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Caraphernelia (Layered)
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Caraphernelia (Layered)

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I'm Gonna Screw Your Brains Out

Can you do a really really kinky tony perry smut where you tease him in public and he punishes you and eats you out for a long time and he holds you by the throat and calls you a cunt; just really kinky and shit


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Shower Sex

Could you do an imagine where it’s you and tony perry having smutty shower sex. And he’s really dominant, and he moves y'all to the bed and it continues. And the morning after he carries you around cause you can’t walk. And fluff that morning too? c:

Tony’s Point of View

I rolled over in bed to see Y/N was no where to be found. I sighed and got out of bed and walked downstairs. I looked in the kitchen to see a glistening Y/N wearing a sports bra and a pair of yoga pants that met the middle of her calf. I felt myself getting slightly hard looking at her body. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. 

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"I guess it just took me a year to realize."

“Baby! I just can’t right now, i’m sorry.” Tony almost shouted at me, as he walked up the stairs. 

“what the hell do you mean ‘i just can’t right now’ Cesar Antonio Perry Soto get your ass down here. don’t you fucking walk away from me.” I yelled at him as he walked back out of our room with his backpack and phone charger firmly gripped in his hands. 

“well fine then, just leave you were about to anyways.” I sniffled, holding my balled fist up to my mouth, looking to him with tears lining my already black outlined eyes. 

“I’ll get my stuff when you’re gone….its almost 6 you’re going to be late.” he almost scoffed, slamming the door behind him.  

I sighed and walked into the kitchen, fixing my skirt before i fixed my messed up skirt, and slightly smudged makeup. 

I grabbed my luke warm travel mug of coffee that Tony had woken up early to make me, and sighed, almost feeling guilty that i made him leave.


As i pulled up into my usual parking spot, as my phone began to violently ring with Tony’s text tone. 

I sighed and turned off the ignition before i took a long drink of my almost cold coffee, trying to stall before i had to read the message. 

I stared at the school building for a moment before I finally got the courage to open the text that had been alerting my phone for almost 10 minutes now. 

I sighed and began to read the novel like text. 

“(y/n) I don’t think…we, are going to work out. i’m sorry I caused all this. I really hope you can tell me we’re still cool, but if you can’t that’s fine. I’ll get all my stuff while you’re at work, and I guess I can try to see you once we’re back off of tour…it’ll be 6 months….hope you can forgive me by then…..I love you….<3”

As i finished reading the last few lines my heart shattered, sending me into a fit of sobs, I sat there for a few more minutes and attempted to gather myself, wiping the small line of mascara from below my eyes before i grabbed my jacket and slowly wade my way to my room, dreading the time the kids would start to come in. 

slowly, one by one my first period came in, the girls sat down their stuff and went back out into the hall, going to socialize till the last possible second, the guys all sat down their things and congregated in the small corner, opposite of my desk.  

“Yo! Ms.(Y/L/N) I thought you were gonna bring in Tony to TA today…he hasn’t been in in like a month…” Parker said loudly as he slowly ventured back to his seat.  

my body stiffened up and I bit back the tears as i racked my brain for a simple answer. 

“Tony…he ha to leave for tour today. he’s going to be gone for 6 months actually.” I hesitated, not wanting to admit that he might not be coming back to the class. 

“dang it!” most of the class whined. 

I slowly breathed in and looked at the board, beginning to teach. 


“yeah, i’ll be back in an hour or two.” I smiled at the lady at the front desk, holding my half drank coffee up into the air, 

“It’s only twelve I might make it, it’s only twelve I might make it, its only twelve..i might make it!” I chanted as I ran towards my car, saying it louder each time as i frantically grabbed for my keys on the inside of my pocketbook. 

I finally found them and silently praised the school board for allowing the teachers to leave during their lunch breaks. 

“i mean, he might be there, they usually leave around two…but he might have gotten his stuff right after I left, and then went over to one of the guys houses, maybe he’s waiting there because he knew I would try to come back.” I yelled, my voice echoing around the car as I questioned the multiple ways the situation could go.  

I finally arrived in the driveway and yanked the keys out of the ignition, almost forgetting to close the door back before I ran towards the front door step, stumbling over my own feet as I went.

I nervously stood at the front door, clutching my keys as i sucked in a deep breath before i shoved them into the lock, shoving open the door, 

“Tony?” I asked into the silent house, hoping he was asleep up in the bedroom. 

I tip toed up the stairs and to the bedroom door, quietly pushing it open to reveal an almost empty bedroom, all of his things were gone, his shirts, his hoodies, his pants, his shoes, even all of his dirty clothes..everything.

I sighed and collapsed onto his side of the bed, the slightly dirty sheets still smelled like him, the musky natural scent he had after he showered engulfed my nostrils, a wave of nostalgia washing over me.  


Nothing had really changed after the first 4 months of Tony’s departure. 

It was always the same routine every night. 

Come home, grade papers, force myself to eat, take a shower, pick out my clothes, then cry myself to sleep.  

then the same thing every morning. 

wake up, make the bed, go start the coffee, get ready, get my bag together, then leave for another day of work, and 8 periods of kids asking when he’d be back to help. 

the way he left was wrong..I always sent him off to tour with a hug and an 'i love you’ choked out through happy tears, 

not a fight and a choked out 'i hate you.’ through hot angry tears. it wasn’t right. 

maybe the fans were right when they first told me he deserved better. 


I quickly rolled out of bed and continued what seemed like the cycle of depression, changing it up slightly by straightening my hair and adding a golden leaf head band to it, wearing it across my forehead. 

the Greek section of the semester was always my favorite, i always got to wear my flowly maxi skirts and head bands without being questioned as to what i’m doing. 

I quickly swiped on my bright red lipstick before i stuck it into my bag, grabbing my coffee I headed out the door, venturing on to another day. 

As I arrived, something felt different, slightly off, i might have been that I was 10 minutes later than I usually way and classes had already started, but it wasn’t a bad weird…but a good weird, like karma was finally working with me and good was coming.  

I quickly jogged into the building, flashing my badge at the door before I ran up the stairs to my class. 

I opened the door and a blissful wave of silence washed over me, the only sound in the room was a deep male voice, talking about mythology. 

I looked up, confused for a moment before my eyes locked with his. 

“I thought you said he wasn’t coming back for months ms. (y/l/i) (your/last/initial)!” Rebecca exclaimed as Tony dropped the expo marker he had been doodling Zeus with. 

“Tony.” I gasped out as I dropped my bag, cautiously setting my coffee down before i practically sprinted towards him, jumping into his arms. 

“I think they missed each other.” Lisa whispered in the back of the class. 

“I missed you Tony.” I mumbled into his neck, my arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders as uncontrollable sobs began to stream down my face. 

“I missed you too (Y/N).” Tony mumbled into my hair, kissing the crown of my head. 

“Told you.” Lisa whispered again, causing us both to giggle. 

“well you go sit down, ive got this covered,” Tony laughed, urging me towards my seat

I quietly sat there and observed him teach the lesson, amazed by his accuracy, and knowledge of the subject.

this continued on until the lunch bell rang and all of the kids left, leaving just us alone in the room.

he faced away from me for a moment before turning around, tears slowly trickling away from his eyes. 

“(y/n) I missed you.” He mumbled with more emotion than he had before, his eyes locked with mine as I stood up, walking around my desk i stopped when we were only a few feet away from each other. 

“I-I I miss cuddling up against you at night, the way you could never get still, and the way you talk in your sleep if you have a great dream, and (y/n) I just miss you calling me yours.” He cried to me. 

“I always miss that on tour, but this time i knew I might not be coming back to it..and I didn’t want to sleep knowing you wouldnt be next to me" 

"im sorry.” I sighed, wrapping my arms around him. 

:You dont have anything to be sorry about…just. can i call you mine again?“ He asked, gently holding my waist. 

"Of course.” I smiled before he pressed his lips against mine, smearing the neon red color that tinted my lips. 

“I love you (y/n)>” He sighed, pressing our foreheads together. 

“I love you too Tone.” I whispered, swaying our bodies together. 

Feeling slightly nostalgic coming back onto this…


It’s been way too long and it was only an hour ago that I realised I had created a Tony Perry blog two years ago and I’ve decided to start posting on here again. Maybe not as frequently but I’ve been through a lot over the past two years so much that it had affected my ability to even attempt writing so I never came back to it. I noticed that the blog was actually getting somewhere, reaching thousands and even almost 500 notes on some of my imagines! I’m not as obsessed with Pierce The Veil, namely Tony, anymore but I would like to attempt to write a mature fan fic about him as going back on myWORK, I feel i could improve. Honestly, I am doing this for myself. I want to be able to channel my thoughts and feelings into the next fan fiction not only to entertain you guys but to have some sort of relief. I will incorporate some of the events that have actually stopped me from posting on this blog because I feel I can put my raw emotions into it in order to come out with an outcome that reels people in with it’s semi-realism.

I hope to gain more follows and again, I’m sorry for not posting for a very long time.

I love you guys <3



Tony Perry smashing a fans guitar on June 29, 2013

You’re welcome.


Pierce the Veil Preference 


“Come on princess you can do it!” I watched Mike cheer on our 3 year old daughter to get in the pool. “No papa.” she was holding her knees sitting by the pool. “Come on princess daddy is having fun in the water.” he splashed around while Vic and Tony continued their splash fight. “Noooooo.” she whined “Come on princess I believe in you!” Mike cheered. “Mommy!” she came running towards me. “What’s wrong baby girl?” I asked her sitting up from my lawn chair. “Papa wan me te swim.” she burried her face in my legs. “Do you want mommy to make him go away?” she nodded and held on my legs tightly. I picked her up and walked over to the pool. “No Papa.” she hid her face in my chest. I rubbed her back “Come on princess, the water is nothin to be scared of.” Mike called to her. “No papa.” she held onto me tighter. “Come on lets go sit in the water baby.” she shook her head and held onto me as tight as possible. “Mommy won’t let go of you honey.” I kissed her head and got into the water to sit on the stairs in the water. “See baby girl, it’s just water nothing to be scared of.” she started letting go of me little by little. “See your okay.” I smiled down at her. Mike came over to us. “No Papa!” she screamed splashing Mike. “Come on Amy, Papa will make sure you’re okay. See tio Vic and tio Tony are okay.” Vic and Tony looked over at Amy and waved at her “Come play with us Ams!” Vic called. Amy cautiously let go of me and Mike put out his arms for her. “Come on princess, you can swim like Papa taught you to.” he cheered. Amy cautiously got off of my lap and started swimming the towards Mike with help from her water wings. She swam into Mike’s arms and he smiled “Good job princess!” he cheered and held her against her hip. I smiled, I loved father daughter moments like.


“Jaime what are you doing?” I called when I saw him hold our 12 year old son David, up in the air. “Dad’s teaching me how to crowd surf.” David called “I regret questioning this.” I walked around the pool to where our 4 year old son was sitting next to the edge. “What’s wrong Alex?” I asked him, “Nothing.” he said. I sat next to him, “You scared bud?” “No.” “Don’t you wanna go in the water with David and daddy?” he shook his head “Why not?” “I’m scarred.” “I knew it. Come on Mommy’ll keep you safe like when you were in my belly.” he nodded “Okay mommy.” I got in the water and put my arms out for him and he grabbed on my hands and I pulled him into my arms. “Oops.” I pulled up Alex’s swim trunks “It’s okay now.” I smiled at him. Jaime walked over to us with David still in the air. “See Alex were all having fun hu?” I asked him. Alex nodded and splashed Jaime. Jaime dropped David in the water. “It’s on!” Jaime and Alex started splashing each other and David resurfaced and pushed his hair back before joining in on the splash fight. I squealed and tried to get out of the pool. “No get back here!” Jaime yelled grabbing my waist pulling me into his arms. Alex let go of me and swam to David was and joined in on splashing me.


I smiled as I watched Vic sit in a kiddie pool with our 2 year old daughter Michelle. She was squealing and flapping her arms up and down smiling and Vic tickled her. I walked over to them and Michelle squealed “MOMMY!” I smiled and picked her up. Vic whined “Be daddy.” Michelle waved at him. I walked up to the porch and wrapped Michelle up in a big fluffy towel. “You comfy baby girl?” “Daddy!” she squealed I turned around and Vic started spraying me with a water gun. I squealed “Come on Vic i’m wearing a white shirt!” I ran off the porch and he chased me spraying me with water. I saw Michelle sitting on the porch laughing. 


“What are you guys doing?” I questioned my husband Tony and his band mates. “Having fun with baby turtle.” Tony answered me. I rolled my eyes when I saw our 6 month old daughter in a turtle floaty thing in the pool with them. She wasn’t used to it so she was clearly upset about it. “You do see baby turtle is upset right?” Tony turned around and pulled the floaty closer to him. “It’s okay baby.” he said to her while the other guys horsed around. I got in the water with them and swam over to where Tony was. “It’s okay princess the turtle will keep you safe.” I kissed her forehead and she floated in the water grumpily. “I don’t think baby turtle is gonna be a pro swimmer.” I said to Tony. He shrugged “She’ll do what she wants.”