tony st i mean

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So I just saw Spider-Man and tbh could've used more Zendaya and less t*ny st*rk

I mean, to be fair, Tony wasn’t actually in it that much, and even when he was, he wasn’t presented in the same way he is in Civil War. Like the narrative of Civil War was trying to guide you into the Tony Is Right And The Best mindset, which paired with the arrogance of the character made him unbearable. But in this film, Tony’s still Tony but the narrative is set up to make you question Tony and call out some of his behaviours. Which made it infinitely more enjoyable than Civil War.

But you damn right, more Zendaya, there was not nearly enough of my girl. 

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maybe an unpopular opinion but I don’t like it when people think that Toni is worse than Nick st Clair. I mean he’s attempted (tw) rape and Toni may have kissed Jughead in a vulnerable time for him but she’s in no way worse a rapist or someone who’s attempted it. I’m not saying you think like that but I’ve seen some people and I wanted your thoughts on the situation

Oh, agreed! I don’t care for T//ni’s character at all (sorry not sorry) but that doesn’t even really have to do with the kiss. It more has to do with the complete character assassination they did to her in my opinion. I was super excited to be getting an openly bisexual character that we were told was an ally and instead we got… whatever the hell that was and it just felt like a big slap in the face and like such a disappointment. There were so many awesome things they could have done with her and instead that made her part of a shitty “love triangle” with what’s arguably the biggest ship on the show (that we know isn’t even going to last so WHAT WAS THE POINT?). It was just… anyway, that’s not what you’re asking, haha. 

While I don’t care for her character at all at this point, I definitely do not think she’s worse than Nick; not even close. Nick can go to the lowest parts of hell and burn there for the rest of eternity. T can just, well, she can just disappear into the background and I’d be happy, haha. So yeah, I don’t agree with that statement and those are my thoughts. :)