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Part of my book haul from yesterday’s library book sale. Yes, most of these will become giveaways. :) 

Of these, I’ve read The God of Small Things, The Stranger, The Color Purple, Beloved, and The Master and Margarita. I recommend all of them, but I loved The God of Small Things and Beloved best. Have you read any of these? 

all i want for christmas is steve to do the ‘independence day’ speech

Original art for sale.

Not hardly how I would have liked to begin the new year, but 2016 had one more gut punch to deliver to me in it’s final days.

A little over a year ago my Mom was in danger of losing her legs to an ailment that was eating away at them. The effects were reversed and her legs were saved, she’s currently still struggling through the healing, but as you can imagine we now have to deal with medical payments.

Helping my Mom with her daily needs is one of the things that has kept me aways from artwork over the past few years. She comes first. However, I am finding time here and there to come up with new small pieces. Nothing on the scale of what I have posted here, and after a another year of inquiries I thought I should show what I currently have available… Yes, now including the Harley Quinn and more than what is seen here.

If you have any questions, just PM me and I’ll do my best to answer.
There are a few things currently posted by my rep on eBay. Please take a look ^_^

Expensive Gifts

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: none

Word count: 949 words

Warnings: fight, one swearing word but a little bit a fluff at the end, 

Tags: none

Notes: I’m back home now! Sorry I didn’t post anything this weekend but I’m back!

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Being Tony Stark’s girlfriend wasn’t like everyone thought it was. People used to believe that everything was about parties and glam but it wasn’t like that. Well…yes, it was but there was much more behind that not so many people knew. You had to deal with the press every time you went to a public place, especially if you went with him. Those long hours at every party seeing girls flirting with him. He turned all of them down but still, as his girlfriend, it wasn’t pleasant to see. Not at all. 

And of course, the fact that he was Iron Man wasn’t helpful at all. You loved that he was, you loved the fact that he saved so many lives. But having a relationship with him put you in a dangerous place. And not only that, you didn’t know when he would come back home from a mission or the state he would be in when he came back, or if he would even come back. 

He knew all your worries and he tried to make it up to you the best he could. But sometimes he just got it all wrong. Most times, all you needed was cuddle up with him at the end of the day, going to have a walk around Central Park or just a kiss and some reassurance, and most time what you received were strange and over expensive gifts you didn’t even need. Things like dresses, all kind of technology, jewellery and so on. Everything he gave you was beautiful and you knew he meant it well, but you hated when he spent so much money on you when you didn’t need it. One week it had been an especially tough one for you. You were stressed about your work, Tony had been away for two missions in four days and your mum was always on the phone trying to manipulate your life as always. But what sent you over the edge was getting home and Tony saying he had a surprise for you. 

“What is it?” You asked taking off your shoes. Usually his surprises were something extravagant but you really hoped he would surprise you today. Indeed he did.

“You know all the times you’ve complained about that old phone you carry around right?” He asked taking a box from the table and walking over you. 

“Yeah…” You frowned taking the box from his hands slowly.

“Well, you don’t have to worry anymore”, he said smiling. With a sigh you opened the box revealing an iPhone. But you didn’t recognise the type so you looked at him. “It’s not even out yet! Apple won’t release it until September but I managed to get one for you. I also made some changes so you can have a holographic screen like mine”, he explained happily.

You really wish you liked it. You knew it was a good phone, the best one in the world and it wasn’t even for sale yet. You didn’t even want to know the prize of it. But seeing the device only angered you. Not saying anything since you didn’t want to hurt his feelings you smiled at him and kissed his cheek softly before walking to the room. Definitely, the best thing you could do was taking a shower to relax. 

“Honey?” Tony’s voice followed you through the mansion. “Are you ok? What happened? Is it the colour?” He asked.

“No Tony is not the damn colour!” You finally exclaimed turning to look at him. “It’s everything! All you do is buying me expensive shit I don’t even need and for what? To make up for all the times you’re away? For all those missions? Why?” You said looking at him. He looked at you speechless, it was obvious that he didn’t expect that outburst but being honest, neither did you. “Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate everything but can’t you just stop? I don’t need a Dior dress when you come back after a mission. I don’t need any Chanel shit after seeing a bunch of stupid girls flirting with you just in front of me! I don’t need a fucking iPhone 7 that’s not even for sale, Tony!” You stopped and took a deep breath, waiting for him to say something but since he didn’t, you just kept on talking. “What I need is you. That’s everything I need when I come home after a shitty day. I need you to kiss me, to hug me and to make me feel better. Because this won’t do it, that I can assure you”, you said putting the box with the phone in it on the living room table. 

“I…” He looked down at the box and then at you. “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t know you felt that way about…this. I know I’m not around as much as I should because of my work and I…”, he frowned. “I just want to give you everything”, he added looking at you.

“And you give me everything just by being with me, don’t you understand? There’s no need for all these over expensive gifts”, you said walking towards him to hold his hands in yours. “If you want to buy me something, then buy me a box of chocolates and that will do it. But please…stop with the Diors, Channels…and everything. I don’t need that”, you said squeezing his hands.

He looked at you and pulled you closer for a tight hug, he wrapped his arms around you and snuggled his face in your neck as you kissed it softly with a sigh. He was such a good man and you didn’t deserve him. Not at all. 

The IRS never forgets

Appetizer -

About six years ago I started my own consulting business. I am a talented engineer, but I was/am sadly naïve about the ways of the world. I came from a nice loving suburban background and my parents taught me that all people are fundamentally good inside.

They are not. To quote Dr. Cox, people are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

In most cases, I never got any sort of revenge. Eventually I realize I’m being screwed, and I fire the individual/cut the contract, etc. and take it as a lesson learned and move on with my life.

Main Course -

Except this one time, when I hired a sales guy. We will call this sales guy “Tony.”

Tony swept in to my office on a cloud of amazing promises. He had a resume a mile long, and many harrowing, unlikely, yet somehow plausible stories of his great sales success in past organizations. He wanted to “partner with me” to take my company to a new level, make more money than we’ve ever made before, etc etc…

Even better, Tony didn’t even want a salary! He simply wanted to be able to take out loans from the company until his big sales pipeline kicked in, and then he would pay it all back from his giant commissions. It was a total win/win for everybody involved!

This sounded like an amazing deal. What a nice guy, and clearly confident he could close a lot of sales, or why else would he forgo a salary in favor of loans?

I think, friends, it’s probably obvious how this story goes. Over the course of the next year, Tony “almost” made “so many” “huge sales” that are “totally ready to sign” but somehow, never quiet came through. And in that time he took out over $60,000 in loans that he would ‘totally pay back” as soon as his “monster sales” finally came through.

Finally, after so many big promises with zero results, I became suspicious. So I hacked open his company email account and saw that, in fact, he had never sent an email to a client, ever. In fact, the only emails he ever sent were to me and other people in my business talking himself up. All of his leads were utterly fake, he had never talked to a single client a single time, in a year.

Dessert -

So I fired him and set about seeing what sort of revenge I could extract.

First, I went to my lawyer, who told me what I expected. No legal routes existed to go after him that wouldn’t cost me way more than I wanted to spend on revenge.

Second, I hired a PI to dig into him. Turns out (surprise surprise) that lots of people are after this guy. Former business partners, hospitals in Florida (some big medical thing he skipped out on?) and a few others.

It was finally my accountant who showed me the best way to get back at him without spending a lot of time or money. As I mentioned, he took out all of his “pay” from me as loans. Now that I’d spoken with the lawyer and the PI, I knew I had essentially a zero percent chance of ever recovering that money from him. So I did the next best thing to benefit my business, and to screw him over.

I forgave the loans, in their entirety.

This had two huge impacts. First, I got a $60,000 tax write off, because the “loans” were now “bad debt” which reduced my tax bill for 2013 to zero, a small but happy victory. Second, he now owes the IRS $20,000.

You see, when I forgave the loan, it became income to him. Once it becomes income, full income taxes (including federal, state, payroll, social security, medicare, etc) become due and payable. Because it’s not payroll income, I don’t have to pay the employer portion of the taxes. This means he owes the IRS $20,000 that he can never escape through bankruptcy or any other means and I have the world’s most vicious attack dog trying to get money from him instead of whatever minor debt collection efforts I could have mustered.


Tin Machine - Hilarious TV Rehearsal on Countdown 1991