different than all the other alphas. He made sure you were taken care of before anything else.

He even did the thing.

You still blushed when you thought about it!

He put all his pride to the side and denied his nature by pleasuring you orally. Alphas were NOT supposed to do that by any means and he knew that. But at the time, giving you relief was more than important to him and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t interested in him.

He was what people liked to call “bonding material”. For once, you could agree on that.

Bucky Barnes was very attractive. He was built like a Greek god and could um…mate like one, too. He was strong, not only physically, but emotionally as well -this was a big deal for lower ranking people such as yourself. The way he held you and praised you during sex literally brought tears of joy to your eyes and you were so overwhelmed at first.

But what was most important was that your instincts were completely in sync with his.

It was almost as if he knew exactly what you were thinking when you had sex. He read you so well, that you felt you didn’t have to hide yourself any longer and that filled you with relief at the time. You weren’t shy like usual, but confident.

Maybe…Bucky could be an excellent father as well.

You’ve never seen him interact with children. You couldn’t have asked him earlier because his face was between your thighs for a solid thirty minutes and the rest of the time, he screwed your beyond comprehension. So, you’d have to ask Steve at some point.

When Elisa finished tidying up her station, she paused. Her eyes traveled over to you, a knowing smile on her face.

“You know, Y/N,” she spoke, taking a seat next to you. You kept your gaze on your lap. “I’ve seen a lot of cases throughout my career. And I’ve seen a lot of couples. I can usually spot the ones who aren’t exactly maternal. But you, I can see it. If you are pregnant, you’re going to be an amazing mother.”

Your eyes widened with surprise. Overwhelmed with emotion, you felt the tears fall. You wiped them away with your hand quickly. You felt the warmness of Elisa’s hand on your shoulder.

“What I’m trying to say is, out of all the dad-to-be’s I’ve seen, I’ve never seen a more capable one then Barnes.”

Now that took you by surprise, but also comforted you to no end. Bucky had it in him, maybe, but did you?

Pepper’s screams could be heard by the entire team as she chased Bucky through her office.

“I can explain, just please calm do-OW! Did you just staple me!?”

The sounds of chairs being thrown against the walls followed suit, along with Bucky’s screams of terror. He didn’t even get three words in before she started throwing any and every inanimate object at him, including her cell phone, purse, keys and high heels (which hit Bucky directly in the face).

There was absolutely no way in hell he’d get her to listen to him. At least without getting a couple security guards in here. And to make it worse, Steve flat out refused to intervene.

But as bad as Pepper was, Tony was really who he should be concerned about. The man was on a mission at the moment and would be returning later on that night. Meaning, he’d be:

  1. Exhausted
  2. Experiencing coffee withdraws
  3. Dirty
  4. Suited up

All a giant recipe for homicidal tendencies, which Bucky really wanted to steer clear of. Tony was going to kill him. That or take Y/N far, far away from him.

“I trusted you!” Pepper shrieked as she launched a tape dispenser at him, only for him to catch it mid air and put it on the table in front of him. She had such good aim, too.

“It wasn’t intentional by any means!” Bucky exclaimed. He immediately circled around the desk between the two of them as Pepper tried to catch him. Jesus, how did Tony put up with this? Betas were insane.

Feeling the fatigue at full force, Pepper let out a sigh of defeat and plopped into her chair. Her blue eyes were tired, dark circles were beginning to form under her eyes.

Bucky felt so guilty.

“Have you talked to her?” She asked, her voice low.

“Not yet.” He replied, taking a seat in one of the chairs across from her. The only one still in one piece. She glared over at him, her eyebrow twitching in annoyance. “But I plan to.”

“Well you better swallow that guilt and deal with it, Barnes,” she dropped her gaze to her lap and swallowed loudly. “Because she’s your biggest priority now.”

It wasn’t what she said that bothered him, it was the context. She didn’t insinuate the possible life growing inside you or anything, only that you as a person were his responsibility. Did she know about the bonding?

Speaking of that, Bucky couldn’t feel it.

By it, he meant you. When two people bond, it’s an extremely emotional experience. One that he’d never really felt before. You gave him a bond mark, but he didn’t return it. Meaning, they hadn’t technically bonded fully.

But if you were pregnant, he’d like to. Only with your permission of course.

With a sigh, Bucky rested his head in his hands.

What was he going to do with you?

The results wouldn’t be ready for a few more minutes, leaving you to wait in solitude. That meant you were to wait in the shiny white room without any company, which you desperately needed right now. 

As much as you were used to being alone, you hated the silence. Your thoughts ran throughout your head rapidly, making up the most inane scenarios. You really, really wanted to talk to Pepper right now. She always knew what to do in these situations. Or better, you wished you could just completely rewind these last two days and be in the comfort of your lab, working on your latest tech.


You nearly jumped out of your seat at Bucky’s voice. When did he even get there? Those damn super soldiers.

“When did you even get here? You scared me!” You placed a hand on your stomach as you spoke. You hated being scared. His eyes instantly traveled to your tummy, eyeing it warily. You instantly pulled your hand away.

“Are you…” he trailed off. He looked so calm.

“W-Well the tests haven’t come back yet!” You assured him. The way he was staring at you made your cheeks fill with red.

Bucky nodded, giving you a small reassuring smile. He made his way over to you and sat on the seat beside yours. You hadn’t been this close since you were in heat and now, you could feel the faint arousal between your legs. Jesus! You were about to find out if you were with child, why did your body have react this way?

“Listen Bucky, you don’t have to stay. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself-”

“Y/N,” he interrupted, his eyes looked even bluer now that you weren’t drunk with your heat. Man, he was gorgeous. “I’m not leaving you. Especially not in this circumstance.”


“I know we literally just met a couple days ago,” he chuckled softly. You desperately wanted to hear it again. “But I’m just as responsible as you are. We’ll take care of this together, okay?”

Without thinking, your hand found its way onto his cheek. He leaned into your touch. You could feel the anxiety and the worry fade away. For the first time in your life, you felt secure.

The sound of someone clearing their throat caused the two of you to jump and separate. You smiled at Elisa, who eyed the two of you knowingly. Her gaze traveled to your stomach briefly before looking away.

She gave you both a warm smile, but you could sense something behind it. What was going on?

“Congratulations, you two.” she handed you the test. Immediately Bucky snatched the results from you and his eyes scanned the paper. You looked at his eyes, only see them widen. What was wrong?

You looked back at Elisa, who avoided your eyes at all costs. “What’s wrong?” You asked, feeling your heart race.

Bucky dropped the paper, his eyes staring down at the floor. Now you were extremely worried.

“Y/N,” she said softly. “I’m so sorry.”

You snatched the paper from the ground and held it up to your face. In fine print, you saw the following words:

‘Delta Sterilization surgery, as ordered by Mr. Y/L/N.”

“What the fuck is this?” You cried. The only person who could’ve done this was…no, he wouldn’t do that to you. He wasn’t that kind of man. 

“I’m afraid before your father passed away,“ she explained. "He arrainged for all of your pregnancies to be terminated and for your immediate sterilization if you were to become impregnanted by any circumstances.”

-Fin! ❤


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okay so i was just thinking about how i miss sharing things with my roommates and being like, yes, here, let me help you in your hour of need!! and the i was thinking about how tony makes all the avengers’ stuff and it probably has literally the same feeling behind it, where he’s just like, let me do that!! i can give you this thing, here take this thing that will help you, and then they’re helped and he’s like so pleased with himself because he did that, he helped!!

Sometimes I think about Tony’s summer birthdays. Sometimes I remember that the Arctic is lightest in summer. Sometimes I think about tiny baby Tony waiting for his Dad to get home from searching for Captain America for his birthday, but realizing that won’t happen. Sometimes I think about how Tony probably never saw his dad on his birthday. Sometimes I think about tiny baby Tony wondering if Howard was even there when he was born or if Captain America superseded him even then.

Jarvis is here.

Because I’m still not over it and everything’s better when it’s a crossover with Big Hero 6.

This was supposed to be part of a little doodle photoset I’m drawing of all the avengers giving Tony hugs because he needs more love but the robot feels hit me hard and so this one’s special.

But seriously did anyone even check if Tony was okay? Can someone sit him down and swaddle him in blankets and give him coffee and donuts and just make sure he’s okay before they completely destroy him in Civil War?

Tony: [quietly] I just want to make you happy.

Bruce: [smiles sadly] You do make me happy.

Tony: No, I mean, I want to do something for you that will make you happy.

Bruce: … [puts his hand carefully on Tony’s chest]

Tony: [blinks] … Buddy?

Bruce: You are doing something.

Tony: What?

Bruce: [looks at him] Keep breathing, Tony. [smiles again]. That’s all I want. That will make me happy.

Tony: [flushes] Emotions, Bruce. Feelings. What did I say about feelings?

Bruce: You started it.

I am far too emotionally invested in Tony Stark and it makes me really sad to see all the hate of him ‘cause I just… I get it. I get him. He feels so fucking guilty, and he’s doing everything he can to make things right again, and every time it just blows up in his face, and then that makes him feel guilty. 

Tony Stark feels guilty for being a hero. 

He feels guilty for saving the world. 

And he’s drowning in everything, and his rock left him, and his team is falling apart, and people have died, and he didn’t save them, he didn’t save everyone and he fucking created Ultron to begin with, and he’s so far gone that he’s practically curling up in the fetal position even when other people are in the room

when Ross is telling them about it, Tony is curled up in a corner

he’s tired

he’s tired of fighting and he’s tired of everything going wrong

and he wants to make the world better, but people still die, and he wants to do something to make it right



and he wants to sign the accords, because for once, he wants the blame to be on someone else, he wants to not be drowning in the guilt

because that’s what’s happening. Tony Stark is drowning in guilt. Tony Stark has always been drowning in guilt, since the moment he saw that missile with his name on it blow up. 

Guilt for the people who died because of his weapons. Guilt for the people who’s lives were destroyed. Guilt because the Avengers brought all this to the world. Guilt because of Ultron. Because he created that. Because people died. Guilt because of the worrying he puts Pepper through. And then Rhodey falls out of the sky, and he’s got guilt from that too. Guilt for not saying goodbye to his parents, for not telling him he loved them one more time. 

And the only thing that was keeping Tony Stark afloat in that sea of guilt, was Pepper Potts and the idea that maybe he could be a hero. Maybe he could help people. 

and both of those are gone. Pepper is gone. And every time he tries to save the world, something goes wrong. People die. Like that kid. 

He’s drowning, and he’s grasping at straws trying to keep himself a float. 

And no one, not a single one of them, seems to really notice that. No one says, hey, Tony are you okay? No one seems worried about his mental state. In fact, the only person I remember seeming concerned is the person who forgot to change the teleprompter and had it mention Pepper. 

So, I watched Age of Ultron today, and this is the outcome:

  • My love for Clint Barton got about ten times stronger (which I didn’t think possible)
  • I am despite everything still utter Clintasha trash
  • I am still a bit of Captasha trash
  • I am now probably also a bit of Brucetasha trash
  • I hereby start the campaign Protect Tony Stark From Haters 2k15
Just Do This For Me (Avengers x reader)

I need this to make me feel better about FREAKING CIVIL WAR I’M SO NERVOUS BUT ALSO REALLY EXCITED AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW I FEEL AND JUST NO. NO!! But anyywayysss, “Just do this for me.” Reader sacrifices herself to save Steve from dying (BECAUSE HE’S NOT GONNA DIE MY PRECIOUS BABY IS GONNA LIVE) as his side and Tony’s side are fighting and as she’s dying she asks them to stop fighting and be the family and team they used to be. Not really anyone in particular, I guess the Avengers in general and can you do a teenage reader? And thank you so much for doing this!!! I’m so excited to read your new writing, I’VE READ YOUR ENTIRE MASTERLIST I THINK 5 TIMES I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING!!!! Thank you for writing!!

Wow, 5 times?!?  Thank goodness for new stuff!  Thank you!!!

Choose a side.

I thought I was your friend.

If you’re not with me, you’re against me.

I thought we were more than this.

Choose a side, (Y/N).

The sound of your heart beat in your ears was all that you could hear.  Your eyes were shut tight, fearing the moment that was about to happen; the moment that would change everything forever.  Maybe if you kept them shut and refused to look, the moment would just fade away.  Maybe the moment wouldn’t happen.  It was a ploy that you had used in childhood, and it never worked; but what would it hurt to try one more time?  

“Captain, you seem a little defensive.”

Well, that wasn’t working. You continued to resist opening your eyes, not wanting to see the faces that were looking back at you and your team. To see your friends, your family, looking at you with anger and betrayal would break you, and you knew that it was the only thing there for you to see.

“Well it’s been a long day.”

It was time to give in and make your stand; this was in motion now, hearing the two men getting closer to each other, hearing Tony’s repulsors charging, hearing Bucky arm his weapon.  There was nothing that you could do to stop it.  You took a deep and shaky breath, feeling the humidity and dampness of the small hallway filling your lungs with a chill that stung through your chest. Letting it out slowly, trying to relax your rigid muscles, you reluctantly opened your eyes.  You opened your eyes just as Steve’s shield hit Tony square in the chest, knocking him back from his footing and inciting his anger to give chase. Steve and Bucky retreated quickly to get a better vantage point for the fight and Tony followed immediately with Rhodey in tow.

And as ordered, you followed them into battle.  


“We’re still friends, right?”  

Clint pushed his bow down against Natasha as she struggled to stand, pinned flat on her back on the hard and unforgiving ground.  Despite the madness of the fight, she still managed a small smirk for her friend in an effort to keep any part of him with her.  

“Depends on how hard you hit me,” he replied, stumbling back slightly as her foot connected with his thigh to give her just enough time to escape his hold.  

“Guys?”, Scott broke in over the comms.  “Has anyone seen (Y/N)?”

“How did you get on this channel, Lang?” Rhodey asked, his voice sounding strained as if in the middle of his own fight.  

“The kinda purple guy and I came to a quick truce when we realized that maybe something bigger is happening that needs our attention,” he scoffed.  “Imagine that.  A compromise.”

“My name is Vision.”

“Sure,” Scott said with a nod.  “let’s go with that.”  He reached out and gave Vision a small slap on the arm as he spun slowly in place trying to look anywhere that you might be.  “Hey, where did Cap and The Suit end up?”

The fighting faded away until it stopped, the team now standing in place to find their leaders and hopefully figure out where you had gone to.  It was an uneasy silence amongst them, but a common goal had at least stopped the violence, and it appeared to be more than welcomed.  Clint jumped at the sound of a loud explosion only a short distance away, just on the other side of the airport.  “Well, that was easy,” he huffed, taking off in a sprint towards the source.

When the group pushed through the debris that was scattered everywhere, waving away the heavy dust that filled the air and obscured their vision, they found you with Steve, Tony and Bucky as they expected.  What they didn’t expect was the sight playing out in front of them.  Natasha let out an audible gasp and slapped her hand over her mouth, grabbing Clint’s shoulder for support.  Wanda simply turned and walked away, unable to allow herself to feel a situation like this again, too terrified to watch.  The others simply stood in silence and hoped desperately that what they were seeing wasn’t going to meet the end they knew was inevitable.

“(Y/N),” Steve whispered to you, cradling you in his arms with Tony at your side, having now jumped out of his suit, “help is on the way, okay?  Just stay with me.  Eyes on me.”

It was all you could do to nod silently, the pain in your chest sending shock waves through your body and completely debilitating you.  With every breath that Steve took, your body moved only millimeters with the rise and fall of his chest as he held you, but it felt as if he were slowly tearing your chest apart.  The hit from Tony had been stronger than you anticipated, but you knew this was the risk you were taking when you pushed Steve out of the way.  He wasn’t watching Tony, and you weren’t about to watch the loss of him.  

“Honey, it’s gonna be okay,” Tony said, trying to be reassuring though his voice was cracking and full of guilt.  “It will.” Steve’s arm shifted and jostled you, creating a cry from your throat that broke Tony’s resolve to keep it together. “It will,” he whispered again, now trying to reassure himself even more than you.

“(Y/N), why?” Steve asked, his face close to yours, pushing the stray strands of hair that were moist with sweat and tears from your face.  “Can you tell me?”

With another nod, you pushed the words out, grimacing at the pain from even the small motions in your throat that they created.  “Only you…can fix this.”  The sounds of sirens were growing closer, but your breathing was only growing more ragged as the pain grew and you couldn’t take a deep breath.  “Just do this…for me…Steve.”

You felt a few drops fall on your cheeks, knowing that they had to be tears from your Captain.  Were they from your actions that were now bringing your loss?  Were they from regret of what brought your family to this?  It didn’t matter anymore.  In a moment, nothing would matter again; in a moment, the war would be over.

“Fix this…for me.”

Why pro-Cap people come to Cap-critical fics to bitch we’re being too hard on poor Steve is beyond my ken. Do you just not notice the tags, or do you feel somehow validated if you can “take down” a pro-Tony writer? 

I mean, you’re pretty much wasting your time with me. Y’all just make me roll my eyes, because it’s so predictable. I’m mostly just curious what you think you’re getting out of it. Satisfaction? Enjoyment? Feeling like you’ve earned your place in the fandom? Cos it’s just kinda… sad, honestly. 

From the Top (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers x reader)

19 (Are you trying to make me hate you?) and 14 (Do you even feel anything?) with Tony Stark please please please. But also plEASE give it a happy ending I can’t do feels today

“You have some nerve, you know that?  When I come to you for help on one little thing, you can’t give me the time of day.  But when you need me, I had better be there, ready and waiting!”

“I have some nerve?  What about you?  How do you get off talking to your own father like that?”

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Okay since a lot of us are sad with the recent Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, I decided to make a blog to help save J.A.R.V.I.S.  I’ll need your help for this collective effort! 

Show your support and feels for the A.I. by tagging #SaveJARVIS in your posts! Let’s get him back, guys! 

Please reblog this – and comment if you like – so we J.A.R.V.I.S. fans can get together and find a way to save him collectively! Or to serve as a venue for a J.A.R.V.I.S. fan club/community/gathering (because there is none yet)!  

Got opinions, comments or links to help me out? Do you have any works (fan fiction, fan art, edits, gifs, quotes, etc) to show support for J.A.R.V.I.S.? Or do you just want to pour your heart out regarding our beloved A.I.? How do we save him? Feel free to message me and use the image! :) 

Steve: Yeah, well, Tony still shouldn’t be building an armor to take down the Hulk. It’s cruel. You should feel safe with us.

Bruce: What? Steve, hey, no. I … I asked Tony to build that armor. If it makes you feel any better, he completely hates it. I mean, he didn’t even design it, or come with the idea at all. It was all … that was all me.

Steve: [blinks] Bruce, but - why would you do that?

Bruce: [removes his glasses] Look. It’s nice that you guys, you know, want me around. But the truth is, no matter how much you or, well, Tony, want to sugarcoat it, I’m dangerous. Yes, I can control my anger and my fear and whatever else can set me off, but I can’t control it one-hundred percent of the time. And if there comes a day where I can’t, where I lose the Hulk and he loses himself, I need to know that he can be stopped. He can’t be killed, I know that, but he can be restrained. Until he calms down, and I can get back. It’s not ideal, but … I need that, Cap. I need the reassurance that there’s something out there that can keep us from hurting people.

Steve: [still concerned] And you trust Tony with that power?

Bruce: [startled] Of course. I trust him with my life.

Steve: Why?

Bruce: You know, I’m not really sure. I just … I just do. Something about him … he’s a good guy, despite everything. Or in spite of it, maybe. [shrugs, smiles wryly] Why do you trust Natasha?


Bruce: Exactly.


Small genius. ~ <3

My girlfriend (Tony)’s wig was being crap but we made videos and took pictures anyways :3

We want to make a funny series on youtube but I’m feeling a bit insecure at the moment. So I probably won’t post any of the videos we made this month. 

If you’re reading this and would like to see a frostiron series on youtube, feel free to send me a message to let me know. :) Or comment on this thing, whatever :3 It would make me feel more confident about it. ^^