tony stark as rdjr

Btw can we just talk about his arm in the top right😐😍😍

Squeeze Harder - RDJR/Tom Hiddleston

Imagine that you’re making a thriller film where your character is a lawyer who falls in love with Tom’s character who is a CIA agent. RDJ is the villain trying to destroy your character’s life because she is trying to put him behind bars with Tom’s character helps.

“Then there was a hot scene between the two of them as my character had arrested them.” RDJ said seriously, as if mildly offended by the fact. “My character wanting to kill them, but he had to practically watch that little shame!”

“I remember you telling me to ‘squeeze harder’.” Tom replied without taking his eyes from his friend, adjusting the jacket while waiting for a smart answer.

“Oh, it’s not like you two hadn’t done this before!” the brunette said raising his eyebrows and shaking his shoulders, but suddenly looking at the youngest and then to the camera “Oh, I guess I shouldn’t have said that… cut!”

Iron King - Tony Stark

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You really thought you would die first because of your type of work, you thought you could never watch your godson grow. But there you were being forced to say goodbye to your sister and your brother in law after a horrible car accident. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t cry to sleep in Natasha’s arms, that you didn’t go to your sister’s house even after 3 months. But you learn to deal with the situation, with the help of the Avengers, and because your sister had left behind little Thomas. Your nephew was only 4 years old and was the face of your sister, and every time you looked at him gave you a sense of love and security. You didn’t know how to fully deal with children, but you had a connection with the boy and had the help of the group that couldn’t stay away from him.

You had been four months out missions so you could to stay with Thomas, but an urgent call that only you could solve made you stay away from home for two days. Two long days away from Thomas left you with maternal instincts you didn’t expect to have. Once you arrived at the tower, you find out where your nephew was, you couldn’t walk slowly, you were almost running down the hall due to anxiety. But you froze when you arrived in the doorframe and saw a scene that you wouldn’t think to find. All of the group tried to pamper and give attention to the child, especially Steve, Bruce, Clint and Bucky who always did everything the boy asked, while Natasha was the aunt who put him on the line and Tony just appeared to be the cool uncle that created cool shining things. But there was Tony Stark lying on his stomach on the floor while playing with Thomas, toys scattered throughout the room and the child’s laugh contagiously the billionaire. You smiled at the scene, feeling your heart beat faster with joy.

“I see you have become partners in crime.” you murmured after recovering and enter the room.

“I need to win the gentleman who protects the heart of the lady.” Tony said looking for a moment in your direction before turning back to Thomas and smile at him, making you raise a curious eyebrow. “All right, Thomas? Remember the plan we agreed?”

The boy quickly agreed, rising from the floor and settling his clothes before walking up to you, stretching his arms asking you to hold his hands. You automatically held his little hands, crouching to stay in his height and be able to give full attention.

“Dear Queen, would you like to dinner with the Iron King?”