tony moreno


Tony Moreno and Adrianne Oyola had been dating for two years when she became pregnant. The relationship had been a happy one, according to Adrianne, until she fell pregnant. Tony began taunting and mocking her and this eventually escalated to physical abuse - he began hitting and pushing her around. In June of 2015, when their baby, Aaden Moreno, was 7-months-old, Adrianne filed a restraining order against Moreno. Tony picked up baby Aaden on 5 July to spend the day with him, but he made his way to Arrigoni Bridge in Middletown. The following chilling text messages were sent between Tony and Adrianne while Tony was standing on the bridge:

11:24 A to T: What was the matter?

11:26 T to A: Don’t worry, you’ll see later. Just remember I tried contact you first

11:26 A to T: Just tell me!

11:27 A to T: Are you in the hospital?

11:29 T to A: No, and again it doesn’t matter now. Just remember you wanted to play games and lie and be childish when I tried to reach out

11:30 A to T: Okay Tony. Good night I’ll talk to you tomorrow or Tuesday

11:30 T to A: No you won’t

11:30 A to T: What do you mean no?!

11:32 T to A: You won’t talk to me tomorrow or any other day

11:33 A to T: Tuesday is my day. So yes I’ll text you in the morning to see when you’ll be dropping off Aaden

11:33 T to A: I won’t be

11:33: A to T: Tuesday is my day

11:34 T to A: There is no more days Adrienne

11:34 A to T: Wtf you mean?!

11:35 T to A: Enjoy your new life without us

11:35 A to T: You can’t just decide not to bring him back Tony

11:37 A to T: It says in the agreement that Tuesday is my day

11:38 A to T: You can’t just not bring him!

11:39 A to T: Tony!!!!

11:41 A to T: Seriously. Don’t play around like that. Please don’t try and take him from me!!!!

11:41 T to A: You tried to take him away from me. You failed. I didn’t

11:42 T to A: Enjoy your life without us now

11:42 A to T: Where are you?!

11:43 A to T: Tony I’m trying to make this co parent thing work!

11:44 T to A: Your not a parent anymore

11:44 A to T: I’m trying to get along with you for Aaden and your guns do this?!

11:44 A to T: You can’t just up and leave with Aaden

11:45 A to T: Where are you!

11:45 A to T: Where’s Aaden?

11:45 T to A: He’s dead

11:45 T to A: And soon I will be too

11:45 A to T: Don’t day that!!!!

11:46 A to T: Your playing right now! Please tell me your kidding!!!!!!!!

11:48 A to T: Your ****** kidding me!!!!!!

11:49 A to T: Don’t ******* talk like that

11:49 A to T: You couldn’t kill your own son!

11:50 A to T: Tony

11:52 A to T: Please don’t hurt Aaden

11:53 A to T: Please!!!!!!!!

Somebody had witnessed Tony standing on the bridge and called the police. When they arrived they saw Tony and saw an empty stroller. Tony had already thrown Aaden over the bridge. When he saw the police, Tony jumped off the bridge. Tony survived, but Aaden’s body floated ashore two days later. Tony was charged with his murder but is yet to be sentenced.