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You’re Safe : Steve Rogers/Captain America (Part 3)

Author’s Note: Wowzers! It’s here! Ah! I would like to say again thank you for everyone voting for this series. I really do hope that you guys enjoy it! Also do know that this will mainly be Steve x Reader centered now. (Sorry Bucky, you’ll get your turn in February) 

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Word Count: 1,198

Warnings: Blood


It was a strange feeling, being trapped inside the pod. Sometimes you’d hear that man’s voice, Zola?

He would yell at his assistants whenever they would screw up. Sometimes you would hear him just sigh loudly. You had no idea how you were hearing anything. It shouldn’t have been possible for you to sense anything. But for most of time, it was like you were in a deep slumber.


Alarms were blaring inside of the base. Guards and scientists were running for their lives, trying to escape from whatever was attacking their facility.

Luckily for Zola that he was in the most inner depths of the base. No one could enter without his permission. Yet it was to be an easy escape for whomever was in his inner ring.

“Sir! Vee are under attack!” A Hydra agent was panicking while trying to escort Zola out of the lab. He only scoffed at the young soldier.

“Don’t you zink zat I don’t know zat vee are under fire?” He looked towards the young man to see fear entrapping him still. Zola rolled his eyes, what a sorry excuse of an agent. “Zen let us go!” Zola packed up the rest of his research into his suitcase and proceeded to push at the agent.

He was stopped when the man turned around and pointed from behind him. “Sir, vat about zee girl?” Zola laughed at him and made his way towards the secret entrance door.

“Leave her, no one is going to ever find her.” He looked at your frozen body and laughed once more. “Plus, who vould look for some suppozedly dead prostitute.”

The agent looked at you and sighed, he raced over to Zola’s side and escaped. Leaving you in the secret room, the ice and dust were to be your new best friends.


“So this is just some abandoned Hydra base?” Clint’s voice echoed through the eerily quiet Quinjet.

“Yes, there has been no reports of life entering or exiting from the facility.” The Captain answered. He was deep in thought from looking at the map of the base.

“Then why are we going to some ghost town base?” Clint kept pestering Steve with his questions. He sighed at looked at the archer.

“It’s been said in the files that a lead scientist, Arnim Zola, was conducting human experiments at this particular base. He might have left some research that could still be useful to this day. And if said research were to fall into the wrong hands, then it could mean another war at hand.” Clint nodded his head at Steve’s answer.

Everyone just wanted to get in and out. Find any research if possible and then head back home to relax. They haven’t had any breaks over the past year, from the invasion in New York, to other ‘mini’ battles across the globe. The Avengers were utterly beat and needed the rest.

“When will be arriving?” Nat looked up from reloading her guns. As much as she didn’t want to admit, she wanted to have that nice long rest right about now.

Tony turned around from the pilot’s seat to look at the fiery redhead. “We’ll be landing in five minutes, so gear up and be ready for anything.” The Avengers sighed respectively and got ready.

“Bruce, remember to stay on board, unless we call for Code Green, got it?” Steve looked back towards the doctor to see him nod his head. His attention then went back to the entrance of the Quinjet. “You ready, guys?” Everyone murmured their answers went to stand next to Steve.

“Showtime Capsicle!” Tony quipped, his hand landing on Steve’s shoulder, he could feel the coolness of the metal from Tony’s suit against his skin.

“Lets go.”


Room after room, they all kept coming out with empty hands. The team was growing more and more frustrated through each passing minute.

They had found themselves to what it seemed to be the middle of the base.

“How about we take a break here?” Tony looked at all of his exhausted friends. They couldn’t form words at the moment so he settled for thumbs up and the nodding of heads.

“So, nobody found anything, huh?” Everyone turned their heads towards the archer. Glaring right at him, of course they haven’t found anything, he’s been with them the entire time! Tony laughed quietly to himself, he started to lean against the wall furthest from his teammates. He must have forgotten how heavy his suit was for when he fully rested it against the wall, he fell right through.

It was an entrance to… a lab? They all looked at Tony’s figure on the ground, he had a somewhat pained yet proud look on his face.

“Found something.”

Nat kicked his leg from his joking demeanor. It looked like a regular wall? How in the world did Tony find the right spot to lean on?

Steve and Thor helped Tony from the floor, dusting him off in the process. When he was all settled, the three gasped at the enormous room.

Old aged scientific equipment were found scattered about the room. There were two more doors lining the far right of them.

Clint hastily raised his hand, “I choose the left door first.” Steve turned around to see Nat punch Clint’s arm. He then shook his head playfully at the two. He silently lead them to the door, his hand was the first on the doorknob. Slowly he twisted his wrist to see that the door was unlocked. A bone-chilling creak echoed throughout the lab. Steve walked in first, his hand already finding the light switch. But what he saw made his skin crawl.

Blood stains were found throughout the room. An examination table was in the middle of the room, it had leather straps attached to it. They too were stained by blood. It made him feel sick, it reminded of him when he found Buck at that one base.

In the corner of the room was a strange looking chair. Metal was sticking to and fro from it, the straps connected to it also had blood.

Even though the blood was most likely decades old, Steve swore he could taste the metallic liquid in his mouth.

“Steve, we don’t need to be in this room any longer…” Tony coaxed him out of the dingy room. He followed him out, in time to see Nat walk into the second door.

“Steve!” Nat’s voice rang out into the main area. Everyone looked at him and then raced to Nat’s side. They walked in to see her standing in front of a pod shaped prison. “You guys need to look at this…” She tried to wipe away the frostbite and grime from your little window. But to no avail, she couldn’t get any of it to budge.

Clint walked over to her side to try and peer into the window. “Do you think someone is in there?” He tried to open the cryogenic chamber. Yet he couldn’t even get his fingers into the grooves of the machine.

“I guess it’s coming along for the ride.” Tony couldn’t help but joke at the tense situation.


Fair warning before I post the next part… Might want to prepare some tissues or something <3


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