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Caraphernelia (Layered)
Pierce The Veil
Caraphernelia (Layered)

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all rights go to the ever so lovely Pierce The Veil and their producers, I own nothing.

I'm Gonna Screw Your Brains Out

Can you do a really really kinky tony perry smut where you tease him in public and he punishes you and eats you out for a long time and he holds you by the throat and calls you a cunt; just really kinky and shit


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Tony Perry smashing a fans guitar on June 29, 2013

You’re welcome.

Shower Sex

Could you do an imagine where it’s you and tony perry having smutty shower sex. And he’s really dominant, and he moves y'all to the bed and it continues. And the morning after he carries you around cause you can’t walk. And fluff that morning too? c:

Tony’s Point of View

I rolled over in bed to see Y/N was no where to be found. I sighed and got out of bed and walked downstairs. I looked in the kitchen to see a glistening Y/N wearing a sports bra and a pair of yoga pants that met the middle of her calf. I felt myself getting slightly hard looking at her body. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. 

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I Can't Believe This (Part 3)

Part 1
Part 2

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Feeling slightly nostalgic coming back onto this…


It’s been way too long and it was only an hour ago that I realised I had created a Tony Perry blog two years ago and I’ve decided to start posting on here again. Maybe not as frequently but I’ve been through a lot over the past two years so much that it had affected my ability to even attempt writing so I never came back to it. I noticed that the blog was actually getting somewhere, reaching thousands and even almost 500 notes on some of my imagines! I’m not as obsessed with Pierce The Veil, namely Tony, anymore but I would like to attempt to write a mature fan fic about him as going back on myWORK, I feel i could improve. Honestly, I am doing this for myself. I want to be able to channel my thoughts and feelings into the next fan fiction not only to entertain you guys but to have some sort of relief. I will incorporate some of the events that have actually stopped me from posting on this blog because I feel I can put my raw emotions into it in order to come out with an outcome that reels people in with it’s semi-realism.

I hope to gain more follows and again, I’m sorry for not posting for a very long time.

I love you guys <3