tony stark is a brony

Tony had avoided it for the longest time. After reading it in his father’s will, he was sure it was a sick joke on his end. He wouldn’t put it past the dead bastard. He would do anything to make his life miserable. It wouldn’t be the first time, though when his financial adviser came to him and told him his assets would freeze if he didn’t follow through on his father’s will, he decided it was a better idea for Tony to at least search out this Roberta Banner.

He knew the name, though he’d never met her. Howard had known the woman’s father. Damn him for making this arrangement with the old bastard. He sucked it up and headed to the place he’d tracked her down to. Why she was so hard to find was beyond him, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. He really didn’t want his assets frozen, so he was following through on this. Parking the car, he headed up to the door. 

He knocked, and when no one answered, he tried the handle. Popping his head inside, he called out, “Hello?” Sliding inside the door, he decided to see if anyone was home. The place was rundown, but he knew she was there. “Are you home, Roberta? It’s Tony Stark.” Everyone knew who Tony Stark was. He was silently chuckling ot himself thinking about what she must be thining hearing that Tony Stark had shown up at her house.