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ok but consider: tony being an Embarrassing Dad™, wearing shitty spiderman merchandise and telling anyone who will (or won't) listen about peter's accomplishments. he could save a cat from a tree and tony won't shut up about it for days

Tony would 100% wear shitty spiderman merchandise all the time, but imagine this.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Peter hisses, glaring at the neon pink shirt decorated with his face. 

“It’s your first college science fair, I had a shirt made. To show my support. Because, I support you.” Tony explains, gesturing to the lettering. “I’m so proud of you.” 

“So you’re trying to embarrass me?” Peter hisses, and Tony frowns down at his own shirt. 

“It just says Peter Parker fan club.” He mumbles. “Is there something wrong with it?” Peter shakes his head, barely resisting a facepalm. Tony turns sad eyes on him.

“It’s very sweet Tony, maybe next time don’t go with the hot pink, and neon green lettering. It kinda clashes.” Peter says, because Tony wears shitty spiderman sweaters to board meetings, there’s no way Peter will convince him not to have a fan club shirt, but he can maybe make it a little less garish. 

“Oh, sorry. I let Dum-E pick out the colors.” Tony explains, Peter snorts. Before being distracted by Pepper and Rhodey walking up in equally as garish fan club shirts. 

“Where’s aunt May? I brought a shirt for her.” Rhodey explains, Peter groans, dropping his head down on the table. 

“You guys are the worst.” He grumbles. Still, he’s touched. Even Pepper is wearing that god awful shirt to support him, and she’s the one who forced him to go to a tailor before graduation. 


All The President’s Men Modern AU: Steve/Tony

Senior reporters Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have always been different in their methods and means of reporting, but share a similar streak of stubbornness and fearlessness. While their differences have put them at loggerheads before, it might just bring them together when they are assigned to report on a initially seemingly innocuous scandal revolving the highest office of the country. Pitted against the entire system that wants to hide the biggest scam of the nation, these two reporters must fight the odds to be the heroes necessary for truth’s victory. 

Still waiting on one anti-tony to based their arguments on facts…. I mean…. He’s definitely got stuff to complain about, he’s a jerk, self-absorbed, selfish…. But From what I got from the anti tag is “he was in a closed space with a child” and “he created Ultron”…the first is not an offense unless u sue closed spaces and the second is proven wrong by canon… Like…next one is gonna be, he has white skin, so he’s the devil, u know, he’s old too!!! but no racism “?????”
Hate him all u want, but do try and use one of the actual character flaws instead of this bullshit

Cap-IM Rec Week 2017 (Saturday)

Kiss It Better Saturday: July 22nd: Hurt/Comfort of any kind

Today’s post is late, but here we go! :)

Heart Burn by nightwalker (@onemuseleft)
Summary: There was a dragon and now Tony’s mostly naked and it’s all Reed Richards’ fault.

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time by MemoryDragon (@memorydragon)
Summary: After their plane went down, Steve and Tony only just barely managed to find a cave for shelter. If only it weren’t always the wrong place and the wrong time for Tony.Yippie ki-yay.

should be a dream but I’m not sleepy by seventymilestobabylon
Summary: Steve and Tony get hit with a telepathy spell and a magical blizzard, and they have to take shelter in a cabin with fresh milk but no working electricity. Even when they can sort of read each other’s minds, they are still terrible at communicating.

Tony. Doctor Tony Stark. by itsallAvengers (@itsallavengers)
Summary: Steve is sick again, surprise surprise. So, of course, his friends decide to have him carted off back to hospital for the fourth time that month. God, does he hate hospitals. Until he meets his Doctor.

we pick ourselves undone by laramara
Summary: It might appear that award-winning surgeon Tony Stark, the head of neurosurgery at Shield Hospital, well and truly has his life together. Now if he could only figure out how to tell people that his father, world class neurosurgeon Howard Stark, is locked away in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s, devise a way to get Chief Fury off his back for good, and work out what the hell he’s going to do about the weird on-again-off-again thing he has going with the head of cardio, he’d finally have everything sorted.

To The Core (Under My Skin) by windscryer 
Summary: Hydra has Steve stashed in the freezer like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s when Tony finds him. They’ll pay for that, of course, but first he has something much more important to take care of.

as they learned to see by often_adamanta
Summary: Tony stayed silent through her terse explanation, anger growing. When Natasha was finished, he asked, “So you’re telling me that Steve’s been missing for almost two months, most likely kidnapped by an unknown organization, a force which employs two brilliant but completely crazy scientists that hate Stark Industries because they were refused jobs on the basis of their psych evals, and I’m only hearing about this now?”

To Break a Dream by Wordsplat (@wordsplat)
Summary: Steve is kidnapped and tortured to prove a point to the American people at large. Warning: Graphic depictions of multiple kinds of torture. Not for the squeamish.

For freedom and the fear of forgetting by dapperanachronism (@dapperanachronism)
Summary: Steve’s eyes linger on Tony until the last possible second, as if he’s trying to memorize features he’s desperate not to forget. Because he will, if they don’t get out of here and fast.

Syzygy (a Kludged Together remix) by Mizzy (@mizzy2k)
Summary: When Tony Stark cut Steve Rogers’ morning jog short to join him on a reconnaissance mission off the East Coast, Tony sure wasn’t expecting to end up stuck on a life raft in the middle of the ocean, Steve’s hand knuckle-deep in his chest.

Faults, Rifts, and Other Gaps in the Firmament by reona32
Summary: Things are disappearing around the helicarrier and the Avengers discover something lurking in the shadows.

Blow Out by xaritomene
Summary: The Avengers are stuck in a cave, and Tony, despite being essentially incapacitated by the loss of his suit, has a working plan to deal with this shit. So what if his team thinks he’s only useful in the suit? And so what that they’re not in life-threatening danger, the kind that Loki strews around himself like confetti? Tony is going to get them out of there by hook or by crook, because goddammit he hates caves, and no one else is coming up with a better plan. They’re not in danger now, but time is running out. And if Tony has to damage himself to pull off his plan, well, them’s the breaks.
Incidentally, Steve doesn’t like it when Tony’s damaged. (Or: Stand back! Tony Stark’s about to try science. Dangerous, self-sacrificing science.)

This Wasn’t What the Brochure Promised by kahn (@kahn-on-tumblr)
Summary: “Do you think this is still a training exercise, or did we just get our asses handed to us by actual bad guys?” asked Clint. 
Tony, Steve, Clint and Bruce spend quality time together in a cave. Tony does not build another arc reactor (even if he sort of needs one). Steve is all Protective Leader. Clint is terrifyingly good with a knife. Bruce bleeds and snarks. There is banter and embarrassing amounts of schmoop and the boys get very touchy-feely.

I’m Here, Sweetheart by DaftPunk_DeLorean
Summary: When Tony gets grievously injured at a press conference, Steve just about loses his mind with worry. And not only because they are best friends, or teammates, or colleagues. No one could blame Steve for his reaction, knowing that he and Tony were married. The problem was, no one knew.

Presenteeism by Veldeia (@veldeia)
Summary: Tony thinks piloting the armor remotely while letting the others believe he’s wearing it is a good plan, until he realizes he’s not hung over, but actually quite ill.Steve thinks something’s off with Tony today, but he has no clue what that might be, and since Tony says he’s good to go, they’ll proceed with the mission anyway.

Anti-Virus by marinarusalka
Summary: Steve didn’t think he could get sick any more. He was wrong. Tony didn’t think of himself as the caretaking type. He was wrong too.

If You Never Say Your Name Out Loud To Anyone bytheladyingrey42
Summary: Sometimes, Steve has panic attacks. Or at least he used to. Nowadays, he mostly just has conversations with Tony Stark.

Tony Stark Defense Squad (Steve’s Had Enough) by orbingarrow (@orbingarrow)
Summary: The Avengers are called in by the government to “discuss” recent events, but it turns into a game of Let’s Bash Tony and Steve is so not cool with that. Or, the one where Steve Rogers makes himself the President of the Tony Stark Defense Squad. Matching t-shirts to come later.

Under Armor by trilliath (@trilliath)
Summary: Tony’s a little tiny bit entirely stuck in his suit. But who needs the jaws of life when you have a Super Soldier on hand?

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Sabre, do you know any fluff stony? I swear I'll even comment them on español. Me acaban de romper el corazón :(

You know, I’ve gotten a few comments in different languages and I absolutely adore that.  I don’t know why, but it is just really cool that someone who speaks another language not only read my fic, but was moved enough to comment, even if they felt they could only express themselves in their native language.  So, you go on and comment in whatever language works for you!

Here’s some fluffy fic recs guaranteed to make you curl up into a ball of awwwww.  Of course, there are TONS of great fluff fics out there. I don’t read a whole lot of them, so you’ll probably see a lot of repeated names on this list, but you can’t go wrong with these authors.  Enjoy!


Hero Worship by @wordsplat:  It’s the morning of their honeymoon, and the absolute last thing either of them were expecting was Loki’s wedding gift. Steve is turned small, Tony is turned truthful, and everything is fluff and smut and rainbows.

Hashtag Finally by @wordsplat:   Tony doesn’t ever actually ask the Avengers to move into his house, steal his wifi, eat all his food, and become the best family he’s ever known. They do it anyway.

Meet Your Heroes by @wordsplat:  Tony gets rescued by a highly concerned, very handsy Captain America. This is confusing for a number of reasons.

Steve Rogers, Nurse McSexy by @wordsplat:  Tony does not handle his morphine well, and Steve has been pining way too long for this shit.

Of Frosting and Fireworks by @wordsplat:   It’s Steve birthday, but the last person he expects to remember that is Tony.

The Jar by @sineala:   The Avengers are ridiculously competitive people, and what starts out as a silly late-night team discussion quickly becomes a contest: their names. Not the code names – the nicknames. Who can go the longest without using them? They pledge to spend a week not nicknaming each other, and they’ll pay up every time they mess up. This hits Tony the hardest, and not just financially. Tony’s got a lot of nicknames for everyone, but most of all for Steve – and when Tony can’t use the names he’s already got, the names he uses reveal feelings he had no idea he had.

I’ll Give You Gifts Until  You Know My Name by @everybodyilovedies:  Mr. Stark is an extravagant gift-giver: he has the money for it, after all. As Iron Man, Tony has the opportunity to gift Steve even more presents that, while less expensive, are more heartfelt. Having a secret identity means Tony gets to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to showering Steve with presents.Until Steve starts developing feelings for his armored companion, and all the benefits of living a double life are turned on their head for Tony Stark.

Tony Stark Defense Squad (Steve’s Had Enough) by @orbingarrow:  The Avengers are called in by the government to “discuss” recent events, but it turns into a game of Let’s Bash Tony and Steve is so not cool with that.Or, the one where Steve Rogers makes himself the President of the Tony Stark Defense Squad. Matching t-shirts to come later.

Burn by @orbingarrow:  When Steve Rogers burns his dinner and sets off the sprinklers in the ROTC building, Tony Stark saves the day. Except this Tony Stark isn’t the famous son of a billionaire, he’s just a college Freshman on night maintenance for Work Study.Or is he?Featuring Phantom of the Opera references, a Human Centipede of office equipment, and lots and lots of fluff!

Stop, Hammertime by @orbingarrow:  When some asshole (*cough*Hammer*cough) puts out a hit on Tony, what are three translators, two security strategists and a Photoshop expert going to do about it?Turns out, a whole hell of a lot.

It Takes Time (series) by @shetlandowl: After a year-long sabbatical abroad, Tony returns to his post at the Department of Architecture at MIT in time to hear all the excitement over a hot new stud on Fury’s faculty roster, a Dr. Steve Rogers. As a genius and the only MIT alumnus in the faculty, he’s not used to being eclipsed by anyone, and he doesn’t take it all that well.   

Never Mind Where I Am by scribblywobblytimeylimey:  “Please tell me you just kissed me.”  Tony wakes up from his fall in New York heavily concussed. He may not know where he is, what just happened, or who the people around him are; but even without his memories, he’s willing to bet the man at his side is the most beautiful human being he’s ever laid eyes on.

This Has Happened Before by @kamaete:  Tony wakes up in the hospital and his first order of business is to flirt with his cute nurse. Steve isn’t a nurse, but he’s not quite Captain America right now either. Regardless, he is there when Tony wakes up.(Tony has temporary amnesia while in the hospital, Steve is de-serumed presumably in the same event that injured Tony.)

All of My Love is For You by @some-blue-jack:   The thing is, Tony totally knows that Steve’s interested.

Everything You Said I Ever by @some-blue-jack:   The first time Tony asks him out, Steve is … . well, appalled is as good a word as any.

Re(a)d All Over by @brandnewfashion and @musicalluna:  Contrary to popular belief, Tony Stark can blush.It just takes Steve getting drunk on some magical Asgardian mead for it to finally happen.

The Love Song of a Pair of Awkward Weirdos by @musicalluna:  Tony flirts with Steve and then the strangest possible thing happens:Steve starts to flirt back.

the reason you ruminate the shadowy past by Mizzy: So, Captain America effectively manages to cockblock Tony for a year.It’s not Steve’s fault. Well, actually, it is. But he was just proving a point - that if a superhero is gay, how can it be wrong? Steve just picked the wrong superhero to make the point with. Now America will think they’re dating - and Tony’s not going to be the guy to break Captain America’s heart.There’s only one way out. To save face, Steve and Tony have to become fake boyfriends. Steve thinks the “boyfriends” bit will be the hardest to act… but maybe it’s the “fake” part that will be the hardest act of all…

I Promise to Love It and Give It a Home by @tonystarkssnipples:   Steve takes Tony on a date to Build-A-Bear Workshop, where they adopt.

As You Wish by Heartithateyou:  Its the weekly game night for the Avengers, so what happens when a game of charades turns into Steve and Tony having to act out love scenes?

Fake Dating is Worth It for the Cake by Heartithateyou:  Tony convinces Steve to pretend to be his fiancee for the wedding cake samples.
Of course it doesn’t end the way he thinks it will.

(Actually, here is the link for Heartithateyou’s Stony works and you should just go read those when you need fluff!)

Getting Your Betty Crocker On by thehoyden:  He knows it’s not wartime anymore, but he can’t quite suppress the twinge of guilt he feels at measuring out two entire cups of white sugar.

I CANN, I do by @asparrowsfall:  Tony’s last name becomes a top level domain name. There are some unexpected consequences.Established relationship. So fluffy you’ll think you fell asleep in a cloud.

Worth It by AshitaNewssnoopy: When Steve said he wanted to court Tony, he assumed that he just meant that he wanted to take thing slow. And that was fine by Tony. No really, he could do this thing if that’s what Steve needed (shut up, Pepper; he so could). Because Steve was worth the wait.But then the gifts started coming and the letters popped up and there were chaste kisses and romance and…and what is even with this? Just when did his life turn into a romance novel?

Keep On Beating by @itsallavengers:  There were an awful lot of things Steve loved about Tony. But one thing in particular Steve could never get enough of was his heartbeat.

That Huge Damn Jacuzzi by @stark-spangled-lovers:  It stood in the very center of the room, large enough to host at least three people, raised a good three feet off the ground with stairs leading up and into the tub on each of the sides. Behind the Jacuzzi was another wall that separated the room; it spanned a good ten feet in length, also hosting mirrors.It was… well, to be honest, the damn Jacuzzi was giving Steve a bit of a headache.

Doughnuts and Officer Handsome by MystikSpiral:  Every morning, Tony went to his favorite doughnut shop. He’d order a few, a cup of coffee, and leisurely sit and eat, or rush out the door depending on whether or not he was running late for some meeting. Every morning, a tall blond caught his eyes, bulging muscles, looking as stern as ever while ordering a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

Presidential: 4

You hold it together, just barely, until you get out of the building and into one of the black SUV’s waiting out front. Once you’re out of sight, in the car with Bucky and Thor you burst into tears.
Neither of the men seem to know what to do. You sit in the back of the truck and let the tears spill from your eyes. She fired you. FIRED! You’ve never been fired from anything in your whole life. You don’t know what you’re supposed to do now. You take a few deep breaths before wiping your eyes and squaring your shoulders. You have to stay calm, need to relax before you’ve got to deal with your uncle.
“You okay?” Thor asks, his voice is deep and rich.
“I’m going to have to be.” You tell him, voice thick with unshed tears.
“I’m so sorry.” Bucky says from the driver’s seat. “Bring it up to President Elect Stark. Maybe he can do something.”
“I hate asking him for favors.”
“Well he’s asking a pretty big one from you.” Bucky quips and you realize he’s right.
“You know what, I was going to have to quit my job anyway. I think I’ll save that favor for something a bit bigger.” You run your fingers through your hair and flop back against the seat. Fired, you scowl out the window and earn a chuckle from Thor.
“Remind me to stay on your good side.” He teases and you shoot him a mock glare before breaking out into a smile. He’s one of those guys you just can’t seem to stay mad at.
“Where are we going?” You ask, it only dawns on you now that you’ve calmed down that you hadn’t asked before.
“President Elect Stark’s house.”
“You can call him Tony you know.”
“Actually we’re not supposed to.” Bucky says, his eyes meeting yours briefly in the rear view mirror.
“I’m not going to tell anyone. Besides, I’ll probably end up calling him much worse before these next four years are up.” Both men laugh as the car turns up your uncle’s street. They quickly grow silent when the see the number of news vans parked outside his house, they’re practically pressed to the fence in their effort to get a photo of the new President.
“If anything is to happen you are not to stop. You’re going directly from this car to the house. Do you understand?” Bucky asks.
“Ms. Marvel is ready to go.” Thor says into a sleeve.
“Who the hell picked that name for me?”
“No clue. Let’s go.” Bucky says, all business, before shoving his door open. People are screaming your name from the other side of the fence. It’s more than a little bizarre, you’ve only been to two events with your uncle. One of them being a private party on election night. The four men surround you quickly and efficiently and you’re safely inside Tony’s house in no time. The door clicks shut behind you and the tension leaves the room. You head into the living room for the bar and are greeted by none other than Tony Stark himself holding a glass of wine in his hand. He reaches the glass of wine out to you with a broad smile.
“There she is! The First Lady!”

more adventures of hamilton in the mcu
  • He wakes up and the first word he hears is  wait! and his lips start to form the word burr? but then he sees the speaker: a woman with red hair wearing something obscenely, splendidly tight and he wonders if this is heaven and God is more of a tomcat that he suspected – but then he tries to move and pain flares down his spine, one greedy white jag, and he amends his original assessment: this is Hell, surely. “Pray tell,” he says, “where am I?” and the woman is joined by a sandy-haired man with some strange flesh-coloured apparatus curling around his ears. “New York,” says the man, “who’re you?” The man has a bow. The arrow is notched and aimed at Hamilton’s face. It is frightfully, laughably primitive – but then again the Indian braves have done much damage to westbound farmers with less and so Hamilton bites his tongue on some of his more hysterical questions and says, “My name is Alexander Hamilton. I’m at your service, sir.”
  • They tell him where he is. He does not believe them. They tell him when he is and he does not believe them – just a moment ago, just a moment ago, there was Burr, the gunshot, the smoke and the blood and I died I died I heard my heart lurch to a stop I saw God, the great beyond and –
  • They say a lot of words. There is a man in a slim black suit with obnoxious facial hair and he talks far too much and Hamilton is too quivery and out-of-place to understand the absurdity of such a condemnation (Hamilton says Tony Stark talks too much; in other news, a garden pond accuses the Atlantic of being overly wet.) He understands. He weeps. His children are dead, his grandchildren are dead. His legacy is –
    • there’s a musical, says Stark in a hush to Captain America (tall and blonde and how ridiculous, how perfectly absurd, this nation should not have saints or idols or – )
    • “A musical?” 
  • There is a musical. There are books and television and the internet – God help the modern world, Hamilton learns about the internet and the first thing he does is write a twenty five thousand word blog on why the memory of Jefferson is overrated and false. He gets Jarvis to proofread it. He gets Jarvis to stick it on the New York Times and there’s a mass panic about someone hacking into the website for the sole purpose of slagging off a long-dead Founding Father. Nick Fury explains about firewalls and internet security. Hamilton rants at him – the Avengers listen through the door, hear things like Sally Hemings and how would you feel if the worst person you knew was remembered a hero and the article is taken down but somehow, somehow Hamilton learns what a blog is. 
  • Things Hamilton loves about the modern world: twitter, blogging, Lin Manuel Miranda, swearing, loose sexual morality, Starbucks, minimal slavery (it still counts, he says hotly, in Africa and Asian it’s still there it isn’t gone yet – )
  • Yes he meets Lin Manuel Miranda. He rebukes him at length about inaccuracies. He thanks him. He sees his own play fifteen times and starts thinking about a sequel. 
  • Oh yes. There’s a sequel. 
  • Because the fact of the matter is this: Clinton’s corrupt and Sanders is well-meaning but doesn’t have the support and Trump is just…well. Hamilton breaks his nose and writes op-eds for every paper in the country declaring why he was right to do so. 
  • Look: American politics is a mess. And in comes the Founding Father Without A Father, the Bastard Son of a Whore and he says: so what did I miss?
  • And he claps his hands and grins and says I’m not throwing away my shot and the internet goes mad and the public goes mad and no one is saying he’ll win this election but the next one, oh the next one. Four years is an eternity in politics and Senator Hamilton has the one thing he needed most: more time. 
Shower Thoughts

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tony Stark does exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Donald Trump has a huge tower in New York City

Tony Stark has a huge tower in New York City

Donald Trump is a millionaire

Tony Stark is a millionaire

Donald Trump is now president

You probably already know where this is headed


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I'm really disappointed of something Chris retweeted about. It's not even a political thing but I'm feeling really sad now, because I love him and seeing him supporting or let's say, not denying how wrong that is, made me really upset. I guess in the end, nobody's perfect. May I have Stony fic recs where Steve is like the best human being, who really cares for everyone, if it's not too much trouble Sabre? :)

Awwww, sorry you were disappointed!  Here’s a few awesome Steve fics for you!


Tony Stark Defense Squad (Steve’s Had Enough) by @orbingarrow:  The Avengers are called in by the government to “discuss” recent events, but it turns into a game of Let’s Bash Tony and Steve is so not cool with that.Or, the one where Steve Rogers makes himself the President of the Tony Stark Defense Squad. Matching t-shirts to come later.

try and try by cablewires: “Are you sure this is a good idea?”Steve didn’t think it was at all possible, but right now he was even more confused than he was before this whole thing started. He frowned at the brightly colored website Clint had loaded on his laptop. Flirting for Dummies, the title of the article read. Want a guy’s attention but not sure how to go about it? You’ve come to the right article!Steve had a bad feeling about this.AKA the one where Clint helps Steve flirt with Tony via Internet tips. Steve kind of screws it up, but that’s what makes it work.

the thing i’m looking for by sleeponrooftops:  He adores sketching Tony, not only because it’s a brief second of the flittering genius falling still, but also because he always finds something new about Tony that he hadn’t seen before, and it makes him love him even more.

and possibly I like the thrill by queerlyobscure:  Despite knowing that the arc reactor is a marvel of technology and a life-saving piece of equipment, Tony hates it sometimes. He hates that it makes him visible, and vulnerable, and a danger to his team, and he maybe even hates that Steve has to see it all the time. Steve loves it for all the reasons Tony doesn’t, and he’s determined to show him how much it doesn’t matter to him.

i am wide-eyed with a penchant for running by theappleppielifestyle: Steve compliments him on his arms. On his craftsmanship. On his jokes. He makes the rare innuendo that get the whole team snickering after Steve leaves the room. He tells Tony he values Tony in the team, and as a person, and as a friend. He looks at Tony with big blue eyes and an easy smile that comes far too rarely.Tony has no goddamn idea what to do with all this affection. He also has no idea how to respond to it.

In Every Way that Matters by @sineala:  There are bright things about the future, and Steve’s friendship with Iron Man is one of the brightest. So what if he doesn’t know who the man under the mask is? That’s not going to stop Steve from wanting his friendship, or even from wanting something more.

Slipping Off the Page Into Your Hands by @sineala:  Soulmates have their first words to each other written on their wrists. This should make it easy. For Steve and Tony, it is anything but. Steve’s problem is that the future he has awoken into is nothing he was ever expecting: he has a soulmate now. Who might be a robot. And if his soulmate is Iron Man, how can he be so attracted to Tony Stark? It should be impossible. Tony’s problem is that he is Iron Man, his soulmate is a man whom he in no way deserves, and he is going to fight everything in his heart and do his best to make sure Steve never, ever finds out the whole truth.

My Heart is Yours by starspangledsprocket:  Steve is determined, above all else, to win Tony’s heart. Even if it means using old fashioned methods.

Nowadays by cherryvanilla:  In which Steve is proper and Tony is oblivious.

Let Yourself by @blossomsinthemist:   Shortly after Tony gets Extremis, he and Steve end up stranded in the Savage Land, with Extremis mysteriously not functioning and Tony barely functioning, either. Established relationship, set early in the first New Avengers run.

Clan (Of the Stranger and Outcast) by greymantledlady: The Stranger holds out his huge hand towards Tony, palm outwards and upwards.Tony watches him warily, baring his teeth a little, not yet a snarl but a warning. But the Stranger simply holds his hand there, waiting, waiting; and his knife is lying on the ground between them, and there is no threat in the lines of his body.Tony lets out a little breath he’s been holding. And he’s trembling, but he slowly reaches his own hand out, tentative and uncertain, and brushes the fingertips against the Stranger’s calloused palm. And the Stranger smiles a little, his eyes soft, and wraps his fingers around Tony’s.~(The one where Neanderthal!Steve and Homo Sapiens!Tony imprint on each other like baby ducklings.)

Woo Me by Crematosis: Tony has never been good at relationships. After his breakup with Pepper, he’s pretty sure he’ll never find anyone else who can put up with all his idiosyncrasies and it’s probably best if he lives alone.But when Steve decides he’s going to woo him, Tony finds it hard to resist.

Five Times the Avengers Tried to Make Tony Like Christmas (And the One Time They Didn’t) by sara_holmes: In which Tony avoids Christmas because of reasons and Clint is not okay with this.Featuring bickering, unresolved childhood issues, cookies, eggnog lattes, unicorn tree-toppers, man-eating snowmen and Steve being the only sane person in the tower.

Who You Think You Are by Tahlruil:  In a world where no one knows the identity of Iron Man, Tony Stark is the best thing since sliced bread, at least in the opinion of one Steve Rogers. He doesn’t like to let anyone know that - especially not Tony - but one day it sort of slips out. Luckily it’s only to his best friend, and Shellhead won’t tell anyone. What could possibly go wrong?


It wasn’t that you didn’t think your Uncle Tony wouldn’t do a good job. He would. He’d do a great job. It was just that you were really happy with your life and how things were going. Your job was great, you were seeing a great guy named Peter and you knew if he won you’d have to move in with him. You knew that you’d have a million new responsibilities, that things with work would have to end and so would your budding relationship with Peter. You wouldn’t get to continue to live your life the way you wanted, hell you couldn’t do that now. Ever since the announcement that you’d be the one to take on the job reporters had been staking out your home, gym, office and even toe best friend’s houses. Honestly it was maddening.
Most of the people in your life hadn’t known about your connection to Governor Stark until the announcement. Only your two best friends Natasha and Wanda had known. Then again what Natasha knew so did her husband Clint but he’d never said a word. People had been pissed, some claiming you didn’t trust them but the you’d just wanted to keep the insanity and literal politics away from your life.
You’d nearly dropped the phone when he’d asked.
“It’s tradition.” He’d said and you’d promptly asked why your older sister Maria couldn’t do it. Apparently the niece had to be unmarried.
You knew it was over the second he won Florida. There’d only been a couple of states his team hadn’t been sure about and the roar that went through the crowd had been deafening. And it wasn’t like you weren’t proud of him, he’d worked hard. Campaigned hard. He would do a great job, President Tony Stark and serving as his First Lady? His oldest, unmarried niece.