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A List of Just Tony Stark Things:

  • “I’ve been called a lot of things, Pepper. Nostalgic isn’t one of them,” he says, as his father’s old-ass ugly dressing gown winks off-camera.
  • Realising immediately that a kid is being bullied. Probably from past experience.
  • Literally his first rodeo out as Iron Man and he gets a fuckin tank missile thrown @ him. What does the fucker do? Just casual step to the side before blowing that motherfucker up, that’s what.
  • Literally has the best hair ever. Officially. Please don’t fight me on that.
  • Weirdly symmetrical beard. For the Aesthetic™
  • *is picked up from three months of captivity and is in dire need of medical attention* no fuck u I want a cheeseburger fuckin fight me bitch
  • “I don’t care,” he whispers caringly, while caring deeply
  • Can literally think of an iconic comeback in 0.2 seconds? Get wrekt Steve?
  • “I cracked into Pentagon when I was in high school on a dare” he says casually, like that is just A Thing You Do.
  • Disgusting green drinks because he’s a fucking mother. Disgusting green drink for u, disgusting green drink for u, disgusting green drinks all around, they keep u healthy-
  • He collects the Smol’s n the kiddies. He doesn’t even mean to. They just fuckin… a c c u m u l a t e.


This past week my dash has been filled with people talking about Tony ordering Vision to shoot down Sam. This is completely incorrect. TONY HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

Rhodey told Vision to target Sam’s thruster so that he wouldn’t be able to keep flying but he’d still be able to safely glide to the ground with the wings. Sam dodged it like a badass and Rhodey got hit because Vision was “distracted” and took a bad shot that would leave Rhodey in the line of fire if the shot didn’t hit Sam.

From the time they took to the air and started chasing the Quinjet, Tony did not even speak a single word in this scene until after Rhodey was hit. He certainly wasn’t giving orders to shoot Sam out of the sky.

  • me: i love tony stark. i love acknowledging his mistakes and bad qualities bc a good character is a flawed character. i love tony stark.
  • someone: i hate tony stark!! he's a VILLAIN, and he's SELFISH and not important!! people should NOT love him!!1!
  • me:
  • me: i love tony stark. tony stark is absolutely perfect. unproblematic fav. incredible. i would give my life for this flawless specimen of a human ebing

College!AU Stony where Tony is a doctoral student and a associate professor in the science department and Steve is an art major with a minor in business. Steve takes Tony’s Intro to Physics class for his science credit and subsequently spends every class that semester with a hard on because holy shit that guy’s hot. 

Tony’s totally crushing on that one cute guy who sits in the middle of the room and always has a drop of paint somewhere on his arms. “Fuck did he really have to stretch like that shit shit what was I teaching about SCIENCE PROBABLY”

The difference between Iron Man and some other movies is that there’s no spider bite; there’s no magic bullet where a hero is born. We had to build him. We wanted people to remember that there’s a person inside that suit, and it will hurt if he falls
—  Don’t know where I read it but this shit hit me like a train.
I’m Standing Right Here (dad!Tony x reader)


1. Please can you do a Tony Stark x daughter reader? Like reader is around 18-19 y/o but feels really unwanted (doesn’t have a mum) and that nobody really pays attention but Nat (mum figure), Wanda and Steve (best friends) are always there? Sorry if this was long and specific xxx 

2. Can you do an angsty Tonyxreader where instead of the reader, it’s Tony that’s having problems and his bad habits are getting worse but everyone just thinks it’s stress until he tries to kill himself one day? And everyone, especially the reader feels bad that they didn’t notice and don’t know what to do now to get him help

I couldn’t bring myself to do a suicidal Tony, so I went with it a little differently, hope you don’t mind!

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anonymous asked:

Steve leaves tony and Tony learns he's pregnant

Seeee, now I had this wonderful angsty idea swimming in my head for a while about pregnant Tony being left behind for reasons I haven’t decided yet and now I have the perfect opportunity to show this part that I’ve really wanted to show peeps. So here’s some past-stony with endgame ironpanther and some small blink-and-you-miss ironhusbands, if you want to see that. 

a/b/o au where it’s frowned upon for a child not to have at least one alpha parent claim them as their own. Doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have an alpha be their parent by blood, just that an alpha (family friend, uncle, cousin, brother/sister-in law, anyone close really) takes them under their wing. All nothing but titles. 

There were many painful things Tony had gone through in his life, physically and emotionally that would’ve left many throw in the towel and give up on everything, but none of those painful experiences had been as rewarding as the moment he first held his baby son and daughter. Labor be damned.

The lungs on the pair were strong and their cries powerful. Too young for their orientation to be known yet but Tony knew for sure they would grow up to be well respected and stand tall with nothing to hold them back. 

At least they would until their unfortunate circumstance Tony had placed them under was revealed and their status would greatly plummet. Not even an alpha would be able to recover from the taint of being unclaimed, to be raised without the influence of an alpha prime. Even with the progress done in modern society the belief that a child raised without an alpha prime in their name would grow up to be a nuisance with no possible future or benefit. That was all bullshit and the mentality of old traditionalist, but the opinions of many did cause a stir and lowered their chances to even have equal footing to the rest fortunate enough to have an alpha prime take them under their wing. 

Tony had doomed his own children even before they were born. 

As he held them with such happiness and pride, the wrongs of the world unable to touch them at the moment, he couldn’t ignore the shadow that loomed over them. The soft eyes of pity from the nurses and the doctor as they watched the single omega hold his children alone without an alpha prime present to claim them was a reminder that his most precious and joyous moment wouldn’t last long. The reality of society would soon bring it’s ugly head in and not even the children of Tony Stark could escape it’s harshness. 

“I’m sorry, little ones. I can’t do more.” 

His beautiful children didn’t respond, naturally. They were oblivious of the disgraceful life they were brought into and had no idea what was waiting for them. For now all Tony could do was hold them and pray his love was enough for now. And the resentment wouldn’t nearly kill him. 

“Mister Stark?” the doctor came forth, looking uncomfortable with a birth certificate in hand. “Is there anyone to claim them?” 

Shame prevented Tony from looking at the doctor straight in her eyes. “No. No one. Just me.” 

Thankfully she didn’t say anything. There was no need to. Everyone was well aware of what the future would bring for the newborns and there was nothing to be done about it. 

(break, for mobile users) 

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all of the obvious as fuck tony & peter parallels aside, i inadvertently punched myself IN THE JAW just now when i was reblogging a peter + tony gifset and it hit me that the recruitment scene might have also tried to mirror that one tfa skinny!steve + erskine scene

like peter’s framing is pretty similar to the way skinny!steve was framed in the tfa scene where he was sitting on the bed (!) and tony’s basically doing the same kind of… emotional screening that erskine did before deciding that steve was a good pick for the super soldier serum

so now this whole thing about tony stark being a Mentor just hit me with its full weight BECAUSE, FROM AN IRON MAN PERSPECTIVE, TONY STARK IS GOING TO BE SOMEBODY’S HO YINSEN

For this weeks entry into the prompt game on @tonystarkstoga I’ll give you a snippet of a No Powers AU with painfully shy Tony. Enjoy!

“You-You have no right to fall in love with me!” Tony splutters, a comically panicked expression on his face, as he stumbles backwards, hands raised in front of his body like a poor imitation of a shield.

He’s looking at Natasha as though she might eat him alive any second now, and yes, Bucky has to admit he didn’t see this coming. He’s held this seminar on appropriate work conduct far more often than he would have liked–because his friends are selfish jackasses, thank you for asking–and this isn’t a reaction he’s seen often when they get to the role-playing-appropriate-versus-inappropriate-reactions-to-romantic-advances-in-the-workplace. 

Technically Tony–as in Tony Stark, as in billionaire Tony Stark, as in rumoured playboy billionaire Tony Stark–was supposed to hit on Tasha–Bucky still has a bone to pick with her–but he didn’t even manage a ‘Hi sweetheart’ without a lot of stuttering, mumbling and bright red cheeks, so Natasha improvised. As in the full-on seduction mode, love confession inclusive, that even Bucky isn’t fully immune to, and they’ve known each other for 12 years.

So, yeah, Bucky is starting to see why she broke down in a laughing fit when he’d asked if she wasn’t worried about working as Stark’s PA, what with his reputation. He’s also starting to understand why there’s a rumoured instead of a confirmed before the playboy.

What he doesn’t understand is why the poor guy is even here. (To learn how to talk to people, he learns later, and wishes someone would have thought to tell him that–he wouldn’t have put Tony on the spot like that if he’d known.)

“Alright,” he finally remembers he’s supposed to be leading this course, and also Tony is starting to eye the closest door with something suspiciously close to desperate determination, so it’s probably time to cut in. “That was a great way to show basically everything you’re not supposed to do, Natasha, thank you.” He stresses her name when he notices the way Tony hunches into himself and sends the man an encouraging smile.

He tries very hard not to be charmed when Tony promptly trips over his feet, though the hesitant, embarrassed smile the man shoots him when he’s finally sitting down and nervously playing with his fingers really should be considered illegal.

Bucky very sternly reminds himself that he is lecturing a group on proper work conduct, and cuddling one of the participants just might send the wrong impression–no matter how adorable said participant is. (Also Natasha is looking far too smug for his comfort.)

It’s Just Business (Part 5/?) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

Part 4

“Did you hear that?” your father stopped, holding up a hand to keep you silent while he tried to focus his senses.  “That sounded really close.”

“Yeah, that didn’t sound good, did it?” you agreed.  Waiting for him to walk around the table to join you, you both walked to one of the large windows that overlooked the busy streets below and didn’t see anything of concern.  When another loud blast shook the glass in front of you strongly enough for you both to take a jump back, your eyes were immediately drawn towards the direction of Stark Tower, but you couldn’t believe what you were seeing, blinking in disbelief at the sight of a hole in the sky and Iron Man struggling to hold his own against an army of aliens pouring from it.  “What the hell is that?”

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