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Sunday Morning

Summary: A young man and a young woman run into one another on a Sunday morning at a coffee shop, both of them heartbroken, and rediscover what it means to love and be loved. Bucky x Reader 

 Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this one for a bit. It’s basically the feel-good romance no one ever expected me to write (me included) 

 Words: ~2900

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Bucky used to love Sunday mornings. They were meant for sleeping in, for curling against the soft, tender body that slept next to him.

They’d had five years of Sunday mornings, of her soft sighs in his ear as she stirred from her sleep, bright green eyes blinking sleepily up at him as he kissed her plush, pink lips. Five years of Sunday mornings, of making coffee in a pair of boxers; of her arms wrapping around him from behind, a soft cheek against his bare back. Five years of Sunday mornings, of sitting at the breakfast bar in their pajamas, her thumb wiping jelly off the corners of his mouth.

Five years of Sunday mornings, wasted.

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Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker Would Include (Part 2):

Summary: Just dating Peter… and being Tony’s daughter.

Authors Note: This was highly requested in the comments and I really enjoyed making the last one, so here ya  go! <3

Warning(s): swearing and deadpool (again)

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker Would Include (Part 2):

•y'all “tis about to get wilD

•you and peter have a stable relationship™

-y'all don’t really fight

-if you do it’s something stupid


-“ I’m lactose intolerant Peter”

-“YOU ARE A TERRIBLE- wait you are?!?!”

-“HAHAHA SIKE” *cue you running away with the last brownie*

•Tony usually mediates your fights.

-he doesn’t want his spiderlings to be sad.

-not good for his representation in the ‘approving dad’ world

-“(Y/N) I suggest you give Peter back his brownie”

-“I ate it”

-*tony giving you the scolding parent look*

-“what do you want me to do? Shit it out?”

-*cap bursts through the door* “LANGUAGE (Y/N)

•peter still uses pickup lines on you

-“my Spidey sense isn’t the only thing that’s tingling”

-“peter do you know what that means?

-“yes it means I feel all tingly and happy when I’m around you”


-he clearly gets these from Wade

•peter going on dad dates with Tony

-“I can’t believe you remembered our anniversary”

-“I could never forget it Mr Stark”

-“um Peter…you’re dating me?”

-“This is an A B conversation (Y/N) leave”

-your dad and Peter have probably been on more dates with each other than Peter has with you.

•you and peter are always together

-the avengers freak out when you aren’t.


-“Thor chill… he went to the bathroom”

•Peter always has his hands on you

-whether it’s holding hands, or he’s touching your shoulder, wrapping his arms around your waist.

-he likes to know that you’re always there.

•hUgS frOm BehInD

-y'all this is the only time Peter feels like he’s the big spoon

-he’ll rest his chin on your head and your back will be pressed to his chest


•peter using his height to his advantage

-he’ll hide your things in high places

-so you call for help

-usually ends in you standing on him to get what you want.


-it happened when you first showed Peter your room

-Tony told you to leave the door open but y'all didn’t let that bother you ;)


-“ father why do you not express this concern for me”

-“it’s because you’re the devils spawn”

•finally perfecting that spiderman kiss



-“how do I get down?”

- *cue peter’s web snapping*

•stealing Peter’s clothes

-old and new

-he leaves a sweater at your place?

-BAM it’s yours

-buys a new shirt?

-BaM It’s yours

-he eventually runs out of clothes

-Tony buys him a new wardrobe

•having a meme group chat with Ned

-sending memes about spiderman

-peter regrets introducing you to Ned

•going on dates to the zoo

-Peter taking pictures of you admiring things

-a passerby reports Peter to the security guard for looking like a creep

-your dad has to bail peter out

•whenever peter loses you in a large group of people he always knows how to find you.

-“yo Pete where’s your girlfriend?”

-“hold on one sec” *shakes wallet*


-“found her”

•spoiling peter bc you’re filthy rich and he deserves the world

-“happy birthday baby!!”

-“(Y/N) is that a car???”

-*you smiling uncontrollably*

-”(Y/N) I can’t drive’’

-’’Its a keepsake’’ 

•convincing your dad to take peter on missions.

-instantly regretting it bc peter is a soft boi who needs protection.

-“If you die on this mission, I will kill you”

-updating the suit bc you must protec™

-“I’ve added extra padding to your suit to soften any falls”

-he literally cannot breathe now

•accidentally admitting that Tom Holland is your celebrity crush.

-“but we look exactly alike??”

-“don’t be ridiculous Peter, you look nothing alike”

•dates to museums and science exhibitions

-watching peter nerd out

-v cute™

•going out with Liz and Michelle for girls nights

-peter dropping in on you as part of ‘patrol’

-almost activating ‘instant kill mode’ when a guy talks to you

•you putting on the suit just to talk to Karan

-“am I the only one that thinks Peter smells like avocado? Like does he even eat avocado?”

-“I too have detected this unusual scent Ms Stark”

•Peter freaks tf out when you get sick

-like mental break down freak out

-he googles your symptoms

-which means he always thinks your dying.


-he brought like 50 tins of soup

-will not let you leave his sight

-“Peter I need to take a dump”

-“I’ll come with you”

•Wade is always crashing your dates

-he thinks you guys are friends

-“Wade will you ever leave us alone?”

-“Of course Peetie! When (Y/N)’s father accepts my adoption papers”

-“Why would a grown ass man need adopting?”

-“It’s to fund my expensive lifestyle”

-Wade also steals Peter’s wallet so he has an excuse to come along.

-eventually getting a restraining order on Wade.

•Star Wars marathons

-you thinking Luke Skywalker is hot

-Peter getting jealous

-he dresses up like Luke the next day.

•he finds your old spiderman fan account on tumblr

-when he does he just stares at you smugly from across the room.


-“oh nothing” ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

-he starts texting you the ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) face.

-“so you bet spiderman is one sexy specimen under that mask?“ ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

-you want to die

-"I will delete you from my life”

•going to Starbucks for your anniversary dates

•peter insisting you have him on speed dial just incase anything happens

-you mostly use it to get food


-“(Y/N)??? Are you okay??”

-“I’ll have a double cheeseburger and fries please.”

-“(Y/N) pls”

-“what? I’m hungry”

-“may I remind you that I am  not supposed to be used for ordering take out”

-“then what the fuck are you supposed to be?”

-“your boyfriend”

-“oh yes that too”

•you wear matching outfits to school sometimes

-you are the power couple of the school

•taking Tony’s car for a joy ride

-crashing it bc peter gets nervous and webs up the windscreen

-it’s all good tho

-you use his card to buy a new one

-and blame it on Wade

•cute goodmorning texts

-“make sure to brush your teeth, you have terrible morning breath xox ~ (Y/N)

-"please brush your hair today, yesterday you looked like a yeti that had been run over and drowned in toilet water <3 Peter”

•everyone noticing how whipped Peter is for you

-except you

-peter doesn’t even know what that means he’s so outdated

•Peter has coffee mornings with Steve

-you’re never invited

•sending each other selfies

-your ugliest ones usually end up as your lock screens

-“who’s that horrendous looking creature?”

-“my fucking boyfriend bish”

•you die when peter speaks Spanish

-“pan caliente”

-“ I don’t know what you just said but please let it be the only thing you say at my funeral”

-he said hot bread

•Peter worries about your wellbeing

-he sets up daily reminders on your phone to drink water

-irl it’s just him texting you h20 puns and jokes

•you are very territorial

-if a girl so much as looks at Peter

-you will snatch the weave

-one time you actually pulled out some girls hair

-Peter thought it was hot™

-Steve and Tony did not ™

•stony are your parents tbh

•like your dad you have a lot of issues

-you’re scared peter will leave

-but he never does

-he always comes back

•arcade dates

-Peter gives you a promise ring from a vending machine

-the avengers freak out and think it’s an engagement ring.

-Steve gives you a lecture about patience and how you should wait.

-Tony on the other hand…


-“Uh Mr Stark, we’re 17 and it’s just a promise ring”

-“You are both disappointments and disgraces to the Stark name”

•caring for him after missions


-back rubs

-Peter is very clingy at this point.

•knowing exactly what calms each other down.

•Training with Peter

-having a run on the treadmill whilst he does weights.

-you trip and hit your head

-Peter drops a weight on his foot bc he’s shook.

-you both go to hospital and agree never to workout together again.

•carnival dates

-peter sees a game and insists he wins a price for you

-he loses

-3 times

-you end up having a go and you win a fish

-peter has the fish for 4 days of the week and you have him for 3

-the fish is your son™

-his name is ‘the fish™’

•stargazing and talking about a future together

•you both trust and love each other a lot

•you love peter a lot

-although you don’t say it often

-you show it though

- but he already knows it

Cling - Chapter 1

Have some superfamily clingy baby Peter and awesome dad Tony! This wasn’t supposed to be multi-chaptered but I got impatient. There should only be 3 chapters. Idk when I’ll post them, but if anyone wants to be tagged in the other chapters let me know. I tagged anyone I could that liked my post about this fic lol. I’ll post it on Ao3 when it’s finished.

Peter had always been more of an easygoing baby. He didn’t cry very much, he wasn’t easily startled or upset by things, and he was generally pretty good at being held or watched by other people on the rare days where Steve and Tony both got called into work.

Tony should have known his luck would run out eventually.

“I’m really sorry,” Tony said to Happy, who stood looking confused and a little hurt at the screaming toddler in Tony’s arms. “I don’t know what’s gotten into him today.”

Steve had to go into SHIELD today to help train some new recruits with Clint and Bucky, and Tony was supposed to stay home with Peter. Unfortunately, a problem had come up with some of the specs for the new Stark Phone that Tony had completed, and he had been called into an emergency meeting to soothe the nerves of the board. It hadn’t seemed like that big of a deal at first as Tony called up Happy to come to his office to sit with Peter for a little bit while Tony went to the meeting.

Peter usually adored his Uncle Happy and loved when he got to stay with him because Happy was always down to play with Peters’s trucks or robots his him. But today Peter just wasn’t having it, and as soon as Tony had handed him over and was about to leave, Peter had burst into tears and started sobbing, reaching for Tony.

(mobile watch the cut)

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Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Epilogue ❤️

A/N: Here it is you guys! The Epilogue! *cries historically* I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who’ve stuck with this story! It’s my first series and y'all are hella awesome for all the positivity!! 😭❤ Please excuse any misspelling! And most of all, enjoy! - Delilah ❤

Warnings: Mentions of sex. Fluff. 

Series Masterlist

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Prompt: After sending Steve to find something in your room, he finds….compromising pictures meant for Bucky.

Warnings: Implied stuff, NSFW…obviously.

Author’s Note: It is so late and I have a 7:30am math class but this hit me straight in the face and I had to write it.

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Selfless Love - part 1

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: A journey toward recovery and the story of a broken man falling in love with a woman.

Word Count: 560

Warnings: None

A/N: I wanted to write something that wasn’t an AU so here you go. A little feel good story before the exams :) Hope you’ll like it!

Selfless Love - Masterpage

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“So, what is he like?”

You sat cross-legged on the freshly made bed while Wanda and Clint were assembling an Ikea wardrobe. They shared a look and frowned before Wanda craned her neck back to look up at you.

“I’m not sure,” she said, using her powers to tighten the screws, “we didn’t really talk, mostly fought.”

You nodded, smoothing the bedspread nervously. Like all the bedrooms in the facility, it had a bed, a wardrobe and a desk.

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Thirteen Reasons Why Aesthetics | Tony Padilla

I should have talked to her. But look, I liked Hannah. She was a friend. But the girl was a lot. She was drama. And I was apparently the only guy at Liberty who didn’t grab her ass or stare at her tits. And so I always got to hear about it and on that particular day, I didn’t want to deal, so I let her     w a l k  a w a y.

Villain (FrostIron Prompt Fill)

Okay lol so this is for @ajanamyth who suggested Loki wooing Tony, and Steve being upset.
Not sure if this is exactly what you had in mind babe, but this is what happened!!!


“Stark.“ Loki landed on the ground and stomped towards Tony. "Call your team off, or I will be forced to hurt them.”

“Will you?” Tony shot back, and raised his arm to aim the repulsor right at the Trickster God. “Because every time we do this sort of thing, you end up retreating.”

Loki narrowed his eyes and stalked even closer and Tony smirked. In his suit he was the same height as the overly tall bastard, and he completely enjoyed not having to look up to talk down to him. He even opened his faceplate so Loki could absolutely see the smug look on his face.

“So maybe–” he continued with a short laugh. “–you should take all that bluster and bullshit you carry around with you, and that ridiculous cape and maybe just–WHOA!”

Tony ducked and scrambled back a few steps when Loki summoned his magic and shot a bolt of energy at him.

“God it’s so rude to interrupt me when I’m monologuing!” Tony snapped and fired a few shots off, hating how much he enjoyed the effortless way Loki seemed to dodge them.

They fought hard for a few minutes, trading blasts and snarky one liners, until Tony popped a repulsor that should have blown a hole in the Demi gods chest, but instead Loki just wrinkled his nose and disappeared–

— and reappeared right in Tony’s space, so close that Tony stumbled back into a wall, and Loki pressed close to him, a curious look on his face.

“You are adorable when you are cocky.” That low voice was suddenly entirely too close to Tony’s ear, and Tony had to swallow back his initial reaction (which was definitely not a moan. It wasn’t) and had to lick his lips, which only drew that green gaze down. “I much prefer your brand of courage to the rest of these quivering mortals.”

“Tell me, Anthony.” Tony’s full name rolled of Loki’s tongue sounding entirely too good. “When you take this suit off–” Loki glanced down. “Do you prefer to wear silk or–”

“Tony!” The shout distracted Loki, who turned just in time to see Captain’s shield flying toward him.

Tony’s face mask slammed down and he was blasting away in a split second, and Loki barely managed to dodge the shield, sending a fierce glare at the Captain before shimmering away into nothing.

Tony flew off towards the tower, unsure of why his heart was pounding a little too hard, and why he couldn’t quite wipe the smile from his face.

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anonymous asked:

I think one of the best things about the Tony Unable to Sleep in His Bed But Happily Sleeping in Other Peoples' is that it could totally become like....a thing. A competition. Scooping him up when a member stumbled upon him, spirited away to their room for sleep. And with Tony's schedule and irregular hours, they aren't going to be laying in wait all the time, that's nuts. Nope, it's like the best Easter Egg and so precious. He'll actually sleepwalk to Rhodey's room when he visits levels of cute

Okay but Steve and Thor get into an actual fist fight next to Tony trying to be the one that gets to take him to their room and when they finally pause for a breather TONY ISN’T FUCKING THERE because Clint swept in and spirited him away while they were occupied. Steve makes Clint do extra laps at the next training.

Clint and Natasha wrestle with each other until they notice that Bruce has come along and dragged Tony away. Natasha switches Bruce’s tea for decaf.

Thor gets into a fight with the Hulk and Steve skitters by and scoops Tony up and sprints away before Hulk can come after him.

For three weeks they don’t find Tony anywhere and it’s concerning but that’s how they find out that Bucky is living with them now because he’s just been skulking around and snatching Tony up as soon as he falls asleep.

Steve and Natasha are bickering over who gets to take Tony when Pepper shows up and nudges Tony with her heel until he wakes up. “Why,” Tony whines. “Come sleep on my office couch,” Pepper offers. Tony follows her obediently and when they try to sneak into her office to steal him back they find Pepper passed out on top of him god damn it.

Everyone is bickering over who gets to take Tony when a chill suddenly falls over the room. “Default is always me,” Rhodey tells them coldly, before hoisting Tony up over his shoulder and stalking from the room.

“…Okay but why,” Steve begins.

“Maybe because Rhodes was his friend first???” Natasha offers rhetorically.

“So I should steal him,” Bucky says.

Bruce turns to look at him. “That sounds like you want to get shot, Bucky. Don’t go steal him.”

Rhodey is perfectly willing to slam doors in their faces and threaten them with guns as it turns out.


Summary: Bucky finally cuts his hair after many decades but the only problem is that you don’t like it and end up throwing a funeral for his hair. 

Word Count: 1,225

A/N: This was supposed to be a short drabble but of course I made this a little longer than I anticipated it to be, but fuck it!

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Epic Rap Battles Of History: Korra Vs. Ed Elric (03)

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

Originally posted by fullmetalfreak

(Beat used to base this on: Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky)


I can out class this little boy and his tin can

No need for bending when I can break your real arm with one hand.

You got a whole military to protect and resource you.

So which Mustang is gonna ride this battle for you?

I’m the girl who put Nickelodeon back on the map! 

You look like you missed your afternoon nap.

I mean you’re always scowling.

That face is so petty.

I wouldn’t throw a tantrum if my mechanic was that pretty.

All my fire in this fight will turn your metal into glass.

You should be used to women whooping your ass. 

Fma’s old and basic. 

The Fandom has faded.

And spoiler alert!

You’re on your 4th remake Ed!

I drop enemies like they were bad habits with one kick

I’ll embarrass this kid worse than that shamballa flick.

Keep those gloves on Eddy, and give Roy this report.

“I need some new shoes, cause I’m so short!”   


I knew you’d suck,

But damn Korra.

All those reincarnations still couldn’t help ya. 

I’m the greatest ever cause my anime doesn’t play. 

But when it comes to subplots, I don’t ripoff anime!

If it’s fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get!

A fist to the face is how I show respect! 

I’ll take your whole Krew down with a single clap.

Get ready, cause you’re the one who’s gonna put down for a nap!

Let me tell you how much a live action movie’s worth.

Quadruple what Nick spent on your game.

Reviews killed it upon birth. 

Now we both like gear-heads. Winry’s the only girl I’d never exchange. 

But you dated your whole team?

Talk about the ‘x-games’. 

There’s no major accomplishments you did on your own.

Even the 12 year old kid fought the main villain alone.

Oh you like to fire bend? 

Try it against Roy’s alchemy!

If you’re cold against the Colonel, you won’t survive against me!


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Tony is really nervous. Even tho his mamma says he doesn’t need to be nervous. And his daddy. Well he can’t know that Tony is nervous or he would be really angry. And he is scary when is angry.

“You be a good boy for me, Antonio you hear?” Says his mamma when they finally are in front of a big building. Tony looks up at her and then nods.

“Use your words, bambino.” His mamma says and she smiles a bit.

“Sí. I will be good.” Whispers Tony, because he is really scared now. What if nobody likes him there? He never had a friend before in his life and… what if it stays like that?

“Hello Mrs. Stark.” A new voice says then and Tony sees a big men who smiles down at him. Tony gasps and then hides behind his mothers legs. He wants to go home now.

“Good morning, Mr. Rhodes. I’m sorry he is a bit shy.” Maria says now and she looks disappointed at her son. Tony makes himself even smaller and looks at the ground.

“Oh no problem. Hello there. You must be Anthony, yeah?” Mr. Rhodes says now and he kneels down in front of Tony. Maria takes a step to the side and Tony now has to face the men.

“Yes, Mr. Rhodes. I’m Anthony Stark. It is nice to meet you.” He says and then holds his hand out. He is supposed to give a firm handshake his daddy says all the time. Mr. Rhodes laughs.

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anonymous asked:

EEEE you're art is super cute! This is random but if you have time could you draw Avengers Academy Stony roller skating?? O3Ú~

Thank you so much kind anon :) I love your idea it’s just so cute!

 Oneday I will draw a proper Stony roller skating pic for you but I hope this silly doodle will do for now. I’d like to think Avengers Academy Tony already has inbuilt Roller skates- his body is ready.

anonymous asked:

is there any concrete indication of how many years it's been IN-UNIVERSE between im 1 and civil war? because if we just go by movie release dates it would be around 8 years so like peter would be 7-10 yrs old when tony stark becomes iron man and i'm 100% sure he'd have tried to get his autograph somehow. maybe he actually did and he's got it carefully preserved and tony doesn't know but someday he's beating himself up and peter tells him because tony's always been his hero he should know that :)

I have no concrete idea of the specific timeline they follow within the MCU, but OH MY G O SH THIS HEADCANON IS PERFECTTTTT

LIKE I CAN SEE IT SO CLEARLY IN MY HEAD. Peter finding Tony, who’s looking so fucking tired because the world never stops throwing some new bullshit at him, and he just… he’s so worried about tony, about his mental health, and he feels so helpless because what the fuck can he do to help this man who seems to carry the whole world on his shoulders?? 

But he tries to comfort Tony anyway. He thanks him for doing the thankless job of trying to keep people safe. He tells him how much he admires him, how much he’s done for him. 

And it’s just??? too much??? Tony can’t cope because here’s peter smol tiny peter who must be protected because fuck if someone else will die under his watch, and this boi is actually so sweet and pure and he seems to actually give a fuck about tony??? 


Popular | Chapter 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: My first planned out series!  I hope you all like it because there are going to be a lot more parts. This will probably be the main plan for most of July and August. Feedback is always appreciated.

Warnings: None

Series Masterlist

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Tony’s Game

On simmering hot summer days, people tend to get creative. Much of the most brilliant inventions created were made out of boredom. At least, you assumed that to be true. Searches on Google to prove the validity of that statement drew a blank, but you still stand by it. Today was one of the many many boiling July days that forced you to stay indoors all day long. Going out in hundred degrees weather was hard enough. Going out in Manhattan in hundred degrees weather? You’d rather watch Steve try to take dance lessons again.

“Remind me why I even bothered to come here instead of staying in my room again?” Sam asked. He and a few other fellow Avengers were sprawled out on the couch of the communal rec room. Namely Steve, Wanda, and Bucky.

“Tony said he had a special surprise for us,” you shrugged. You were already sprawled out on another couch, taking up the entirety of it. You had been watching TV while snacking on chips since there was nothing better to do.

Nat walked in right as the commercial break came on. “I see I wasn’t the only one to get Tony’s message.” Clint followed right behind, still in uniform from his latest mission.

“What do you think he’s got planned?” Wanda wonders.

“Hopefully not another deadly world-dominating robot,” Sam snickered. Steve elbowed him, a stern fatherly look on his face. Bucky laughed as Sam recoiled from the hit. “What’s so funny?”

“Clearly not you,” Bucky replied. Sam feigned offense and punched the soldier on the arm, only to hear the sound of metal.


Bucky only laughed harder and smirked. “Wrong arm, birdbrain.”

“I thought that was Clint’s nickname,” Nat observed.

Clint’s voice could be heard as he rummaged through the fridge for food. “Hey, don’t drag me back into another one of their squabbles.”

Steve opened his mouth to interject, but another voice interrupted. “That’s enough!” He blinked twice before closing his mouth and leaning back on the seat. “Couldn’t have said it better myself, Tony.”

The coordinator of the meeting waltzed in like he always did when he had an invention to reveal. Vision trailed after, conveniently taking a seat next to Wanda. You thought it was funny how Wanda could seem to read everyone’s mind except her own.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Wanda said out loud. You must have been thinking aloud again. She looked at you, eyes narrowing. All you could do was shrug and look expectantly towards Tony.

“Are you children done yet?” Tony crossed his arms.

“Just get to the point, Stark.” Nat tapped her foot impatiently.

“And hurry! House Hunters just came back on,” you inform everyone.

Sam rolled his eyes. “I swear only you and Tony would enjoy watching home renovation and real estate television.”

“I have an announcement if you haven’t forgotten!” Tony interjected for the umpteenth time. “And don’t worry, Y/N. You know I have it all taped ahead of time. Anyway, I am here to reveal…this!” He held up a small metallic box about the size of an iPhone. The A single, shiny golden button was the only thing on it. As soon as it was pushed, a robotic voice sounded through the room.

“Calculating statistics of Avengers…Captain America…Iron Man…The Hulk…”

Everyone looked at each other, then at Tony. “What is this?” Steve sounded quite concerned.

“Hush, Cap. You’ll see soon enough,” Tony shushed. The voice continued to rattle off names as the TV was replaced with a white screen, a circular loading icon in the center spinning and spinning.

“Calculations, complete.”

The screen faded into one filled with a ranking list, a few photographs, and a lot of numbers. The room was silent as everyone scanned the list, not leaving out a single detail. It was bizarre, even a little extraordinary. There for all to see was an “Avengers By Popularity” ranking list of you and your fellow teammates.

  1. Captain America (Steve Rogers) 
  2. Iron Man (Tony Stark)
  3. Hawkeye (Clint Barton)
  4. Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
  5. Falcon (Sam Wilson)
  6. Thor (Thor Odinson)
  7. Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)
  8. Vision (Vision)
  9. H/N (Y/N L/N)
  10. James Barnes (Bucky)

“I decided to take some liberties and exclude any of the Avengers who are otherwise too busy for this activity or not available,” Tony shrugged.

Steve looked around, surveying everyone’s faces. “Tony, explain the meaning of this. I don’t see why this invention was necessary and is doing more harm than good at this rate.”

“Aha, that’s part two. I’m announcing a competition!” Tony beamed. “You see, each one of you has come to me within the past month just asking for some. ‘Tony, I want a new computer’, ‘I want this I want that’ well I’m going to give it to you in a sense.”

“That makes no sense whatsoever,” Sam frowned.

“Let me rephrase, I’ll give you all an opportunity! This list is calculated based on all the stuff that makes people popular. I’m talking photo ops, advertising gigs, social media followers, you name it and it is counted. I’m proposing a competition to get rid of all this boredom nonsense and to finally get some of you off my back. Let the timer begin!”

He pushed the button again, and it revealed a countdown clock. Thirty days, twenty-three hours, fifty-nine minutes and counting.

“Whoever ends up being the most popular by the end of the month gets whatever they originally asked me for. If by some rare chance you didn’t ask for anything, I’ll give you anything you want within reason. And if I win, which I probably will, then it’s just less work for me. How does that sound?”

The room immediately burst into questions.

“Why did you do this?”

“Do I finally get a private jet?”

“I bet I could beat Tony.”

“Wait, so we can get anything?”

All the clamor died down as Steve approached Tony. His chest was puffed out like it usually was when he was going to confront someone. “Tony. Explain yourself. Now.”

“Listen, I think it’ll be a great learning experience for everyone and be a lot of fun. You always talk about improving ourselves and motivation. Think about it. We’ll be able to get out there and just be present! Help others and all that nice stuff that you always like. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Tony pointed out.

You could’ve heard a pin drop in that room. All eyes were on Steve. You knew if he was on board, then everyone else would be too. You could already see the excitement in their eyes. Nat and Clint probably already had their own competition going on with the way they were communicating with just facial expressions. You weren’t so sure about the whole thing yourself. You were pretty much tied last, only since Bucky was the actual last. But…the idea of getting what you wanted did sound awfully appealing.

“Only if every single person is one hundred percent okay with this.” Steve looked around the room, eyes stopping on Bucky. He looked conflicted, switching from staring at his score to Steve.

“I’m okay with it,” Bucky answered. Steve’s eyes widened. Clint almost choked on the water he was drinking. “If…”

“We’re adding in 'ifs’ now?” Sam muttered. Bucky narrowed his eyes at him.

“If I beat him, Sam will wear a 'loser’ shirt and not bother me for two weeks,” Bucky finished. Sam burst out into laughter, but Bucky didn’t seem deterred. “Do we have a deal or what?”

Sam wiped a tear from his eye. “Oh, you got a deal alright. Good luck catching up, Barnes.”

“Well if he’s agreed to it I think I am too,” Nat cuts in. Clint nods in agreement. Steve surveys the room, making sure everyone was comfortable with the contest. That only left you.

“Well, Y/N?” Steve looks to you. “You in?”

You look around. Everyone is just waiting for your answer. You glance at the screen again. Big letters shouting out at you. Number nine. Second to last. If you do this, you can’t go down. You need to improve. You need to get out more. You’re going to get that prize. “I’m in.”

Tony clapped his hands. “It’s settled then! You should all probably start booking your schedules instead of waiting for second-rate missions. We just wasted the last ten minutes or so squabbling.”

In an instant, the dead room was alive with scurries and chatter. Nat and Clint raced out as fast as possible, shouting to each other about all the popularity-inducing activities they were going to do. Tony exited like he entered, with grandeur and a knowing smirk. Wanda and Vision were still talking quietly, probably to do some planning and flirting like they always did.

Sam gave Bucky one last look and got up laughing. “Good luck.” He gave him a fake salute. “You’ll need it!”

You could hear Bucky growl. The TV screen flashed back to House Hunters. The couple finally decided on a nice beachfront condo. It looked amazing. You wished your room could look as nice as their master bedroom.

“So,” Bucky spoke first, a surprise to you both. “What do you have planned?”

“Trying to steal my ideas, Barnes?” You tease. Bucky sighed, rubbing neck.

“We’re not getting anywhere, are we?” Bucky frowned. You tilted your head in confusion.

“What do you mean?” Sure you weren’t the first person that comes to mind when people think of the Avengers, but you could improve…somehow.

“Listen, Y/N. We’re both pretty much dead last, and there’s no way we can beat anyone else working alone. I mean, you don’t have a plan. I know because you didn’t run out to hatch schemes like everyone else did. The only way we can win is if we work together,” Bucky proposes.

“Hey, I can be plenty charismatic and attention-grabbing on my own,” you argue. Bucky raised a brow.

“You spent the last week watching HGTV.”

“The houses just look so nice!” You slump into the couch. “Alright fine, we can work together to climb the ranks, but how? I mean, Steve is already America’s favorite golden boy. Tony has infinite riches. Nat and Clint will come up with something to try and beat each other out. Even Wanda and Vision have attracted a huge shipping following online!” You toss your hands up in the air. “How can we compete with shipping?”

Bucky rubbed his chin, thinking hard. He finally snapped his fingers. “That’s it!”

“What is?”

“Date me!” He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Listen Bucky, I think you’re really hot but-”

“No, I mean like we should pretend to be a couple. You said shipping was the thing that gets the fans, right? Well, if we just become a better couple than everyone else, I’m sure people will flock to us!” Bucky explains. “Wait, you think I’m attractive?”

“That’s beside the point,” you wave his comment off. “You really think we can pull this off? Vision and Wanda are adorable!”

“But they’re not dating yet. We can beat them to it and become like a power-couple! Like the ones on TV,” Bucky pleads.

You laugh and shake your head. “You and Steve have been watching way too much reality television. Is this what Stark told you to research this time?”

Bucky looked a bit embarrassed. “Well, are you in or what? Come on, I know you’ve been asking Tony for room upgrades.”

You bite your lip and think hard. You do really like the idea of getting a sweet new suite. Plus, this was the first time Bucky has actually tried reaching out to you. You’ve tried making progress, but he’s always been so reserved up until recently. This could be the strange start of a beautiful friendship.

“I’m in, Barnes. Steve did always say you were a ladies man,” you chuckle.

“Great!” He beams. Just seeing him this excited made you a lot more motivated to win. “Because I already have a few ideas for our first date…”

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Tony will never admit it, but Peter helps when he has panic attacks by distracting him and giving him something else to focus on. Unbeknownst to Tony, Peter knows this, and tries to do everything he can to help Tony through them without tipping him off that he's doing it intentionally.

one day tony comes over to peter and may’s apartment, to drop of the spider suit after he made repairs to it. peter knows that something is off, because as fond as tony is of peter he would have just sent happy to deliver the suit if something wasn’t wrong.

may had just settled into the couch with her plate of takeaway thai when tony knocked on the door, peter answered it with a mouth full of rice and meat.

“hey, man, wassup!” peter says, nearly spitting some half chewed food onto tony who would wrinkle his nose.

“may, can’t you teach your kid how to chew?”

“you telling me how to raise my kid?” may asks coldly, raising an eyebrow.

tony coughs. “no, not at – anyway, i came to drop this off,” he clears his throat before shoving the packaged suit into peters arms. that’s the second sign that something is off – tony almost never gives up an opportunity to sass aunt may.

peter looks at tony more carefully, really looks, and he sees how stiff he’s standing. his eyes look heavier than usual, his skin is pale and grey, and his fingertips look like they’re buzzing from how much they seem to be shaking. he’s on the verge of an anxiety attack.

“hey…” peter says softly and carefully, walking away from tony to set the suit next to aunt may. he knows that trailing off and walking away from the door will indicate that tony should come inside, but just incase. “you hungry? want some thai? we over ordered, because Somebody always buys thai with their stomach instead of their head.”

may snorts. “oh please, like you don’t love eating the leftovers when you get home from patrol. i see the empty thai boxes peter, i know the truth – ”

peter plops down next to may on the couch and nudges her with his elbow. she looks confused for a moment before looking to tony, still standing like a statue at the door, and then realization dawns on her.

“tony?” may calls over her shoulder. “can you make me a plate of papaya salad? it’s in the kitchen, on the counter?”

tony nods jerkily and walks to the kitchen, quietly spooning a hearty amount of salad onto the plate. while he does so, peter puts on a movie and makes sure that the seat next to him is empty. when tony walks into the room, he gently sets the plate down next to may.

tony sighs shakily. “well, i should really be – ”

“oh man,” may sighs. “they put shrimp in this salad, you know i’m allergic to shrimp, peter”

“darn,” peter says, rolling his eyes because may loves shrimp. “hey, mr. stark? you like shrimp, right?”

tony shuffles nervously, then rolls his eyes at himself. he’s embarrassed with how much his anxiety is impacting him, and peter can tell. so he pats the seat next to him. “c'mon mr. stark, i know pepper is out on business this week so you got no place to be but here!! help us eat all this food. we just put star trek on, i know you love chris pine.”

tony glares at peter, but quietly goes to sit next to him. may passes the plate of salad to peter, who in turn passes it to tony. tony takes a big bite before asking, “how did you know i like chris pine?”

“everybody likes chris pine, he’s hot as fuck,” peter says, kicking his feet up on the coffee table in front of them. he has a hole in one of his socks and his big toe is out.

“zoe saldana is hotter,” may says, and tony and peter nod enthusiastically

they all settle into a comfortable silence as they immerse themselves in the film, they pig out on thai food and guzzle down soda, and tony stops shaking

Frost (Chapter Eighteen)

So this chapter slays me, because Tony is 100% ridiculous and Thor is 100% jealous. And there are sweet moments between Thor and Loki. And then you know… stormy type things.
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


Enjoy :)

“What is our love doing?” Thor sounded amused as he watched Tony make his way through the dining hall, spending a little time at each table, chatting with the visiting royalty, or what was left anyway, after Thor had dismissed the families involved in that incident with the garden.

The end of season tournament was to be held in just a few days, and the energy and excitement in the room was palpable, young warriors anxious to show off in front of their peers, in front of their parents, in front of the women who flocked to the tournament to stare and giggle and give their favors. Several marriage matches would be made based on the outcome of the competitions, children born in the spring from the less official matches made after the tournament as well.

It was also a time for the royal families to mend fences, to re-establish allies and re define boundaries. Though all were from a realm that was decidedly not human, not all were gods and even fewer were immortal, and needed to ensure their cities and peoples were safe for when they passed on.

Tournament time was a jovial time, but also a tense one, and not all the outcomes were good.

This time, however, Tony was charming and smiling and teasing and laughing with every person he came across, and it was all smiles across the room, and Loki could hardly believe it.

“Honestly.” Thor said again. “What is he doing?”

“I believe our love, darling endearing creature that he is, is managing to charm his way through even the most ornery of our guests. Even Sagara is smiling.” Loki narrowed his eyes. “A lot. Thor are you seeing this? Sagara seems quite intent on touching our mate and–”

“I see it.” Thor nearly snarled and stood from his chair at the high table, heading into the crowded dining room to where Tony was leaning over a table and grinning down at the visiting ruler.

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Internship | Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader


“Welcome to Stark towers. This is where you’ll be staying whenever I need an extra set of hands,” Tony Stark said as he brought Peter into his massive abode. “W-whoa,” Peter was awestruck. How had he managed to get this lucky?

Peter followed behind his idol with big eyes as they toured around the vicinity. By the time they made it back to the lounge, Peter was sure it was a dream. “You’ll get used to the size. It’s pretty simple to remember really. FRIDAY helps a lot too.“ Peter nodded and took a seat, trying to calm his excited heart.

“Who’s the new kid?” Your voice made Peter jump as he turned to face you. Where had you come from? He was sure the room was empty a few seconds ago. “Don’t worry, he’s not your replacement. She will be coming next week I presume,” Tony quipped as you held back a comment.

“Spiderling, meet Y/N, Y/N, Spiderling. Mingle a bit while I check on Scott. Don’t do anything I would do.” He gave you a sharp look before turning to Peter, “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do either. Find the grey spot.” Peter nodded at the familiar comment as you rolled your eyes.

“So, spiderling, got a real name?” You asked while taking a seat next to him, causing an apparent blush to reside on his face. “P-Parker, Peter Parker.” He reached his hand out to you and you gladly took it. “Y/N. So what brings you here? Is Tony running a daycare now?” “Why does everyone treat me like such a kid?”

“News flash buddy, you are one,” you ran a hand through his hair and he pulled away to fix it. “You sound just like Ned,” he mumbled but your ears caught it. “Well, Peter, Ned is right. Plus what’s wrong with being a kid? I’m one too. We have fun, make bad decisions, make up for them, it’s great.”

Slowly, Peter warmed up to you. He still blushed every so often but it was darker now and you did not seem to mind. “So, I’ve never seen you around before. Where are you from?” He asked, he was sure he would have seen you if you were from Queens. How could he forget a face like yours?

“Born in Queens, moved to Manhattan. Guess Queens is too small for two heroes running about,” you shrugged as you shoved some popcorn in your mouth. “Why are you here? In Stark towers I mean,” he mimicked your actions, neither of you were paying attention to the screen where some film was playing.

“A girl’s gotta use her powers somewhere right? Might as well use it for good. I figured the Avengers would be a fine place to do that. Plus Steve is hilarious.” Your easy attitude was so refreshing to Peter. Back at Midtown, he would have gotten shoved or teased way past the point of it being playful and would have probably gone home by now, but here with you, he felt comfortable.

“Speaking of powers, what are yours?” He was curious, it should have been his first question but better late than never. You smirked and slowly chewed on your popcorn. “Well, underoos, I’m what they call the shadow. I basically manipulate light, or rather, the absence of it and use it to do good. Nothing too cool,” you shrugged. You loved your powers but sometimes they felt so mundane compared to people like Thor and Hulk.

“Wait, you’re her? Really!?” His eyes widened as you nodded your head and said your favorite catchphrase. “No way! That’s so cool! You’ve always been my superhero crush-” his words stopped as he realized what he said. He groaned and dropped his head on his hands. “I’m sorry. I should-um-forget it-I-I um,” you cut him off with a laugh. He looked up to see your sweet eyes.

“It’s alright Peter. I can’t deny the little spark of admiration for that spider-guy,” you winked. Before Peter could respond, Tony reappeared with a phone to his ear. He was mumbling about some type of meatloaf before ending the call and turning his attention to you two.

“Alright kids show’s over. Spider-boy needs his bedtime and you, young lady, have some homework I believe.” “It’s spider-man,” both you and Peter said at the same time. Tony rolled his eyes as you chuckled. “Alright Spider-man. Better be a man and get home before Aunt May starts worrying.”

Peter promptly stood up and gathered his things as you talked with Tony. “Bye Mr. Stark! Bye Y/N! It was nice to meet you,” he waved. “Bye Parker!” He walked out of there with a huge smile on his face. This internship could be the death of him, literally.


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first of all, yes I like that omega tony too, but can you imagine bucky being vaguely aware of the fact his alter ego has kidnapped tony? like, his bf has been taken by the murder dude he shares a brain with??

Yeah. I can also imagine Bucky trying to converse with the Winter Soldier (lmao murder dude I’m crying).

“You have to be gentle with him. You’ve got the serum and therefore Tony is delicate. DELICATE, I SAID.”

‘He’s biting me,’ the Winter Soldier responds. ‘And it actually hurts.’

“Yeah he’s a biter. …DON’T GET SO INTERESTED IN MY BOYFRIEND YOU WEIRDO. I should have known that biting did it for you Jesus Christ.”

But the Winter Soldier obediently begins treating Tony more gently, to the omega’s suspicious confusion. He doesn’t grip as tightly when he is forcing the omega to be still, and he tries to usher Tony places instead of dragging him around. Tony… appreciates this, in a weird way. And when the baby kicks hard enough to make him go “oof!” he allows the Winter Soldier to place a hand on his swollen belly to feel it too. (If he’s hoping that maybe Bucky’s in there and can feel his baby moving around in there too, well, that’s his secret.)

‘We need more of these.’

“Yeah,” Bucky agrees proudly. “Tony and I were thinking at least two–”

‘I need a dozen.’

“WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED A DOZEN KIDS?!” Bucky feels the edges of shame curling where he ends and the Winter Soldier begins. “What is that?!”

‘They will be good soldiers.’

“Whoa whoa whoa. None of my kids are gonna be soldiers! What the fuck!? Tony’s gonna kick your ass.” He senses something else curling at the divide. “…And what the fuck is this now?”

The Winter Soldier leans over Tony, who is napping, and places his hand gently on the omega’s round stomach. ‘He’s good like this. Glowing. Beautiful. He should always be with pup.’

Bucky viciously informs the Winter Soldier that it’s no longer acceptable for omegas to be considered nothing but baby farms, even though he agrees that his mate looks beautiful when he’s with child. And he can’t help but picture it, his omega and a gaggle of children that look just like him.

Oh God.

“I will kill any of our pups’ potential suitors,” the Winter Soldier decides.

“What the fuck,” Tony mumbles, trying to roll over. “You most definitely will not!”

The Winter Soldier obediently helps the omega roll over. “I will,” he insists, safe in the knowledge that Bucky is not actually opposed to this decision. “They will be kept safe.”

“Oh my God,” Tony sighs angrily, rolling his eyes. “You’re impossible. And also I’m turned, you can stop fondling my ass!”

The Winter Soldier finds it hard to oblige, but he manages.

(Bucky continues coaching the Winter Soldier to be kinder to his mate. The Winter Soldier has no idea why Bucky insists on him going out of his way to interact kindly with Tony but he quickly agrees to it when Bucky quietly projects the mental image of a heavily-pregnant Tony putting their first child down in the crib for the night. “How do you expect to convince Tony he needs a dozen kids if he doesn’t like you?” The Winter Soldier has to admit that the idea of impregnating the omega again would be a whole lot easier if Tony liked him.)

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For Weird Wednesday, Wanda seems to think Tony is lying to her so she uses he magic to put him under a 48 hour truth spell. Peter finds him in this state

“So do you have anything to say?” asks Steve and Tony looks down to his feet.

Its exactly eight months after the last time Tony saw the avengers. And now they are back in his tower. Thanks to Fury.

The last hour Steve tried to apologize but it sounded more like he just explained his actions to Tony without saying sorry at all. Tony sighs. Well he couldn’t expect more…

“Yeah… i shouldn’t have tried to hurt you and Barnes.” says Tony quietly and he nods at his own words. He isn’t angry at Barnes anymore. Mostly he is just sad.

“So you are okay with us here?” asks Sam and he looks skeptical. Tony nods again.

“Of course. Its your home, too.” Tony grins or he tries, too. It feels weird.

“Okay Fury told us there were new…people here.” says Steve and Tony nods again. He can’t do anything else.

“Yeah…uhm Peter, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot.” says Tony and Friday shows them a picture.

“Well then i think we should all have a talk together. One hour?” asks Steve and Tony, who would have thought, nods.


“Thank you for coming. I just wanted to talk about how we are going to do this in the future.” says Steve when they are all in the conference room.

Tony gulps.

“Well i think you do your job and we do ours.” says Peter and shrugs. Tony knows that he doesn’t like the avengers…at all.

“And what exactly is your job?” asks Clint and he sounds annoyed.

“We are saving the fucking galaxy! And you only the earth.” answers Rocket and he looks up from his gun at that. Its a new one and Rocket always carries it around.

“Then why are you in this tower?” asks Barnes and Peter laughs.

“Dude! Why are you all here?” says Peter and Tony stay silent. Now his two teams are fighting great.

“I think we should all agree that you are going back to space and we are going back to our stuff.” says Clint and Steve nods.

“Yeah you want back on the team or do you Tony?” asks Steve and Tonys underlip wobbles.

“I…uhm…yeah sure.” says Tony and nods. Peter groans.

“Tony man we talked about this. You want to be on our team.” says Rocket and Tony nods again.

“Y-yeah.” he says and tries to breath.

“Well you can’t be on both teams!” says Steve and Tony starts shaking. He wants to go.

“Well he is still afraid of you, because of what you did to him.” says Gamora and she looks like she wants to kill a few avengers.

“T-thats not true.” tries Tony and shivers once more.

“I don’t think he says the truth.” says Wanda and Tony hides a bit behind Peter.

Oh no.

“What do you mean?” asks Sam and a moment later Wandas red magic is in the room. Tony gets nearly a panic attack and hides now behind Drax. But Wanda can round him perfectly.

When the magic hits him, it feels cold. So cold and then its over. Tony looks up.

“What did you do?!” Peter sounds furious. Tony doesn’t feel any different.

Gamora stays behind Wanda. Her sword on Wandas neck.

“I didn’t do something bad or did I Tony?” says Wanda and she isn’t scared of Gamora at all.

“Nothing bad? You scared me! Sometimes i still can’t sleep because i remember the vision you showed me before ultron! I see you all dead and its my fault! Whenever you use your magic i want to run a-away and you use it a-again on me!” says Tony and he surprises everyone in the room, even himself.

He claps his hands before his mouth. The eyes already bathed in tears.

“I used a truth spell on him. It lasts 48 hours.” says Wanda but now she sounds guilty. Tony doesn’t say anything he turns around and runs.


Tony sits at his workshop table and cries. He can’t breath so hard is he crying. Friday tries so soothe him, but it doesn’t work.

“Tony hey.” says Peter and Tony doesn’t even ask why Friday let him in, when he said nobody could visit him the next 48 hours.

“Are you okay?” asks Peter and then flinches. He is such an idiot.

Tony sighs and he sounds so sad, that Peter wants to hold him and cuddle him close.

“No…no i’m not.” whispers Tony and for the first time in his life he admits that. Tony sobs again.

“Nobody cares about me you know? I always try to make everything good and everybody happy but nothing works and they hate me! And i … i loved them so much.” whispers Tony sadly and Peter lays his hand on Tonys shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” says Peter and he means it. He is sorry that Tony always feels like that and he is sorry for that stupid spell. The last thirty minutes he tried to allure Rocket from killing anybody.

“Not your fault.” mutters Tony then and sniffles. He is still crying but not as bad as before. Peter starts massaging his shoulders. He wish he could do something to make that better.

“But you know i’m always here for you, right?” asks Peter and groans. Why is he so stupid.

“Wait you don’t have to answer that.” tries Peter but he knows Tony has no choice.

“Of course i know that! You and the Guardians are the best thing that happened to me in forever. And i know you are always here for me Peter. And i really appreciate that, but its not in the way i want and that hurts me even more.” babbles Tony and wait what.

Peter stops his contingencies.

He knows that Tony could easily hate him for this, but he has to know.

“What do you mean not the way you would like to?” asks Peter and Tony starts to cry again.

“Because i’m in love with you Peter! And your friendship has to be enough for me i know that, but i want so much more. And i know i’m not the best choice but…”

Tony doesn’t have to end this sentence. Because Peter kisses him. At the first sentence he had walked around Tony and is now right in front of him.

Tony doesn’t kiss him back, so Peter leans back a little.

“I know i don’t have a truth spell, but you need to trust me.” whispers Peter and he strokes Tonys cheek. Tony is so beautiful with his brown eyes, still wet and his now red cheeks.

“I love you, too.” says Peter and this time Tony kisses back.