tony shepard

Tell me about Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a man who decided to be stoic, “abuses” people, and breaks the rules for no good reason. Who lost a wife and daughter to a car accident. Who’s been in the Marine Corps and has been through hell and back. Who would do anything for his team. A “hardass Marine” they all say. 

Tell me about Tony DiNozzo, a goofball that makes movie references every time to mask the pain. Who has dealt with loss in his family multiple times. Who has been infected with the plague, been shot at, tortured, and has led the team in times of need. The “frat boy” is all they whisper. 

Tell me about Tim McGee, a man who has evolved to a fully capable agent. Who can interrogate, shoot and kill, and investigate very well. Who has dealt with the loss of his father, his sister being framed, his girlfriend being paralyzed, and has dealt with the loss of his friends also. Who is only the “tech geek”.

Tell me about Ellie Bishop, a woman who has tried to be the best. Who wasn’t pushed hard enough, been shot at, and has dealt with infidelity. Who tries to learn from her mistakes, who tries to live up to her predecessors, who was lured into connecting with a terrorist. Who was just the “NSA analyst” to others. 

Tell me about Abby Scuito, a woman who had been adopted and never knew it. Just a “goth scientist”, they say. Who didn’t know that she had a biological brother, who tries to keep the pain away, who will give you a hug if you need it, who will try her damn best to push stereotypes any way she could. 

Tell me about Jimmy Palmer, a man who tries to live life with a smile on his face. The “guy who sticks his foot in his mouth too much” is all he seems. Who dealt with the loss of a child. who has been captured by terrorists, who has lost his drive after seeing too much death, who is smart enough to be a confidant. 

Tell me about Ducky Mallard, a man who has been in combat before. A “babbling medical examiner”, they explain. Who has seen loss multiple times, who talks to the dead to keep his sanity, who’s mom succumbed to dementia, who has dealt with the disappearance of his brother, who has been through a heart attack. 

Tell me about Leon Vance, who’s a “walking drill sergeant”. Who’s dealt with the loss of his wife, being a single dad, who might not be the real Leon Vance, who’s first mission failed, who tries to keep a whole entire agency together, who has been betrayed multiple times. 

Tell me about Kate Todd, a “ice queen” she is known as. Who’s been stalked, who has tried to not kill people, who has tried and protect the people she loves, who resigned to be with a new family, who will still be remembered on that wall. 

Tell me about Ziva David, a woman who’s family is all gone, who gave birth to a beautiful young child, who has been tortured, who’s father betrayed her, who killed her brother, who’s boyfriend betrayed her, who doesn’t know that she was loved every day by her family. The “Mossad ninja” they shout to the heavens. 

Tell me about Jenny Shepard, a woman who’s father had killed himself, who went on a revenge mission for him, who became director under worst circumstances, who has a complicated past with everyone she encounters, who took down four people before death. “Director with a grudge” they can’t seem to get out of their minds.  


Jenny: His cover is teaching film online in American university.
Ziva: Tony, a teacher?
McGee: No wonder he’s been compromised. Who’s bright idea was that?
Jenny: Mine.
—  NCIS: Jenny Shepard, Ziva David and Timothy McGee - 05x01 Bury Your Dead

“So pirates that weren’t really pirates were actually Russian sailors who were on a covert mission to steal a Navy research ship that wasn’t actually a Navy research ship in order to get back nuclear weapons that we thought they didn’t think we had retrieved?”

5x06 - Chimera