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Some Hollywood hotties – past and present – reading books.

1) Marlon Brando.

2) Benedict Cumberbatch reading Love’s Labour’s Lost.

3) Tony Perkins reading Look Homeward Angel.

4) Charlie Hunnam reading… anything.

5) Joseph Gordan-Levitt reading Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon.

6) Paul Newman reading The Garrick Year, by Margaret Drabble.

7) Gregory Peck, not surprisingly, posed with To Kill a Mockingbird.

8) Farley Granger reading The Edge of Doom, by Leo Grady. (Farley starred in the 1950 film.)

9) River Phoenix reading War and Peace.

10) James Dean reading poetry by James Whitcomb Riley.

Steve and Tony cuddling underneath a big blanket after a long mission is something I need. Tony has come away with some bad bruising while Steve is lucky to not have killed himself jumping out of the quin jet without a parachute…again. Bucky yelled his ear off for that because he never gets used to it but all he does is just wave him off as he carries a tired and sleepy Tony to their room. 

The rest of team head off to their own floors while Thor makes his way back to Asgard for important princely duties. Steve enters the room, thanking Jarvis for opening the doors, before gently placing Tony onto the more than spacious bed. He lets out a weak moan and reaches for Steve which causes Steve to smile as he leans down, pecking Tony’s forehead. 

He quickly checks him over before removing his suit and deciding that they’ll shower in the morning. The mission was a rough one and it took them about three days to complete but it was worth it in the end as they achieved their goal. 

Steve lays himself next to Tony before curling up around him, his arms wrapped loosely around his waist to avoid jolting his bruised ribs. He rests his cheek against Tony’s curls and takes in the familiar scent that is Tony, the scent that makes him feel right at home, that makes him feel safe. 

Tony releases a loud yawn before relaxing against Steve’s chest, hands curled into fists as his knees pull in, his face going slack and peaceful. He’s completely settled in the warmth that Steve provides, taking comfort from that fact that Steve is there and he’s with him. 

Steve pulls the blanket over the both of them before letting himself sink into the soft mattress as well as the feeling of Tony next to him. Within a few minutes, he’s asleep and the world around them, for once, goes still. 

[Alternate version of where this is actually a memory that Steve remembers for long ago while he’s hiding out with the rest of Team Cap. It’s a bittersweet memory and he doesn’t go back to sleep until the sun rises because the pain the memory brings is too much.]


Take the 10 Official Trailer Josh Peck, Tony Revolori Netflix Comedy Movie HD 2017 

Two friends who are extremely prone to antics and hijinks obtain tickets to a music festival by questionable means. Naturally, everything goes according to plan and they have a totally normal time that definitely doesn’t involve drugs, sex, and Andy Samberg. On Netflix January 20.

Because I was sitting at the airport today and someone with a heart balloon and a cute sign walked by. This is where my head immediately went to.

Imagine modern non powers au where Steve and Tony have been together for years now and they recently established that if one of them found someone to add to their relationship and the other approves they could try that.

So now Steve went on a holiday or job thing, maybe he even comes back from a trip with the army, and Tony is at the airport to welcome him back, stupid sign with hearts all over it, rose in one hand, heart shaped balloon in the other and he knows he overdid it but he just *missed* Steve.

And Steve exits and he’s with this really handsome guy who has a metal arm and who is laughing so prettily at something Steve said. Steve is so busy gazing appreciatively at that guy that he doesn’t even realize the effort Tony has put into everything. Instead he gives Tony a little peck on the cheek and asks if they can give Buck a lift too.

Tony agrees of course, but he is quiet and not participating in their talk but Steve hardly notices even though he keeps throwing little glances at Tony. After that Steve only talks about Bucky and Tony knows they have been hanging out a lot lately and Steve also brings Bucky home more frequently than Tony actually likes.

And Tony is hurt, really fucking hurt, because he’s not blind, he sees that Bucky is gorgeous, that he makes Steve smile and laugh and happy even, but it hurts to have it rubbed in that Steve will leave him for that guy. Even Natasha hits it off with him almost immediately, where Tony had to fight for her friendship for months.

And Tony, Tony gets really quiet and overly pleasant during this time because he reached the headspace where he knows that it’s inevitable that Steve will leave him and Tony decided to take what he can get before Steve actually broke it off with him.

Steve is really not aware of what he is doing because since he and Tony had the possible polyamorous talk he couldn’t think of anything else and then Bucky happened and he’s perfect and he doesn’t understand why Tony isn’t over the moon about this.

In the end it’s Bucky who clears it up. He’s not stupid he knows that Tony is hurting because of him and he sits them both down and tells Steve that he has to lay off, keep some distance before he turns to Tony to tell him that he has no intention of taking Steve away from Tony.
Steve is all like ‘What?’ because he still doesn’t see his error, too convinced that Tony couldn’t think of anything else as well. He finally begins to understand when Bucky says he wouldn’t mind being in the middle of them, with a wink certainly directed at Tony, but Tony shuts him up with a ‘Don’t think Steve would want to share you with me.’

Here it finally makes click and Steve stumbles over the words in his need to explain what he had been trying to do, that he would never leave Tony, never, but also thought Bucky could fullfill their agreement and after they talk some more and realize that they are all very much on the same page Bucky gets his wish of being in the middle.

Stony Prompt #36

@saved-by-the-notepad said: Steve loves giving forehead kisses because that’s his way of showing his undying affection for people. People being Tony and I can just imagine him pecking Tony’s forehead at any given moment, whether it’s to comfort him, calm him down or just because he wants to. FOREHEAD KISSES!

So we both agreed that we (and I assume most of the Fandom as well) definitely need some fluffy Superhusbands so here it is!

That Steve is affectionate is no secret. Tony finds that out even before they officially get together as a couple and honestly, it’s surprising that it even took them this long to talk about their feelings. The mutual pining was, according to Clint, so bad that “even I wanted to climb Cap just to release some tension, for Fuck’s sake, guys!”

But if Tony thought that Steve was affectionate before, he’s downright clingy now that they are together.

And apparently, forehead kisses are just Cap’s thing because the brunet finds himself at the receiving end of those more than not.

For example, Tony usually wakes up when Steve gets up for his morning routine, even though no force in the world can get him to leave the bed. But there is the warm presence of his lover pressed against his side, fingers caressing his skin before Steve leans in, firstly brushing his lips against Tony’s forehead, then against his lips and then he’s out for his workout.

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Tony Peck, the drummer for the band The Forecast, is a good a reason as any I would need to look at, much less listen to this band.  They play very good music and so far have released three CDs, two I own and approve of, and I’m sure the third won’t disappoint when I finally go to pick it up.  Anyway, I’m more than ok in being alone in thinking this guy is sexy as hell.