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When senseless acts of tragedy remind us that nothing here is promised–not one day. This show is proof that history remembers. We live in times when hate and fear seem stronger. We rise and fall and light from dying embers–remembrances that hope and love last longer. And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside. I sing Vanessa’s symphony. Eliza tells her story. Now, fill the world with music, love, and pride.
—  Lin-Manuel Miranda

ugh in the span of like 3 weeks I’ve progressed from listening to the full Hamilton soundtrack for the first time –> listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat for 2 weeks straight and occasionally tearing up –> watching every video I can find on youtube of Leslie Odom Jr. singing and just full blown crying for a couple hours –> let’s just commit to the hamilton youtube rabbit hole and watch every clip I can find of the cast, doing literally anything

Daveed Diggs’s Tony acceptance speech is the latest thing to make me cry so I wanted to use him for some lineless digital painting practice

it looks way better zoomed in than as a whole, which is, like… literally the exact opposite…. of what you want…………………..


Guys My Age (3)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 4k

Warnings: Lap dance to rough Smut. NSFW gifs.

Anon asked “Can you please do a part 3 to ‘guys my age’ were Bucky asks reader for another lap dance”

A/N: The fic that started it all. I’m so glad people liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know if you want to be tagged. Also, dominant/jealous Bucky is just wow. Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE or HERE. Go away kids! And please use protection y’all.

Part 1 Part 2

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bad ending: great comet closes and we don’t hear from most of the actors, it is never spoken of again

neutral ending: great comet closes and the cast is all successful in whatever directions they go and everyone admits that great comet was robbed at the tony’s

good ending: great comet closes and promptly afterwards ghost quartet goes on tour and soon dave announces further plans for his moby dick musical

true ending: great comet closes now but wins best revival when it is revived in ~30 years and dave malloy gets his tony for the moby dick musical and he gives the most beautiful tony acceptance speech of all time

anonymous asked:

Can u show us more of your favourite moments from AA?

nonny, trust me when I say I’ve been thinking about this ask every day since you’ve sent it (which is probably like, at least 2 weeks now?). I’ve literally got post-its all over my desk with half-finished lists of my favorite AA moments because it was so hard to choose something to talk about

with that said, after re-watching several of my favorite episodes, I want to talk a little bit about Tony’s relationship with praise. Specifically: the gradual change in the way Tony accepts praise from Steve over the course of the series

Or, alternatively named: “why The Age of Tony Stark continues to be the best AA episode that ever aired”

So: as we all know, Tony has a complicated relationship with his sense of self-worth. That’s just a multi-versal constant. While he may be handsome, selfless, and a literal genius, he’s always expecting more of himself. Telling himself to be better, pushing himself beyond his limits, putting himself at risk if it means saving the world or sparing others. If he ever fails, Tony is his own worst and harshest critic. As such, it comes as no surprise that he’d be uncomfortable accepting praise and encouragement from others…especially from someone who he sees as a role model; someone who he believes is inherently better than him.

Enter Steve Rogers. It’s no secret to us that AA!Steve thinks the world of Tony. If Steve believes in anything in this new-fangled 21st century world, it’s Tony Stark. Not only that, Steve has no shame in expressing these feelings in what we all lovingly refer to as his inspirational Speeches™. The first instances of one of these speeches is “In Deep,” where Steve tells Tony he’s more than just his armor. However, what I’d like to point out is Tony’s expression while Steve is, in essence, praising him:

It’s no mistake that the animators chose to show us Tony’s face at the tail end of Steve’s speech. It’s clear as day how uncomfortable he is: his head is ducked, eyes averted, eyebrows furrowed, and he’s biting his lip. It’s as if Tony is physically shying away from Steve’s genuineness. Instead of accepting the praise, what does he do?

He deflects. He tries to lessen the gravity of Steve’s words with humor and false arrogance, though it comes out relatively bare. Steve, of course, maybe sensing that he needs to pick his battles, quips back “can’t you just take a compliment,” which ironically hits the nail right on the head.

Cut to the end of season 1, in “The Final Showdown,” where Tony has expended all his armors and is left with nothing to fight against the Cabal. Once again, Steve reaffirms his utter confidence in Tony’s abilities:

And again, just like in “In Deep,” Tony deflects, berating himself:

To which Steve replies: 

“Billionaire genius philanthropist! You’ll think of something!”

As sweet as that is, what interests me again is Tony’s expression as Steve runs back into the fray:

Everything about his posture screams defensive. His arms are crossed, and he has a pensive, slight frown on his face. Unlike in “In Deep” however, where Tony had literally no where to hide after Steve gave his speech, Tony now has a chance to digest Steve’s words privately, as the latter had thrown himself back into battle right after saying them. It’s not for long, but Tony actually gives himself a second. Reflects.

Now comes “The Age of Tony Stark,” which in my opinion is when everything changes. Not only do Steve and Tony spend a significant amount of time together in this episode, but they also have to fight Red Skull with Tony at his most vulnerable. After all, not only has he regained the physical limitations of being a child, but he also has to re-confront many of the insecurities he had as a child due to a father who held the “perfection” of Captain America over his head. Many truths come out, but by the end of the episode, Tony finally breaks down:

In this moment, Tony finally expresses what he constantly keeps bottled inside as an adult. He’s scared: that he’s not good enough, that he’s not strong enough, that he won’t be able to save the world when it needs him most. Not only that, he confesses this to Steve, who he looks up to, who he feels the need to prove himself in front of. The person who he felt he couldn’t be weak in front of.

But of course, Steve never thought Tony was weak. Tony never had to prove himself, because Steve already believed that Tony could do anything:

In that moment, Tony finally let down his walls and let Steve in. In a way, I think this is when Tony truly starts trusting Steve, because he realized that even though Steve had seen him at both his highest and his lowest, his confidence in him never wavered. How do I know this? Well, after “The Age of Tony Stark,” the next Speech™ that Steve really gives is the one we all know and love from “The Ultron Outbreak”:

And how does Tony react?

He smiles. He glows. He lets Steve’s confidence in him reinforce his own, and then he goes to save the world.

You're Actually Pregnant?

Science Bros
Bruce X Reader
Tony X Pepper

Summary: Tony and Bruce discover a pregnancy test and they need to figure out who it belongs too.

“Have you noticed Pep and Y/N have been spending a lot of time together recently?”

Bruce looked up from his work, quirking a brow at his friend. “They are friends Tony, that’s not exactly anything new.”

“Okay but hear me out big man. What if they are cheating on us.”


With each other!”


“You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be hot!”

“Be serious!”

Tony rolled his eyes at Bruce, put his screwdriver down and stood up.

“You know how I got to where I am today. I trusted my gut feelings. Something is going on with those two and I’m going to get to the bottom of it!” He announced dramatically as he made his way to the door.

“I want no part in this!” Bruce managed to call out before Tony left hearing range. The last thing he wanted was to be on the bad side of two of the most amazing women he ever had the pleasure of meeting.


Bruce scrolled down some schematics on his Starkpad relishing in the peace and quiet. He loved Tony, he did, but it was so rare that he could just have a moment to himself with no interup-


Bruce sighed and took of his glasses to rub at his eyes as Tony came swaggering in proudly.

“Something WAS going on.”

“Alright Tony, you were right. You going to tell me what I was wrong about?”

Tony stood in silence for a few moments, grinning smugly and basking in his own ray of right before his hand slammed down a wad of tissue paper onto the bench, wrapped inside it he saw the + on the side of a pregnancy stick.

Bruce blinked as he looked down at the stick in mild disgust and then up at Tony.

“So Pepper is pregnant? Congratulations.”

“Correction, ONE of them is pregnant!”

“Tony we both know I can’t have children.”

“But do you REALLY know that or did you just assume?”

Bruce stayed quiet as Tony continued his speech.

“Did you run any tests? Sure it should be impossible with your radiation but the same could be said about you being alive.”

“I see what you’re trying to say but the chances of that happening are-”

“What if Y/N has some weird alien physiology that bypasses the radiation!? You already tested to see if she could be with you without getting poisoned, so why can’t this be a possibility?”

“Do you really just not want Pepper to be pregnant that much…?” Bruce mumbled out. Y/N being pregnant? Impossible. No reason to get his hopes up for nothing.

“What if you have xenomorph babies!?” Tony slammed his hands on the desk as his face dropped, imagining the weaponry he could create to fight off a gamma radiated xenomorph Queen. He would definitely look good in a power loader.

“I’m just going to ask her when she gets home.”

“About having xenomorph babies?” Tony questioned, he had slipped his hand under his tank top and pretended to have it try to burst from his chest.

“About if she’s pregnant!” Bruce frowned, huffing at Tony’s antics.

“What if Pep is pregnant?” Tony asked in a small voice, all his previous enthusiasm gone. “I’d be a terrible father…”

“No you wouldn’t Tony.”

“My dad was. I can’t imagine the apple falls far from the tree.”

“You aren’t going to turn into your father Tony.”

“How can you know that?”

“Because if Y/N is pregnant I’m not going to turn into mine.” Bruce gritted his teeth as he spoke, clenching his fist tightly. Tony saw this and immediately changed the subject.

“I bet if it’s mine he’s going to be a genius. Just like me. A little future genius ladies man.” Tony smirked, imagining a mini Stark running around. “He wouldn’t be stupid like me either, he’d have Pepper’s genes to take care of that.”

“What if you have a daughter?”

Tony’s face drained of all colour. “Then I would have to eradicate the male population.”

Bruce was a little worried at how serious Tony sounded before letting his own thoughts take over.

“I wouldn’t mind having a daughter.”


Bruce and Tony spent the next few hours sitting in the lab, any work long abandoned in favour of discussing their hypothetical children and their hypothetical accomplishments.

“All I’m saying is Mini Iron Man and Lil Hulkette could become the greatest superhero duo known to earth.

“Ideally it would turn out like Jen and even if it changes it’ll keep its personality.”

“Hey boys!” Y/N called out smiling as she and Pepper entered the lab.

Tony scrambled to his feet and rushed to grip onto Pepper’s shoulders tightly, startling both the women.

“I can’t take it anymore! Which one of you is pregnant?!”

Pepper and Y/N looked at each other in shock. Pepper’s face quickly scrunched into an annoyed expression, leave it to Tony to go through the bin in the bathroom. Y/N smiled shyly as she placed her hands delicately on her stomach.

Everything was silent. It seemed as if everyone was waiting on somebody else’s reaction. No one seemed to know what to do.


“Br-Bruce?!” Y/N ran over to Bruce who had fainted while Pepper lightly slapped Tony who had started chuckling to himself.

“Bruce are you okay?” Y/N gently shook him, lightly slapping his cheek.

“You-you’re actually pregnant?”

She nodded slowly, she didn’t anticipate this reaction, honestly she hardly anticipated any particular reaction so she didn’t exactly know how to handle this.

Her fears melted away when Bruce smiled, he leaned forward, cupping her cheek and gently kissed her.

“You’re actually pregnant.”


@winterxwings @lovelybubble7 @stonystonysto I literally love how y’all are pulling out the Receipts™ like nobody’s business….exposing this show for the true Gay that it is

also stonystonysto I completely agree with you: Tony would be really annoyed at Steve if he treated Tony in such a way that implied he couldn’t handle himself. I think that’s why I love how, in the many instances that Steve does defend Tony, he does it by building Tony up. There’s never a "Iet me be the knight in shining armor to your damsel in distress” gambit. All Steve does is make sure the villain understands just how capable Tony is, with or without the armor. I mean, pretty much all his Captain America Patented Speeches boil down to this: Tony is incredible, and I trust him with my life. He’s the leader of the Avengers for good reason. Just fucking watch.

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There are people who are literally wishing death on people who enjoy DEH? And the actors?? Like? I get it if you’re upset that your musical didn’t win an award. You’re allowed to be upset. BUT WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??? What is wrong with you if you’re wishing death on the actors and fans of a musical??? Does it literally mean that much to you? If the answer is yes, you probably need to step back for a few minutes and reevaluate your life, bc dude, that is seriously fucked up.