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is there any concrete indication of how many years it's been IN-UNIVERSE between im 1 and civil war? because if we just go by movie release dates it would be around 8 years so like peter would be 7-10 yrs old when tony stark becomes iron man and i'm 100% sure he'd have tried to get his autograph somehow. maybe he actually did and he's got it carefully preserved and tony doesn't know but someday he's beating himself up and peter tells him because tony's always been his hero he should know that :)

I have no concrete idea of the specific timeline they follow within the MCU, but OH MY G O SH THIS HEADCANON IS PERFECTTTTT

LIKE I CAN SEE IT SO CLEARLY IN MY HEAD. Peter finding Tony, who’s looking so fucking tired because the world never stops throwing some new bullshit at him, and he just… he’s so worried about tony, about his mental health, and he feels so helpless because what the fuck can he do to help this man who seems to carry the whole world on his shoulders?? 

But he tries to comfort Tony anyway. He thanks him for doing the thankless job of trying to keep people safe. He tells him how much he admires him, how much he’s done for him. 

And it’s just??? too much??? Tony can’t cope because here’s peter smol tiny peter who must be protected because fuck if someone else will die under his watch, and this boi is actually so sweet and pure and he seems to actually give a fuck about tony??? 


Spiderbaby - Peter Parker (kind of?) imagine

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“Tony, are you busy?”, you said, entering the Tower’s lab. Tony and you were basically like brothers. His friendship with Peter led him to know you, Peter’s long term girlfriend, which led him to find out about your skills, which led him to recruit both you and Peter to the Avengers team, which then led to him being your mentor and best friend.

“A little bit, but I can always find time to you, sweetheart”, Tony said, writing something on a notebook and then turning around to look at you. “What’s up?”

“Well, um… I guess I need some advice? I don’t know who should know this first, but I rather tell you before anyone. Even if it’s a little wrong to do so, I guess.”

Tony nodded, walking around the lab and checking things, like the hundred computers and technologic stuff he had that you didn’t even want to be around or you would surely break them.

“Okay. Go on.”

“Um… guess who’s going to be a father?”, you said, and Tony immediately looked at you, eyes jumping out of his skull, mouth completely open.

“Peter?! No fucking way! I mean… what… how… what…?”, he asked, trying to speak normaly.

“I know, that was my reaction as well”, you confessed, sighing. “And truth is I don’t know what to do.”

Tony stopped everything he was doing. He sat on a chair, crossing his arms and looking at the floor, still chocked.

Does he know about the baby?

“Not yet.”

“Okay, so… I guess you should tell him?”, he kind of asked. “Yeah, you sh-should tell him. You should… just talk to him, I mean, I don’t think you guys were planning this, so yeah. You need to talk to him. Then you… you… shit, I don’t know.”

“Tell me about it”, you mumbled, sitting on the chair next to Tony and sighing once again. “I mean, I want this baby, but our whole lifes will change. And I’m not even sure if Peter wants kids.”

“Well, I can tell you he does. I guess”, Tony said, looking at you. “The point is, you’re screwed. I won’t lie, it will be hard. I don’t have kids, and I still don’t know if I want them someday, but I know how life changing they can be. Good thing is you won’t have to do this alone. You will have Peter and you will have us. We’re like a family.”

You smiled, looking at Tony and nodding.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Things will be okay, and this kid will be loved. Maybe not by me, not until they’re 5, because I hate the sound of a baby crying, which reminds me that your room will need to be extra soundproofed, oh gosh…”

You laughed, hugging Tony. He smiled, hugging you back.

“You should talk to Clint, not me. He’s the father of the team.”

“No… you’re cooler”, you said, resting your head on Tony’s shoulder. “Thank you, Anthony.”

the speed of objects in motion
a stony fanfic
chapter 10/?
status: WIP
word count: 18756
summary:  Sometimes Steve forgets that Tony is human underneath all the metal, under all the red and gold. After Tony dies he spends time in Tony’s workshop, goes through his schematics, his unfinished works. It’s there that he discovers binarily augmented retro framing, and there where he decides he’s going to finish the program so maybe, just maybe, he can see Tony again and tell him all the things he should have.

Steve could tell you that it’s true, that your life comes to you in flashes before it ends. The first time was memories of his mother, of Bucky, always Bucky and his sly smile, and more so than anything the feeling of hope, how he wanted nothing more than to be anything than what he was. There were scatterings of Peggy and the overwhelming image of her crying, what she most look like with tears running to her red lips.

The second time was different. Those images had taken a backseat to something burning. He thought of Natasha, of her strength but more importantly the softer side he had recently scene of her, of her ivory hands clutching a towel to her damp hair as she asked him about trust.

A glimpse of Sam running past the reflection pool.

He thought of Tony, and it wasn’t the arguments that he thought of, but instead of the kitchen table.  He thought mostly that he would miss the smell of coffee. He thought of his smile, not the one that the rest of the world saw, that was too tight, too wide and almost blinding. Instead of the smaller one, the one that didn’t show teeth but showed more in his eyes. His eyes, his eyes, his eyes, and the lines around them. With another blow to his face, he was conflicted in the gut wrenching feeling of loss and how he already missed Tony.

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Watch And Learn 2. Steve/Tony.

Summary: After talking (and fucking with Steve) with Tony on the phone, he comes over and reveals his intentions. You couldn’t be more exhilarated.

Triggers: Teasing. Edging. Third-person. Threesome. Nipple play. Oral. Fingering. Just porn with plot. Bit of sub!reader

Word Count: 1897

Enjoy ;D

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Why I Disagree with Steve Rogers

From Nicole (the OG @kingsmanhartwin​), the author of such rants such as: My Current Problem with Captain America 3 and Fanfic Writers Don’t Owe You Anything, comes a stunning five-page essay about why we should all be Team Tony and Steve Rogers can suck a dick.

So, I just need to get this off my chest and the best way of doing that is borrowing Erin’s tumblr for a bit. (Hello it’s been quite a while since I talked to any of you).

I watched Civil War, and I came out hating Steve and just disagreeing with most of the avengers. So I am going to talk about why below (if you don’t want spoilers don’t read).

Look, I always liked Captain America. I always preferred Iron Man, but I still loved Cap. So, when I went in to see the movie, I promised myself I would watch it without bias. It quickly became obvious my worry was unnecessary, because I agreed with Tony Stark on a worldview level.

First, let’s start with the accords and why I disagree with Steve Rogers:

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Christmas Kisses (aka Sam is done with your shit)

A/N: So this is some more mistletoe fluff, cause I can’t seem to let go of the idea. Plus really, Tony deserves all the kisses. This ones for @marvelingjules cause she is having a tough time of it and @potrix-the-queerschlaeger cause shes bloody awesome and always answers my many TJ/Tony questions. Which you should totally check out her AU cause hot damn. This totally unedited so go easy on me please and I hope you all enjoy.


Sam loves his crazy little family hes ended up with, but for fucks-sake sometimes they drive him up a damn wall.

Natasha sat curled up on the love seat, tucked cozily into his side, looking for all the world like shes focused intently on the tablet in her lap. Sam knows better however, that shes watching the scene in the kitchen unfold in all its, frankly pathetic in Sam’s opinion, glory. He swears he has never seen someone look so sappy and love struck before.

Oh wait, yes he has. Just the other day, in fact, on Steve’s stupid mug instead of Bucky’s. All he knows is that these boys both have it bad for the resident mad scientist and Tony, poor soul, is oblivious as all hell.  He watches as Bucky nudges a cup full of hot black tar in Tony’s direction, smiling sappily when Tony lets out a little moan of appreciation. Tony smiles adoringly back up Bucky.

Sam just stares at them both, flummoxed. Internally he’s waving his arms around screaming “He loves you, how the fuck do you not see he loves you!”  

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He gets a tiny bit more confident after that, but he's still really nervous everytime he has to face the team in a new outfit. What if they'll laugh at him? What if them linking it is just a prank?He almost has a heart attack once when he comes out in skinny jeans ripped on the knees, a really nice cardigan with sleeves rolled up, a simple white shirt, and with another nice scarf, and Clint is like "Tony, spare us." Tony is ready to bolt when Clint adds "why do you always have to look so good?"

“Tony, spare us,” Clint says, words drawn out in annoyance and Tony’s stomach just plummets.

Because this is it, he knows. He’s gone too far, pushed too much, like always. It’s a miracle the others’ have tolerated his weird eccentrics for as long as they have as it is, he should’ve quit while he was ahead instead of always demanding more. He’s not the youngest anymore as it is, he should just stick to his suits and-

“Why do you always have to look so good?” Clint continues in a whiny voice perfect for a pouting five year old, and it takes a long moment for Tony’s brain to process those words, to figure out what they really mean.

His first instinct is to take Clint’s words as a joke, to laugh them off, but Tony doesn’t quite manage to brush them off like that, not if the warm blossoming in his chest is anything to go by.

“I’m serious, man, how am I supposed to show off my boots when you look like that? They’re purple, Tony. Do you have any idea how long it took me to find the right shade?” When the rest of the team arrives, the find Clint ranting about the differences between violet and lilac, and Tony standing by his side, smiling softly.

High School Never Ends


Pepper Potts was sixteen years old and, like any typical teenager, did not like waiting for anything, especially her stupid boyfriend who should have been there ten minutes ago. They’d arranged to meet outside the school gates before class so he could go over her calculus homework that was due that day (she wasn’t worried about it by any means, but it was always a benefit to have a bonafide genius give it a look over), and he had ten minutes to get there before she’d have to head to class.

“Come on, Tony.” she sighed, huffing as she gazed in the direction he’d be driving in.

Steve would almost always be spotted with Stark Industry things. Phones, laptop, starkpad, basically any starktech are a given. And then also employee issued/office things/promotional items like pens, clipboards, keychains, notepad, mugs, caps, shirts, sweaters, etc with an SI logo. [Fury once grumbled about Steve’s office looking more like an SI department placed at Shield’s].

Tony would almost always be spotted with a Captain ‘merica merchandise, Steve’s shirt and sweater, Steve’s dog tag, bite marks from Steve. And on occasions his jeans are riding low, Steve’s hand print on his hips and more bite marks. [Only brave people comments on this. Clint Barton is the stupidest bravest one].


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Warning: language

Word count: 2109

reader x Bucky reader x Steve 


You were all sitting in the common room ,besides Bruce,with the TV on but no one was paying attention we were all talking.

“So when are you going to confess your feelings to metal arm?” Clint asked you.

“Haha very funny Clint but my lovely daughter will not be confessing anything only how much she loves me.” Tony, your father, threw at Clint as he pulled you close to his side to kiss you on your head.

“Aww c’mon Stark don’t be like that everyone knows that they like each other. I mean they are always flirting it’s pretty disgusting they make me throw up.” Nat spoke up and looked over at you as you blushed and looked down at your hands.

“You know she’s right they should just get together, I mean he’s my best friend I think that he really likes her.” Steve spoke up much to your surprise.

“Guys please stop he doesn’t like me and I don’t like him so just dro-” But you were interrupted by Bucky coming in with a girl holding hands.

“Hey guys.” He smiled at all of you.

There was awkward silence then Wanda was the first one to speak up “Hey James.” After she spoke up everyone greeted him but you just gave him a smile not trusting your voice.

“Who is this?” Tony spoke up eyeing the girl.

“This is Margarita, she is my girlfriend.” He smiled down at her.

“Hi everyone Bucky has said very nice things about you.” She gave you all a friendly smile and a small wave.

The room was filled with hello’s and hi’s but you were still not speaking you were looking at the TV like it was the most interesting thing in the world, your eyes started to sting from the tears but you didn’t dare to look in his direction. It felt like years before they left , they had gone upstairs to his room where you could only think about a thousands things that they could be doing.

The room stayed silent until they heard the elevator door close “I’m so sorry sweetheart.” Clint spoke up and he pulled you close since he was sitting on the other side of you, but you didn’t say anything you just cried in his chest not caring who was staring and hearing.

After you cried for a while you fell asleep with you head on Clint’s lap and your feet on your dad’s lap.   

Third person p.o.v

“I feel so bad for she really liked him.” Pietro spoke up.

“Yeah well I won’t feel bad for him when I kill him for hurting my sunshine.” Tony rubbed your back since he knew that you liked that.

“Hey no need to kill anyone,”Steve piped in.

“Why not? It was a ass move he flirted and made her feel special and you can’t tell me you didn’t even see it because everyone saw it even Thor commented on it. “ Wanda chimed in getting mad at Bucky.

“Yeah you can’t just mess with someone’s feelings and not expect them to fall for them, but what he did was something pathetic. They went on dates he bought her flowers they talked all the time, she was there when he had nightmares and then he comes home and tells everyone that he has a girlfriend ,yeah I think there should be at least some hurting.” Piped Nat.

“But I have no words for brother James, why would he do such a thing lady Y/N is like a goddess and I would know.” Thor’s booming voice threw out the room.

Tony sighed  “I don’t know Thor I don’t know.” He looked at you with such sadness in his eyes.

It was a couple hours later when Bucky came down with his girlfriend Margarita  “Bye guys it was nice meeting you.” She waved at them.

“Goodbye.” They all told her quietly trying not to wake you up and like that they were out the room.

It took a while until Bucky came back up to the room, he sat next to Steve “How did you meet her?” Steve questioned.

Bucky smiled at the memory “I was out on a jog when she was walking out of a shop when I bumped into he and it caused her drink to spill everywhere.” He chuckled rethinking of that day.

“And do you like her?” Wanda asked him.

“Well, yeah that’s why I asked her to be my girlfriend.” Bucky looked at her with a question look.

“Well, what about Y/N? You two flirted so much it almost caused me to throw up a couple of times.” Tony blurted out.

“Well we were never going to be a thing and I knew that but I guess it was the chase of knowing that I wasn’t going to get her made me want to be with her but then I just decided to let her go.”He knew he had to make up a lie so that was the first thing that came into his mind, but quickly regret saying that once he remembered that Tony was as well in the room.

“You son of a bitch!” Tony barked at him by then you were awake.

Your p.o.v  

You were awaken when you heard your dad yell.

“You son of a bitch!” My dad barked at Bucky but you didn’t know why.

You were going to ask Clint what was going on but he quickly got up to stop Tony from jumping onto Bucky. “You don’t deserve her,  you never did she’s too good for someone like you.”

You were still lost over what was going on but Wanda ushered you out of the room before you got the chance of doing anything.

“What is going on?”  You commanded to know now getting worried.

“It’s stupid you don’t need to know.” She waved you off.

“Wanda just tell.” You begged.

“Fine they are telling if not killing each other over the fact that …” She paused for a bit but you just nodded for her to go on “Because Bucky was saying that he never really wanted to be with you that he did it for the rush he gets of knowing he wasn’t going to be with you so he just played you the whole time.” She finished off.

You didn’t speak or cry you just stared at her “Y/N say something yell cry do something.” She started to get worried.

“Oh.” Was all you could get out.

“Oh? Oh? Really Y/N I know that you have more to say than just ‘oh’ because I know that you were really falling for him.” She stated.

“I-I don’t know what to say.”You finally let the tears fall yet again.

“Come here Y/N.” She opened up her arms so she could hold you, you didn’t have to get told twice and that’s how you stated until Nat broke the two of you up and you guys just sat in the middle of the hallway.

No one was talking which you didn’t mind since that’s what you wanted at the moment that was until you spoke up. “I just want to know why? Was I not good enough? Em I not pretty enough?Or smart enough?” You threw the questions at you best friend.

“Don’t Y/N. Don’t do that to yourself, he’s the idiot he’s the one missing out. I don’t want you to think your not good enough, pretty or smart enough because you are you are everyone of those things if not much more.”Nat told you as she held one of your hands and you laid your head on her shoulder.


It’s been a five months since Bucky came home and told you all about his relationship and you kinda stopped talking to him, you had small conversations and what not but never like before you mostly spoke when you had a mission together other than that it was mostly like you guys never were friends.

You were in the gym with Steve he was helping you train but right now you guys decided to take a small break and he was telling you a story which caused you to laugh so hard you were crying.

“Oh my that’s golden.” You managed to choke out from laughing so hard you felt like you couldn’t breath.

Steve was sitting next to you chuckling and admiring your beauty. To be honest he was happy you didn’t have a thing for Bucky because he was starting to fall for you, he felt so happy when he was with you he liked that you were so smart and pretty and kind his list could go on and on. He always knew that you were pretty but once the two you started to hang out more he really fell for you.

You stopped laughing when the door opened and you looked over your shoulder to see who walked in and much to your disappointment it was James. So you stood up and offered a hand to Steve he gladly took it and stood up “I think that’s it for me today Steve thank you for helping me.” You thanked him and got on your tippy toes to give him a kiss on the cheek that lingered for a bit.

“Y-Yeah no problem Y/N.” He gave you a smile with very cheeks and even his ears were red.

As you were walking towards the door someone stopped you “Hey Y/N hold on.” He called at you, you turned around and saw that Steve was jogging your way.  

“What’s up Steve.” Wondering why he stopped you.

“U-Um I was wondering if you could maybe go on a date with me?” He asked very nervously and not like the usual Steve.

“Yeah I’d love to.” You smiled at him.

“Great, then I’ll pick you up Saturday?” He asked.

“Sounds perfect Steve.” You smiled and left the training room.

But what you didn’t feel was the eyes of the ex-assassin he was watching the two of you like a hawk. With every flirty smile and looks he would punch the punching bag harder and harder. He finally stopped when he felt a pile of sand on his feet.

He decided to stop and get on a treadmill, he looked back and noticed that You and Steve were now talking by the door he couldn’t hear anything because he had headphones but he looked thru the mirror and noticed since he could read lips he saw that Steve mouthed the words ‘date’ he felt like his heart stopped when you said ‘yes’. Then you finally left and Bucky went after you.

“Hey Y/N.” James called at you but you didn’t really want to talk to him so pretend you didn’t hear him. “Y/n!” He yelled but this time you couldn’t pretend you didn’t hear because you had to be dead not to hear that.

“Oh hey James, what’s up?” You tried to smile at him.

“Why are you ignoring me?” He went straight to the point.

“I don’t know what you are talking abou-”

“Don’t give me that shit Y/N you know exactly what I’m talking about, we never hang out or just have normal conversation.” He argued.

“Because I can’t James I couldn’t be around you, it hurt, it hurt no scratch that it killed me every time I saw you with her.” You finally let out.

“Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t mean it I swe-”

“Cut the crap Barnes, but it’s okay now because I don’t have those feelings anymore I’m happy without you, and I honestly feel like I found someone that actually appreciates me and actually likes me, not just for some rush.” You whispered the last part but by the look on his face you knew he heard.

“No Y/N you don’t understand I actually like you but I thought that you would never go for me so I had to find someone that wasn’t you so I found Margarita and I was okay without but it was never you I lov-”

“Don’t James, don’t finish that sentence.” You warned him but that didn’t stop him

“I love you Y/N Y/L/N.” He smile at you with so much hope in his eyes.

“Well, I’m sorry James you should’ve thought of that before you broke my heart.” That was not the answer he was hoping for because his smile fell, kinda like you heart when you heard him say you were just a rush.